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Brittany Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Trying to acquisition a new hunting accompaniment or ancestors pet, and acclimatized in on the Brittany as a accessible option? This brand has become added accepted in households over the aftermost decade. Apprehend on to acquisition out why so abounding dog owners are affable this brand into their homes.

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Are you attractive to acceptable a new dog into your life, and you’ve whittled your best bottomward to the Brittany breed? Or maybe you’ve already accustomed him into the fold, and you charge to double-check all the brand 101. Brittanys are abundant dogs, that are abundant for families, and alike first-time dog owners.

The Brittany is a much-loved dog brand in America, and he is acceptable more popular. He is abate than a Setter but taller than a Spaniel. He is upbeat, hard-working, and abounding of adulation for his admired humans. But he is an acutely active pup that isn’t ill-fitted to all families.

In this guide, you’ll apprentice all about this breed’s personality and exercise needs (it’s a lot!). You’ll additionally apprentice some breed-specific training tips, and the different comestible requirements of this breed. So, apprehend on to acquisition out whether the Brittany is the best brand for you and your family.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight30-40 Pounds
    • height iconHeight17.5-20.5 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 Years
    • color iconColorsMixture of Liver, White, Orange, and Roan
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Orange and White Dog Standing Outdoors
The brand originated in the western arena of Brittany, France.

It is not accepted absolutely the Brittany brand aboriginal came into existence. But what we do apperceive is that they first appeared in 17th-century tapestries and added art forms from all over western Europe. Arch basset historians to accept that they are a few hundred years old. We additionally apperceive that the brand is from the best western arena of France, accepted as Brittany. Appropriately his name.

Back then, French hunters adherent abundant of their time to actualize a able hunting dog and one that wasn’t too big-ticket to keep. Because of his actualization and his skills, it is anticipation that he is of Arrow and Adulator origin. The brand bound became accepted as one of the best acreage dogs in his own right. Able of auspiciously hunting all altered kinds of birds, including woodcock, partridge, duck, and pheasant.

His versatility meant his thrifty owners didn’t charge to accumulate a abounding abode of dogs for altered roles on the farm. This able dog was begin on best estates in western Europe, and the French accept always remained in adulation with the breed. His close assignment with humans agency he is additionally a family-friendly dog who is cool affectionate. Which is a big acumen why he is now acceptable more popular.

It wasn’t until 1931 that the brand sailed beyond the ocean and aboriginal accustomed in America. He was entered into the American Abode Club stud book in 1934. Aback then, he was listed as the Brittany Spaniel, which he is alleged in France. But during the 20th century, there became a bright aberration in the French and American ancestry lines. So, to accomplish a bright distinction, the brand name was beneath to aloof the Brittany in 1982.

The brand is acclaimed for accepting added than 600 bifold champions (meaning specimens who accept becoming top prizes for hunting and actualization conformation) than any added antic dog.


Happy and Energetic Dog Standing on a Road
This alive brand is a abundant bout for a ancestors with an alive lifestyle.

The Brittany is accepted to be energetic and enthusiastic in aggregate he does. From his circadian exercise to arena with toys at home, annihilation has anytime been so fun! Alike convoying you demography out the debris cans is an chance to enjoy!

This action makes him absolutely an acute dog to accept around. And not anybody has the activity to bout this acquisitive beaver. But if you adulation amorous pups, he will accomplish a abundant companion.

This additionally makes him cool fun. Consistently accommodating to comedy a bold and consistently pawing for brainy and concrete stimulation, there is never a addled moment with this pup around. He makes a abundant accompaniment for active families and kids attractive for an agitative four-legged affinity to comedy with.

Once he has had abundant exercise for the day (although he could accumulate going!), he will appropriately achieve bottomward for the black on the daybed with his family. He is enthusiastic about snuggles too!

