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Australian Attend vs. Labrador Retriever: Brand Differences & Similarities

Considering a Labrador Retriever vs. Australian Attend for your abutting four-legged friend? Acquisition out what to apprehend from both breeds afore affable either into your home!

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: May 15, 2021 | 10 min apprehend

Australian Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever at Beach

Are you because an Australian Attend vs. Labrador Retriever for your abutting basset companion? If so, it’s not an accessible choice! These two analogously sized breeds crave an alive affairs and assignment able-bodied as ancestors pets, but they accept abounding differences to consider.

While both breeds can make accomplished ancestors companions, they are both aerial activity and charge to be placed with alive families. They accept altered personalities, diet needs, and admonishment habits. Acquirements added about how the Australian Attend and Labrador Retriever’s needs alter should advice you amount out which brand bigger meshes with your lifestyle.

So whether you’re considering a four-legged addition to the ancestors now or aloof appetite to apperceive for approaching reference, apprehend on for a abounding allegory amid Australian Shepherds vs. Labrador Retrievers!

Breed Comparison

Australian Shepherd

  • Height 20-23 Inches
  • Weight 50-65 Pounds
  • Temperament Smart, Work-Oriented, Energetic
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 13 to 15 years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Labrador Retriever

  • Height 21-24 Inches
  • Weight 55-80 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Hardworking, Intelligent
  • Energy Energetic
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-14 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Breed History

When it comes to comparing dog breeds, it helps to learn a little about their history first. Abounding pet owners focus on looks or admeasurement back allotment a dog and abort to booty the breed’s ancestry into account. But ancestry is important as it determines area your dog’s strengths and weaknesses will acceptable display. Let’s booty a added attending at the history of anniversary breed.

Australian Shepherd

Young Aussie Dog Outdoors
Aussies are one of the best accepted acreage dogs beyond the world.

California cowboys accept continued favored Australian Shepherds on their ranches. In fact, they were the ones to bread this breed’s name. But it’s a bit of a misnomer. Australian Shepherds, additionally accepted as Aussies, appear from interbreeding Pyrenean Shepherds and Collies in Australia. Australia is boilerplate abreast the Pyrenees, of course, and both areas are a far cry from California.

So how did Aussies appear to be accepted as the cowboy favorite?

The acknowledgment lies in the aboriginal Basque people. A sheepherding culture, the Basques barrage from the Pyrenees, amid France and Spain. There they bred Pyrenean Shepherds to advice with their flocks.

In the aboriginal 1800s, several of them sailed to Australia gluttonous greener pastures. Already there, they alloyed their admired Pyrenean Shepherds with Collies that were additionally brought to Australia in the 1800s.

It wasn’t continued afore several of the Basque immigrants absitively California ability be an alike bigger landscape. They arranged their accoutrements afresh and set out for the west bank of Arctic America, their Shepherds, of course, in tow.

In the aureate state, cowboys and ranchers fell in love with this new brand of herding dog. They called the dogs bold their Basque owners had begin them in Australia alone.

To this day, Aussies assignment as agronomical dogs throughout the Affiliated States. They additionally absorb roles as account dogs, chase and accomplishment canines, and analysis animals.

Labrador Retriever

Young Male Lab Dog
Labs are the best accepted dog brand on the planet.

Labrador Retrievers appear from Newfoundland, area they were bred to do absolutely what their name suggests. A admired of hunters, Labs originally retrieved ducks and added waterfowl from frigid waters. Their able hunting abilities are why they are generally compared to added hunting dog breeds.

They additionally formed on fishing boats, area they would retrieve angle that came off the attract net. Acknowledgment to their abbreviate but actual dense, water-resistant coat, Labradors accept no affair with the icy amnion of the far north.

As retrievers, they were bred to be outgoing and acquisitive to please. Breeders additionally encouraged the dogs to be affable to added animals. That way, they would retrieve rather than eat a hunter’s prize.

These ancestry led to their abiding acceleration in popularity. The aerial classes of Britain and Canada took to the brand in the 1800s, and Labs accept been in aerial appeal anytime since.

In 1903, the Abode Club in England clearly coined the name Labrador Retriever, admitting they had continued been alleged Labradors at that point. And today, this happy, alert brand bears the appellation of the most accepted dog in the Affiliated States.

Since the brand was been established, there are two altered types of Labs bred in altered areas of the world. They are the aforementioned breed, but one is bred for appearance and the added for sporting, or acreage events. Acreage dogs are accepted to be added alive than appearance dogs.

Besides actuality accomplished pets, Labs additionally make abiding account animals. Today we generally see them in chase and accomplishment jobs, account jobs, and analysis positions.


Two Dogs Sitting on Fence Outdoors
These two breeds attending absolutely altered from one another.

It’s accessible to acquaint the aberration amid a Labrador and an Australian Attend back it comes to appearance. While Australian Shepherds generally accept blotchy coats with traces of red or alike blue, sable, white, and atramentous or brown, Labradors are almost consistently single-colored.

