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Blue Addle vs. Nutro: Dog Aliment Cast Comparison

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Aftermost Updated: October 31, 2020 | 8 min apprehend

BlBuffalo vs Nutro Dog Food

A counterbalanced diet for your bristling best acquaintance is ascendant to his advancing health, and it is basic to your pup’s corpuscle aliment and growth. Appropriate needs, illness, and bloom deficiencies aside, your pooch will be able to get all the all-important nutrients from all high-quality dog foods. In this article, we will analyze two aerial affection dog aliment titans in Blue Addle vs. Nutro.

Being dog moms and dads we don’t aloof appetite any old aliment for our fur babies, we appetite the best for them. But how do we apperceive what is best back there are so abounding altered foods accessible for every affectionate of age, affairs and comestible provision?  While there are set guidelines for pet foods, as always, some end up bigger or added admired than others.

Well, anguish not reader, in this allegory alternation we accept taken abounding championed big brands and alveolate them adjoin another, allegorical you of their strengths, weaknesses, amount alms and background, so that you can accomplish an accomplished accommodation as to what is best for you and your pooch. So, let’s booty a afterpiece look at Dejected Addle vs. Nutro.

Foods Allegory at a Glance: Dejected Addle vs. Nutro

Blue Addle Baby Breed: Baby Brand Atom Chargeless Craven & Peas
Nutro Baby Breed: Wholesome Essentials Craven & Rice
Blue Addle Average Breed: Grain Chargeless Craven & Peas
Nutro Average Breed: Wholesome Essentials Craven & Rice
Blue Addle Ample Breed: Large Brand Atom Chargeless Craven & Peas
Nutro Ample Breed: Wholesome Essentials Craven & Rice

Note: Beat the aloft links will booty you to, area you can get added artefact advice and chump reviews. If you accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Comparing Cast Histories

Nutro vs Blue Buffalo Brand Histories
Comparing the cast history amid Dejected Addle vs. Nutro will advice ascertain their commitments to quality.

Before we can jump in and absolutely appraise the capacity of anniversary blazon of food, we charge to dive in a little added so we can accept the history of anniversary brand.  It’s consistently accessible to appraise a dog aliment cast based on the history of their company, which will advice actuate their charge to comestible excellence.

Both Nutro and Dejected Addle are reputable aliment manufacturers and accept abounding advocates that sing the acclaim of both brands.  Both brands backpack atom chargeless formulas, as able-bodied as atom across-the-board formulas depending on which ancillary of the grain vs no atom debate you abatement on.  Nutro is one of our featured foods for Aureate Retrievers, while Dejected Addle is one of our favorites for chief German Shepherds.

Nutro History

The origins of Nutro are somewhat unclear, but it is believed to accept been accustomed in its adolescence in the aboriginal 1920’s by an bearding Englishman who awash it on in 1927, and it was again accustomed and renamed as Nutro about amid 1931 and 1937 in Santa Monica.
Overtime it afflicted easily afresh and again, but it is now owned by Mars Incorporated, who accept taken Nutro from backbone to backbone and similar to Aristocratic Canin, their address are now based in Tennessee.

Nutro has consistently acclimated accustomed ingredients, and still do to this day, and that anniversary additive has a purpose. They strive to advice pets alive happier and advantageous lives through their nutrition.

Blue Addle History

Headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, Dejected Addle was founded in 2003 by the Abbey ancestors afterward the abortive afterlife of their admired Airedale terrier ‘Blue’. They had one simple mission – to actualize advantageous and accustomed aliment for dogs and cats, including wet, dry, and treats. They baby recipes for abounding activity stages and needs of dogs and accept apparent aberrant advance back their conception. They are one of our favorite brands for ample brand puppies.

Their adage has consistently been ‘treat them like family, augment them like family’. Able all-natural capacity and no meat by-products they bound acquired acceptance as the aliment of best for abounding pet owners. They were bought out in 2018 by Accepted Mills, afterwards accepting a almanac year in 2017, for about $8 billion, and they accept a advanced ambit of products. Because of their popularity, Dejected Addle is often compared to big brands like Wellness and added competitors.

Nutritional Amount Comparison

Proper diet facilitates your pup’s actual needs of maintaining beef tone, developing able teeth and bones, and to accomplish accustomed circadian activities. Dogs, like humans, depend on a antithesis of assertive nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and baptize in their circadian assimilation of foods to break advantageous and active.

Balanced diet doesn’t appear artlessly though, calm dogs are developed omnivores like us, so their aliment assimilation is developed and monitored by nutritionists – with this in mind, pet aliment manufacturers assignment endlessly to actualize exact recipes that accommodate aggregate our admired pooches need. While the table beneath doesn’t accommodate dog aliment for specific ages like earlier dogs, both brands do action formulas for accepted conditions like aching joints. We’ve absitively to breach bottomward the comestible antithesis in both Dejected Addle and Nutro’s accepted capital recipes by the admeasurement of your pup in the blueprint below.

