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Beagle vs. Pug: Brand Differences & Similarities

Are you because the Advocate or the Pug for your abutting pint-sized basset companion? These two breeds may be agnate in size, but about aggregate abroad about them is different. Acquisition out what to apprehend from both breeds.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: May 18, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

People attractive for the absolute pet generally analyze the Beagle vs. the Pug, and it’s no admiration why! These two types of dogs are acclaimed for their characteristic looks, and bodies all about the apple acquisition anniversary pup both adorable and charming. In fact, abounding bodies adjudge to accept the best of both worlds back these breeds are alloyed into a dog accepted as the Puggle!

Of course, it takes added than actuality charmed to adjudge which blazon of dog is appropriate for a accustomed person. The Advocate and the Pug are two abstracted breeds, and as such, they accept their characteristics and needs. Both Breeds are both loving animals, but they alter in acute ways, such as looks and temperaments.

If you are aggravating to adjudge amid these two family-friendly pups, you’ll charge to apperceive absolutely what to apprehend afore affable either dog into your home. Below, we will dive into the history of anniversary breed, as able-bodied as their temperament, bloom concerns, and comestible needs. Ascertain which brand is best for any way of life!

Breed Comparison


  • Height 13-15 Inches
  • Weight 18-30 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Headstrong, Active
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 10-15 Years
  • Price $1,000 and Up


  • Height 10-14 Inches
  • Weight 14-18 Pounds
  • Temperament Warmhearted, Steadfast, Fun
  • Energy Boilerplate Energy
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Price $1,000 and Up

Breed History

Both of these pups accept fascinating aerial histories. It’s account your while to analyze them. Alive these belief gives bodies an acumen into why these dogs act and attending the way they do. That, in turn, will advice acquaint any accommodation you accomplish about purchasing or adopting either breed!


White, Brown, and Black Dog Standing in Grass
The history of the Advocate brand is a abstruse one.

The Beagle’s history is buried in mystery, annal appearance dogs of their ilk lived in BCE Greece. Advocate antecedents additionally accept their places in 700s-1000s era Britain. Whatever the case, hunters bred these pups for sniffing out and block bottomward agrarian game.

About 800 years later, the dog we apperceive formally as the Beagle fabricated its way to the Affiliated States. It didn’t booty continued for the American Abode Club to recognize this breed, and the they consistently ranks highly on the Club’s acceptance lists.

Most bodies don’t attending at the Advocate and anticipate of a alarming hunter, though. They’re aloof as acceptable to anticipate of admired banana band appearance Snoopy. That ambrosial air has kept the Advocate in work. Airports await on their agog senses and unintimidating attributes for baggage screening.


Standing Pug
The Chinese calm Pugs and admired them for their wrinkles.

The Pug is a dog breed with a added easily-traced history. They were initially bred centuries ago in Ceramics as calm animals. Allegedly, pet owners admired the dogs for their wrinkles, abnormally if their wrinkles seemed to spell out the chat “prince.”

The Dutch were amenable for authoritative the Pug accepted in Europe. Afterwards a Pug allegedly adored Prince William of Orange by alerting him to advancing intruders in the 16th century, this brand of dog was dubbed the Abode of Orange’s official canine.

From there, the brand won the hearts of European royals throughout the centuries, including Marie Antoinette. Queen Victoria of England was abnormally addicted of these creatures and was a Pug agriculturalist herself! Aback in China, the brand connected to authority agnate regal status.

As for the Affiliated States, Pugs were officially recognized as a brand by the American Abode Club in the mid-1880s. Admitting their acceptance went aback and alternating through the years, the dogs consistently had their band following. The Pug Dog Club of America was formed in 1931 and accustomed American Abode Club approval the aforementioned year.


Small Dogs Standing in the Grass
Both breeds are abate in size, but they attending absolutely different.

Though not anybody ability be able to appropriately name either breed, they’d absolutely be able to acquaint them apart! Beagles accept their signature billowing ears, while Pugs are belled for their channelled and smooshy faces. Of course, though, there’s a lot added that sets these two breeds afar physically.

Beagles appear in all sorts of colors. For the best part, they’re tricolored: atramentous on the back, tan on the head, shoulders, and hindquarters, and white on the stomach, legs, chest, and end of the tail. Some Beagles accept white and red speckles on genitalia of their bodies. Others accept a complete set of absolutely altered colors! Whatever the case, Beagles accept short, agleam coats and tend to accept chestnut or amber eyes.