Labradors accept broad, otter-like cape that advice them booty turns in the water. They additionally accept acutely ample skulls with round, affable eyes to fit their aggressive personalities.

Meanwhile, Australian Shepherds about accept their cape bobbed. If larboard natural, their appendage and covering are feathered and best than a Labrador’s. They accept a able-bodied amble and alert gaze.

Labs can abound to be beyond than Aussies, but not all do. In general, changeable Labs reach about 60 pounds. Changeable Aussies get up to 55 lbs. Macho labradors can reach up to 80 lbs, while macho Aussies cap out at 65 lbs.

Both breeds are beautiful, but the difference in sizes may be cogent back acrimonious a new pet! Appropriation 65 pounds ability be abundant added accessible than appropriation 80 pounds should your dog anytime charge a boost!


Two Young Dogs Playing in Grass
Both breeds are accomplished ancestors dogs.

When chief on a new pet, attitude counts for absolutely a bit. Acrimonious a brand that fits able-bodied with your ancestors and affairs is basic for both you and your new four-legged friend.

When it comes to both Labs and Aussies, it’s acute to accept how abundant activity these dogs charge to exert. Both dog breeds are accepted for their energetic, animated personalities.

Labradors, especially, are outgoing and high-spirited. They tend to adulation ample or alive families area there’s affluence of bodies to please. Absorption is acute for labradors, and after it, they can become destructive.

The Aussie may not be as evidently friendly, at atomic if strangers are around, but they are active and abundantly smart. They crave dispatch through assignment or addle play. And they tend to band deeply to their owners.

Without their assembly around, Australian Shepherds may act out. So alive continued hours after them or abrogation them abandoned for continued periods isn’t an option.

Deciding which brand is appropriate for your ancestors and affairs is personal. But with either of these breeds, you should apperceive that plenty of breach and energy is required.


Aussie and Labrador Playing Outside
Plan to absorb at atomic 60 account per day appliance either breed.

Both the Aussie and the Lab will book bigger in a home that has a ample yard with allowance to roam. These breeds are high-energy and were bred for alive tasks.

Labradors, in particular, adulation water. Any array of admission to a lake, pool, or pond will put a Labrador in doggie paradise. They additionally adulation retrieving, of course, and do able-bodied in basset tracking competitions. Australian Shepherds adulation big spaces area they can run for hours on end. Back trained, they accomplish accomplished active companions.

Both breeds excel back given a academic job, too. Abounding Aussies and Labs assignment as search-and-rescue and account canines. Labradors additionally do able-bodied as biologic and bomb-detection dogs.

To put it plainly, these dog breeds charge circadian exercise for continued periods. Or, they charge to accept a specific task, be it training for activity competitions or alive as analysis pets. Back owners discount exercise or brainy dispatch for either breed, the dogs tend to allow in annihilative behaviors.

To advice amuse brainy stimulation, accede a advanced array of dog toys for either breed. Labs about adore a advanced array of altered dog toys, with their favorites usually actuality article they can fetch. While Aussies adore a bold of fetch, they are additionally able-bodied accepted as chewers, so accede a few altered Aussie sized bite toys to accumulate them appropriately entertained.


Black Lab and Brown Aussie Dogs
Both breeds are actual trainable and are quick to apprentice new commands.

Early and generally is the name of the bold back it comes to training either breed. Both charge accordance training classes to thrive, and starting adolescent is recommended. Committing to puppy training and accordance classes is a charge for either breed. If you don’t accept time in your agenda to alternation and play, adopting a Labrador Retriever or Australian Attend may not be the best idea.

Labs abnormally benefit from aboriginal socialization with added puppies. They are about aerial activity as puppies, and this can be arduous for households with baby kids. They are awful able though, and usually don’t booty added than a few repetitions to apprentice a new command.

AussiesĀ are smart, and accordance classes will advice them to learn boundaries. They’re intelligence and eager-to-please attributes accomplish training the basics easy. Teaching them to abstain annihilative behavior is sometimes added challenging. Able accordance training helps Aussies apprentice what’s off-limits.

Both dog breeds should be crate trained. Aussies charge a medium-sized dog crate (36 inches), while Labradors charge a bigger crate, abnormally if your dog is male. A crate that’s 42 inches in breadth should do for Labs. Both breeds are accepted to ache from a bit of break anxiety, so you should alone use the crate as a training apparatus a brace of hours per day, and at nighttime.

When it comes to adjacency walks, both breeds bridle alternation absolutely easily. We acclaim accouter training back young. Use a no-pull accouter if your dog decides to try affairs you forth during walks. Labs should stick with a ample harness meant for alive breeds, while Aussies will usually book able-bodied with the aforementioned types of harnesses in a average size.


Two Healthy Dogs Running on Beach
Both dog breeds are absolutely healthy, with a few abeyant abiogenetic bloom problems.

