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Bichon Frise vs. Poodle: Brand Differences and Similarities

Comparing the Bichon Frise vs. Poodle for your abutting caressible basset companion? Both of these pups are creamy bundles of joy, but they accept altered personalities and aren't the absolute fit for every family. Acquisition out what to apprehend from both breeds!

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: July 7, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Bichon Frise vs. Poodle Outside

Comparing the Bichon Frise vs. the Poodle for your abutting fluffy basset companion? Both dog breeds carefully resemble one addition in appearance, but there are abounding differences to consider, afore adopting either dog breed. So aloof how altered or agnate are they?

Unless you carefully assay both breeds central and out, you may absolutely aberration one for the other. Both dogs are considered hypoallergenic (although no dog brand is absolutely hypoallergenic), which makes them an accomplished dog for families. Their signature agnate coiled beard ability accomplish you do a acknowledgment and blow at the ambrosial little pets.

But accept it or not, while these two breeds have a lot in common. They are in fact, are generally alloyed calm to accomplish a different little amalgam called the Bichpoo. But, there are additionally some key differences to consider. So, whether you’re attractive for a new bristling companion, or you appear to be a analytical dog-lover, actuality are some of the analytical similarities and differences amid these two breeds.

Breed Comparison

Bichon Frise

  • Height 9-12 Inches
  • Weight 7-12 Pounds
  • Temperament Sensitive, Friendly, Loving
  • Energy High
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up


  • Height 10-22 Inches
  • Weight 6-70 Pounds
  • Temperament Accessible Going, Intelligent, Friendly
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Breed History

This point, in particular, is apparently the best alone consideration back attractive to buy a pet. A dog’s brand history can acknowledge a lot about its all-embracing personality and behavioral traits. Dogs accept been bred for ancestors with specific ancestry and jobs in mind.

If you aces a awful alive brand like the poodle but are a somewhat beneath alive family, you can apprehend to run into some trouble. Let’s booty a attending at the history abaft both dogs afore attractive at brand ancestry to actuate which is bigger for your lifestyle.

Bichon Frise

Small White Furry Dog
The Bichon Frise may attending like a poodle, but they are not absolutely the aforementioned dog.

The history of the Bichon Frise is a complicated one. Unfortunately, the exact agent of this dog is unknown. Abounding accept the dog descends from the Barbet, a medium-sized French baptize dog. There’s additionally belief that the name “bichon” stems from the chat “barbican,” which is a diminutive anatomy of Barbet. The Barbet was alloyed with baby white lapdogs, consistent in four bichons: Bolognese, Havanese, Maltaise, and Teneriffe.

The Teneriffe Bichon was after shortened to Bichon Frise. Admitting the exact time is uncertain, abounding brainstorm that in the 1200-the 1300s, Italian sailors came beyond the bristling animals in the Mediterannean and brought them aback to Italy, area they became broadly accepted amidst the affluent high chic and nobility.

Breeders accurately bred them to be a companion canine. Some Renaissance paintings alike featured them alongside their blue-blooded owners. But by the end of Napoleon’s administration in the 1800s, the Bichon Frises aristocratic cachet dropped, yet it’s admiration for actuality a accompaniment did not.

In the 1900s, the Bichon Frises’ acceptance grew. French breeders rediscovered them and after brought them over to America, area The American Abode Club clearly admitted them in 1973. Because of their laid aback personalities, the Bichon Frise is generally mixed with added dog breeds to accomplish artist dogs.


White Poodle Dog
The Poodle has a almost acclaimed history, basic in Germany.

Poodles accept a abundant added aboveboard history. While the beastly is the national dog of France, it originated in Germany. The name Poodle stems from the Germanic chat “pudel” or “puddling,” which agency “to burst in the water.” In France, abounding accredit to the Poodle as “Caniche,” which is French for “duck dog.”

In England, they referred to them as “rough baptize dogs,” area the British generally acclimated them as hunting companions. Abounding experts accept Poodles are amid the oldest baptize retrieval dogs. As time went on, breeders bred the poodle bottomward in size. Today, this brand comes in three altered varieties: standard, toy, and miniature.

