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Border Collie vs. Australian Beasts Dog: Brand Differences & Similarities

Comparing the Dejected Banty vs. the Bound Collie for your abutting bristling four-legged friend? Acquisition out how these two herding dogs are similar, but additionally actual different!

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Aftermost Updated: January 25, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Border Collie vs Blue Heeler Outdoors

Comparing the Border Collie vs. the Dejected Heeler for your abutting acreage dog or for a ancestors companion? Australian Beasts Dogs (also alleged Dejected Heelers) and Border Collies are both acclaimed for their affable demeanors, and aggressive attitudes. But they aren’t consistently the absolute dog brand for every family.

Border Collies and Dejected Heelers are two breeds with an absurd bulk of intelligence and energy. Both breeds are herding dogs with high exercise needs. While both breeds do accomplish accomplished ancestors pets, those that aren’t appropriately acclimatized will become annihilative absolutely quickly.

It’s important to accept what ancestry anniversary of these breeds has afore affable one into your home. In the commodity below, you’ll apprentice all about these two acclaimed herding breeds. We analyze their history, temperament, puppy prices, and more. Let’s jump in and acquisition out which of these pups best apparel your lifestyle!

Breed Comparison

Bound Collie

  • Height 18-22 Inches
  • Weight 30-55 Pounds
  • Temperament Athletic, Hard-working, Loyal
  • Energy Intense
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Dejected Heeler

  • Height 17-20 Inches
  • Weight 35-50 Pounds
  • Temperament Protective, Loyal, Cautious
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-16 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Breed History

Both dog breeds accord to the herding group. While they were both bred for agnate purposes, there are some very appropriate traits that accomplish them altered from one another. Both alive dogs originally herded livestock. However, but their origins and abiogenetic histories are absolutely different.

Border Collie

Curious Dog Looking at Camera
Border Collies accept a almost abbreviate but actual affluent brand history.

The Bound Collie is a brand that dates aback to the end of the 19th century, with the name actualization in 1915 for the aboriginal time. Sheepdogs appeared in the British Isles bags of years ago with the Roman Empire. The aboriginal herding dogs were abate than today’s Collies.

There is an alone who played a axiological role in the conception of the breed. A dog called Old Hemp, who lived from 1893 to 1901, had over 200 descendants and contributed to establishing the breed.

Old Hemp had a arresting alive style. He was quiet, calm, and focused on his work. His medium-size, coat, and body were agnate to the dogs you can see today. Old Hemp accustomed a new lineage, and if you get a blood pup, this dog will be one of its ancestors. The name Bound Collie appeared after to analyze this brand from added Collies.

Australian Beasts Dog: AKA Dejected Heeler

Australian Cattle Dog in Field Outside
Blue Heelers accept been acclimated by agronomical and acreage owners for abounding years.

The Dejected Banty or Australian Beasts Dog is the aftereffect of Australian ranchers breeding altered dogs to actualize an able and airy herding dog. The American Abode Club clearly accustomed the brand in 1980. It was originally allotment of the alive accumulation but is now allotment of the herding group.

The Dejected Banty played an important allotment in the development of the beef industry in Australia. In the 19th century, ranchers bare a hard-working breed that could bear the Australian climate. They bred sheepdogs from England with Dingoes to actualize a added aggressive breed.

The brand as we apperceive it today is the aftereffect of ancestry a mix of Collies, Dalmatians, and Dingoes.


Brown Dog and Black Dog Outside
While both breeds are agnate in size, they are absolutely altered in appearance.

Even admitting both breeds are medium-sized, there are a few concrete differences to accede back comparing the two breeds adjoin one another.

The Bound Collie has an able-bodied build. This medium-sized dog is accessible to admit acknowledgment to its active announcement and alive ears.

This dog has a creamy bifold coat. The cape can be beeline or wavy, and it usually feels coarse. The undercoat is softer and shorter. The Bound Collie about has atramentous and white arrangement but can be a variety of altered covering colors, including amber and white, and dejected merle.

The Dejected Banty is additionally a medium-sized dog, but its build is sturdier and added compact. It’s a airy dog that can assemblage beasts over continued distances.

The Dejected Banty has a ample skull and able shoulders. This dog has a abbreviate alien covering and a close undercoat. The covering usually has blue or red spots with black, blue, or tan markings. The Dejected Banty gets its name from its dejected color, but the Australian Beasts Dog name is added authentic back some dogs accept atramentous or red spots.


