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Boxer Brand Information: Traits, Facts, Colors & More

Are you attractive to add a bouncy, friendly, and ablaze basset accompaniment to your family? The Boxer is accepted to be an accomplished best for families! However, there are some things to be fabricated acquainted of. Acquisition out what you can apprehend from this breed, from bloom concerns, diet needs, and more!

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A well-bred, well-socialized Boxer gets on able-bodied with everyone, including kids and added pets. Although they are appealing trainable, they can accept a adamant streak, but that’s about beheld with action by their owners. Afterwards all, how could you not adulation this pup’s wrinkled, assuredly afraid attending and acceptable devotion?

This brand sits aural the AKC’s “working group” of breeds. These dogs are actual alive and lively, defective lots of exercise and absolute in activities such as activity and flyball. These pups are Molosser breeds and allotment agnate traits to added annoyer breeds like the Pitbull terrier.

In this article, we booty a afterpiece attending at the breed. Here, you’ll apprentice all about the origins, personality, and abeyant bloom problems that can sometimes affect this breed. Back you’ve accomplished reading, you’ll apperceive whether a Boxer would accomplish the ideal basset accompaniment for you and your family!

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight48-85 Pounds
    • height iconHeight22-25 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan8-10 Years
    • color iconColorsTan, Brindle, White
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Brown and White Dog by a Pond
Though already acclimated in dogfighting, Boxers are accepted today as admirable ancestors pets.

The Boxer comes from Germany and was developed as a working dog in the backward 19th century.

Early Boxers are anticipation to accord to the aforementioned ancestors as Bulldogs and Balderdash Terriers. It’s additionally acceptable that huge, Mastiff-type dogs accepted as “Bullenbeissers” were the ancestors of the Boxer. Bullenbeisser comes from the German word, acceptation “bull biter.” These dogs were active on ample estates for bringing bottomward ample bold animals. Later, the Bullenbeisser begin a abode as a livestock bouncer and guardian.

The smaller, lighter-weight dog we apperceive today appeared in the 1880s. These able pups were acclimated as badge dogs, adviser dogs, and served in the German aggressive during Apple War I as scouts and messengers.

Primarily due to anti-German animosity afterward the two Apple Wars, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the Boxer began to adore acceptance as a ancestors pet.

Although they can be acclimated as seeing-eye dogs, their primary role today is as a family pet and guardian. The Boxer ranks at cardinal 10 of 193 on the American Abode Club’s brand acceptance chart, authoritative him one of America’s admired pets.


Brown and White Dog by Yellow Flowers
These dogs are bouncy, friendly, and affectionate.

If you are attractive for a absurd ancestors pet, the Boxer fits that bill to a T. They are actual approachable pups who feel the need to be complex in aloof about every ancestors happening, whether it is watching a cine on the sofa, arena in the backyard with the kids, or afterward you about the kitchen while advancing a meal. Boxers are abundantly active and could absorb all day continued arena outside.

Though Boxers are social, they can be aloof with strangers. They may bark and act suspicious of them until their buyer welcomes them. This adherence and protectiveness additionally accord to them actuality such abundant ancestors pets.

Boxers are additionally actual able and loyal, authoritative them accessible to train. They get forth able-bodied with children of all ages, as able-bodied as added pets in the home. Their animated energy, favorable demeanor, and somewhat cool mannerisms accept entertained families for decades.

Size & Appearance

Face of Dog With Underbite
The underbite is acquired by the lower jaw actuality best than the high jaw, authoritative for a cool beautiful and different face!

Boxers are medium-sized to ample dogs, males about growing to be bigger than females. An developed can counterbalance from 48.5 pounds to about 80 pounds, continuing from 22 inches to 24.5 inches alpine at the shoulder.

Their ample bodies accept continued legs that backpack their thick and square-shaped bodies. Boxers accept abysmal barreled chests and angular waists. Their cape are continued and agitated high. They accept annular faces and their lower jaw is best than the high jaw. For this reason, they are Brachycephalic canines, which comes with breath problems. The underbite can be kinda cute, though!

Coat & Colors

Profile View of Female Brown and White Dog
Brindle, tan, and white are the best accepted Boxer colors.

Boxers appear in shades of bridle, tan, and white. Clashing some breeds, the Boxer’s white appearance is not acquired by a abiogenetic mutation. However, as is the case with best white animals, white Boxers are added acceptable to be deafened than tan or brindle animals. Also, you’ll charge to booty affliction that your white Boxer doesn’t ache from sunburn that could ultimately advance to him developing skin cancer.

They accept a short, bland coat and afford moderately.

Exercise Requirements

Running Brown and White Dog
These active pups charge 60-90 account of circadian exercise.

This brand is acclaimed for its great activity and bouncy temperament. These dogs charge a lot of exercise, every day! You’ll charge to accumulate them active with plenty of dog toys, back you aren’t active them about the backyard or neighborhood.

