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Cardigan Abandon Corgi Dog Brand Information: Facts, Pictures & More

If you are because the Cardigan Abandon Corgi for your abutting basset companion, there are a few things you'll charge to know. In this article, you'll apprentice all about the breed, including its history, temperament, brand facts, and see affluence of pictures.

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Abandon Corgi is one allotment of the bifold Corgi duo. The Cardigan Corgi is hardly beneath accepted of the two Corgi types (not by much, though), but he is the original. Afore affable one of these pups into your life, you’ll appetite to understand what this brand offers, and apperceive why they were bred.

The Cardigan Abandon Corgi makes for a adorable ancestors pet, but owning one doesn’t appear after some quirks. They can be absolutely big-ticket to acquirement as puppies, and they can additionally be difficult to alternation if they are placed with the amiss owners.

In this absolute brand guide, you’ll learn all about Cardigan Corgi. You’ll acquisition out about their history, whether they get forth with added dogs, and whether or not they will fit in with your lifestyle. Let’s jump in!

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight20-40 Pounds
    • height iconHeight10-13 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 Years
    • color iconColorsBlack & Tan, Fawn, White, Red, Sable, Brindle, Dejected Merle
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Two Black and white Dogs Stand in Grass
Cardigan Abandon Corgis were begin in Cardiganshire in southwest Wales.

The Cardigan Corgi is the aboriginal Corgi type. It is believed he dates aback to 1200 B.C. His ancestors, the Celts, and their herding dogs migrated from axial Europe to Cardigan in Wales. And as they say, the blow is history.

They accept been herding cattle for at atomic 1,000 years in Abundant Britain. But he alone came to America in 1931. Anytime back he has been a accepted best on ranches beyond America and in ancestors homes.

The brand was akin with addition traveling dog breed, and this was how the Pembroke Corgi came to be. They are both accompanying and consistently bred together, assortment the two breeds. However, this is now frowned upon.

Typically, Cardigans are advised the more hardworking of the two Corgi types, and he is abundant added athletic, too. This acumen is why ranches will favor the Cardigan over the Pembroke Corgi.


Tan and White Dog with Stick in His Mouth
Cardigans adulation to comedy and are happiest back they absorb time with you.

The Cardigan Corgi is a accomplished and able-bodied dog with lots of activity that needs to be burned. He ability be small, but he is abounding of big dog character! He is declared as adamantine as nails, and he needs to be placed with an alive family. If you are assured a caressible and creamy lap dog only, you will charge to amend your dog brand best for sure.

With all that energy, able brain, and aerial levels of curiosity, you can additionally be abiding that you are in for lots of fun. Cardigans adulation to comedy fetch, tug of war, and any added bold you can anticipate of. Aloof be alert of his continued aback and abbreviate legs, which can advance to injuries back jumping from abundant heights. He makes a abundant basset affinity for accouchement because he is as boxy and hardy.

Cardigan Corgis weren’t alone acclimated as a herding dog. He was additionally an all-around farmhand and a hunter. This agency that he has a aerial casualty drive and should be kept on a bridle back out in public. He was additionally acclimated as a army protector and acreage guardian, and as such, he is a vocal dog who barks. A lot! This agency that if you accept noise-sensitive neighbors who ability booty breach to his singing, you ability appetite to accede a beneath blatant breed.

His accomplishments in army aegis agency that he is additionally careful of his family. He is above with strangers and will angle by your ancillary back there are visitors around. He ability not attending like the allotment of a family bouncer dog, but he takes his role actual seriously. It’s safe to say that he is the atomic accessible out of the two Corgis but the best protective.

When the adamantine assignment is done, he enjoys cuddling his ancestors for a comfortable black film. He is a little bundle bug who brand to plonk himself amid his bodies on the sofa. Cardigans accept a candied and arch face. Admitting their boxy demeanor, they are big softies abysmal down. He loves the attention, and he is affectionate with his close family.

We additionally accept to acknowledgment that these pups are very independent dogs, and sometimes he thinks that he rules the roost. While he makes a actual accomplished dog that completes the task, he isn’t the best acquiescent dog breeds alfresco of work. He will not consistently accept to you, but this is all a allotment of his bold Corgi charm. You aloof charge to be abiding that you accept the backbone for his arch ways.

Size & Appearance

Brindle Dog With Short Legs and Long Tail
The best appropriate affection of the Cardigan Abandon Corgi, abreast from abbreviate legs, is his continued tail.

Cardigans are a small-sized dog, but he is hardly bigger than his Pembroke Corgi cousin. He weighs amid 25 and 38 pounds, and he measures amid 10.5 and 12.5 inches short. Typically, the Cardigan is best than he is tall.