Two Dogs Playing Outdoors in Fields
Both breeds are actual able and band bound with their owners.

Both breeds accord to the herding group. They advance in an ambiance with plenty of stimulation and amusing interactions.  They are actual loyal and feel that they accept a job to do. As a dog owner, it’s up to you to accommodate your herding dog with games, activities, and challenges that bout its temperament.

Border Collies are awful able dogs who apprentice quickly. They are abundant ancestors dogs but can be shy with strangers. They’re one of the smartest dog breeds and are additionally actual affectionate. They generally ad-lib their own amateur rather than arena the ones you advise them.

Blue Heelers are acutely active dogs who charge a job to do. After able dispatch and training, these dogs can become apathetic and destructive. They generally outsmart their owners and adulation acquirements new games.

They are actual loyal animals, but they can be ever careful of their owners back strangers are around.

There are some accepted ancestry you will acquisition amid all herding dogs, but because these breeds are acutely intelligent, you will additionally acquisition that anniversary alone has its own personality and temperament. Allurement a few questions about the parents can usually acquaint you a lot about the attitude of a puppy.


Two Working Dogs Running Outdoors
Both dog breeds charge acute exercise for at atomic 60 account daily.

Because of their action levels, both breeds accept aerial exercise needs. These dogs aren’t acceptable for accommodation active and will do bigger in a abode with a ample backyard. These two breeds charge concrete and brainy challenges to be advantageous and happy. They adulation spending time outdoors and see exercise as a way of bonding with their owner.

If you own a Bound Collie, you should accommodate 90 account of exercise a day. Some individuals charge as abundant as two hours of exercise anniversary day. You can go for a run with your pooch, convenance activity training, or advise your pet altered games.

A Dejected Banty will charge one to two hours of exercise every day. You should booty your pup for a walk, comedy some games, action a training session, and attending for added activities that would accommodate the dispatch your dog needs.

Border Collies are beneath acceptable to advance behavioral problems if they don’t get the dispatch they need, compared to Dejected Heelers, who can become mischievous. However, accumulate in apperception that both breeds charge an alive affairs to thrive.

Even admitting these two herding dogs charge affluence of exercise, action levels can alter as your dog ages. A chief dog won’t charge two hours of exercise a day.

Keep in apperception that exercise is a claim for both breeds. If you’re cerebration about adopting a puppy of either breed, accomplish abiding you can action the alive affairs they need, or you will run into behavioral issues with your new puppy.


Two Intelligent Dogs Sitting Outdoors
Both dog breeds are acutely able and apprentice new commands quickly.

Both of these two pups are highly able breeds that do able-bodied with training. Training is a axiological action for bonding with a herding dog, and it provides some of the dispatch they need.

Start training aboriginal for puppies and be consistent. Both breeds acknowledge able-bodied to training and apprentice new commands quickly. You will acquisition that both dog breeds usually appetite to amuse their buyer and will administer themselves.

Borders Collies can focus on their assignment to the point of obsession. It’s important to acquisition a advantageous antithesis amid training, simulation, and accordance for these dogs. An action like activity training is a abundant advantage back it allows them to be alive while acquirements new things.

Blue Heelers are added acceptable to become apathetic and advance abrogating behaviors after able training and stimulation. They can be a scattering as puppies but tend to calm bottomward with age.

Both dogs accept the aptitude to herd. It’s essential to advise them back it’s adapted to affectation this behavior. Both breeds can assemblage added pets and alike accouchement back they get bored.

Herding dogs use bitter and bitter to ascendancy livestock. You charge to focus on these exceptionable behaviors back training a puppy of either dog breed.

Socialization is addition important aspect of training. Bound Collies can be shy, but able socialization will advice them get over it. Socialization is alike added important for Dejected Heelers who can become ever careful of their owners.


Two Healthy Working Breeds in a Field
Both dog breeds are actual advantageous and accept a lifespan of up to 15 years if appropriately cared for.

There aren’t any cogent differences back comparing the two breeds in agreement of health. Both breeds can advance accessory bloom issues, but these medium-sized dogs tend to be added airy than added breeds and rarely advance austere bloom issues.

You can abstain austere bloom problems by allotment a agriculturalist who screens parents for accepted bloom issues amid these breeds.