Toy and Miniature Poodles accept become added accepted as accompaniment dogs. Back its beginnings, the Poodle has served in assorted capacities, such as hunting, bazaar dogs, court, and accompaniment dogs for the wealthy. They accept alike been acclimated as truffle dogs (a scent-driven action acclimated to detect out agrarian truffles, which the French generally use in their cooking).

Poodles bound grew in acceptance and were clearly accustomed by The American Abode Club in 1886.


Small White Dog and Tan Dog Outdoors
While they allotment agnate actualization traits, both breeds accept some audible differences.

Both dogs actualization arresting similarities in appearance. They both attending like tiny creamy teddy bears, but with agog observation, you may apprehension differences. In fact, both breeds share actualization ancestry with added baby dogs and are generally compared to them as a result.

The capital aberration amid the two breeds is size. While Poodles differ in size (standard, toy, miniature), Bichon Frises are consistently small. They admeasurement abutting to a miniature Poodle size, extensive nine to twelve inches alpine and belief twelve to eighteen pounds.

Toy Poodles about boilerplate in about ten inches alpine and counterbalance beneath nine pounds. Accepted sized Poodles are the largest, belief amid 40-75 pounds and extensive an boilerplate acme of fifteen inches or higher.

Bichon Frise is most frequently white and comes in cream, apricot, or gray — agnate to Poodles covering colorings. Poodles tend to accept more array in color, such as blue, apricot, black, white, gray, silver, brown, café-au-lait, and cream. Both breeds are calmly identifiable by their billowing ears, coiled coats, and acicular muzzles.


Two Small and Fluffy Dogs Sitting Outdoors
Both dog breeds accomplish accomplished ancestors accompaniment dogs.

Both dogs are frequently accepted as antic breeds. While they’re both rather active dogs, they additionally adulation to be the centermost of attention, making them accessible to train in abounding ways. Poodles are alert and active, and Bichon Frises accept a sweet, blessed attributes that makes them both so ambrosial for families.

When it comes to temperament, there aren’t any cogent differences amid the two breeds. However, article important to agenda is how differing sizes can affect the character.

More specifically, if you accept a ancestors with baby children, you may appetite to go with a Poodle.  A Bichon Frise is actual acute and can sometimes get their animosity aching if mishandled. They are accomplished ancestors dogs, but they’re additionally baby and fragile. This agency they ability not be the best fit for a ancestors with toddlers or kids who are rough.


Two Fluffy Dogs Exercising Outdoors
Both these pups crave at atomic an hour of exercise per day.

Whether you accept a accepted Poodle or a tiny little Bichon Frise, both breeds adulation exercise — and a lot of it. Typically, both dog breeds require at atomic 60 minutes of exercise anniversary day.

These two breeds crave an alive affairs and crave circadian activities, such as back games, brain-stimulating toys, or the casual walk. Back Bichon Frises are smaller, they tend to annoy out added quickly. On the added hand, Poodles are a bit added active and adore continued walks about the park.

Much like their ancestors, Poodles advance in alfresco environments or houses with ample active spaces. Bichon Frises are agnate in that they adulation a affable circuit actuality and there.

If you alive in an apartment, accomplish abiding you accept a adjacent esplanade to booty your dog to draft off some beef regularly. The aftermost affair you appetite is a balked dog to take out its pent-up energy on your furniture. That’s why you charge accomplish abiding you can accord your dog the all-important circadian exercise to accumulate them both blessed and in shape.


Small White Dogs Outdoors Sitting on Grass
Both dog breeds are almost accessible to alternation with the Poodle actuality hardly easier.

While both breeds are almost accessible to train, Poodles are easier to alternation than Bichon Frises. This can accomplish them hardly added favorable for families with a added bound bulk of training time available.

Poodles are accepted to be able dogs and added than accommodating to amuse their owner. Due to their able-bodied build, they’re able of acquirements new abilities and tricks. They’re affable dogs that enjoy actuality around added animals or bodies rather than themselves. Their concern and alacrity accomplish them accessible to alternation and agency they tend to get absent easily. Back training a Poodle, accomplish abiding you accomplish the training action fun and agitative for them.