His adulation for bodies links into his acuteness – he doesn’t like to be larboard alone. This agency he needs to be homed with a ancestors that can absorb best of their time with him. If you assignment continued hours, this is apparently not the appropriate brand for you. Some bodies adulation his assurance aloft humans, but some acquisition it a bit too needy. You charge to apperceive which ancillary of the fence you sit on afore you acceptable him into your life.

He has a huge casualty drive, and he consistently has birds on his brain. This agency that you charge to be on top active for annihilation with accoutrement back you leave the abode for walks. Abounding a Brittany buyer has been bent out accepting to prize a bird out of his mouth in advanced of a army of abashed people.

Size & Appearance

Dog With Light Eyes Standing in Pointer Position in the Snow
The Brittany is a gangling dog with a average body that can be tailless or accept a docked tail.

The Brittany is a medium-sized dog. He weighs amid 30 to 40 pounds and measures amid 17.5 and 20.5 inches from paw to shoulder. Males are usually beyond than their changeable counterparts. His admeasurement is one of his abounding appeals. He is big abundant to be acknowledged and able on the hunting field, but not too big that his admeasurement is a botheration for families.

It’s accessible to see he is of Adulator and Pointer genetics. He looks actual agnate to the less-popular Abandon Advocate Spaniel, and they acceptable allotment accepted ancestors. He is commensurable in admeasurement but leggier than abounding added antic dogs. So much, that the ambit amid his paws and amateur is the aforementioned as the breadth of his body. He is athletic yet elegant.

He has the bendable announcement of best gun dogs but consistently appears active and accessible for action. His aerial are abbreviate and triangular. His appendage is either artlessly docked or agilely docked at about four inches. Some dogs are built-in tailless.

Brittanys are not meant to accept atramentous noses, and if they do, they cannot be apparent in the anatomy ring. Instead, brown, fawn, tan, or abysmal blush are added common. Darker-colored eyes are added accepted than lighter amber colors.

Coat & Colors

Orange and White Dog with Medium Length Fur Standing in the Grass
The best accepted brand accepted colors are white with orange or liver.

Brittanys accept a attractive bifold covering that is close and either collapsed or wavy. His covering is the average of the alley back it comes to texture, acceptation it is not cottony or wiry. Their aerial should backpack a little feathering, as should his legs. His covering is medium in length, barometer a few inches. His bark is hardly apart to anticipate biting back out on the acreage as it moves with the underbrush.

The two capital colors of the brand are orange and white and alarmist and white with either clear or roan patterns. Roan is a accomplished admixture of white and black hairs. Some ticking is a adorable pattern. Rarely you’ll acquisition a tri-colored dog, which is a alarmist and white-coated dog with orange arrangement beyond his body.

If you appetite to appearance your dog, he must accommodate to the brand standard. Atramentous and dejected coats, either with or after white, are begin in the breed. A solid atramentous covering is accustomed in the European brand standards, but not in America.

Exercise Requirements

Sporty Dog Jumping Over Obstacle
An activity advance is ideal for this awful active brand that needs 90 account of aesthetic exercise daily.

The Brittany is a cool alive basset who is beginning at the seams with energy. If you are gluttonous a couch potato, this brand is not the one for you. Of course, he’ll accomplish a brilliant hunting dog, but he doesn’t charge to be formed as a hunting dog. If he is a ancestors pet, he charge accompany a actual alive ancestors who can accommodated his exercise expectations. Ideally, he needs 90 account of exercise every day.

Without approved and acute exercise, he will bound become hyperactive and behaviorally problematic. This is the best accepted acumen why he is surrendered to accomplishment homes. Because the boilerplate ancestors does not accept the time or activity to accommodated his needs. So amuse alone booty this dog on if you are a very alive and outdoorsy family.

He is actual able and analytical too. Acceptation that exercise should be fun, challenging, and varied. A 90-minute airing is not activity to cut it every day. Instead, he loves to participate in bounded competitions, agility courses, and he makes a abundant jogging partner. Mix it up with a cruise to the bounded baptize for a dip and burst about – aloof watch for the birds! And bounded active parks are a abundant way to associate with added canines and bake off balance energy.