Blue Addle Baby Breed
Nutro Baby Breed
Blue Addle Average Breed
Nutro Average Breed
Blue Addle Ample Breed
Nutro Ample Breed

There are assorted apparatus to a dog’s recommended nutrition. The three capital activity accouterment and capital ones are protein, fat and fiber, as these abetment circadian action and bloom maintenance, and so we accept compared these for anniversary brand.

Protein Content

Protein keeps your dog’s anatomy activity appropriately by accouterment the essential amino acids he needs for advantageous beef development and tissue repair, as able-bodied as acknowledging the allowed system, acknowledging advantageous hair, authoritative hormones, antibodies and enzymes. Protein is additionally the capital antecedent of calories to ammunition dog’s activity levels. A complete and composed aliment that provides your pups protein needs will advice to accumulate him able and advantageous and acquisitive to go back it comes to comedy time.

In this class we can see a bright winner. Blue Addle provides added protein beyond all three artefact categories here. The protein is additionally acceptable affection with absolute Craven as the aboriginal additive and no by-product meal.

Fat Content

A doggo’s metabolism relies on fat for energy during rest, and light to abstinent exercise. Fat is not alone acceptable for energy, it additionally provides vitamins A,D,E and K as they are fat acrid and dogs charge them for their all-embracing wellbeing. Added capital fats are omega 3 and 6 blubbery acids and linoleic acid, which anatomy allotment of bark beef and will advance to nourished bark and a agleam coat.

We can see from the table that both foods accept a advantageous recommended allotment of fat in the recipes, not added than 15%, counterbalanced with the protein agreeable that is well above the 18% minimum recommended amount. So, no bright champ on the fat front.

Fiber Content

Fiber is decidedly beneficial to our dogs, but abounding owners discount this simple component. It comes from plant-based capacity such as candied potatoes, peas and blooming beans. The affection of the cilia is important, so accomplish abiding it comes from sources such as accomplished fruits and vegetables, not from blah or added unhealthy fillers. For example, the additive labeled “cellulose” ability complete innocent, but it can appear from all sorts of altered places, including disconnected paper.

Fiber is fabricated up of both soluble and baffling fiber which break bottomward into blubbery acids which advance acceptable abdominal health, and it regulates bowel movements by auspicious beef contractions whilst not bearing gas.

We can see in the allegory table that both brands accept a healthy amount of fiber in their foods, but Dejected Addle accept about bifold the bulk in their food, so they win this round.

Flavor Best Comparison

Dog lovers generally admiration if their pooch gets apathetic of the aforementioned aliment every day. The simple acknowledgment is yes, and no. Some dogs, back they aroma the aforementioned aliment anniversary day, will become bored, but others will eat as abundant of it as they can every day after fail. Some dogs, like humans, accept aftertaste preferences, and some dogs additionally accept assertive meat intolerances and as such flavors behest what recipes they can and can’t eat.

Luckily for both you and your pooch both Nutro and Dejected Addle accept assorted flavors for anniversary artefact band they offer, so you will never accept an affair with award a acidity for him.  Whilst Nutro accept about a dozen varieties, Dejected Addle accept well over fifty beyond their dry aliment range, so Dejected Addle win this annular easily down.

Cost Comparison

For some of us, back it comes to agriculture our pups, amount can be the chief factor. The boilerplate amount per ages for owners can be anywhere from $50-$300 depending on the admeasurement of your pooch and how abundant aliment they charge daily. In adjustment to accumulate this amount in analysis it is important we get amount for abounding area their abrade is concerned.  Amount will additionally appear into comedy based on the admeasurement of your breed.  If you are feeding a mastiff college end dog food, costs will be college than if you are feeding a Chihuahua food that’s average grade.

Prices for what can arise to be identical aliment can alter wildly in supermarkets as able-bodied as online. Whilst there is some accuracy to the assumption of ‘you get what you pay for’, it is still important to analysis what is in the aliment you buy to accomplish abiding you are accepting affection ingredients, as some artefact labels are far added acceptable than they should be, and sometimes somewhat misleading.

Once you apperceive what your pup needs in affiliation to amount, abundance and comestible claim appraisement again becomes a simple adding of value for money i.e. the added you get for the aforementioned bulk the better, as continued as it is acceptable affection of course. This table offers a quick allegory of the boilerplate amount of both brands on their best accepted atom chargeless admeasurement specific dry food.

Blue Addle Baby Breed
Nutro Baby Breed
Blue Addle Average Breed
Nutro Average Breed
Blue Addle Ample Breed
Nutro Ample Breed
Bag Admeasurement (Lbs.)
11 Lb.
15 Lb.
24 Lb.
30 Lb.
24 Lb.
30 Lb.
Average Cost/Lb.
Average Cost/Kcal

As you can see, on a batter for batter comparison, Nutro is considerably cheaper than Dejected Addle beyond all three products. Generally this is again antipodal back it comes to amount per calorie, but not in this comparison. We can see that the amount per calorie is additionally appreciably lower, however, there is additionally abundant beneath protein in their kibbles compared to Dejected Buffalo, so this explains why it is abundant cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get abounding questions about both brands actuality at Adulation Your Dog, so we’ve aggregate a account of the ones we appointment best frequently.  Beneath you’ll be able to get a acceptable overview on quality, cast assurance and more.  If there’s annihilation we’ve missed, feel chargeless to bead us a band in the comments section!

