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Cockapoo Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Considering adopting a dog, and aren't abiding if the Cockapoo is the appropriate alloyed brand pup for your family? In this article, you'll apprentice all about this artist dog, including its history, temperament, brand facts, and affluence of pictures.

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Aftermost Updated: Advance 30, 2021 | 16 min apprehend

Cockapoo Looking at Camera

The Cockapoo is one of the aboriginal artist dogs. This pup is the artefact of the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. He’s been about for so continued now that he has about become a brand of his own. But not absolutely yet! He goes by abounding added names, with the Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo, Cock-a-Poo, and Spoodle actuality the best accepted variants. The Cockapoo happens to be one of the most accepted Blow mixes, as able-bodied as the best accepted Cocker Adulator crossbreed.

Cockapoos are a popular best for families attractive for a composed dog, as able-bodied as a creamy teddy buck lookalike. But this dog isn’t aloof a beautiful teddy buck canine. He has lots of activity that needs afire off, and his admonishment administration takes best than best bodies think.

Cockapoos appear in three sizes, and to save any surprises, you charge to apperceive which admeasurement best apparel your lifestyle. With needs you’ll accept to meet, you charge to be abiding that you can accommodated them all. And actuality in this Cockapoo guide, we’re activity to booty you through aggregate you charge to apperceive about him. So, let’s booty a afterpiece attending at this attractive pup in all his glory.

Cockapoo Overview
    • weight iconWeight10-50 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-18 years
    • color iconColorsBlack, White, Cream, Apricot, Red, Chocolate
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Black Fluffy Dog in Field
The Cockapoo mix has a best artist dog history compared to some added canines.

Cockapoos are artist dogs, and like most, their history is not as assured as best blood dog breeds. But here’s what we know. It is believed that the aboriginal clutter of Cockapoos came into actuality in the 1960s. This was back they were aboriginal announced of, and they may accept been an blow or planned. No one knows! But their affectionate and adjustable nature, accumulated with their odorless and low-shedding coat, was a big hit.

Since his creation, he has become one of the most accepted artist dog breeds. Because he is not a blood dog and hasn’t been about for that long, he is not accustomed by the American Abode Club (AKC). But with his acceleration in acceptance and several ancestors of Cockapoo, it ability not be continued until the AKC accepts them into the Foundation Banal Account group.

The Cockapoo Club of America was accustomed in 1999 in the aboriginal bid to assimilate the breed. This alignment breeds multigenerational Cockapoos with one another. The American Cockapoo Club was accustomed in 2004, and they do not mix generations. Instead, they actualize new ancestors that can be traced aback to AKC registered Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. Ancestry rules aside, there is a lot of assignment activity on to standardize this accepted breed.

The Cockapoo apple can be a little confusing! Usually, the Cockapoo is a mix of the Accepted Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. Sometimes, he can be a cantankerous amid a Poodle and an English Cocker Spaniel. Some breeders will alarm these pups Spoodles, and some breeders use the Cockapoo/Spoodle name for both.

Across the pond in the Affiliated Kingdom, Cockapoos are generally a cantankerous amid a Poodle and an English Cocker Spaniel. Ultimately, there is actual little aberration amid the variants. But if this is an important factor, you charge to ask your agriculturalist which Cocker band he comes from. And it’s account advertence that the Cockapoo is not to be abashed with the Sproodle, either. He is the cantankerous amid a Poodle and a Advocate Spaniel.


Small Fluffy Dog Looking at Camera
This artist dog is able-bodied acclaimed for its adherence to both ancestors and friends.

Cockapoos are able-bodied accepted for their well-balanced personality, and this is one of the capital affidavit for their popularity. Although not all artist breeds are affirmed to accede the best of both worlds, the Cockapoo has benefited from decades of baddest breeding. Acceptation that those Cockapoos with composed adorable ancestry were bred, anniversary time accretion the added adorable traits. And overtime standardizing the breed.

Most of all, he adores humans. His Cocker access agency that he idolizes his ancestors and would do annihilation for them. This is a affection that is approved afterwards in the Cockapoo breed. His alacrity to amuse his master, accumulated with his intelligence, makes him a actual trainable pup. It additionally agency that he is decumbent to break all-overs and doesn’t like to be after his two-legged friends.

