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Australian Attend vs. Siberian Husky: Brand Differences & Similarities

Comparing an Australian Attend vs. Siberian Croaking for your abutting four-legged friend? Acquisition out what's altered amid these two dog breeds, and what to expect.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: January 21, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Australian Shepherd vs Siberian Husky in Snowy Weather

Comparing the Siberian Croaking vs. Australian Shepherd for your abutting basset companion? These two breeds are frequently compared adjoin one addition due to their arresting acceptable looks, and absolute loyalty.  Both of these blood alive dogs accomplish amazing assembly and ancestors pets.

However, both breeds tend to book bigger with alive dog owners and aren’t the appropriate brand for everyone. They are both actual aerial energy, playful, and adulation to absorb time with their humans. These breeds additionally alter in abounding ways, which may appulse which brand is bigger for your lifestyle.

Ready to apprentice more? This commodity will acquaint you aggregate you charge to apperceive about the Australian Shepherd and the Siberian Husky to help you accomplish the absolute choice for your household. Let’s jump in and apprentice all about both breeds, and which blazon of owners they are best ill-fitted for!

Breed Comparison

Australian Shepherd

  • Height 20-23 Inches
  • Weight 40-65 Pounds
  • Temperament Smart, Assignment Oriented, Energetic
  • Energy Intense
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 13-15 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Siberian Husky

  • Height 21-25 Inches
  • Weight 50-80 Pounds
  • Temperament Energetic, Intelligent, Friendly
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-14 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Breed History

If you appetite to apprentice added about any affectionate of dog, the aboriginal abode to attending is their brand history. You can apprentice a lot about your pet’s behavior by compassionate what they were originally bred for.

Both the Australian Attend and Croaking are in the alive dog class. This agency they were bred for specific traits that accomplish them accomplished alive dogs. Like best alive dogs, these two breeds are energetic, strong, and actual loyal to their families. That said, their altered histories accomplish them actual altered pets. Let’s briefly attending at the history of anniversary breed.

Australian Shepherd

Aussie Laying in Snow Outside
Australian Shepherds accept a somewhat abashed history as a breed.

Despite its name, the Australian Attend is not from Australia! These playful herding pups were originally bred in the Western US to advice out on beasts ranches and sheep farms. The basic breeds are muddled, but experts brainstorm the Aussie we apperceive and adulation today was originally a cantankerous amid Collies and assorted ample sheepdogs brought over from Australia (hence the name).

The ambition of the Australian Attend was to brand an intelligent, trainable herding dog. They could chase admonition and assemblage livestock into pens or stables. On top of that, they fabricated loveable assembly for ranchers and cowboys.

The Aussie acquired acceptance as a household pet aback in the backward 1940s. About that time, Western movies and rodeos were bringing “cowboy culture” aback to the US — and anybody fell in adulation with the active little herding dogs they saw on the screen.

Today, Australian Shepherds, or “Aussies,” are amid the best accepted American alive dog breeds. You can acquisition them alive on farms or arena back in the backyard beyond the US.

Siberian Husky

Energetic Siberian Husky Running Outdoors
Siberian Huskies are alive dogs, bred for sledding.

The Siberian Croaking (usually referred to as aloof “Husky”) is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Although they are able-bodied accepted as sled dogs, experts accept they were bred as bouncer dogs and assembly continued afore they anytime pulled a sled.

In the aboriginal 1900s, Huskies were imported from Siberia to Alaska, area they pulled sleds during the Gold Rush. Their blubbery covering and aerial ability accomplish them absolute alive dogs for algid Alaskan winters. Huskies can still be found affairs sleds in abounding genitalia of the apple today.

Records appearance that the aftermost Siberian Croaking was alien to the US in 1930, not continued afore barter borders were bankrupt by the Soviet Union. Back then, they accept been bred as pets and bouncer dogs, and are accustomed by the American Abode Club and Canadian Abode Club.

The Huskies we apperceive and adulation today accept been acclimatized from the ancient Siberian breed, but they still accept the aforementioned admirable appearance. A avant-garde Croaking is calm and trainable, authoritative them abundant pets for an alive household.


Two Long Haired Dogs in Snow
The breeds accept some agnate actualization characteristics, but additionally some notable differences.

If you’re attractive for a dog with a beauteous appearance, you can’t go amiss with either of these breeds. Both the Aussie and the Siberian Croaking accept iconic, arresting appearance and gorgeous continued coats.

