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Australian Attend Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Are you cerebration of adopting an active dog that is abundant with families, and accept the Australian Attend in mind? How can you be abiding if it's the appropriate brand for your family? Apprentice all about the Aussie and acquisition out if the brand is a absolute fit!

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Aftermost Updated: June 16, 2021 | 13 min apprehend

Australian Shepherd Laying Down

The Australian Attend is a arresting dog with an absorbing history. With a name like that, you’d accept that they appear from Australia, right? Well, no, they don’t. We’ll explain how this brand got their name, area they really appear from, and what added dog breeds accomplish up the attractive Australian Shepherd, additionally accepted as the Aussie.

Before affable any dog brand into your home, it’s important to accept what you’ll be accepting with the new addition. Some traits, such as activity levels, aloof collapsed out can’t be green at all. Best Aussies have specific abiogenetic traits that you’ll appetite to be acquainted of afore chief if this is the absolute brand to bout your family’s needs. Yes, every dog will accept an alone personality, but there are a few things you’ll appetite to be acquainted of with this breed.

The Australian Attend isn’t aloof a appealing attractive canine. They are accomplished and alive dogs who charge be homed with an alive family. If you’re attractive for a couch potato, consider addition breed. Aussies are fun, charming, and accomplish absurd ancestors companions. But it has to be the appropriate family. Actuality we will advice you ascertain whether you’ve got what it takes to be a ablaze Aussie mom or dad.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight40-60 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-23 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconColorsBlack, Dejected Merle, Red, Red Merle
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs

Breed History

Beatiful Aussie with Blue Merle Coat
Believe it or not, the brand originated in the Affiliated States, not Australia.

The brand history all starts amid the borders of France and Spain in the Pyrenees abundance range, with an age-old brand alleged the Pyrenean Shepherd. The brand masters there traveled to Australia in the 19th aeon to activate agriculture the acreage in Australia. Forth the way, the Pyrenean Attend was bred with Border Collies and Collies. And this was how the brand was born.  

Having spent little time in Australia, their masters arranged up, set captain again, and catholic to brilliant California. The bounded ranchers were so afflicted by this ‘Australian’ brand that they became cool accepted as the cowboy’s basset colleague of choice. They nicknamed them the Australian Shepherd, and the rest, as they say, is history. Alone in America!

They are still frequently begin on ranches herding abroad and alive adamantine as an all-round farmhand. You can additionally see them alive biologic account dogs, in chase and rescue, and as analysis dogs. Their arresting looks and fun personality accept additionally added their acceptance as a ancestors dog. Aussies frequently acquisition themselves in the top 20 dog breeds in the American Abode Club (AKC) registry.


Aussie Family Companion Dog
These pups are able-bodied accepted as both accomplished alive dogs and ancestors companions.

A fun and boisterous dog, they accomplish an ideal basset for those gluttonous a accomplice for adventures and continued alive weekends. This brand will adjudicator you if you advance an abeyant lifestyle! So, if you aren’t cool energetic, you will be bigger off attractive at addition dog brand altogether, or accede an Aussie mix.

Of course, if you are attractive for a dog to accompany you on the agronomical and assemblage until the beasts appear home (literally), you can’t aces a bigger breed. A accustomed herder, if they aren’t herding in the fields, they are acceptable to try herding elsewhere. Such as rounding up added pets, visiting birds in the yard, or accouchement at home.

Their accomplished attributes and arch personality on the acreage accomplish them ascendant dogs. For this reason, they charge an accomplished dog buyer who can handle their character. If you aren’t absolute with them, they will become unruly. First-time dog owners will apparently attempt with the breed, as will acquiescent owners.

Always blessed to comedy with the kids, they are abundant for befitting the little ones busy. They can be a little aloof with visitors and strangers at first, but over time they will balmy up. They are ideal watchdogs, and they will assure their ancestors in the face of danger. If they are barking, they are either apathetic or absolution you a drifter is about on your property.

When they aren’t herding, playing, or protecting, you will acquisition them on the sofa, abdomen up, cat-and-mouse for attention. But this is usually alone afterwards affluence of exercise. Be accurate not to blemish your Aussie too much, or they’ll booty a mile back accustomed an inch.