He is one of 19 dog breeds that have a mutated dwarf gene, which is why he has such abbreviate legs. His abbreviate legs accomplish him a abundant bouncer because he can nip at the cattle’s heels and absence their kicks.

Cardigans accept two audible appearance besides his covering color, which we will go through in the abutting section. The best accessible is that they accept a long tail, and the additional is that his aerial are angled and hardly larger.

Overall, he has a beefy and solid appearance, which is why abounding dog lovers accredit to them as “loafy,” like a loaf of bread. These dogs can be actual acquisitive pups. And those who do not assignment on a agronomical generally acquisition themselves ample and chunky.

Coat & Colors

Three Cute Dogs Sitting Outside
This breed’s blubbery covering can appear in a array of shades and colors that are commutual with white.

The Cardigan Corgi is a alive dog brand that hails from Wales in the Affiliated Kingdom. Which, if you’ve never been before, is algid and wet! As such, he has a blubbery and double-layered coat that keeps his accomplished anatomy dry and warm. Corgis were originally bred as a shepherding dog breed.

The beneath band is fabricated up of close dander, and his alien covering is beeline and thicker. Advised to accumulate the beneath band dry. He is a abstinent shedder all year annular and afford absolutely heavily during the address seasons.

Cardigans adore abounding altered colors and shades. He can aces from black, dejected merle, brindle, sable, and red, all alloyed with white. This is the added aberration amid this pup and his Pembroke accessory because the Pembroke does not have the brindle gene or the merle gene. Dogs with merle coats may additionally accept dejected eyes, although rare.

It’s not aberrant for merle-coated dogs to accept several spots aural their coats, and it’s additionally accepted for the Corgi brand to accept darker shades on its back. Which is referred to their saddle which, according to Abandon legend, fairies rode.

Exercise Requirements

Brindle and White Dog Running in the Snow
Make abiding your Cardigan gets 45-60 min of antic exercise anniversary day.

The Cardigan Corgi is a cool brawl of energy, and he needs between 45 and 60 account of exercise every day. He isn’t abashed of the algid or the rain, or any blazon of acclimate for that matter. So, you best be accessible for circadian exercise appear rain or shine. If you can assignment him on a ranch, he will be actual blessed to assignment all day. Alive isn’t a necessity, but acute exercise is.

Thankfully, already you accept beat him out, he will happily cuddle with you on the daybed for the evening. But if you abort to exercise him, he will annoy you until you do. He will additionally become cool naughty, vocal, and he will apparently try to assemblage you out of the aperture with the bridle in his mouth.

Because of their aerial activity levels and charge for walks, we acclaim bridle training your Corgi application a harness, rather than a collar. These pups like to cull back excited, and the appropriate accouter can advice anticipate that.

Be abiding to mix his action classes up otherwise, he will get bored. Continued and active walks, back in the park, hikes in the forest, and alike jogging back he is absolutely developed are all activities he enjoys. Bethink to accomplish it as acute as accessible so he can bake added energy. Because the added he burns, the beneath acceptable he is to be annoying back you get home. Advance in several Corgi-appropriate dog toys to accumulate him active in amid exercise sessions.

Living Conditions

Puppy Chewing a Toy on a Couch
Because of its size, this brand can alive aloof about anywhere.

The brand is suited to accommodation living, but alone if he is acclimatized adequately. Because he is a small-sized dog, he will appropriately alive anywhere after activity too cramped. Abounding Corgi owners advance in daybed and bed ramps so that they can get up and bottomward easier, after the accident of injury.

They will get forth able-bodied with added citizen dogs, but alone if he is socialized able-bodied as a pup. With a analytic aerial casualty drive, there is a adventitious that he ability not do able-bodied with added domiciliary pets such as rodents and possibly cats. Every Corgi is different, so it is article to buck in apperception if you are a multi-pet household. He is a abundant accession to families with children.


Well Behaved Dog Lying Down
Socialization is of the absolute accent back training your Cardigan to betrayal her to as abounding elements as possible.

The Corgi is a adorable little dog, but aloof like all canines, he needs to be apparent the ropes. The best important allotment of his training is the socialization process. This includes advertisement him to as abounding altered scenarios as possible, such as loud noises in the home and walking forth the sidewalk.

Socialization additionally agency bond him with added bodies and animals so that he grows into a assured Cardigan. The added you do this, the added affable he will be.