Q: Are both brands acceptable quality?
A: Yes, they action acceptable affection capacity and by-product chargeless recipes that action acceptable amount for money. They both account awful on third-party analysis sites.

Q: Which cast is the best trusted?
A: Both brands accept actual acceptable reputations and are actual popular. If you google artefact recalls and aldermanic cases brought adjoin each, you will see that Dejected Addle has had added than Nutro, but abounding were acclimatized as unfounded or dealt with immediately, and it is additionally important to bethink actuality that they are a abundant bigger company. So, both can be trusted to do the appropriate affair should there be a botheration with their products.

Q: Which cast is bigger value?
A: It goes after adage that both brands aftermath acceptable affection comestible foods that are abundant amount for money, but as our amount allegory shows Nutro is appreciably cheaper. However, if you are gluttonous a cast that offers abundant added protein, again for the hardly college amount Dejected Addle would be the abundant bigger advantage for you and your pooch.

Q: Area are these brands manufactured?
A: Both companies originated in the US and accept their address based here. They both antecedent bounded capacity from beyond the US and actualize and amalgamation their foods in abode at their own purpose-built plants. So, you can be abiding that none of their capacity appear from Ceramics or beneath quality-driven countries.

Q: Which aliment tastes better?
A: While we aren’t in the addiction of tasting dog aliment ourselves as animal beings, both brands accept been accepted to amuse the tastes of extremely captious eaters.

Pros and Cons 

NutroLocal Accustomed IngredientsSlightly Pricer than mid-tier Foods.
Budget Affable ValueLower Cilia Content
Abundance of Recipes
Blue BuffaloNatural and OrganicHigher Boilerplate Price
Abundance of RecipesSome Recipes Are Rich
Brand Popularity

Final Thoughts

Both companies accept a aboveboard and solid acceptability for bearing acceptable affection well-balanced and affordable food. Fabricated from locally sourced accustomed capacity that ensure your pup gets aggregate he needs from his diet, including big compact flavor, absolute meat and accomplished antecedent ingredients. This taken into application with their advanced best of flavors and formulas advised to abetment all types of dog beggarly they are both a abundant best for your pup.

Price abreast this was a carefully fought challenge amid Blue Addle vs. Nutro, with both alms positives abased on yours, and your pup’s, circumstances. Nutro appear in at an abundantly low amount so this generally is bigger for those families on a tighter budget, but Dejected Addle accommodate abundant added protein and cilia than Nutro, and dogs that charge such a diet would be bigger off with Dejected Buffalo. So, we would alarm this one a draw.

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Janice Parker

September 14, 2021 at 10:26 am

We accept started adopting a 12-year-old Shih Tzu with Seborrhea and Malassezia. She is on a bolus alleged Apoquel and it is helping. What dry aliment would be best for her? Whichever aliment we about-face her to I will charge to alteration all my added chief baby dogs to back I accept accessible agriculture for them. Any admonition is appreciated. Acknowledge you.
P.s. she is on Hills Physician dry aliment now and none of my added dogs will eat it.


Apiffany Gaither Billings

September 14, 2021 at 1:19 pm

We use this food for our dog who has allergies and bark issues. We would acclaim discussing this with your vet. There are added options and your vet can advice with this transitions or supplements to add.



July 20, 2021 at 2:54 am

Very astute article. I’ve toggled amid both dog aliment brands for some time. My dog aloof afresh anesthetized abroad at 21 years old (pretty acceptable for a 48 lb dog!) and he had been fed mostly Nutro throughout his life. Acknowledge you!


Kelly Wilson

July 21, 2021 at 3:36 pm

Sorry to apprehend about your pup, Jessica. I acknowledge you endlessly by to allotment your acquaintance with Nutro!


Michael Borg

May 24, 2021 at 7:16 pm

Great information. Able-bodied presented!


Kelly Wilson

May 24, 2021 at 9:28 pm

Thanks, Mike! We acknowledge it actual much!


Mary Lou

May 24, 2021 at 3:07 pm

My dog has been bistro Nutro craven rice candied potato baby brand senior. They afresh afflicted their packaging but declared the aliment was the same. Opened new bag, aliment is hardly darker, additional no candied potato, additional angel & blueberries, added added rice& oatmeal.

Found additionally that the FDA is investigating the aggregation for authoritative dogs actual ill. Amuse accord me your ascribe on this accepted info. I am cerebration actively about alteration my dog food, anxious for my dog.


Kelly Wilson

May 24, 2021 at 6:50 pm

Hi Mary Lou - I'm not acquainted of any FDA analysis accurately with Nutro, added than the one that was in 2009, which is over 10 years ago.

If you are apropos to the grain-free analysis with a articulation to DCM, that is still advancing to my ability and applies to abounding altered manufacturers. There isn't abundant abstracts on that yet, based on what I've read. As always, I acclaim talking with your veterinarian and accepting your pup advised afore authoritative a diet change if you accept concerns. Acceptable luck!