Living Conditions

Dog With Pink Nose Out on a Hunt
The Brittany prefers to accept alfresco access, such as a ample backyard or field, area it can play.

If his needs are met, the Brittany is a almost adjustable dog who is happy to alive in best ancestors environments. Baby and awkward apartments are not ideal because they do not accord him the amplitude to comedy and bake energy.

Larger homes with admission to clandestine and defended yards are his ideal active situation. His aerial casualty drive agency that his backyard needs to be secure and escape-proof. This includes installing aerial fences as he will jump to hunt his feathered ‘friends.’

He does not accomplish a abundant bouncer dog as he has no careful instincts. And he is relatively affable with strangers and will acquire best bodies into the ancestors home. The one affair that he will not acclimate to able-bodied is a ancestors who is always on the move or hosting loud parties best weekends. He is a acute pup who does not handle change actual well. Instead, he prefers a abiding ambiance and a quieter country affairs with his abutting family.

The Brittany makes a abundant ancestors pet for the appropriate family. Admitting actuality crazy energetic, he is admiring and not ever bouncy in the home. He is gentle and candied with children. So as continued as you advise your accouchement how to appropriately collaborate with a dog, he should do able-bodied in a adolescent family. He additionally brand the aggregation of added dogs and does able-bodied in a multi-pet household. Unless, of course, multi-pet agency ducks or chickens, again it’s a audible no.


Orange and White Dog Standing Attentively
The Brittany is actual acute with a alertness to please, authoritative it awful trainable to do about anything.

The Brittany is a actual able dog breed, and he is cool acquisitive to amuse his master. These ancestry accumulated accomplish him an obedient dog who is almost accessible to train. Alpha his training young, be consistent, and he should accident his training and new commands. The one affair you will not be able to alternation out of him is his casualty drive. He can be the best acquiescent dog in the world, but if a bird all-overs their tail-feathers at him, he’ll be off!

His agog personality agency that he will strive to do his best at everything, including training sessions. Consistently use the positive accretion training method for this pup. His acute body cannot handle actuality told off harshly. A close no and a ascetic attending are abundant for him to apperceive he has done article wrong. Otherwise, he’ll sulk and abstain you for a few days. Instead, focus on advantageous him with treats, toys, and acclaim back he is a acceptable boy.

Socialization is a huge allotment of the puppy training process. And for your Brittany to transform into a affable adult, he needs to be socialized well. A acceptable affection agriculturalist will alpha the action by adopting him with his littermates and advertisement him to animal contact. It’ll be your job to abide bond him with as abounding altered dogs as you can. As able-bodied as loud noises, his admonishment routine, and added things he ability acquaintance as an adult.

The brand is belled for actuality afraid back larboard alone. So it’s important to leave him for abbreviate periods as a pup to ensure that he does not become abased on connected company. It’s additionally a abundant abstraction to crate alternation this breed. You’ll accurately appetite to accede crates that are able to secure afraid dogs. Dogs naturally crave shelter, so you can be abiding that he’ll bound abatement in adulation with his crate.

If you are attractive for a gun dog but accept little acquaintance in gun dog training, the brand could be a abundant aboriginal basset choice. He is artlessly ablaze as a gun dog. His enthusiasm, intelligence, alacrity to please, and adenoids for accoutrement beggarly he’ll pick up training faster than best others. To be a acceptable gun dog, absolute socialization and basal accordance are crucial.


Smiling Senior Orange and White Dog
The Brittany brand is usually actual healthy, so you can about apprehend your dog to alive amid 12 to 14 years.

It’s your albatross to accumulate him as advantageous as possible, and there are several things you can do for him to adore a longer lifespan. Appointment your vet for approved bloom checks, accumulate him advantageous with circadian exercise, and augment him the best diet that you can afford.

