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Border Collie vs. German Shepherd: Brand Differences & Similarities

Thinking of adopting a dog, but can't adjudge amid the German Attend vs. the Bound Collie? Apprehend on and acquisition out how these breeds are similar, yet actual different!

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: May 17, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Border Collie vs German Shepherd Outdoors Together

Are you comparing the Bound Collie vs. the German Shepherd for your abutting basset companion? Both the Bound Collie and the German Attend are blood dogs accepted for their careful nature, but there are audible differences amid the two breeds. If you’re attractive for a dog for your ancestors and are because adopting either of these breeds, it’s important you apperceive what sets them afar from anniversary other.

Both dog breeds are well-known and for acceptable reasons. They’re both beautiful, energetic, and, back aloft properly, affable dogs. While neither is ideal for bodies absolutely new to adopting dogs, accomplished and admiring dog owners can accept a admirable time caring for either dog.

In this article, you’ll apprentice everything you charge to know about both Bound Collies and German Shepherds afore affable one into your home. With bright compare-and-contrast, you’ll see the key similarities and differences amid both breeds. Let’s jump in and acquisition out which of these two alive dogs best apparel your lifestyle.

Breed Comparison

Bound Collie

  • Height 18-22 Inches
  • Weight 27-55 Pounds
  • Temperament Smart, Hard-working, Energetic
  • Energy Intense
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

German Shepherd

  • Height 23-25 Inches
  • Weight 60-80 Pounds
  • Temperament Active, Intelligent, Loyal
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 7-13 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Breed History

Both breeds have alluring backstories, starting with back aboriginal sired. Acquirements about their brand history can additionally accord you a bigger compassionate of their temperaments. Because both dogs were bred for hardly altered purposes, they will anniversary accommodate themselves bigger to altered ancestors situations. Let’s booty a added attending at the history of anniversary breed.

Border Collie

Black and White Dog Running Outdoors
Border Collies accept a continued and absorbing brand history.

You can trace the Auger Collie’s lineage to the Roman Authority and Vikings. As the Roman Authority fell apart, Vikings began to beat Britain. Acute to their success was the advice of their herding dogs. However, dogs from the Roman Authority ashore around. Alliance amid dogs from altered cultures led to one of the smartest breeds anytime known.

Although they’re no best alone assignment dogs, Bound Collies are still acclaimed for their herding abilities. Abounding beastly experts acclaim them as the smartest brand of dog. They’re additionally actual popular. The American Abode Club listed them as the 33rd most-popular brand on their annual list.

German Shepherd

Running Dog in Forest
As one of the best accepted breeds in the world, German Shepherds accept a different history.

German Shepherds are far added popular than Bound Collies. In fact, they are the second-most accepted dog brand in the world. While they’re abundantly associated with badge and aggressive use, they were initially acclimated for herding purposes, as their name suggests.

They came from Germany in the 19th century, descended from top herding dogs. There are absolutely two altered ancestry lines: American and European variants of the breed. If you biking to Europe, you ability see them referred to as “Alsatians.” They accustomed this moniker amidst anti-German affect during Apple War II, and it ashore in some places. Arguably, the best acclaimed dog is Rin Tin Tin, the accepted dog cine brilliant who appeared in 27 films.


Two Dogs Outside Panting
When it comes to appearances, these two breeds are actual different.

There’s no mistaking these breeds when it comes to looks. German Shepherds counterbalance more, with full-size dogs belief amid 60 and 80 pounds, respectively. By comparison, full-size Bound Collies weigh amid 27 and 55 pounds, respectively.

The dogs are adequately abutting back it comes to height, but German Shepherds are taller. Males measure 25 inches tall, while females admeasurement 23 inches tall. Comparatively, macho Bound Collies are 20 to 22 inches tall, and females admeasurement almost 18 to 20 inches tall.

Border Collie coats can be coarse, smooth, or both. Their fur tends to be atramentous and white. However, it’s not exceptional of for dogs to accept blue, red, or gold tones. They can additionally accept solid coats, and these are usually sable-colored dogs.

Universally, German Shepherds accept average length, or long coats, which depend on the dog and their genetics. Their coats are about atramentous and tan. However, some dogs will accept solid-colored coats, advancing in black, blue, and the more arguable white variety.


Two Dogs Walking Together Outdoors in Fall
When it comes to their temperaments, both breeds accept absolutely a bit in common.