Your Boxer won’t be annoyed with a quick airing about the block. He will crave at atomic two continued walks every day and as abundant breach as you can fit into your day! Ideally, you’ll accept a abode with a ample aback garden area your pup can comedy and bake off his acutely amaranthine energy.

Living Conditions

White and Brown Dog Resting on the Floor of Living Room
These pups do bigger active central with their family.

They are actual family-oriented dogs and won’t booty attentive to actuality put alfresco alone.

Also, acknowledgment to alfresco temperatures for abiding periods is not advantageous for a Boxer. That’s because their anatomy does not abide extremes of calefaction and algid well. In hot weather, a Boxer kept alfresco is accessible to heatstroke, breath problems, and dehydration. Boxers accept almost thin, abbreviate coats and are not congenital to handle acknowledgment to actual algid weather.

In winter, it’s appropriate to provide a balmy covering or bleed for your Boxer to accumulate him balmy back the temperature avalanche beneath freezing.


Happy Brown Dog Looking Up
Though they can accept a adamant streak, Boxers are adequately accessible to train.

Boxers are absolutely able and can be trained. Like the Rottweiler and other adamant breeds, you will charge to be accommodating and able to persevere with training, as they can be a tad stubborn!

It’s capital that you booty your Boxer puppy to obedience training classes as anon as he is old enough. Aboriginal training and apprenticeship will ensure your animated Boxer can be kept in band back he’s absolutely grown; at atomic for best of the time! If you plan to accouter alternation your Boxer, you should ensure you acquisition a harness accurately fabricated for the Boxer breed, because they adulation to pull!


Senior Dog With Graying Face Tilting Its Head
Boxers accept a adequately abbreviate lifespan of alone 8-10 years.

Boxers are prone to a few bloom problems, including abiogenetic issues such as arrhythmogenic appropriate ventricular cardiomyopathy, a astringent complete affection ache that is usually fatal. Added affiliated bloom problems that affect Boxers include:

Responsible breeders will accept all their ancestry dogs buried by an appropriately able vet for these abiogenetic abnormalities. In theory, puppies bred from parents who are chargeless from abiogenetic diseases should be healthy. For this reason, you should consistently ask to see the veterinary screening certificates for both a puppy’s parents and grandparents afore you buy a Boxer puppy from a breeder.

Other non-hereditary bloom altitude that tend to affect them include:

  • Bloat, sometimes consistent in belly torsion
  • Skin allergies
  • Cancers, including hemangiosarcoma, mast corpuscle tumors, lymphoma
  • Hypothyroidism

Boxers are classed as brachycephalic dogs. Their flat face and acutely channelled snout can advance to breath problems for these pups, abnormally during hot weather.

They don’t accept an awfully continued activity expectancy, usually active for eight to ten years.


White Dog With Brown Patch on Left Eye Lounges Near Food Bowl
Choose a high-quality abrade that’s formualted for their age.

Boxers do not about accept any specific aliment requirements. However, these are high-energy pups that will bound bake off calories if they are accustomed acceptable exercise.

Always feed your Boxer high-quality food as about will be recommended by your vet. You’ll appetite to accord your dog the circadian allowance that’s indicated for his weight and age in the manufacturer’s guidelines on the artefact packaging.

Dry dog aliment (kibble) is the best best of aliment for your Boxer, as the biscuits help to abolish bacilli from the dog’s teeth as he eats, allowance to anticipate the accumulation of applique and tartar that could account gingivitis or canine periodontal disease.

Boxers are inclined to be scavengers, so be abiding to accumulate debris cans able-bodied out of ability of your dog, and don’t leave your meal abandoned and aural ambit of your pup!


Brown and White Dog in a Bathtub
Boxers are low maintanence pets.

The Boxer is an easy-maintenance dog, as far as admonishment is concerned. And that’s aloof as well, because how abundant time you’ll charge to absorb appliance your pet!

The Boxer’s short, bland covering aloof needs abrasion already a week with a close barb besom to accumulate it agleam and advantageous and to get rid of any asleep hair.

You won’t charge to bath your Boxer too generally unless he rolls in article abnormally disgusting! Bethink to bathe your dog with alone a mild, dog-specific shampoo that won’t dry his bark or activate an allergy.

Trim your dog’s nails every brace of weeks to accumulate them tidy. If you don’t adorned demography on this assignment yourself, ask your bounded dog groomer or vet clinic to do the job for you.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Three Brown and White Puppies
Expect to absorb $750 – $1,500 on uyour Boxer.

The key to award the appropriate puppy is to go to a reputable, accountant breeder who abides by the American Boxer Club’s Cipher of Ethics.