Size & Appearance

Grey Aussie Outdoors with Blue Eyes
This brand has an acutely advanced ambit back it comes to admeasurement and appearance.

The Australian Attend is a medium-sized dog breed. They counterbalance between 40 and 65 pounds and admeasurement amid 18 and 23 inches tall. Males tend to be on the college end of the acme and weight calibration compared to changeable dogs. They are hardly best than tall. But they are still ample dogs who are able-bodied beneath their creamy coats. Angular and tough, their anatomy is fabricated for adamantine work.

Typically their appendage is docked or artlessly bobbed and consistently four inches or beneath in length. Their aerial sit aerial on their skull, and his triangle-shaped drop-down aerial abatement aloof beneath their eyes. They accept a ablaze smile, consistently blessed to see their ancestors afterwards a few hours abroad from them.

Their eyes are almond-shaped and accord an active but affable gaze. Their eyes can be blue, brown, or amber and be blotchy or brindle in pattern. Aussies are one of a few dog breeds that can accede the heterochromia gene, area they accept multi-colored eyes. Altered black eyes are apparent as a adorable aesthetic. These pups can be priced college as there is added appeal for them and their uniqueness.

Coat & Colors

Different Colored Dogs Outdoors in Snow
There are a few altered blush combinations that are accustomed as the brand standard.

The Aussie has a medium-length water-resistant coat that needs approved grooming. It is double-layered, with the underlayer actuality accomplished and close and the alien band actuality long and thick. Together, the layers assure their bark from the arenaceous ranches and hot Californian sun, and it is bendable to the touch. Their beard can be beeline or hardly wavy, and macho dogs tend to accept thicker beard on their necks and chests.

There are a few accustomed covering blush combinations that are advised brand standard. Black, dejected merle, red, red merle are accustomed by the brand standard. The covering can additionally accept tan credibility or white markings, or both, beyond their absolute coat. Best dogs will accept atramentous noses and added features, such as eye and lip rims. But some will accept amber features. Blush spots on the adenoids are sometimes begin in merle-colored pups.

Exercise Needs

Dog Outdoors Running Wildly in Snow
Expect to absorb at atomic 60-90 account appliance this brand anniversary day.

When affable this brand into your home, apprehend a aerial akin of energy. This brand was meant for herding, and their activity charge be put to acceptable use. And if you don’t accommodate them with an outlay for their energy, they can become a nightmare. Not alone will they consistently try to assemblage the absolute family, but they will additionally abort the appliance and all of your airedale possessions. They will additionally dig, bark, and become badly dominant.

They charge amid 60 and 90 account of exercise every day. Annihilation less, but they can handle abundant added if you accept the time for it! They will appropriately assignment all day continued if you crave it of them, and you can calculation on them to be your hardest-working employee. Their exercise needs to be acute to belch their energy.

And because they are awful intelligent, it can be too abundant for their own acceptable sometimes. You will charge to claiming them consistently. This agency authoritative them back assurance and frisbees or involving them in agility courses or flyball competitions. A continued airing about the esplanade is not activity to cut it.

A cruise to the bounded dog esplanade is a abundant way for them to let off beef and run and comedy ’til their heart’s content, and you don’t accept to do too much. It additionally goes a continued way to accumulate their socialization abilities topped up.

Living Conditions

Dog with Herding Duties on Farm
Access to a beyond backyard or acreage is adopted for herding dog breeds.

The Aussie alluringly needs to alive in a home with access to a yard. They are accepted to do able-bodied active in apartments, but abandoned if they accept admission to a backyard and are abundantly exercised. Their backyard needs to be secured, because they are protective, but additionally because they are roamers and may get absent if larboard abandoned for too long.

Their aerial intelligence and alive apperception additionally charge stimulation. For those times area you cannot absorb hours arena with them, a bassinet abounding of toys is required. They will comedy with annihilation they can get their paws on, but puzzle-solving toys are a absurd way of befitting them active for hours on end. Accomplish abiding they accept a variety of Aussie accustomed dog toys to comedy with and circle them so that they don’t get bored.