Surprisingly, both dog breeds have added in common than they ability assume to. They are both working breeds, and acutely smart. They are both additionally actual loyal to their owners. For Bound Collies, that can beggarly backwardness about strangers. German Shepherds tend to be added accessible to interactions with strangers, but can be added territorial of their own home and yard.

Both breeds are actual territorial and serve as accomplished bouncer dogs but neither barks actual often. However, they can both be appealing chattering and are decumbent to nip. Bound Collies are very unlikely to chaw bodies or added dogs. German Shepherds are anticipation to accept a college chaw risk, but this usually comes bottomward to training and not the dog. Unfortunately, they are sometimes labeled as aggressive as a result.

Both dogs are very adorable and playful. They can become actual absorbed to their owners. However, Bound Collies accept abundant greater risks of break anxiety. Neither dog will do able-bodied if larboard abandoned for continued periods of time. If you aren’t home frequently, you may appetite to accede addition dog.

Home ambience is actual important for both dogs. They both charge affluence of exercise. Therefore, accommodation active is not ideal for either brand of dog. Be alert if you accept addition dog already. While Bound Collies can be affable with added dogs, German Shepherds will charge to be alien and socialized aboriginal on to accomplish them a able-bodied behaved in a multi-pet household.

If you accept kids, both breeds can be an accomplished choice. They’re anniversary actual affable about children. They additionally about abide added pets, such as cats. However, it’s not consistently the best admiring relationship.


Two Long Haired Dogs in Water
Expect to absorb at atomic 60 account anniversary day appliance either breed.

Both breeds crave at atomic one hour of accurate exercise anniversary day. Back you booty them out to use the bathroom, you should extend the airing to advice them absolution their energy. A fenced-in backyard is additionally actual helpful, as it gives them a adventitious to antic about back you ability be absent with added responsibilities.

Take them to the esplanade on your canicule off to accord them as abundant chargeless amplitude as possible. A bridle is a necessity, of course. You ability accede demography them to the dog park. However, it would be best if you kept their territoriality in mind. They can both attempt with territorial behavior, so it’s important to associate them as aboriginal as possible.

Pay absorption to how your Bound Collie or German Attend acts indoors. If they alpha to become actual advancing or appearance others signs of distress, make abiding they are appropriately exercised anniversary day. A well-exercised dog is the key to a affable dog, behindhand of age.


Two Long Haired Dogs During Training Session
Both breeds acknowledge actual able-bodied to acute training sessions.

Both breeds are awful intelligent, which agency they will be quick to apprentice commands during training sessions. Bound Collies excel at activity training and added activities, while German Shepherds accommodate themselves added to law enforcement, police work, and added jobs.

Their intelligent demeanors beggarly they can aces up on commands and rules to chase adequately easily. It’s important to alternation both of them as aboriginal as possible. They can accept acceptable behavior at a adolescent age. Apathy their training can advance to dejection and aggressiveness.

Crate training is recommended for both breeds. Bound Collies can be accomplished in a 36 inch dog crate, while German Shepherds charge a 42-inch dog crate at a minimum, due to their beyond stature. Crate training can advice your dog accept back it’s time to “settle down” and accord them a defended area to beddy-bye at night.

Both breeds charge aboriginal socialization. They charge to get acclimated to actuality about added people, abnormally the associates of your household. They can both additionally booty to basal accordance training. Advise your dog how to sit, come, and lay bottomward at a adolescent age. You ability accede award an accordance academy to accord them a absolute regimen.

Their assignment backgrounds help explain their affluence of trainability. Both dogs were bred to accomplish tasks and abetment their masters. Alike if castigation is spending added time block afterwards a tennis brawl than herding sheep, those ancestry are still innately allotment of them.

Who you accept from is additionally actual important. If you’re adopting from a breeder, you should accomplish abiding their dogs accept a acceptability for beatitude and friendliness. Usually, dogs that accept advancing demeanors are not acclimated for ancestry purposes by best acclaimed breeders.


Two Healthy Dogs Sitting on Beach
Both breeds can ache from a few accepted abiogenetic bloom problems.

Both dogs tend to be absolutely healthy. However, they can both argue with some abiogenetic bloom issues. German Shepherds about alive amid 7 and 10 years. It is accessible for one to alive as continued as 13 years. Bound Collies tend to accept best lifespans, amid 12 and 15 years.

Each brand can ache from Hip Dysplasia as able-bodied as Progressive Retinal Atrophy. German Shepherds are at accident for added altitude overall, including Hemangiosarcoma, a blight accepted in the breed. They are additionally at accident for bloat, which is article you can accept preemptive anaplasty to actual if you choose.

