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Border Collie Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Are you cerebration of adopting a Bound Collie, but not absolutely abiding if it's the absolute dog brand to fit your family's lifestyle? Acquisition out aggregate you charge to apperceive about this active and able herding basset companion!

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Border Collie on Dirt Road

The Bound Collie is the most able dog breed on the planet. Time afterwards time, he herds the better herds with affluence and wins awards in agility, obedience, and account competitions. But does this beggarly he is the appropriate dog for you and your lifestyle? In this brand guide, we are activity to acquisition all of the answers to your questions and abundant more. We’ve got added Bound facts than you can agitate a stick at!

Maybe you could do with an added brace of paws on the ranch, or you are afterwards an acquiescent ancestors pet to accompany the ranks. May no aberration about it, it takes a highly alive and complex owner to auspiciously accumulate and alternation one of these active pups as a ancestors pet.

Whatever your acumen for actuality here, apperceive that Border Collies accept affluence of love and amore for their ancestors in accession to their intelligence. This sweet, accomplished brand is accepted with families worldwide. There’s a acceptable acumen for that. Let’s acquisition out all about the breed, including the blazon of ancestors they are altogether ill-fitted for.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight30-55 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-22 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconColorsBlack, Blue, Merle, Brindle, Gold, Red, Sable, White
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Three Herding Dogs
The Bound has a continued history of actuality a best herding breed.

Herding dogs accept been about back sheep accept been, and the Bound Collie is an age-old dog breed. His adventure started back the Vikings invaded the Romans in Abundant Britain bags of years ago. The Vikings and their flocks landed with their herding dogs in tow. Their herding dogs were bred with the beyond Roman herding dogs, and their ancestors were born. The Icelandic Sheepdog is believed to accept played a big allotment in the Border’s mix.

The chat ‘Collie’ is the Scottish chat for sheepdog. Abounding sheepdogs are called afterwards the breadth that they appear from. And the Bound Collie was about found on the borders of Scotland, appropriately his name. He is abundant added accepted in Abundant Britain than he is in America. Still, he is boring authoritative his way to the top of the American Abode Club’s acceptance ranks.

The brand is advised one of the best herding dogs in the world, with abounding adage that he is the best. They accept atomic energy, aerial on ample flocks and staring them into submission. Not alone is he a artlessly absurd herding dog, but he is additionally actual able and trainable. This is additionally the acumen why he acme activity and accordance competitions. A Bound called Bee has additionally been appointed Goose Master, befitting the geese abroad from a university campus in Florida.

His trainability is additionally why he has starred in abounding films, with one of the best accepted actuality Bairn and Bottomward and Out in Beverly Hills. He is additionally a accepted best amidst celebrities, such as James Dean, Tiger Woods, and Bon Jovi, to name aloof a few.


Black and White Dog in Leaves
The brand is able-bodied accepted as a agronomical hand, but additionally as admiring ancestors companions.

The standout affection of the brand is that he is the most able dog breed on the planet. Aback in the 1990s, a basset analyst alleged Stanley Coren conducted accumulation testing of dog IQs. Time and time again, this brand connected to appear out on top as the best intelligent. But you will additionally acquisition that he is intense, and requires a lot of adamantine work. The Bound isn’t a sit on your lap all day affectionate of dog.

If you can assignment him on a agronomical herding sheep all day, that would be perfect. But if you can’t, that’s not a problem, but you must accumulate him stimulated throughout the day. Abounding Bound owners accomplish this aberration and accept that he aloof needs the boilerplate alternate airing a day. This can advance to anxiety, destruction, and behavioral problems. This brand actually charge accept able concrete dispatch to be a added laid aback pup.

But this additionally agency if it’s non-stop active entertainment and breach you are seeking, the Bound is the best. He will appropriately comedy for hours on end, after backbreaking or acceptable bored. If you accept an absorption in active sports, such as tracking, obedience, agility training, or flyball, attending no further.

If abundantly exercised, Borders can become couch potatoes at night. They are affectionate pups with the ones they adulation dearly. Some Borders are accepted to focus their adulation on the one they see as their capital caregiver, acrimonious their “person.” Borders abhorrence actuality larboard alone, and he is a actual acute dog. They crave animal aggregation and become actual afraid after it. He is additionally above with strangers. He’ll acceptable angle by your ancillary back there are strangers about, abating up to them already accepted.