All dog breeds are decumbent to a baddest cardinal of bloom apropos added so than others. And although your Brittany ability ache from none, some, or all of these, it’s an important abode to alpha your bloom research. Assignment with a reputable breeder who will awning for best or all of these bloom altitude back possible. Actuality are the best accepted bloom apropos to affect the breed.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is one of the best accepted bloom apropos in medium-sized through to giant-sized dog breeds. If the dog’s parents ache from poor hips, their pups are added acceptable to ache from hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia occurs back the achievement advance abnormally and anatomy unevenly. This asperous advance causes added abrasion and tear, as able-bodied as advancement issues and pain. Attending for affection such as disturbing to stand, lay, or ascend the stairs, as able-bodied as accepted exercise intolerance.

Eye Conditions

The Brittany brand is decumbent to several eye conditions. The best accepted is glaucoma. And two added altitude to attending out for are primary lens break and accelerating retinal atrophy. All of these altitude can aftereffect in abiding eyes loss. Any changes to his eyes’ appearance, poor vision, or boundless abrading or abrading crave a appointment to the vets.


This is acquired by a abridgement of hormones created by the thyroid glands, which has abounding furnishings on his body. These accommodate tiredness, brainy dullness, weight gain, dry skin, and acute accident of added bark conditions, to name aloof a few. This can be managed with circadian hormone medication.


Dog With Its Tongue Out
Feed your Brittany a composed diet with treats brindled actuality and there and it will alive a abounding life

Your Brittany will eat about two cups of food every day breach into two meals. The specific bulk that you augment him will depend on his age, size, and activity levels. If he is a gun dog alive the acreage all day, he will acceptable charge added to ammunition his muscles.

Always apprehend the instructions of the abrade packaging for tailored advice. If you accept a puppy, consistently augment him a abrade advised for puppies. These are richer in proteins and fats for bigger development and growth.

Feed your Brittany a high-quality kibble aural your account that meets all of his comestible needs. A composed diet is essential, and abstain agriculture him animal foods that’ll account him to become overweight. And if he is a alive dog, you will appetite to augment him a abrade college in protein, fats, and energy. Antic or achievement kibbles are advised for the needs of alive dogs.


Puppy Dog Shaking Its Head After a Bath
The Brittany’s bouncing covering requires basal admonishment and bathing to break attractive sleek.

The Brittany has a beautifully close covering that is affected and lush. He has a almost simple admonishment routine, but his covering tends to aces up clay calmly back appliance or hunting. He’ll charge brushing several times a week to accumulate him attractive and activity his best.

After every exercise session, run your easily through his covering to analysis for any twigs, leaves, or added bits that will bound about-face into matting. A soft-ended pin besom is a abundant apparatus for his coat, aloof be affable on his apart skin.

Generally, the brand isn’t accepted to be decumbent to acute shedding. They will afford moderately during the melancholia changes. He alone needs bathing already every 8 to 12 weeks, depending on how bedraggled he gets during his adventures. Try not to ablution him any added than this if you can, because it will abrade his skin. Consistently use active shampoo, and one that is fabricated from accustomed capacity is consistently best.

When admonishment him, be abiding to analysis his base for signs of bark infection. Actuality aching and punctured is all allotment of the gun dog course. Ablution him acclaim with a apple-pie bolt to abolish the clay and aloof accumulate an eye on it. Best of the time, it will alleviate itself.

Clean his aerial account with an ear-cleaning artefact as they are decumbent to infection. His teeth additionally charge charwoman several times a anniversary too with active toothpaste to abstain periodontal diseases.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Puppy Dog Laying in Grass
Expect to pay about $1,000 and up for a pure-bred puppy.

The Brittany is a relatively accepted dog breed, who finds himself amid the 20th and 30th best accepted dog brand in America. Depending on area you live, you apparently won’t accept to biking too far to acquisition a amenable breeder. A abundant abode to alpha your chase for a high-quality agriculturalist is on the AKC’s Brittany agriculturalist page. The boilerplate amount for a Brittany pup from a amenable agriculturalist will amount anywhere amid $1,000 to $1,250.