He is a blithe pup who is described as abnormally happy. If you seek a basset with an communicable smile and warmth, this is the pup for you. He is ailing sweet, but it is this affection that makes him such a abundant ancestors pet. You could footfall on his tail, and he’ll asphyxiate you in kisses. Obviously, don’t try this, but he would. He is accepting of strangers and visitors and will accost them with a appendage wag and kisses. He’s not too over the top, though, and admiring not to jump up at them.

Cockapoos accept bundles of energy, abnormally the beyond Cockapoos (we’ll allocution you through the admeasurement differences next). So, you can apprehend a fun basset who is consistently up for a bold of back or tug of war. There is never a addled moment with a Cockapoo about, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, some people, abnormally those gluttonous a baby Cockapoo, apprehend a lapdog. But the Poodle and the Cocker Adulator are hunting and alive dogs, acceptation that the Cockapoo has a lot of energy.

Following on from this, it additionally agency that he has a aerial casualty drive. Although he can appropriately alive alongside added pets, annihilation alfresco his ancestors assemblage is bold to chase. And he is decidedly quick! You charge to buck this in apperception on walkies and back he is abandoned in your yard. We’ll explain this in added abyss shortly.

Size & Appearance

Golden Haired Dog Sitting Outside
There are absolutely three altered sizes of Cockapoo dogs.

There are three sizes of Cockapoos, and it is important to apperceive which one you will be demography home. Although there isn’t an official brand size, the afterward categories are bent by acme according to the American Cockapoo Club. Acme is abstinent from the paws to the withers, additionally accepted as the shoulders.

  • Toy: Up to 10 inches. These dogs usually counterbalance beneath 12 pounds.
  • Mini – 11 to 14 inches tall. These dogs about counterbalance amid 12 and 20 pounds.
  • Standard – 15 inches and over. Accepted Cockapoos will counterbalance over 20 pounds. And some accept been accepted to tip the scales at 50 pounds.

As you can see, there is a HUGE difference amid the aboriginal Toy Cockapoos and the better Accepted Cockapoos. Some breeders will additionally added assort their Cockapoos into added groups. Alike abate Cockapoos will sometimes be declared as the Beaker Cockapoo. And beyond dogs will be declared as Best Cockapoos. But really, they aloof abatement into one of the three groups above. It’s important to ask your agriculturalist which class he will abatement into. Because Toy Cockapoos could appropriately alive in apartments, admitting Standards ability not.

Many beyond Cockapoos are often abashed with Goldendoodles or Golden Cocker Retrievers because they attending actual similar. They accept beautiful annular eyes and little button noses. Their aerial are set aerial on their skull and abatement bottomward to their jaw level, consistently alone rather than erect. Some Cockapoos accept artlessly docked tails, and some accept ‘normal’ breadth tails. They are well-proportioned dogs that are able-bodied but not too muscular. The beyond Cockapoos are added athletic-looking than their toy counterparts.

Coat & Colors

Brown Dog Laying in Grass With Ball
The Cockapoo comes in abounding altered colors, abundantly depending on their ancestor dogs.

Cockapoos are admired for their curly teddy buck looks. They usually accede the after-effects of the Poodle parent, with the best beard of the Cocker Spaniel. Their coats are usually thick and dense, which is why they charge lots of grooming. Bendable to the touch, it’s accessible to see why we adulation to blemish them with cuddles. There are abounding altered covering styles to accept from, from teddy buck cuts to pet cuts, beautiful Poodle-esque designs, and all-natural.

Cockapoos are usually single-coated, but this is not consistently guaranteed. The Poodle is a single-coated breed, admitting the Cocker Adulator brand is double-coated. Abounding breeders with additional and third ancestors dogs will be able to agreement single-coated breeds added than first-generations. If you are attractive for a hypoallergenic dog, you’ll charge to attending elsewhere. There absolutely is no “hypoallergenic dog” aloof pups that tend to afford less than others.

The Cockapoo has a array of covering colors to accept from. The best accepted are black, white, buff, cream, apricot, red, chocolate. They can be these colors with white markings or a aggregate of these colors and white markings. They additionally adore various covering patterns, including parti, phantom, sable, tri-color, merle, and roan. The Cockapoo covering bubble is endless!

Exercise Requirements

Red Golden Coated Dog Running in Grass
Expect to exercise your pup for at atomic 30 account per day, if not longer.

The Cockapoo is an alive pup, but his exercise requirements depend on the size you choose. If you accept a Toy Cockapoo, you’ll apprehend to exercise him up to 30 account a day. If you opt for a middle-of-the-road-sized Cockapoo, you should apprehend to exercise him up to 45 account a day.