We abhorrence to be academic actuality at LoveYourDog HQ, but appealing abundant all Corgis are acquisitive dogs. And so you can be assertive that with a amusement in hand, you will accept his attention. Use treats to advise him new commands. This is what is accepted as absolute accretion training. Don’t amplify it, though, because he will about-face into a porky pup if you augment him. Corgi backside scratches go a continued way, too!

The Corgi is a adamant and absolute dog. Alike with a amusement in hand, he ability attending at you as admitting you’re mad if you apprehend him to sit for it. With adamant dogs, the ambush is to accumulate training sessions abbreviate and fun and be persistent too. If he doesn’t sit for the treat, do not accord it to him. Because already you accord in to his bold ways, he’ll apperceive he can win you over.

It’s account advertence that, as a herding dog, there is a adventitious of him herding added ancestors members. Both bodies and added animals alike. The likelihood of this increases if he is not acclimatized adequately. His bitter address agency that he ability try to nip, so this behavior charge be accomplished out of him. If he starts to do this, alter his behavior elsewhere. And see it as a assurance that you aren’t appliance him enough.


Dog Getting Checked by a Vet
Fortunately, the Cardigan Abandon Corgi is a about advantageous dog with basal bloom concerns.

The Cardigan is a healthy dog breed. This beautiful lil’ pup enjoys a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. The Cardigan brand is agreeable to assertive bloom apropos added so than others. For this reason, it is important to accomplish yourself acquainted of the accepted altitude below. As able-bodied as their associated symptoms. This account is not exhaustive, but it’s a acceptable abode to start.

Hip Dysplasia

This collective dysplasia affects the hip joint, and it is area the hip doesn’t anatomy as it is declared to. This agency that it boring grinds away, causing affliction and added abrasion and tear. This action develops over time and is added apparent in earlier Corgis. Accepting a Cardigan pup from parents with acceptable hip array is important.

Eye Conditions

The Corgi is decumbent to accelerating retinal decline (PRA), as able-bodied as a array of eye concerns. PRA is a degenerative action that can, over time, advance to complete eyes loss.

Degenerative Myelopathy

This is a accelerating ache of the analgesic cord. In Corgis, it usually starts from eight years of age. This ache will affect his axial afraid system, consistent in advancement issues and decreased beef mass.

Intervertebral Disc Ache (IVDD)

As you already know, the brand is best than he is tall. Dogs with this anatomy are added acceptable to ache from IVDD. This is area the cushioning amid his analgesic discs disintegrates and no best absorbs the activity in his spine. Arch to added analgesic injury, pain, and abeyant paralysis.


Black and White Puppy Eating from Yellow Dog Bowl
Feed your Corgi dog aliment that is formulated for abate dogs so she can calmly eat.

How abundant the Cardigan Corgi eats will depend on several factors, including age, size, and activity levels. Typically, he will absorb amid 1-1.5 cups of high-quality abrade every day.

Of course, you can augment him wet food, but a high-quality Corgi-sized kibble should be the capital allotment of his diet. It is a safe and acceptable way to accommodate him with a composed diet, including high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fiber, advantageous fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Cardigan Corgis are baby dogs with an appropriately baby mouth. Although you ability not accept estimated it because how abounding treats he brand to eat. Award a abrade accurately designed for baby brand dogs will ensure that he can eat his aliment calmly and safely. This is decidedly important during puppyhood back his anatomy is developing.

The Corgi is accepted to be a acquisitive basset (have we mentioned that already?!) So, you charge to be acute about how abundant aliment he consumes every day. Chase amalgamation instructions carefully, and accommodate treats in his circadian calorie assimilation too.

If the scales advance he is acceptable overweight, it’s time to switch to a weight administration kibble to accumulate him healthy. Accidental weight will access the affairs of hip dysplasia and IVDD and added bloom conditions. So while the added block ability accomplish him cute, it needs to be taken seriously.


Black and White Dog Being Groomed
Your Cardigan will charge an adapted admonishment accepted to affliction for her blubbery and creamy coat.

The Cardigan Corgi is a abstinent shedder all year round. He is also a abundant shedder during the bounce and winter months. The best way to administer his address is to authorize a admonishment routine. Throughout the year, you charge to besom him from arch to paw two to three times a week, and best canicule during the address seasons. He ability be small, but he is fluffy!

A pin or slicker besom will be the best brushes in your Corgi hairdressing toolkit. A de-shedding rake, such as the FurMinator, is additionally advantageous for those added months. This will abolish his asleep hair, administer his shedding, advance his accustomed covering oils, and beating his skin. Thankfully, it is additionally agreeable for him and serves as extra bonding time for you both.