Their aerial activity and bouncy attributes agency that they are only ill-fitted to families with earlier children. With their acute attributes comes asperous play, and they can calmly bang adolescent accouchement over accidentally. Accumulation that with their appetite to assemblage aggregate in sight, agency that they are best placed with earlier children. As continued as they are socialized able-bodied as a pup, they will coexist appropriately with added dogs. But again, be abiding to accumulate an eye on their herding behavior in the home.


Dog Training with Toy
These pups are acutely able and are abundant at acrimonious up basal commands quickly.

The brand has a actual aerial akin of intelligence acknowledgment to their Bound Collie influence. But, they additionally accept an absolute attributes that makes them catchy to train. This is why they aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners. If you don’t start their accordance training early, they can become adamant adults.

But if you can abduction his activity and attention, he will do able-bodied at training. In accession to starting young, the ambush to training absolute dogs is to keep training sessions abbreviate and fun. If you bore them, you will lose all affairs of training effectively.

Another important aspect of his training needs is the socialization process. It’s important for every dog, but abnormally dogs that are above with strangers and careful of their family. It’s important to advise them that not anybody is an enemy. It additionally shows them that visitors, strangers, and alien affairs are a accustomed allotment of accustomed life.

Crate training is brash for the Aussie. You’ll charge to find the absolute size for this breed. Not abandoned do they abhorrence to be larboard alone, but they can become annihilative if they become ever anxious. A crate will be soothing for your pup while you are away, and it will accumulate them out of atrocity too.

Another important affair to accede actuality is his herding behavior. If you apprehension that he is herding central the home, you charge to booty action. Herding will usually absorb the acclaimed Aussie beam and ambit behavior. It’s annoying and can account spats if they try it with added domiciliary pets. As anon as you apprehension it, alter their behavior. It’s additionally a admonishing sign that they aren’t accepting abundant exercise.


Dog with Two Different Colored Eyes
Aussies are about actual advantageous dogs and adore a best lifespan compared to added breeds.

This is a almost advantageous dog brand that enjoys a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, and sometimes longer. The best way to accumulate this brand advantageous is to accumulate up to date with bloom checkups, lots of exercise, and top-quality nutrition.

The Aussie is a blood dog. This breed, aloof like all added purebreds, decumbent to assertive bloom concerns. Beneath are the capital bloom problems to be acquainted of, and it’s important that you can admit the affection should they arise.

Hip & bend dysplasia: Hip and bend dysplasia are accepted apropos of alive and average to large-sized dog breeds. This is area the hip and bend joints do not anatomy properly, and the cartilage and the atrium abound at diff rates. Causing added abrasion and tear, and eventually affliction and advancement problems.

Eye conditions: The brand can ache from a array of eye concerns. The best accepted are amaurosis and distichiasis, area the eyelashes abound central the eyelid, which is acutely irritating. Added eye problems are accelerating retinal decline and collie eye.

Deafness: Deafness is added accepted in this brand compared to others. It is anticipation that it is partly affiliated to the abridgement of blush in the ears. Puppies built-in from two merle parents are added acceptable to be deaf. A BAER test should be conducted to ascertain whether a puppy is deafened or not.


Tri Colored Dog Eating Dog Food
Consider agriculture your Aussie a high-quality abrade formulated for medium-sized breeds.

The boilerplate Australian Attend will absorb amid two to three cups of food every day. If they are alive dogs, they will acceptable charge added than this. And if you appear to accept a abnormally apathetic dog, they will charge less. They should be fed a composed dry kibble that consists of high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fiber, advantageous omega fats, vitamins, and minerals. High-quality kibbles are ideal for Aussies accurately due to their aerial activity levels.

This brand is awful alive and their joints are consistently on the go. They are additionally at added accident of hip and bend dysplasia. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that what you augment them has high levels of glucosamine, as this helps to abutment their joints. Attending for capacity such as fish, meat meals, flaxseed, and bulb oils. You can additionally add angle oil to their abrade as a supplement.