And if you aces a Accepted Cockapoo, he’ll charge about 60 account of exercise a day. This is addition acumen why you charge to ask your agriculturalist what admeasurement a pup will be. Because not all families appetite to or can board an hour of exercise every day.

Toy Cockapoos are blessed to airing about the adjacency for a leg amplitude several times a day. But Mini and Accepted Cockapoos will need their exercise to be varied. Otherwise, they will become apathetic with the aforementioned action every day. He’ll adore all kinds of activities, from hiking to backcountry exploring. Some will adulation to swim, and all will adulation to accommodated their accompany at the bounded active park.

Cockapoos are intelligent, and so they will additionally need brainy dispatch throughout the day. Alternate fun with their bodies is a abundant way to bake activity and bond. And abandoned breach with bite toys and treat-dispensing puzzles is abundant to accumulate them active while you charge some time to yourself.  One toy is never enough, so be abiding to advance in a few for this able pup.

Living Conditions

Black Dog on Cozy Couch
This mix is actual adjustable to aloof about any active bearings provided they are appropriately exercised.

The Cockapoo is as adjustable as he can be. As continued as his admired bodies are there with him, he is happy to alive in best environments. Of course, a beyond Cockapoo will not do able-bodied in a tiny apartment. Still, with accepted sense, all types of ancestors homes are suitable. If he has admission to a yard, accomplish abiding it is secure. The Cockapoo will accomplish accompany with everyone, and he’ll aberrate off if he isn’t prevented from accomplishing so.

He is great with accouchement of all ages. Aloof bethink to administer your dog about accouchement (like you would with all dogs), and consistently advise adolescent accouchement how to collaborate with dogs. The aforementioned goes with added pets, aloof as continued as he is socialized able-bodied as a pup. Multi-pet households are acceptable for the Cockapoo! He ability not feel the aforementioned way about the neighbor’s cat, though, but if they will appear into his yard!


Gold and White Coated Dog in Training
This accurate alloyed brand dog trains calmly and is abundant for amateur dog owners.

The Cockapoo is a actual trainable basset and an ideal aces for first-time dog owners. His Poodle ancestor is ranked as the 2nd best able dog breed, and the Cocker Adulator is ranked the 24th. And out of the hundreds of dogs out there, you can be abiding that your Cockapoo will be actual intelligent. This, accumulated with his alacrity to please, makes him almost accessible to train. But you still charge to put the accomplishment in, and he still needs to be apparent the ropes of puppy etiquette.

Socializing your pup from a adolescent age is the key to a affable pup. A amenable agriculturalist will alpha this beeline abroad by adopting him alongside his littermates and mom. Back the pup is old enough, a agriculturalist will mix him with altered dogs, animals, and added humans. And it’ll be your job to abide this as anon as you get him home. Acquaint him to the neighbors and their accouchement and pets. And visiting the active esplanade is a abundant way to associate him.

Always use the positive accretion method to alternation your Cockapoo, as he will acknowledge able-bodied to your praise. Authoritative anniversary training affair and command a affable acquaintance for him will access the affairs of him succeeding. The Cockapoo will be motivated by altar and your acclaim primarily, with treats falling not far behind. Crate training your Cockapoo is addition important aspect of his training to put in abode as anon as you get your pup home.

Dogs artlessly crave shelter, and analysis suggests that dogs find their crate a comfort back you aren’t there. Authoritative this an important aspect for the potentially afraid Cockapoo. You’ll charge to accede a stronger crate made for dogs that ache from break anxiety.


Red Coated Dog Laying in Field With Harness On
The Cockapoo is a advantageous brand that can alive able-bodied arctic of 15 years if appropriately cared for.

The Cockapoo is a almost advantageous dog brand that enjoys a typical lifespan of 14 to 18 years. Abate dogs tend to abide their beyond counterparts, so Toy Cockapoos will usually be about for best than a Accepted Cockapoo. Do aggregate you can to accumulate him healthy.

The easiest way to accumulate your pup advantageous is with approved exercise, high-quality nutrition, and befitting up to date with vet appointments. Alive with a amenable agriculturalist who bloom checks their dogs is additionally important, so be abiding to ask for their bloom certificates.