On the added hand, a Bichon Frise is added difficult to alternation — abnormally back it comes to abode training. They’re awful trainable dogs alfresco the home, but they’re rather adamant and difficult to accord with back it comes to housebreaking. We’d acclaim you crate alternation during housebreaking. Accomplish abiding if you accept a Poodle, you pick the appropriate sized dog crate.

Though they’re both able and fun-loving, Bichon Frises additionally tend to be actual sensitive, so acrid antidotal training won’t bear results. They crave abundant more chain and patience. It’s awfully important that you alpha training for both dogs at a adolescent age, but added so with a Bichon Frise. A aggregate of patience, consistency, and absolute abutment is all-important for a composed dog.


Small Dogs Sitting Outdoors in Grass
Both dogs are absolutely advantageous and accept best lifespans compared to added breeds.

Before affairs a new pet, there are consistently bloom factors you charge consider. Both breeds are about healthy, but there are still some things from both breeds you should be acquainted of.

As with best dogs, there are assertive abiogenetic diseases associated with both dog breeds. Both breeds are affected to eye problems, primarily due to the overhanging beard accoutrement their eyes. Because of this, it’s recommended owners keep the beard trimmed and abroad from the eye breadth to anticipate infection or irritation. They’re additionally both decumbent to collective issues, accurately at the hip, elbow, and knee.

As they get older, Poodles are decumbent to assorted added diseases, including Epilepsy, accelerating retinal atrophy, thyroid issues, Addison’s disease, hypoglycemia, and bloat. Bloating is the best common, so be abiding to buy high-quality dry aliment for your Poodle.

Likewise, Bichon Frises may accede to added diseases, hemophilia, affection defects, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, float infections, ear infections, and Kartagener’s syndrome. However, a acclaimed agriculturalist will awning a puppy for bloom risks afore selling, so you should end up with a advantageous dog.


White Dog and Tan Dog Eating Food
Both breeds can accept acute stomachs and may charge to analysis several types of dog aliment to acquisition the appropriate fit.

Despite their similarities in actualization and nature, both dogs accept accurate diet needs. Both breeds are accepted to accept acute stomachs, which agency a specialty diet is acceptable best for both dogs.

A Bichon Frises diet should abide of accomplished grains, such as barley, quinoa, or amber rice. Back award the able abrade for your dog, attending for foods that accommodate vegetable and angle oils as advantageous sources of fats and Omega-3 blubbery acids. These foods are accessible to abstract and will advice advance their health. Back Bichon Frises are additionally abundant abate than Poodles, they alone charge ½ to 1 cup per day disconnected into two meals.

On the added hand, Poodles accept abundant college activity and crave 2 to 3 cups per day disconnected into two meals. A Poodle’s dog aliment should accommodate a advantageous antithesis of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, grains, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. Ensuring your Poodle stays alive and maintains a advantageous diet is all that’s bare to agreement a healthy, blessed activity for your bristling companion.


Small Dogs with Very Soft Coats Outdoors
Both dog breeds accept agnate admonishment needs and address frequencies.

For both breeds, admonishment ranks cardinal one on the account of necessities. Both breeds are primarily known for their coarse, wiry, and coiled hair. Because of their lower address coats, Poodles are accepted parents of abounding altered hybrids.

According to experts, a Poodle should accept able admonishment every three to six weeks, admitting you should benedict a Bichon Frise every one to three weeks. Both breeds crave approved aliment (preferable daily) abrasion to rid the beard of any dirt, debris, or trapped hair.

Due to the high maintenance that comes with grooming, abounding Poodle owners accept to benedict their pup by abridgement or atom their dogs’ beard with admonishment clippers. This tip isn’t for added style, but rather, agility. It additionally helps cut aback on admonishment costs.

Healthy admonishment habits for a Bichon Frise should be accustomed at a adolescent age, such as accepted abrasion and bathing every one to two weeks. Poodles should be bathed every two to three weeks. Back both breeds ache from acute skin, you should use a gentle, amoebic hypoallergenic absterge for both dogs.

Neither the Poodle nor Bichon Frise is accepted for shedding, which is consistently a plus. However, both breeds’ beard grows continually, so accomplish abiding to agenda approved trimmings every three to six weeks.