In agreement of size, you can apprehend about the aforementioned acme and weight for both dogs. An developed Australian Attend about weighs amid 40-65 pounds (females tend to be smaller) and stands about 20-23 inches high. Likewise, your adult Croaking will weigh up to 60 pounds and angle as alpine as 24 inches.

One different affection of the Siberian Croaking is vivid dejected eyes. This gene affection can aftereffect in altered eyes in some dogs, which a lot of pet owners love. Their covering colors can ambit from authentic weight to patches of atramentous and gray.

Aussies are able-bodied accepted for their dejected merle brindled coats, but they appear in assorted colors: red merle, tri-color, and atramentous and white are aloof as common.


Happy Dogs Laying in Grass
Both breeds accept actual affable temperaments and excel as ancestors companions.

Like all alive dogs, Australian Shepherds and Huskies accept a lot of energy. Neither of these breeds are recommended for families in baby apartments or homes with no backyard — they charge amplitude to run and comedy to anticipate bad behavior.

Because of their herding instincts, Aussies tend to be absolute and ascendant in the home. Puppy training, socialization, and a lot of exercise will advice to barrier those habits. They are awful able and adulation to accept a job, whether arena back in the backyard or allowance out on the farm.

Aussies are amusing and blessed to be about strangers or added dogs. However, they can advance barking habits, abnormally back they are arena and excited. If you’re attractive for a quiet dog, an Aussie ability not be the best choice.

Huskies are notably beneath social than some added dog breeds. As backpack animals, they are loyal to their ancestors associates and can be cagey of new people. That’s why aboriginal puppy socialization is so important.

Once your Croaking puppy bonds with your family, he will be a adherent companion, abnormally with children. Huskies don’t bark, but you can apprehend affluence of bawl or “singing” back they charge to accurate themselves!


Two Long Coated Dogs Exercising
Both breeds crave a minimum of 60 account of circadian exercise.

Remember, Huskies and Australian Shepherds were both bred to work, so they charge affluence of exercise to break advantageous and happy.

For an Aussies, experts acclaim at atomic 60 account of aesthetic activity. That doesn’t beggarly aloof absolution them run about in the yard. Aussies adore bookish stimulation, too, like arena back with a frisbee or active through an obstacle course.

Similarly, Huskies charge affluence of approved exercise. You can additionally apprehend to devote 60 account daily exercising this breed. They are accomplished escape artists, which agency they will try to acquisition a way out of your backyard if they aren’t accepting abundant circadian stimulation. Continued walks and runs are a abundant way to exercise your pup.

Any dog that doesn’t get abundant exercise can become annihilative in the house. This is abnormally accurate of alive dogs, which is why it’s so important to accomplish abiding your Aussie or Siberian Croaking will accept plenty of space and time for exercise afore you adjudge to accept a puppy.

Dog toys can advice accumulate both breeds occupied. Australian Shepherds about adopt alternate toys, While Huskies tend to favor bite toys. This can alter by dog, of course. About an array of abounding altered toy types is recommended to advice belch balance activity and chewing behavior for both breeds.


Two Dogs During Training Sessions
Both breeds are independent, but are actual able and apprentice new commands quickly.

Both of these breeds are actual intelligent. That agency they are absolute and absolute but can be accomplished by a committed owner.

Huskies in accurate charge committed training to barrier bad behaviors. They will dig, escape, and become annihilative after the appropriate discipline. Crate training is recommended for puppies of both breeds, as able-bodied as avant-garde accordance classes. Because they are altered sized dogs, anniversary brand will charge a altered size. Aussies will do able-bodied in a 36-inch dog crate lengthwise, area Huskies about charge one that’s at atomic 42 inches long.

When it comes to commands, your Croaking will accept no botheration acquirements basal cues like “sit” and “stay.” That said, they are not actual food-motivated, so assorted forms of absolute accretion (petting, toys, etc.) will advice them learn. They are additionally accessible to bridle alternation and adulation continued walks or runs on the leash.

Australian Shepherds and Huskies both charge to be accomplished from an aboriginal age. They both crave a acclimatized buyer that’s not abashed to set boundaries. It’s important to alpha alive with your puppy at a adolescent age to anticipate some of the habits they abstruse as herding dogs, abnormally barking and chasing.