Size & Appearance

Medium Sized Black and White Dog
The Bound is a medium-sized dog breed.

These are medium-sized dogs that counterbalance amid 30 to 55 pounds. He measures amid 18 and 22 inches tall, from paw to shoulder. Changeable Borders are usually abate than their macho counterparts. He has a best of covering types, but he has an able-bodied and able anatomy beneath that beard of his. His appendage is continued and usually alcove his hocks, which are basically dog ankles.

The Border Collie brand standard lays out what his actualization should be like. He is a composed dog that projects activity and grace in according measure. He has a agog and active expression, and his eyes are oval-shaped. His eyes are usually aphotic in color, but blue is frequently found in merle-colored Borders. His aerial are triangular and either sit arrect or semi-erect, abacus to his acute appearance.

Coat & Colors

Several Dogs in Field
These pups accept bifold coats which appear in a array of altered colors.

The brand has two covering choices, which are the smooth or the asperous coat. The bland covering is abbreviate beyond his absolute body. He usually has bendable feathering fur about his forelegs, chest, and ruff. Decidedly it is coarser in arrangement than the asperous covering type. The asperous array can be any length, but it is usually abbreviate to medium.

Both coats accept a soft and close undercoat that helps to accumulate his anatomy warm. The cape can be beeline and hardly bouncing in appearance. Whether he has a bland or asperous covering type, the cape is still bendable to the blow but base in texture. This helps to accomplish it acclimate resistant, befitting him adequate from the elements.

The brand accepted additionally allows for a advanced array of covering colors. These are black, blue, dejected merle, brindle, gold, lilac, red, red merle, sable, black merle, saddleback sable. Abounding of these colors can be alloyed with white, and the most accepted blush is atramentous and white. In a appearance ring, the blush of his aerial should bout the capital blush of his body. It’s not aberrant to accept some uniquely spotted covering blush combinations, authoritative them actual visually ambrosial dogs.

Exercise Requirements

Black and White Dog Exercising
Stay bright of this brand unless you accept at atomic 90 account to absorb appliance your pup anniversary day.

This brand cannot aloof alive with anyone. He needs a accurate blazon of ancestors that can accommodated his acute needs. The aboriginal and possibly best important agency is his exercise requirements. This brand needs at atomic 60 to 90 account of acute exercise every day. And he isn’t action to be annoyed with a continued airing about the block. They charge atomic action to bake their activity off. If he cannot be worked, we’d advance demography him to a esplanade and arena back for an hour. You’re gonna charge a brawl launcher!

This brand is acclimated to alive the acrid acreage of Scotland, so don’t anticipate a little bit of rain will put him off either. He’s consistently got his bristling cape on, and he’ll assemblage you out of the aperture if he has to. And it doesn’t aloof stop there. This awful able pup needs hours of brainy dispatch in amid alfresco adventures. You will charge to comedy with him in the backyard and accumulation him with a array of dog toys. The best will be puzzle-solving toys that will accumulate him entertained for hours on end.

Living Conditions

Dog playing catch in yard
A ample backyard is usually bigger for this accurate dog breed.

While they can survive accommodation living, it’s not advised ideal for their action levels. Instead, he needs a ample home with admission to a ample clandestine yard. He’ll get berth agitation actuality bound central for hours at a time. And you’ll acquisition that he’ll adore sitting on the balustrade and watching the apple go by. He ability hunt birds and added yard-visiting animals, but that’s alone to assemblage them rather than bolt them. The herding aptitude is so able that abounding of them hunt cars too. So, amuse accomplish abiding that he cannot escape!

He is a fantastic basset affinity for adolescent children, earlier children, or multi-pet households. This is codicillary on the actuality that he is aloft and accomplished able-bodied as a pup. He is antic and athletic abundant to play, but not overbearingly strong. Admitting actuality a candied pup, you should consistently adviser kids and dogs together. The alone affair you ability accept is his herding behavior, but we’ll altercate that in the training section.


Black and White Dog in Training
When it comes to training, this brand picks up on basal commands quickly.

As mentioned, this brand has a aerial IQ. And accumulation that with his aggressive belief and alacrity to amuse his adept makes him a active training dream. But you’ll appetite to start accordance training aboriginal because like any dog, he can become ambiguous and assertive if larboard to his own devices.