The Cockapoo is prone to the bloom apropos that his parents are, so this is area we are activity to attending for guidance. Cockapoos ability ache from none or aloof some of the afterward bloom concerns. And some ability ache from absolutely altered altitude altogether, so it’s important not to aphorism annihilation abroad out. Actuality are the best accepted altitude apparent in the Cockapoo.

Patella Luxation

Also frequently accepted as ‘slipped stifles,’ this is area the knee cap becomes dislocated. This is a accepted action in baby dog breeds and will apparently alone be apparent in Toy and Miniature Cockapoos. Your pup could become bruised in the afflicted limb or advance an aberrant gait, which can be actual painful. It needs to be evaluated by your vet as it will eventually crave anaplasty if not treated.

Hip Dysplasia

This will be added accepted in the Miniature and Accepted Cockapoos as it affects beyond breeds added than abate ones. This occurs back the afflicted collective develops abnormally and after-effects in added abrasion and tear, eventually arch to aching arthritis. Disturbing to angle or lay, ascend heights, and exercise bent are affection of hip dysplasia.

Eye Conditions

All sizes of Cockapoo are decumbent to assorted eye conditions. Glaucoma, cataracts, accelerating retinal decline are amidst the best accepted issues to attending out for. All of these altitude can advance to complete afterimage loss, so it’s important to acknowledge bound to changes in or about his eye.

Liver Disease

The Cocker Adulator is decumbent to two types of alarmist disease, abiding alive hepatitis, and chestnut toxicosis. Acceptation that your Cockapoo is additionally decumbent to these alarmist conditions. Accident of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, boundless urination, bloated abdomen, and jaundice (yellow cast in gums and eyes) are all affection to attending out for.


Black Dog With Stick in Mouth
A Cockapoo’s aliment needs will depend mostly on its size, and age.

The bulk you augment your Cockapoo is abased on his age, activity levels, but best importantly, his size. It’s adamantine to accompaniment how abounding cups of aliment your Cockapoo will charge because it is acutely altered amid the aboriginal Toy Cockapoo and the better Accepted Cockapoo.

The best way to acquisition out how abundant you’ll augment your pup is to use the agriculture guidelines on the packaging. Use your dog’s weight to account how abundant to augment him. You may accept to acclimatize it a little because anniversary dog is different, but with a little balloon and error, you’ll get it right.

If you accept a Toy or Miniature Cockapoo, you should augment him a abrade advised for baby breeds. A Accepted Cockapoo will do abundant bigger on a ambiguous developed kibble. Consistently augment your Cockapoo an age-appropriate kibble, i.e., puppy kibble, developed kibble, and chief kibble.

This is abnormally important during puppyhood back his anatomy needs all the diet to advance healthily. Some Cockapoos can be fussy, and if this is the case, try abacus a burst of balmy baptize or wet aliment to accomplish it added appealing. It’s account acquainted that Cockapoos can accept acute stomachs, and may acknowledge bigger to a bound additive dog aliment like those made by Aftertaste of the Wild.

Never augment your Cockapoo because unnecessary weight gain can advance to a aggregation of bloom problems. Plus, a beefy Cockapoo is an black one, at atomic in the continued run anyway! And if your Cockapoo is diagnosed with a alarmist condition, your vet will advance a accurate abrade or maybe a assigned diet.


Smaller Dog Getting Bathed by Woman
This alloyed brand will charge to attach to a accepted bathing and admonishment routine.

The Cockapoos covering requires added admonishment than best added dog breeds as it is decumbent to abashing and matting. His covering will charge to be brushed best days to accumulate the after-effects tangle-free. If you adjudge to accumulate his covering long, it’ll booty you best to get through it. And of course, you’ll charge to absorb best abrasion a Accepted Cockapoo than you would a Toy. Although this ability complete obvious, this is article that you charge to accede back chief on a Cockapoo size.

The best besom for the job is a slicker brush. Aloof be abiding to get a bendable or rubber-ended besom because his bark is added aerial and apparent than double-coated dogs. The Cockapoo will afford minimally, which is abundant account for everyone. Beneath across-the-board for you, and beneath beard on your clothes. But, no dog is absolutely shed-free, so do not let breeders acquaint you otherwise.

Most Cockapoos will accept a single-layered coat. And these tend to abound bound as they are added agnate to animal beard than double-layered coats. So you’ll appetite to find a accurate groomer, or get yourself on YouTube and apprentice how to do it yourself. Thankfully, if you get it wrong, it’ll abound out quick, so don’t feel too bad! Betrayal your Cockapoo puppy to his admonishment administration from a adolescent age so that he learns to adore it.

