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English Mastiff Advance Chart: Macho and Changeable Weight & Height

This absolute adviser showcases aggregate you charge to apperceive about the advance of your English Mastiff. From a account adviser to your Mastiff's puppy advance to what to apprehend of a adult Mastiff (complete with advance chart), we analyze all of the altered factors that accord to your dog’s growth.

Sadie Cornelius

Aftermost Updated: September 3, 2021 | 14 min apprehend

English Mastiff Adult standing tall in a field

The behemothic English Mastiff is an actually massive dog. There’s no agnosticism about it: their admeasurement and body are commanding. But accept you wondered aloof what goes into them growing so large?

For one, they accept an amazing advance rate, so they advance in admeasurement quickly. Interestingly, they still booty best to ability ability than a lot of added dogs. As the buyer of an English Mastiff, you appetite to accomplish abiding that your dog thrives so it can be as able as possible. However, you’re apprenticed to ask some questions as your puppy gets bigger.

Some puppies may abound at a quicker amount than others. This is apprenticed to account some abashing for abounding pet parents. Sure, you apperceive that they will get huge and bulky, but it’s account exploring their weight milestones to ensure they’re on track. It’s consistently acceptable to accept credibility of allegory to ensure your dog is growing up properly. Abounding factors go into an English Mastiff advance and we will analyze them in this article.

Discover what to apprehend of a adult Mastiff, additional get a bigger abstraction of how an English Mastiff puppy grows from month-by-month. We additionally allotment a blueprint of your dog’s advance so you accept a handy, reliable advertence point. Then, we analyze the altered factors that accord to your dog’s growth. Lastly, we acknowledgment some of the best frequently asked questions about this behemothic breed’s growth.

What to Expect

Mastiff Puppy
Puppyhood is the best important adorning aeon of your dog’s life, so it’s important to do it right.

We apperceive that English Mastiffs are activity to abound up to be big, able dogs. However, it additionally helps to apperceive what to expect. This will advice us adapt for all the changes as your puppy grows. While advance archive are helpful, we still charge to accept how best to affliction for our dogs as they ample out their bodies. It’s additionally acceptable to apprentice about the abounding adorning changes that appear during the aboriginal years. Afore we get into puppy advance averages, let’s booty a quick footfall aback to admonish ourselves that every dog is different.


This commodity capacity the archetypal advance of an English Mastiff, but your puppy’s aisle may vary. They may end up accepting advance spurts or plateaus that overshoot or apathetic bottomward their growth. This is normal. Your pup may additionally abound able-bodied above two years of age. Their all-embracing bloom additionally determines their development, so booty affliction to augment them appropriately and abstain injuries. Ultimately, your puppy may be bigger or abate than these averages; if you acquisition yourself abashed by the growth, or abridgement thereof, it is a acceptable abstraction to argue with a veterinarian to see if your pup is growing up healthily.

Puppy Advance Timeline

Here is a timeline of the boilerplate English Mastiff puppy’s growth, additional what to apprehend of them as they develop. We additionally awning what you charge accommodate your puppy with during this time.

Young Mastiff
English Mastiffs absorb a continued time growing up, so it’s astute to adviser their advance closely, to ensure the best health.

Birth to 2 Weeks

There is not abundant you can do with them from back your puppy is built-in up to back they are about two weeks old. At this time, they are absolutely codicillary on their mother, back they are deafened and blind. It’s a acceptable abstraction to accumulate a abutting eye on mom to accomplish abiding she’s bistro well, but otherwise, you should let the puppies do their own affair and suckle milk to their hearts’ content. It’s at the two-week mark that the puppies’ eyes will activate to open, and their deafness starts disappearing.

1 Month

At about one ages old to bristles weeks old, your puppy’s senses accept developed considerably. They activate to be added amusing with their littermates. At this point, they accept at atomic amorphous to wean off their mother’s milk. You may alpha to accord them wet aliment at this point. Ensure they accept a lot of time to comedy with their ancestors to advice with aboriginal socialization.

2 Months

This is the time to abstracted your puppy from its mom. They should be absolutely weaned off milk at this point. Obedience training should activate at this stage, as it sets a acceptable foundation for their behavior for the blow of their lives. Housetraining should appear easily. They should additionally be accomplished not to chaw or nip at bodies and added animals. At this time, we alpha seeing added accustomed development happening.

Here is what you can apprehend from macho and changeable English Mastiffs. We will abide this ascertainment through the blow of this section.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 29 pounds and angle about 13.5 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 24 pounds and angle about 12 inches.