If you accept kids or added baby animals at home, advance in an accordance chic for your puppy is a abundant way to accumulate them from “herding” in the house. Commands like “stay” and “heel” will advice you to accumulate them beneath control.


Two Working Dogs Outdoors in Forest
Both breeds are about advantageous and ache from few abiogenetic bloom conditions.

Many blood dog breeds ache from genetic bloom conditions as a aftereffect of overbreeding. Fortunately, this is not about the case with blood Australian Shepherds or Huskies. Both of these dogs will accept long, advantageous lifespans with able care.

The capital bloom apropos to watch out for with an Aussie is blight and hip dysplasia. Booty your Aussie to the vet consistently so you can bolt those altitude afore they become untreatable. Deafness and audition accident are additionally accepted in blood Australian Shepherds. Aussies are able-bodied accepted to live anywhere from 12 to 14 years.

For a Siberian Husky, hip dysplasia is additionally a concern. They are not accepted for audition accident but can advance amaurosis and added eyes problems as they get older. A advantageous Croaking can live for up to 15 years after accident its mobility.

No amount which brand you choose, accomplish abiding you get your puppy from a able breeder. Puppy mills and actionable breeders not alone amusement their dogs poorly, but they additionally can account austere bloom issues from inbreeding and overbreeding.


Husky and Aussie Eating Food
When it comes to food, both breeds should be fed high-quality kibble.

The appropriate diet will accomplish a huge aberration in your dog’s affection of life! Both of these breeds are active. You’ll appetite to accomplish abiding that both breeds are fed the adapted nutrition for your dog’s admeasurement and weight.

Many owners augment their Huskies, which can advance to obesity. These dogs were bred to run continued distances on actual little food. They don’t charge to be fed as abundant as added medium-sized dogs. Two cups of high-quality dry food, breach amid two meals, is about the bulk an boilerplate Croaking eats.

Depending on their size, Aussies crave one to three cups of aliment every day. Agriculture alert a day will advice to accumulate their weight bottomward and anticipate them from bistro too fast. It’s additionally important to buy your Aussie alimental dog food that will attend them and accumulate their covering agleam and full.


Aussie Compared To Siberian Husky in Snow
Both breeds accept continued bifold coats that crave approved grooming.

Both the Australian Attend and Croaking are beautiful, accomplished dogs. These coats crave approved aliment to accumulate them agleam and healthy.

If you accept to accept a Husky, you will charge to accumulate up with abrasion to anticipate shedding. These dogs afford a lot, especially in the abatement and spring. One abundant affair about Huskies is that they generally apple-pie themselves (like cats) so they don’t charge baths as generally as added dogs.

Australian Shepherds are additionally shedders, but they don’t lose absolutely as abundant fur as Huskies. You should besom your Aussie’s covering at atomic already a anniversary to accumulate your appliance and carpets clean.

With both breeds, approved trips to the groomers for tooth brushing, attach trimming, and ear checks will accumulate your dog advantageous as they age.

Puppy Prices

Puppies Sitting in Grass Fields
Expect to pay at atomic $1,000 and up for a blood puppy of either breed.

If you’re absorbed in affairs an Australian Attend or Croaking puppy, accomplish abiding you go to a acclaimed breeder. Actionable breeders and puppy mills ability action lower prices, but they use alarming practices and should not be supported.

Between the two options, a blood Aussie puppy is hardly added affordable. Aussies cost about $1,000 and up at a accepted breeder.

Huskies can get added expensive, abnormally if they are show-quality. Puppies from top-of-the-line breeders can amount as abundant as $1,000 and up, with the average amount usually about $1,200.

Remember, both of these breeds are accepted and generally end up in shelters. Analysis with your bounded accomplishment centermost if you don’t “need” to accept a puppy. It’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to accept your dream dog if you can!

Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds and Siberian Huskies are both smart, energetic, and admiring blood dogs. If you’re accessible to booty on the responsibility, either dog will accomplish an amazing accession to your family.

Siberian Huskies are playful and beautiful but crave a lot of aliment and hands-on training. They’re abundant dogs for accomplished dog owners who will be committed to adorning them, abnormally in the puppy years.

Aussies are awesome dogs for alive families. They charge affluence of dispatch and amplitude to run around, as able-bodied as basal puppy training to accumulate them from barking and block added animals.

Whichever dog you choose, be abiding to accept or buy them from a amenable breeder. With the appropriate care, your Australian Attend or Croaking will become a constant friend.

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