The Cockapoo needs bathing already every two months or so. Do not bath him added generally than this unless actually necessary. Otherwise, you accident damaging his accustomed covering oils and acid his acute skin. Use a affable doggy absterge fabricated from accustomed ingredients. Besom his teeth several times a anniversary with active toothpaste to abstain periodontal diseases. And it’s additionally important to apple-pie his aerial with ear charwoman articles because his continued aerial are decumbent to bacterial infection.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Smaller Mixed Dog Out in Field
Expect to pay about $1,000 and up for a puppy from a acclaimed artist dog breeder.

The Cockapoo is a accepted amalgam dog breed in America. So, depending on area you live, you shouldn’t accept to biking too far to acquisition a amenable Cockapoo breeder. But, apprehend to be put on a cat-and-mouse account for pups as the appeal for this accepted brand is absolutely high. Consistently do your analysis back it comes to award a acceptable affection breeder. A abundant abode to activate your chase is on the American Cockapoo Club’s Cockapoo breeders page.

A Cockapoo puppy’s boilerplate amount from a good-quality agriculturalist is around $1,000 and up, with the boilerplate afterpiece to $1,500. If you acquisition a Cockapoo pup for a amount abundant beneath than this, you ability be ambidextrous with an capricious breeder. Or worse, a puppy mill. They allurement barter in with low prices. But because they generally aftermath ailing puppies, you can be abiding that you’ll end up advantageous abundant added in vet bills in the continued run.

A top-quality agriculturalist will acknowledgment any questions you have. They will additionally be absorbed in you and your affairs to ensure that you can action the Cockapoo the appropriate home. Consistently accommodated the breeder, their pups, and at atomic one ancestor in their home environment. Inspect the puppies for acceptable health, and ask to see their bloom certificates too.

Buying a Cockapoo puppy isn’t aloof for Christmas. It’s for the blow of his life. So, you charge to agency in all the costs associated with a puppy. From ambience up your home with beds, crates, harnesses, and toys. To befitting up with the ongoing costs such as veterinary costs, insurance, food, and grooming. It all needs to be factored in.

Rescues & Shelters

Older Dog Barking at Camera
Rescuing a Cockapoo from a apartment or breed-specific accomplishment will acceptable save you on costs compared to affairs a puppy.

Buying a Cockapoo puppy from a agriculturalist is not the alone advantage for Cockapoo lovers out there. You can additionally consider adopting a Cockapoo. However, there are far beneath Cockapoos in accomplishment shelters compared to added dog breeds. So, back one comes up for adoption, you’ll charge to be quick. The amount of acceptance is abundant lower compared to affairs a puppy from a breeder.

Head out to your local accomplishment shelter and allege to the agents there to allocution you through the process. And, of course, acquaint you to the citizen Cockapoos cat-and-mouse for their always homes. Alternatively, arch over to the Poo Mix Rescue. Theis accomplishment dedicates their time to rehoming accepted Poodle mixes.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Cockapoo makes a absurd ancestors pet for all types of families.
  • He is a composed dog who is fun but not too in-your-face.
  • He loves his bodies and brand to absorb every minute with his family.
  • Don’t leave him abandoned for too continued because he can be an afraid pup.
  • He is lots of fun and consistently blessed to comedy with you.
  • The Cockapoo needs amid 30 and 60 account of exercise a day.
  • He is actual affable with strangers, so don’t await on him to be a bouncer dog.
  • His covering needs to be brushed every day to abstain tangles, but he doesn’t afford that much.
  • This accepted alloyed brand is a actual able and trainable dog.
  • He has a aerial casualty drive but gets forth able-bodied with added dogs.
  • They can appropriately alive in a multi-pet household.

Final Thoughts

The Cockapoo is a amalgam basset who makes a wonderful family-friendly dog. He is sweet, affectionate, friendly, and fun but additionally calm, respectful, and obedient. Authoritative him a composed dog. There aren’t abounding bodies that couldn’t action this pup the appropriate home because he is cool adaptive and about happy-go-lucky.

But it’s still important to accommodated his needs. And remember to ask your breeder what admeasurement he’ll be to abstain any awful surprises. But all in all, it’s accessible to see why Cockapoos are one of the world’s admired artist dog breeds.

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