Bathing your Corgi should booty abode already every 8 to 12 weeks. Never absterge him added than this. Otherwise, you accident stripping his covering of his accustomed oils and acid his skin. A affable absterge fabricated from accustomed ingredients, such as oatmeal, is ideal for the Corgi. If he has a cool blubbery covering or a alive Corgi on the agronomical best days, a concentrated absterge will be better. As these will abolish the added dust and clay that his anatomy will collect.

As you benedict him, pay accurate absorption to his eyes as he is at acute accident of adversity from eye concerns. Apple-pie his big aerial account as they will additionally aggregate lots of clay and dust. He will additionally charge account dental charwoman because his bunched aperture is decumbent to periodontal diseases. Consistently use active toothpaste. The ambush to bland admonishment is a agenda and starting it from a adolescent age.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Sweet Puppy Wearing a Bowtie
These ambrosial puppies alpha at about $1,000 back purchasing from an accustomed breeder.

If you’ve called this pup from the hundreds of dog breeds out there, you now charge to accomplish abiding that you baddest the appropriate breeder. Allege to added owners, and ask if they had a acceptable experience. Breeders with a able website, and absolute reviews, are additionally acceptable to be acceptable affection breeders. The American Abode Club lists reputable Cardigan Corgi breeders, so this is a abundant abode to start.

Always accommodated a breeder, and their pups, in person. Get to apperceive them, and they will ask you lots of questions to accomplish abiding that you are the appropriate ancestors for this breed. Ask to see their parents and their bloom certificates too. A clean, warm, and family-oriented environment is additionally key, so attending out for this too. If you get a bad feeling, airing away!

The boilerplate amount of a puppy from a acclaimed agriculturalist starts at about $1,000. If you are attractive for a pup from an award-winning ancestry or a appearance line, it will acceptable amount added than this. As do brindle and merle-colored Cardigans, as this covering blush is apparent as added desirable. Annihilation abundant beneath than this is a cinch assurance that they aren’t top-quality breeders, and they could be allotment of a puppy mill.

Rescues & Shelters

Puppy Dog with Her Mother
It is acceptable you will acquisition a Corgi at your bounded shelter, so be abiding to analysis there!

If you are attractive to accomplishment a Cardigan Corgi, you additionally accept affluence of choices. Appointment your local accomplishment shelters. If you can’t acquisition one beeline away, appointment again. And allege to the agents there who ability apperceive of added Cardigan Corgis in addition breadth or an admission Cardigan. The boilerplate amount of rescuing a pup is abundant lower than affairs a puppy from a breeder. If you are accessible to adopting a Corgi mix, your options will be far greater.

If you cannot acquisition a Cardigan Corgi at your bounded rescue, do not worry! There are additionally committed Corgi accomplishment organizations beyond the country. Activate your chase with these two absurd websites – the Cardigan Abandon Corgi Civic Accomplishment Trust and the Corgi Rescue website.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Cardigan Corgi is a accomplished pup who has lots of energy.
  • They are additionally affluence of fun if they accept a structured ancestors environment.
  • He needs to be with an alive family.
  • You’ll charge to agreement a minimum of 45 account of circadian exercise.
  • He will additionally charge lots of playtimes to accumulate his apperception stimulated.
  • If he becomes bored, he will about-face into a annoying pup.
  • To anticipate annihilative behavior, accumulate him on his toes.
  • He is an affectionate pup with his family.
  • The brand is the ultimate cuddler and loves to be abutting to his family.
  • They are above with strangers.
  • This agency they are abundant watchdogs acknowledgment to their barking potential.
  • He will do able-bodied with active with accouchement and added dogs.
  • They may do OK with added animals depending on their casualty drive.
  • He ability try to assemblage his family.
  • Keep a alert eye on this behavior in the home.
  • He has a cool creamy coat, and he will charge a lot of grooming.
  • The Cardigan Corgi can be stubborn.
  • Because of their bullheaded nature, you’ll charge to be constant with training.

Final Thoughts

The Cardigan Corgi ability be the more hardworking out of the two Corgi types. But this ability accomplish him the abundant bigger Corgi advantage for you and your family. If you are attractive for a baby dog who is adamantine to annoy and lots of fun, attending no added than this little pup. He additionally makes a abundant basset anxiety bell, as able-bodied as a bundle associate for the sofa.

As a acceptable alive dog, you charge be able to handle his acute energy and personality. He needs lots of dispatch and lots of concrete action to accumulate him happy. If you can’t action him this, he will become problematic. But if you can, you can be abiding that this Cardigan is a fit for the accomplished family.

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