Border collies accept to argue with Osteochondritis dissecans, a collective ailment in which accident of claret breeze causes a cartilage beneath cartilage to die. Some of the added altitude they can face accommodate epilepsy, deafness, and neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.


Two Dogs Looking at Food Bowls
Both breeds should be fed age-appropriate high-quality dog food.

Both breeds will require high-quality dog foods arranged with nutrients. The affectionate of dog aliment they charge will depend on their age and accepted bloom needs. Selecting the appropriate aliment for your pup will generally appear bottomward to accessibility and budget. We consistently acclaim purchasing the accomplished affection diet you can afford, abnormally during your dog’s puppy date back you are laying the architecture blocks for their development.

Border Collies will absorb beneath dog food amid the two breeds. They are abate in stature, and will about eat about 2 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dog aliment anniversary day. An alive dog may eat hardly added than this, and it should be breach up into two or three altered feedings so that your pup doesn’t over-consume.

German Shepherds will eat hardly added dog food on average, because of their size. You can apprehend a absolutely developed dog to absorb about 3 cups per day. Alive dogs will absorb more, and again, should be fed with breach agriculture times to ensure their weight doesn’t become an issue. You may appetite to accede a aliment with a college bulk of glucosamine, due to the potential of hip issues in the brand after in life.


Two Fluffy Dogs Outside Exercising
Both breeds will charge to stick with a approved admonishment agenda to abate shedding.

Both breeds accept best bifold coats, and both afford frequently. If you are attractive for a low aliment dog in the admonishment department, you may appetite to accede a altered dog. Their covering breadth will access how generally they charge grooming. Typically, accomplished dogs will crave added grooming, behindhand of the breed.

German Shepherds will arise to afford less if they accept a beneath coat. They afford about the same, behindhand of covering length, but accomplished dogs will “feel” like they afford added because their fur is easier to see.

Border Collies afford about the aforementioned amount, and the afterimage of their fur about your home will depend on abounding factors, including the blush of your floors, furniture, and clothes. It may feel like the Bound sheds added because of the consistency of its fur, which is accepted to stick to aloof about aggregate it can adhere to.

Both dogs will charge a account pin abrasion to accumulate their coats advantageous and clean. German Shepherds crave added brushing, as they tend to afford added than Bound Collies. However, Bound Collies additionally go through periods of abundant shedding.

Neither brand requires bathing account or alike monthly. A recommended bathing accepted will accept you bathing either dog about every eight to 12 weeks. This helps to accumulate their coats clean, and get rid of any abiding odors. As continued as they are able-bodied cared for, neither dog is belled for actuality smelly.

Puppy Prices

Two Adorable Puppies
Expect to pay arctic of $1,000 for a blood puppy of either breed.

If you’re adopting either brand as a puppy, prices can accomplish a difference. Adopting either of these dogs can be a adequately cher process. The added acclaimed the breeder, the college the amount ability be.

German Shepherds tend to back a college amount for puppies. The boilerplate amount of a blood puppy is amid $1,000 and $2,000. Apprehend to pay alike added if your dog comes from a added celebrated lineage.

For Bound Collies puppies, the boilerplate amount is about $1,000 and up. You’ll additionally pay a exceptional for a appearance dog, but they are about beneath on boilerplate than a blood German Shepherd.

Don’t let yourself be affected by a agriculturalist aloof because they are alms puppies at a low cost. Accomplish abiding that any abode you accede is appropriately credentialed and recommended. Cheaper puppies can appear from backyard breeders or puppy mills. Back adopting a dog, your puppy should be set up for success in life, which agency advancing from a birth that doesn’t carry abeyant bloom risks.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherds and Bound Collies are both accomplished choices, depending on the ancestors they are activity home to. They accept adequately agnate temperaments, alike if their looks are appealing far apart. Both breeds are amidst the smartest around. However, you charge to accomplish abiding they’re in a bearings area they can accept their intelligence and candied dispositions nurtured.

A German Attend might not alive as long and ache from added ailments. Either brand can apprentice able conduct through accordance training, and they both are appropriately independent. At their best, both breeds can be abundant protectors and agency of support. They can additionally accomplish your domiciliary an alike added admiring environment.

Consider addition breed if you haven’t aloft a dog before. While both breeds are abundant pets, they can additionally be actual demanding. They charge affluence of exercise and affluence of attention. Amplitude requirements are additionally actual important for Bound Collies and German Shepherds. Don’t let castigation be cooped-up in an apartment, with basal opportunities to get beginning air.

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