Border Collies can advance health problems like seizures, hip dysplasia, affection defect, accelerating retinal atrophy, and added eye problems. This brand is added acceptable to develop affected behavior compared to added dogs.

Among Dejected Heelers, hip dysplasia, accelerating retinal atrophy, and deafness are the most accepted bloom issues.


Two Working Dog Breeds Eating Dog Food
Both dog breeds will charge age-appropriate exceptional dry dog aliment formulated for alive breeds.

Border Collies are an alive breed. They charge added protein and fat than added dogs if they accept an alive lifestyle. Accept affection aliment with protein sources that are easy to digest, like lamb or salmon. Attending for advantageous sources of carbs, like biscuit or peas. A aliment with aureate or soy as its capital antecedent of carbs can advance to weight gain.

Border Collies about charge two commons a day. Accumulate in apperception that the Border Collie diet should bout their age and action level. They will charge added fat and proteins if they’re active, but a dog who contest beneath will accept added activity they can’t use and ability become active if their diet is too affluent in proteins.

Blue Heelers accept agnate comestible needs. Some owners opt for a raw aliment diet with capacity like adapted amber rice, raw meat, raw fruits, and raw vegetables. But unless you accept a dog who is actual alive and works all day, a approved abrade diet is a acceptable option.

Consider introducing supplements into the diet of either dog breed. Both dogs can account from ashamed eggshells, which are affluent in calcium. A glucosamine supplement can be a acceptable advantage for a dog who is at accident for hip dysplasia.


Working Dogs Getting Bathed
Both of these pups are almost low aliment back it comes to grooming.

Even admitting both dog breeds shed, neither dog is advised aerial maintenance when it comes to grooming.

Border Collies accept a continued alien covering that can get bedraggled or tangled. You should besom their covering two or three times a anniversary to get rid of asleep beard and reduce shedding. These dogs draft their covering alert a year with the division change and crave circadian abrasion back it happens. They crave bathing already every two months or so.

Blue Heelers accept basal admonishment needs. These dogs accept a abbreviate alien covering that is aggressive to clay and water. They crave abrasion already or alert a anniversary and will draft their coats alert a year, which agency added brushing.

Nail accent is important for both breeds. You should trim your herding dog’s nails at atomic already a month. The acceptable account is that these two breeds don’t charge trims to advance their coat.

Puppy Prices

Two Small Puppies Outdoors on Wooden Deck
Puppies of both breeds will about run about $1,000 and up, with championship curve actuality added expensive.

You should apprehend to spend $1,000 or more for a Bound Collie puppy. Agenda that it’s a accepted brand for activity training and shows. Some breeders use champions for ancestry puppies, which agency you can acquisition college prices based on a dog’s lineage.

If you appetite a puppy with AKC affidavit and parents with appearance qualities, apprehend to absorb anywhere from $1,000 and up. You’ll pay upwards of $3,000 for a puppy from a championship line.

Prices can alter a lot for a Dejected Banty puppy. Any puppies priced beneath $1,000 should be thoroughly researched. About these are dogs that appear from backyard breeders, and they may not be absolutely blood by the AKC or bloom checked.

Reputable breeders about allegation $1,000 to $1,200 for a blood Dejected Banty puppy with AKC paperwork. Spending added is account it back acclaimed breeders will awning parents for bloom issues like deafness or hip dysplasia.

Final Thoughts

Border Collies and Dejected Heelers are agnate medium-sized dogs with an athletic and airy disposition. These loyal herding dogs are acutely intelligent. Both breeds are ideal for owners who are accessible to accommodate affluence of attention, exercise, and socialization.

The main downside that appears back comparing the two breeds is that Bound Collies can be shy and assemblage animals or accouchement back bored. Dejected Heelers can be ever careful and arch back there isn’t abundant stimulation.

These two breeds accomplish abundant ancestors dogs because they accept basal admonishment needs, few austere bloom problems, and a continued lifespan. Provided you can amuse their activity requirements, either brand can accomplish a absolute basset companion.

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Judy Thorpe

September 15, 2021 at 10:59 am

This was an accomplished commodity comparing the two breeds. We accept a Dejected Banty (aka Australian Beasts dog) and she has been the best dog that I accept anytime had!!! Actually adulation this brand of dogs.


Apiffany Gaither Billings

September 15, 2021 at 11:24 am

Thank you for sharing. We are blessed to apprehend you accept such a admirable dog in your life.