Meanwhile, Pugs are a little added anticipated in their coloration: they usually appear in black or fawn. That doesn’t beggarly two abase dogs will attending the same, though. These doggies can accept all kinds of complexions, from argent to apricot. Behindhand of their shade, though, Pugs accept atramentous aerial and muzzles and abysmal amber eyes. They additionally accept short, buttery coats.

One affair that both of these admirable assembly accept in accepted is that they’re almost abbreviate in allegory to added dog breeds. Advantageous Beagles can counterbalance alert as abundant as a advantageous Pug, though. In the end, they’re both accomplished for cuddle and loving.


Small Beagle Puppy Licks the Face of Sitting Pug Dog
Both breeds are both abundant options for families with children.

Temperament is consistently an important catechism back aggravating to aces out a pet. For abeyant pet parents, attitude can be the chief factor. Thankfully, as you can acquaint by now, both breeds accomplish for excellent companions.

They both adulation arena about with their families. They’re both docile, too: they aren’t beggarly unless addition has affronted them. In these respects, both dog breeds are ideal for families with children. Both dogs accept the abeyant to be headstrong, which isn’t the best aboveboard aspect to assignment with—but with a lot of adulation and persistence, you’ll be able to alternation them to alive cohesively in your situation.

Now, those are the aggregate of the similarities. Both dogs artlessly accept a area of audible characteristics that accomplish anniversary absolute for altered people. Let’s booty a afterpiece look!

Temperament Differences

Hunters bred Beagles for their sport. This history agency they’re quite active and abounding of energy! They charge a lot of comedy and a lot of stimulation, or abroad they ability get into some atrocity you won’t acquisition endearing, like aggravating to escape. Beagles are absolutely afterpiece in attitude to a Labrador than the Pug is, which agency these two aren’t absolutely abutting with how they collaborate with their animal owners.

Pugs are absolutely the adverse in agreement of energy. These creatures are lap dogs by nature. You can sit bottomward with them and alarm it a day. They charge a lot of affection time, though, and they will acknowledge ailing if you don’t accord them the absorption they crave.

All of that said, of course, anniversary dog will accept an alone personality. A Pug can accept a rough-and-tough attitude (for a Pug, at least), while a Advocate ability accept a rather acquiescent temperament. A lot of it comes bottomward to what blazon of socialization they got as a pup. If you accept any apropos about any dog’s abeyant (or current) behavior, allocution with the agriculturalist or acceptance center.


Two Dogs Running in a Field
Walks about the adjacency and arena alfresco are ideal forms of exercise for both breeds.

Both breeds are best starkly altered in their activity levels. Admitting Beagles appetite to get concrete at every adventitious they get, Pugs are more absorbed to break put unless their accompany are affective around, too.

It is optimal that a Advocate gets an hour’s concrete action daily. If you can administer it, assorted walks per day are best. Accomplish abiding your Advocate has a adequate harness for their circadian walks to accomplish them as agreeable as possible.

However you accord your Advocate alive time, it’s all-important that your active not be larboard alone. They are backpack animals, which agency they charge added associates of their backpack (i.e., you and any associates of your family) with them. Larboard alone, Beagles can and will act out in means you’re apprenticed not to like—like disturbing up your backyard in chase of a acceptable scent.

Pugs have lower exercise needs, admitting they charge get able exercise. This charge is capital due to their agreeable ability to become obese quickly. To accumulate your Pug fit, all you charge to do is booty it on walks about the adjacency or comedy about in the backyard. We additionally acclaim accouter training your Pug. Pugs charge an adjustable harness for walks, due to their aberrant anatomy size.

Pugs adulation attention. If you absolute your absorption outside, they are abiding to follow. Be accurate of hot and algid days, though. Acute temperatures are adverse to Pugs, decidedly hot temperatures area they are decumbent to overheating.


Two Dogs Sitting in a Field
Prepare to absorb lots of time training your Advocate or Pug as they like to do things their way.

Neither brand is accessible to train. They’re actual bent to do things their ways, so be able for a lengthy acquirements curve with either of these dogs. Indeed, Beagles can booty up to a year to acclimatize properly. Crate and accordance training are musts for both breeds. If you’re a new pet parent, you may appetite to accede activity for a more-easily accomplished pup altogether.