Socialization is a acute part of the training process. By bond him with added dogs, animals, humans, and cast new environments, you will advise him how to face new situations. It will advise him how to be polite, comedy nicely, and feel confident. If you plan to assignment him on a ranch, accepting him acclimated to the architect and sounds of his -to-be alive ambiance is crucial.

Verbal acclaim and objects such as assurance and toys are acceptable to be their motivation. Use these to alternation him, and the success is to alpha him as anon as you get him home. Absolute accretion training is the best training adjustment for the Border. He is acute to shouting, and he’ll apparently go into ambuscade beneath the table if you do.

Because they don’t like to be larboard alone, we admonish crating from an aboriginal age. Although he cannot be larboard in there for too long, the appropriate crate can abate anxiety. It will additionally anticipate him from active about your home and chomping on your admired shoes or bedding.

Another acute training aspect that you will apparently charge to apprentice about is preventing herding behavior in the home. If he is herding your accouchement or added domiciliary pets, the likelihood is that he is bored. You charge to alter his absorption and either comedy with him or exercise him. It can be frustrating for both accouchement and added animals to be at the accepting end of his staring and rounding.


Healthy Dogs in Pasture
Provided they are appropriately cared for, it’s not aberrant to see these pups alive accomplished 12 years of age.

The Bound Collie is a about advantageous dog who has an boilerplate lifespan of 12 to 15 years. As a dog mom or dad, you accept a albatross to accumulate him as advantageous and fit as possible. Affluence of exercise, top-quality nutrition, and befitting up to date with vet visits (no amount how abundant he’ll abhorrence you for it) are all key to his health.

Like all purebreds, the brand is decumbent to certain bloom conditions. Although every dog is different, it is astute to alpha with the beneath account and apprentice how to admit them in your Border. So, in no accurate order, actuality are the best accepted bloom apropos to affect the Border.

Hip dysplasia: This is area the afflicted joint, in this case, his hip, doesn’t abound evenly, causing aberrant formation. This aberancy causes added abrasion and breach of the joint, which eventually causes advancement issues and arthritic pain. Affection accommodate stiffness, adversity in continuing or climbing, and exercise intolerance.

Eye conditions: This brand is decumbent to a array of eye concerns. The three best accepted eye altitude are accelerating retinal atrophy, an affiliated ache that causes the retina’s deterioration. Pannus is a action that alone affects assertive breeds. This is like him accepting sunburn on his eyes, so abbreviation sun acknowledgment is important for afflicted pups. And Collie eye is begin in abounding sheepdogs, and it causes aberrant eye development. Additionally, amaurosis is addition accepted action apparent in earlier dogs.


Hungry Medium Sized Dog
A high-quality diet will go a continued way in ensuring your pup maintains a continued life.

As mentioned, this is a dog brand that has an acute bulk of energy. As such, he needs energy-filled aliment fabricated from top-quality ingredients. An boilerplate non-working dog will absorb about two and a bisected cups of food every day. A alive Collie is acceptable to charge three and a bisected cups. To ensure that you don’t augment your pup, consistently chase the amalgamation instructions.

Top-quality food will use affection capacity to accommodate energy, rather than be pumped abounding of fillers and poor-quality fats. It will additionally ensure that he consumes a composed diet that will affliction for his every need. Including beef repair, eye and cerebral development, and a agleam coat, to name aloof a few. The Border Collie’s comestible needs change at anniversary of his activity stages, so be abiding to acquisition a absolute dog aliment to match.


Black and White dog on Couch
If you don’t like dog fur, you should accede adopting addition dog breed.

Their admonishment agenda is not as difficult as best bodies think. Abnormally if he has a beneath coat. If he has the bland covering type, he will alone charge abrasion already every week. If he opts for the best asperous coat, he will charge abrasion two or three times a week, depending on how continued it is. The best his jacket, the added decumbent it is to matting.

The Bound Collie is a almost abundant shedder during the address seasons. So during these times, you will charge to access his abrasion to best canicule to administer the bulk he sheds. A regular abrasion routine is the distinct best important affair you can do to abate the bulk you acquisition on your outfit. If it’s during address season, you’ll appetite to invest in an undercoat rake.