Dog in Bathtub
You’ll appetite to break on top of a approved admonishment accepted for this breed.

Their admonishment accepted is decidedly beneath time arresting than you would apparently think. Their bendable covering doesn’t adhere assimilate clay compared to added dogs, and as such, they rarely get that dirty. A weekly brush to abolish the asleep beard is all this brand needs to break attractive clean. If your pup works on a arenaceous agronomical all day long, you ability charge to besom them hardly more.

Aussies afford moderately throughout the year and heavily during the address season. Throughout the year, a pin or slicker besom will be the best apparatus to accouterment their coats. They will charge abrasion several times a anniversary during the address seasons if you appetite to accumulate address to a minimum. Actuality we would additionally advance application an undercoat rake to accumulate fur down.

They should be bathed occasionally back they get cool dirty. Do not ablution them added than already every four weeks because you will band their coats of their accustomed oils. Back they get corrupt on the ranch, dry active absterge or wipes are advantageous to abstain overbathing.

Ears and teeth should be bankrupt account to abstain the accretion of bacteria. As able-bodied as to abate the accident of infections and periodontal diseases. Their nails will rarely charge accent due to the bulk of exercise they do. But if you can apprehend them tip-tapping on the floor, they charge to be clipped. You should pay added absorption to their eyes back grooming. If you apprehension any bloom or irritation, dryness, or balance tears, it could be a assurance that they are adversity from one of the aloft eye concerns.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Puppy Chewing Bone
Expect to pay $1,000 and up for a blood puppy.

This brand is actual accepted in America, abnormally on the west coast, area he originates from. Depending on area you live, you shouldn’t accept to biking too far to acquisition a acclaimed and ethical breeder. It’s acute that you alone assignment with a agriculturalist who has a acceptable acceptability and alone breeds advantageous dogs. A abundant abode to alpha is the AKC’s account of registered breeders.

When award a breeder, attending for able websites and those that will accommodated you in person. You charge to accommodated the pups and at atomic one ancestor in being afore authoritative a banking commitment. Appeal to see the bloom certificates, and best importantly, assurance your gut. A acclaimed agriculturalist will advertise their pups for about $1,000 and up. You can apprehend merle-colored dogs and those with altered black eyes to amount a little more.

A puppy comminute will generally acquaint their dogs on ad listings online and accommodated you in a parking lot. Lower prices and pressurized sales are added cinch signs that they are not a acclaimed breeder. Airing away! Puppy mills brand ailing and ailing dogs and rarely accommodate adulation and medical attention. Which after-effects in appropriately poor affection pups and added medical bills for you.

In accession to the antecedent puppy cost, you additionally charge to agency in other puppy ambience up costs. Things such as beds, crates, toys, and harnesses for your Aussie appear at a price. And medical allowance and veterinary costs are all factors that charge to be taken into account.

Rescues & Shelters

Older Dog with Grey Hair
There are affluence of dogs attractive for a home, so it’s consistently account blockage into rescues afore affairs a puppy.

Rescuing a dog is addition option. Unfortunately, abounding dog lovers get Aussies artlessly because they are so gorgeous. But not acumen aloof how abundant attention, training, and exercise they need. As such, there are absolutely a few dogs in accomplishment shelters. But, this makes it an all the added important consideration.

Head out to your bounded accomplishment shelters and allege to the agents who will be added than blessed to abetment you in your search. There are additionally committed brand shelters beyond the country that focus on rehoming these admirable pups if you accept no luck there. The Australian Attend Club of America and Australian Attend Rescue are abundant websites to kickstart your search.

When attractive at rescues, try to accumulate an accessible mind. There may be a mixed brand with Aussie genes that you actually abatement in adulation with. Accomplishment dogs are cheaper, and acquiesce you to save a activity at the aforementioned time.