Puppy Prices

Two Small Puppy Dogs Outdoors Playing
Expect to pay upwards of $1,000 to $1,200 for blood puppies of either dog breed.

The amount aberration amid the breeds can be significant. While the boilerplate amount for a Bichon Frise puppy starts at about $1,000, a Poodle puppy generally costs $1,200. For an older, high-end Poodle, prices can ambit anywhere from $1,400 to $10,000.

Several factors go into free the amount of a Poodle, such as covering color, origin, and size. A accepted Poodle averages about $1,000 to $1,200. Both toy and miniature Poodles are added expensive, averaging between $1,200 to $1,500.

Bichon Frises accept a added absolute amount range. A puppy’s amount can alpha at $800 and end up at $2,500, with a median of $1,000. Several aspects agency into their price, such as agriculturalist acceptability and affectionate history. A agriculturalist with a aerial acceptability can tack on an added few hundred dollars, and pups of high-end Bichon Frises can cost up to $1,500.

Final Thoughts

All in all, both dog breeds have a lot to offer. There’s a lot to accede back affairs a new pet, so we charge to lay out all the facts. Both animals are intelligent, active, and alert that accomplish abundant ancestors dogs. Behindhand of which of these two baby bristling pups you adjudge to choose, we can agreement you’ll be annoyed with your new bristling friend.

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Bruce McKinney

Baronial 17, 2021 at 3:11 am

I am so animated I came beyond your post. I accept had both breeds and fell in adulation with them. I had two poodles (sisters) that were actual acute and admiring dogs. I now accept a macho Bichon. We go everywhere together, about whenever I leave him home with my wife he will sit by the aperture until I return. As abundant as I would like to I can't booty him all the time. This brand is bigger fit for addition retired. Adulation both breeds.


Kelly Wilson

Baronial 17, 2021 at 7:53 pm

Sounds like abundant dogs, Bruce! Acknowledgment for commenting!



June 18, 2021 at 1:55 pm

I came beyond your commodity back I chase for a account of a Bichon Frise after that billowy haircut. I aloof adopted a dog in aboriginal March. The advance ancestor begin him active on the street, filthy, matted, and skinny. The advance placed an ad that declared that the dog was a poodle.

I was attractive for a hypoallergenic dog because I'm a little bit allergic to beastly hair. Back I best up the dog, his beard was chopped off. There's a little coiled beard about his face, so I anticipation he was a poodle mix.

Fast advanced to the end of May, the dog put a little bit of weight, the beard grew, and not attractive like a poodle anymore. That's back the groomer said that he anticipation my dog ability be a Bichon Frise. Again I researched about the breed, again it aloof clicked. The arch tilt, the common napping, the break anxiety.

But back I chase for the picture, best of them accept that annular crew that makes them attending like a doll. There are actual few pictures of the brand with artlessly coiled beard not a aftereffect of a able groomer. Account your commodity brought me afterpiece to the abstruseness that is my admirable Mickey.


Kelly Wilson

June 21, 2021 at 5:41 pm

Sounds like you accept a admirable dog, Feby! Animated you begin our commodity informative!



June 6, 2021 at 1:39 am

Thank you for this advice it was actual helpful. The housebreaking explains a lot, I am accepting a adamantine time with them in this area. I am apprehensive why the changeable Bichon Frise was so accessible to abode alternation than the boy Bichon Frise? But you did say they are ALL different. This is my aboriginal time with macho Bichon Frise.

I'm told by abounding trainers that they are spraying in the abode for territory. Not abiding if this is accurate or not.?. I am application their suggestions to use macho wraps and accolade them back I booty them off afore we go outside, and there isn't any aerosol in the wrap. Again accolade them back they accomplish outside.

This lets them apperceive this is area I appetite them to go. My two boys are 7 years old now. I am actuality accommodating with them and they are alive with me. However, I anticipate they adopt me over my two sons, LoL!


Kelly Wilson

June 7, 2021 at 5:11 pm

Glad you begin the commodity informative, Charlotte! Yes, it's accessible they are spraying central for area if they are not fixed. As continued as you are constant with absolute reinforcement, the behavior should eventually stop. As always, if it continues, I'd acclaim consulting with a bounded trainer in person.