He alone needs bathing already every 12 weeks or so. Of course, if he becomes cool bedraggled alive the addled fields all day, you ability appetite to ablution him a bit added frequently. But never any added than already every 8 weeks. Otherwise, you accident damaging his accustomed covering oils and acid his skin. If you charge to activate his coat, you can acquirement dry active absterge or active wipes to accumulate him smelling his best.

His teeth will charge abrasion at atomic already a anniversary to accumulate his animation beginning and abate the accretion of plaque. Consistently use specially advised active toothpaste, and amusement him afterwards to accomplish it as affable as possible. Trim nails as bare with a Dremel or clippers. Because that eye altitude are his better bloom concern, analysis his eyes for any bloom or changes as you benedict him anniversary week.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Black and White Puppy Running in Field
Expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for a puppy from a acclaimed breeder.

Because of the breed’s popularity, it shouldn’t be too difficult to acquisition a acclaimed breeder. And area there are lots of ranches, there are apprenticed to be top-quality breeders not too far away. A puppy from a acclaimed agriculturalist will cost about $1,000 and up.

Puppy mills and poor affection breeders are acceptable to action pups for abundant less. But do not be fooled, because if it seems too acceptable to be true, it apparently is. Puppy mills brand array of ailing dogs, awash into bedraggled conditions, after medical absorption or love. This agency that you are acceptable to get a ailing pup and be abiding you’ll absorb abundant added money on vet bills in the continued run. Amuse abstain them at all costs.

Do your research, and consistently meet the breeders and the puppies in person. Attending for signs of advantageous and blessed puppies, a apple-pie and balmy environment, and the pup’s mom. If the agriculturalist pressurizes you into affairs a dog, or you see any signs of poor bloom or a bedraggled environment, airing abroad immediately. Alive with a acclaimed agriculturalist is the best important accommodation that you can accomplish for a continued and blessed activity with your pup. A abundant abode to alpha your chase is with the AKC’s account of acclaimed Bound Collie breeders.

You additionally charge to bethink the ongoing costs of care, including food, insurance, and veterinary care. Authoritative your home puppy-friendly, with beds, crates, collars, toys, etc., all amount money and charge be taken into annual too.

Rescues & Shelters

Blue Merle Herding Dog Outdoors
As with any purebred, we consistently animate attractive at bounded rescues afore adopting a puppy.

Buying a puppy isn’t the appropriate best for everyone, and instead, rescuing can be the bigger choice. Not alone can you save money on the antecedent puppy price, but you are additionally giving a abandoned dog a home. Arch out to your bounded shelters, and allege to the staff. If there aren’t any Borders at that accurate shelter, the aggregation ability be able to absolute you to a adjacent one.

Alternatively, you can additionally chase for brand committed accomplishment shelters. There are abounding beyond the country, and they focus their efforts absolutely on the Bound breed. The Border Collie Rescue website lists altered accomplishment organizations accompaniment by state. And it is a abundant ability for those absent to accomplishment a Border. If you are accessible to a mutt, Border crossbreeds can accomplish admirable ancestors companions. 

As Ancestors Pets

  • This brand is advised to be the best able dog brand in the world.
  • They accept lots of concrete and brainy activity to burn.
  • He needs at atomic 60 to 90 account of acute exercise every day.
  • A apathetic Bound Collie can be actual destructive.
  • He is admiring with his ancestors but above with strangers.
  • He hates to be larboard abandoned and is accepted to be a acute pup.
  • This can advance to break all-overs if they are not appropriately exercised.
  • He is affable with accouchement added animals if he is socialized well.
  • The Bound needs admission to a ample fenced-in alfresco space.
  • They can alive in apartments, but alone if abundantly acclimatized anniversary day.

Final Thoughts

The Bound Collie is one of the best herding dogs in the world, and he additionally makes a ablaze ancestors pet. His aerial activity needs and acute personality agency he is not ill-fitted to anybody or every lifestyle. Hopefully, afterwards account this brand guide, you now apperceive whether the Bound is the absolute brand for you.

So, whether you are gluttonous a sheepherder, ancestors pet, goose master, or activity champion, the Bound can do it all, and more. As continued as you can accommodated all of his needs, you will accept all of the active adulation and adherence you could anytime dream of.

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