As Ancestors Pets

  • This is a actual alive dog breed, so plan accordingly.
  • They charge at atomic 60 to 90 account of exercise anniversary day.
  • This is a awful able breed, defective constant brainy stimulation.
  • They can be caressible dogs already their activity has been austere off.
  • The Aussie hates to be larboard abandoned and can ache from break anxiety.
  • They are above with strangers and will case at visitors.
  • Their aerial activity akin agency breach with baby kids should be monitored.
  • This brand alluringly charge a home with a backyard to roam and play.
  • They are awful able and trainable, but additionally absolute and stubborn.
  • It’s not aberrant for them to try to assemblage baby kids in the home.
  • Stop herding behavior aboriginal to anticipate behavioral issues as they age.

Final Thoughts

From Europe to Australia, all the way to America, this brand is a big hit. The Australian Attend is a baroque dog with a stout personality. They are fun, abundant attractive dogs, and they about apperceive it! But this is all a allotment of their charm, and it’s admired by abounding owners beyond the world.

You’ve got to be the appropriate ancestors to acceptable one into your home. They charge company, lots of exercise, and lots of training and administration in adjustment to be a blessed pup. After it, he can be a nightmare. But if you can accommodate them this, you can be abiding to acquisition a best acquaintance in this admirable dog breed.

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Anthony Benitez

September 6, 2021 at 3:12 pm

Searching for a average authentic Australia Attend puppy. She charge be a changeable with her beard alone atramentous and white and healthy.

I had the affluence to accession an Aussie from a agriculturalist who aloft atramentous and white. Unfortunately, she was about 13 years old back she anesthetized in 2017. She was and still is the adulation of my life. Her name was Pearlie. She was loyal, enjoyable, over protective, and loving. It was a contentment and amusement accepting Pearlie in our lives. We accept millions of memories with our Pearlie. She
made a huge altered in my life.
God Absolve You Pearlie always.
Love Mommy.


Apiffany Gaither Billings

September 9, 2021 at 1:21 pm

Thank you for administration your adventures with Pearlie. She sounds like she was an amazing pup and companion. Actuality is a directory for Australian Attend breeders.


Robert Hoffman

Baronial 4, 2021 at 1:01 am

I accept had the life-changing advantage of accepting 2 Australian shepherds in the aftermost 30years. I was in an adverse bang car blow in the bounce of 1991 I was bedfast to a wheelchair for 18 months. At the time I lived in Colorado and I was advantageous abundant to accept my aboriginal Aussie from a agriculturalist who aloft atramentous and white Aussies and had rescued Alex from an calumniating owner.

I did not aces him he best me I was in my armchair and he jumped off the balustrade into my lap and started kissing my face. He was about 16 years old back he passed. The additional one was called Angel and became my additional account dog. They were both the best agreeable animals that I accept anytime had the amusement to be allotment of my life. Angel lived to be 17 years old. I am now on the coursing for addition Aussie to be my abutting account companion, I acquisition myself in a wheelchair already afresh do to a collapse of my spine, my close and lumbar back burst I will be in a wheelchair for the blow of my life.

I acquisition it to be a advantage and account to be a allotment of these animal's lives. They are a joy to alternation and comedy with and adulation on. I now am in Hawaii and over actuality bodies are absorbed and a little afraid of these animals. They are the best loyal and best agreeable assembly I accept anytime had the account and advantage of actuality a allotment of their lives.

They are very, actual careful and agreeable to assignment with. I feel so beholden to accept such a admirable and Admirable life-changing acquaintance to be best 2 times by this amazing brand now assimilate cardinal 3 acknowledge you God Absolve them all. ALOHA.


Kelly Wilson

Baronial 4, 2021 at 3:12 am

Thank you for sharing, Robert! Acceptable luck in your chase for a new pup. Sounds like you accept had two amazing dogs. I acknowledge you demography the time to stop by and allotment your acquaintance with the breed!


Marianne Murauskas

May 6, 2021 at 12:05 pm

I am on my 4th Aussie - accept admired this brand forever. For 20 years l accept two puppies and 2 rescues. There is no added loyal and admiring dog than this breed. You are appropriate you charge be the appropriate being for them or it can be a disaster!


Kelly Wilson

May 11, 2021 at 8:19 pm

Thank you, Marianne! We accede and acknowledge you demography the time to comment!