Overall, both Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are advantageous breeds. That said, both additionally accept their fair allotment of accepted medical ailments. Of course, breeders can awning for best of these issues in adjustment to abstain them.

Labs, like all abundant dogs with ample chests, are subject to a action alleged bloat. It’s austere and life-threatening, so should you accept to accept a Labrador Retriever, it’s capital to brainwash yourself on abeyant symptoms.

Besides that, Labs are decumbent to hip dysplasia, assertive eye disorders, and affection conditions. They’re additionally at accident for exercise-induced collapse, or EIC. Breeders about awning for EIC, though, and won’t brand dogs who accept it in their bloodlines.

Aussies are prone to hip dysplasia too. They’re additionally at accident for attack and cataracts. Assertive types of blight are accepted in Australian Attend bloodlines, as well.

As noted, though, reputable breeders screen for accepted conditions. They won’t brand a dog who has cancers, cataracts, or hip dysplasia in their genes. That’s why affairs from a agriculturalist is ideal, alike if it costs hardly added than added options.


Aussie and Lab Eating Dog Food
Both dog breeds should be fed a high-quality abrade that’s ill-fitted for their age range.

Taking affliction of a dog agency accouterment the accomplished affection diet possible. Consistently seek out vet-approved kibble that’s specific to your dog’s age and action level.

When it comes to specifics, a acceptable diet for Labradors tends to focus on collective health. Seek out Labrador adapted dog foods that accommodate glucosamine and chondroitin, and be abiding to watch out for weight gain. Labs about eat about 3 to 3.5 cups of dog food anniversary day depending on their size. This should be burst up into two to three altered agriculture sessions to abstain bloat.

Treats are accepted accoutrement for training labradors, but Labs additionally tend to become overweight. Balance weight is abnormally adverse to them because of the added ache it puts on their joints.

Australian Shepherds benefit from a dog aliment formula that focuses on omega-fatty acids and Vitamin E, which encourages a shiny, advantageous coat. Aussies will about absorb about 2 to 2.5 cups of dog food anniversary day but may eat added depending on their action levels.

They too acknowledge able-bodied to treat-based training, and they additionally can become obese. This is article you’ll appetite to adviser as your Aussie ages.


Yellow and Tri Colored Dogs
Both breeds accept bifold coats and will charge to chase a constant admonishment schedule.

If address is a botheration for your lifestyle, you ability appetite to reconsider your best of breed. Both dogs afford a fair amount, and crave a constant admonishment schedule.

With Labradors, shedding is constant. Their waterproof coats, though, alone charge casual baths, and they will acceptable adulation to booty them!

With Australian shepherds, the shedding is seasonal. Application an undercoat rake during the address division makes it manageable. Otherwise, they alone charge to be brushed already a anniversary and crave an casual bath.

Both breeds charge their nails akin regularly. Back beyond dogs run, continued nails can become painful. And both these breeds absolutely adulation to run!

Puppy Prices

Australian Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever Puppies
Expect blood puppy prices to alpha about $1,000 and up for both dog breeds.

When it comes to the cost, Labrador Retrievers tend to be added big-ticket than Australian Shepherds. That’s apparently because Labrador Retrievers are so popular! Puppy prices start about $1,000 and up for a blood puppy from a acclaimed breeder. Apprehend to pay double, or alike amateur that if your Lab has a rarer covering color, or comes from championship ancestry lines.

Popularity comes at a cost. Every year, abounding bodies accept Labrador Retrievers after realizing the time and activity required to accession one. Abounding Labradors end up in rescues and shelters. Adopting a rescued labrador is consistently an option, but remember, Labradors crave adorning young. Adopting an earlier accomplishment may appear with abrupt challenges.

Australian Shepherds may be a little beneath expensive, but litters may be beneath broadly accessible too. Puppy prices alpha around $1,000 and up from a acclaimed breeder. Aussies with rarer colors can additionally back a college price, but they about won’t run added than $1,500 unless bred from championship ancestry lines.

Whether you accept to accept an Australian Attend or a Labrador Retriever puppy, allotment a acclaimed agriculturalist is the best important part. That way, you abstain abeyant bloom issues and can be abiding the puppy is able-bodied taken affliction of afore you booty it home.

Final Thoughts

Both Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are medium to ample dogs with active, acquisitive to please, personalities. If you’re comparing Australian Shepherds vs. Labrador Retrievers for your abutting pup, the best may be difficult!

After all, both breeds accept a lot to offer with their blessed demeanors and animated personalities. Conceivably you adopt the abiding adherence of a attend with their agog intelligence and analytic capabilities. Or maybe you’re all about the Labrador’s high-spirits and affable nature.

If you still aloof can’t aces amid the two of them, there’s consistently the advantage of activity the artist dog route. Aussiedors amalgamate both breeds, in an accomplishment to get the best of both worlds.

Bringing home a new dog is a big decision, but you can’t go amiss with either breed. As continued as you’re accessible for the time and activity charge appropriate with either, it’s acceptable they’ll bound become allotment of your family!

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