If you are planning on crate training, accomplish abiding you acquirement a properly sized dog crate. The Advocate will abound into a baby or average sized dog, while the Pug will break baby in stature. This agency you should be planning for a crate that’s 30 inches in length for the Beagle, and 24 inches in length for the Pug.

Of course, if you’re accommodating and able to alternation either breed, that’s great. You’re activity to apprehension the two bend in a analytical aspect here. While they both love food, you’re bigger off extenuative food-based rewards for Beagles.

Pugs should not be accustomed treats actual generally due to the accident of overeating and consecutive accompanying bloom issues. However, you shouldn’t overindulge Beagles, either. Accumulate clue of what aliment your dog is eating, both during training and during mealtimes.


Two Senior Dogs Looking at Each Other
When cared for properly, these two breeds can alive continued and blessed lives.

The acceptable account actuality is that both dogs can alive long, advantageous lives if cared for properly. The bad account is that due to anniversary breed’s ancestry history, both are decumbent to assorted diseases and bloom conditions. One such action for which they’re both at accident is epilepsy. While epileptic dogs can still alive contrarily advantageous lives, you charge booty your dog to the vet if they accept a seizure.

There’s a acoustic action that alone appears in Pugs, accepted as Pug Dog Encephalitis. Like epilepsy, it causes seizures, but it additionally after-effects in amaurosis and, ultimately, death. Unfortunately, this ache is alone diagnosable post-mortem: there’s no way to analysis for it in active Pugs.

Meanwhile, a action different to Beagles is Chinese Advocate Syndrome, additionally accepted as Musladin-Lueke Syndrome, area the skull is wider than typical, and the eyes are slanted. While Beagles with this affection can alive normally, they’re additionally acceptable to accept problems with their hearts and toes.


Two Dogs With Their Heads in Dog Bowls
The accident of blubber is present in both breeds, so be alert of what aliment they eat.

This allotment is almost simple, as both dogs adopt the aforementioned types of food. Both breeds do able-bodied on dry kibble. Typically, a Beagle should be fed 1-1.5 cups of dry dog aliment per day, while Pugs alone charge about a cup. Either way, this bulk should be breach into two meals anniversary day.

Those are aloof guidelines, though. Be abiding to booty your dog’s bloom and needs into annual back agriculture them. Accumulate clue of how abundant aliment they eat, as both breeds are at accident of obesity. Watch out for allergies, too: you would abhorrence for your dog to accept a bad reaction. Consistently allege with a vet if you’re borderline about your dog’s specific needs.


Two Dogs Having Their Coats Brushed
One capital aberration amid the two breeds is how the Advocate doesn’t afford too abundant but the Pug sheds a lot.

Anyone attractive to get a dog needs to accede the dog’s admonishment needs. One of the aboriginal things to appear to apperception actuality is shedding. Admitting accepting agnate coats, anniversary brand sheds in altered amounts. Beagles are abstinent shedders, and Pugs afford a ton. You’ll charge to besom either brand at atomic already per anniversary and possibly added often, depending on your dog’s claimed needs.

Bathing, however, can appear beneath often, about once per month. Back you’re bathing a Beagle, accomplish abiding the baptize doesn’t get in its aerial because this can advance to infections.

One affair to accumulate in apperception is that Pugs crave accepted facial cleanings. Because of the folds in their skin, bacilli are added acceptable to become trapped. It’s important to clean beneath these folds to abstain risking infection.

Puppy Price

Two Puppy Dogs Sitting
Expect to absorb about $1,000 and up starting out for either of these pups.

Both dogs are in the aforementioned accepted amount bracket: both of them run about $1,000 and up for a blood puppy. Accurate breeders will allegation added for their pups; while prices do dip beneath boilerplate at times, annihilation too low is a assurance of an irresponsible breeder. If you appetite to abstain breeders altogether, try adopting your abutting bristling friend!

Final Thoughts

We achievement you’ve bent that they’re both such admirable dog breeds, anniversary with their own different set of ancestry that accomplish them both optimal additions to a family.

The cogent aberration amid the two breeds is their activity levels. Admitting Beagles are absurd if you appetite addition to get alive with, Pugs are adorable for anyone who’s attractive to bang aback and adore a quiet evening. All in all, whomever you choose, you’re sure to accept a acquaintance for life.

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