A appropriate agriculturalist will accept had a vet backpack out all the all-important screening of the puppy’s parents to make abiding they don’t accept any abiogenetic defects that could be anesthetized assimilate their offspring. The agriculturalist should be blessed to appearance you accounting documentation, acknowledging that both the puppy’s parents accept been advised and austere by the adapted bloom organizations.

You can acquisition a account of acclaimed Boxer breeders on the American Abode Club website at this link.

The amount you’ll pay for a Boxer puppy can alter widely, depending on his abode of origin, the sex of the pup, whether his parents are best appearance animals, etc. The accepted amount for Boxer puppies varies from about $750 to $1,500. Apprehend lots of costs to add up during year one.

Recently, there has been abundant well-deserved bad press about alleged puppy mills.

Many bodies buy puppies from puppy mills because their amount is low, after acumen that the ancestry dogs acclimated to aftermath the puppies are frequently ailing cared for and are kept in unsanitary, afflicted conditions. Generally the puppies are sickly and unvaccinated, and abounding accede to affliction or afterlife aural a anniversary or so of accession in their new home.

Puppy mills are absolutely bartering enterprises that are set up to accomplish a lot of money actual quickly. Also, many of these places abandon overnight, abrogation owners with no improvement if they buy a puppy that after dies or turns out to accept affiliated bloom problems.

The moral of this adventure is you should only buy a Boxer puppy from a acclaimed breeder, finer one who is recommended by a vet. If the agriculturalist is afraid to acquaint you to the puppy’s parents or ancestors and won’t appearance you about his kennels, airing away.

Rescues & Shelters

Brown and White Puppy Walking in a Meadow
Look at your bounded apartment or Boxer rehoming alignment afore arcade with a breeder.

Puppies are assuredly abundant fun, but they’re additionally a lot of work! So, it may be that an developed Boxer is bigger suited to your needs and affairs than a puppy.

There are dozens of shelters beyond the U.S. area you could acquisition an developed Boxer that would be absolute for you. Some accomplishment centers additionally accept Boxer puppies, although their ancestor can be uncertain.

If you accept a Boxer from a shelter, consistently have your vet analysis the dog or puppy over for any bloom problems. Best accomplishment organizations will analysis their dogs for attitude and adequacy afore accordant to a re-homing.

Also, abounding shelters now accomplish a affectionate of “try afore you buy” scheme, area you can take a dog home for a balloon period afore committing to a abiding arrangement.

At this link, you’ll acquisition lots of Boxer shelters and accomplishment organizations beyond the U.S.

There are abounding altered Boxer mixes that accept appear out in contempo years, abnormally with the “designer dog” chic that’s hit the Affiliated States and added countries. Some of the most accepted Boxer mixes include:

As Ancestors Pets

So, would a Boxer be the appropriate basset accompaniment for you and your family? Let’s acquisition out!

  • They are bouncy dogs, and they charge a lot of exercise. If you’re an outdoorsy ancestors with affluence of time to allot to arena with and walking your dog, this brand could fit the bill for you.
  • They are ablaze watchdogs, but they’re not advancing unless they abridgement able leadership.
  • The able-bodied Boxer excels in activities such as activity and flyball, which could accommodate hours of fun for you, your dog, and your family, as able-bodied as introducing you to a accomplished new amusing amphitheater of agreeing folk.
  • This brand is loyal and loving, and they get on able-bodied with kids and added pets if appropriately socialized.
  • They don’t case excessively, although they can bark and snore!
  • They charge aggregation and can be annihilative if larboard home abandoned for continued periods.
  • They don’t charge abundant abrasion to accumulate their abbreviate coats in acceptable condition.
  • These dogs are antipathetic of extremes of calefaction and cold. That ability be a botheration for you if you alive in a altitude area the summers are sweltering, or the winters are bitterly cold.
  • This brand needs to alive central with you and his animal family.
  • Boxers tend to dribble excessively. That could be an affair if you don’t like actuality slobbered on!

Final Thoughts

If you accept affluence of space, a ample backyard, and you’re an outdoorsy ancestors that lives an alive lifestyle, a Boxer could be the ideal dog for you.

The trainable Boxer will advance in a ancestors environment, abnormally if your ancestors is agog to booty your dog to activity and flyball contest your active pup will love! You’ll charge to be able to absorb a lot of time appliance your Boxer, although his admonishment requirements are minimal.

Boxers are decumbent to several affiliated bloom conditions. So, if you adjudge to buy a Boxer puppy, consistently use a accountant breeder, and ask to see the bloom screening certificates for your pup’s parents and grandparents. Abstain purchasing a Boxer puppy from a puppy comminute area the dogs are kept in poor altitude and the puppies are generally afflicted and sickly.

If you would adopt to booty on an developed Boxer, you ability acquisition your ideal accompaniment at a accomplishment centermost or shelter. Appropriate beyond America, there are dozens of abandoned Boxers who would adulation the adventitious of clearing bottomward in a loving, always home.

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