When it comes to the breed, you will appetite to ask the agriculturalist if the pups are Brittany Spaniels (the French line) or Brittanys (the American line). Brittanys are understandably added accepted in America than the Adulator type. Although their personalities are similar, there are attenuate differences. American Brittanys are hardly taller, faster, and added absolute than Brittany Spaniels, who are abate and assignment added carefully with their master.

It’s important to work with a acceptable affection breeder who does aggregate in their ability to aftermath advantageous puppies. Signs of a acceptable affection agriculturalist accommodate accepting years of absolute experience, a able website, and actuality abreast and honest about what to expect. They will ask you questions about your affairs and accomplish you feel welcome. As able-bodied as insisting that you accommodated the pups in person. Consistently do your analysis afore authoritative any commitments.

Avoid capricious breeders or those alive as allotment of a puppy mill. Puppy mills do not affliction for the bloom or abundance of their puppies, and you’ll acceptable accede an ill pup. If they are active about details, do not acquiesce you to accommodated them in their home environment, or about assume off, airing away! Assurance your gut, and do not be absorbed in with lower puppy prices.

You additionally charge to bethink that the antecedent puppy amount is not the alone amount to agency into your budget. You charge to anticipate about setting up your home and affairs beds, crates, collars, and aerial fences! There are additionally advancing costs for his accomplished lifetime, including high-quality food, medical expenses, and boarding if you charge it. The Brittany is not the best big-ticket dog brand to affliction for, but like all dogs, they are not bargain either!

Rescues & Shelters

Two Dogs Touching Noses
You may be able to save money and a activity by rescuing a Brittany from a bounded apartment or rehoming organization.

Buying a cast new agleam puppy from a agriculturalist is not the alone advantage that you have. Sometimes adopting a puppy is not the best advantage for families. And occasionally, affairs behest that rescuing is the cheaper advantage in agreement of the antecedent price. In this case, accede adopting a Brittany, and what a admirable affair to do! Unfortunately, abounding Brittanys end up in accomplishment shelters because families do not accept what goes into caring for them.

You accept two capital options here. Firstly, arch out to your bounded shelter and allege to the agents about your Brittany preferences. Alternatively, there are a few organizations that address their time and assets to rehoming the Brittany breed. The American Brittany Rescue, Inc is a absurd nonprofit alignment set up in 1991. Arch over there to analysis out the Brittanys cat-and-mouse for their always home.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The brand is a artlessly accomplished gun dog.
  • They charge at atomic 90 account of acute exercise every day
  • He is a able basset who is awful intelligent.
  • They charge to be mentally angry throughout the day.
  • This can be done with alternate breach and dog toys.
  • He is a affable and candied dog central the home.
  • They crave animal accompaniment and can be acutely needy.
  • He is a acute pup who doesn’t like to be larboard abandoned for too long.
  • If larboard abandoned for continued periods, they can become anxious.
  • The Brittany is affable with strangers and about outgoing.
  • They accomplish accomplished basset assembly and get forth able-bodied with dogs.
  • He has a cool aerial casualty drive, abnormally for annihilation with accoutrement and wings.
  • He is abundant with accouchement and can alive with any blazon of family.
  • The Brittany is actual agog about aggregate he does.

Final Thoughts

The Brittany is one of the finest gun dogs in the world, and for actual acceptable reason. He is additionally acceptable an more accepted dog as a ancestors pet. He is fun, sweet, enthusiastic, and has an communicable smile. But, it is cool important that you can accommodated all of his needs. His better charge is acute circadian exercise.

He isn’t abundant of a lapdog, to say the least. But if you can meet his needs, you are assertive to acquisition one of the best basset companions. He’ll accumulate you on your toes and cool fit, and he is cool dependable. Plus, he’ll asphyxiate you with active kisses and battery you in a accomplished lotta love!

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