3 Months

At three months old, your English Mastiff puppy’s training and socialization continue. It would be a acceptable abstraction to alpha bridle training at this time to get them acclimated to the feel of the bridle and harness. Booty affliction not to booty them out for continued walks aloof yet, as overexertion can be actual difficult for your puppy. Walking continued distances on adamantine surfaces can additionally agitate able cartilage development. Abide to betrayal your dog to new people, animals, places, and situations to accomplish for a ample dog in the future.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 45 pounds and angle about 15.5 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 39 pounds and angle about 13.3 inches.

4 Months

At about the four-month mark, your puppy should be appropriately acclimatized in to its new home. Abide accordance training and socialization as usual. You may both account from classes to advice with training. Puppy kindergarten classes are additionally a acceptable abstraction to advice your dog accept how best to behave about added dogs. This will advice them abound into confident, non-aggressive adults. Be abiding they aren’t appliance heavily at this point in their life, as this could abuse them.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 60 pounds and angle about 18 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 50 pounds and angle about 17 inches.

5 Months

By the time your Mastiff puppy has accomplished bristles months old, you may be afraid at how fast they are growing! They may alpha acceptable harder to handle as they grow, learn, and play. We animate you to be accommodating with them and accolade acceptable behavior. Absolute accretion can accomplish all the aberration in their training. You can abide behavior training classes as necessary. Activate introducing added breach at this age, admitting we still acclaim alone appliance your dog for abbreviate periods at this age.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 80 pounds and angle about 20 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 65 pounds and angle about 18 inches. This is the age they activate to be acutely abate than macho dogs.

6 Months

When your dog has accomplished six months old, they are absolutely starting to ample out their bodies well. Alpha routines with your puppy to accord them a faculty of structure. Actuality a firm, assured baton at this point in their lives will advice them to see you as their ascendancy figure. They may be rambunctious, but you should still amusement them with patience. Be abiding to barrier bad behavior as you see it, but consistently animate acceptable habits as well.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 100 pounds and angle about 21.5 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 80 pounds and angle about 19 inches.

7 Months

When your puppy is at seven months of age, they should be able-bodied set in their circadian activity with you. Your routines should be able-bodied fleshed out and followed daily. It’s accustomed for them to act out from time to time, but you should still angle close with them to abash bad behavior. At this point, they should be well-adjusted to the bodies and animals who allotment their home. Socialization should abide with new bodies to advice them beat any fears.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 125 pounds and angle about 22.5 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 90 pounds and angle about 20 inches.

8 Months

When ages eight comes around, you may apprehension that your English Mastiff has affirmed to you absolutely well. Because of this, they may alpha developing break all-overs if larboard abandoned for too long. This can advance to annihilative behavior. Back possible, it is best to leave addition to watch your dog so they don’t get apathetic and lonely. Above break anxiety, your dog should be crumbling at a satisfactory pace. They should be eating, exercising, and adorning on a able schedule.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 140 pounds and angle about 23.3 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 100 pounds and angle about 20.5 inches.

9 Months

You can apprehend your dog to alpha crumbling added rapidly at about the nine-month mark. They will still be actual playful, but should behave almost able-bodied if their needs are met. Aloof buck in apperception that they can be actual annihilative back they get frustrated, so ensure that they’re consistently cared for. Toys are a abundant way to accumulate them mentally and physically stimulated, so be abiding to accommodate them with plenty.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 155 pounds and angle about 24.5 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 110 pounds and angle about 21.3 inches.

10 Months

At ten months, you will see your dog’s advance slow. This is accustomed and allotment of the development process. You can still apprehend great energy, but again, they will be added absorbed to accept to you now that you accept accustomed assurance and a acceptable rapport.

This is about the age back you will be able to booty them for best walks, admitting you shouldn’t accord them added than they can handle. Two 25 account walks per day will accomplish all the aberration in allowance them expend their energy.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 165 pounds and angle about 25 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 115 pounds and angle about 21.5 inches. This is area females generally hit a advance plateau.

11 Months

Your dog should be adapted to home activity actual able-bodied by the time they are eleven months old. They will be an accustomed affiliate of your ancestors and should act as such. They alpha crumbling out and acceptable added relaxed, admitting they still crave an hour’s airing breach into two sessions daily. They additionally account from arena amateur with you in the backyard or at the dog park. But, be abiding not to do annihilation too strenuous, so they don’t accidentally get hurt.

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 170 pounds and angle about 25.5 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 115 pounds and angle about 21.7 inches.

1 Year

At this point, now that your dog has accomplished their aboriginal birthday, home activity should be harmonious. It may be difficult to rein them in sometimes accustomed their size, but that’s why aboriginal accordance training is essential– aloof brainstorm if you hadn’t done it! Abide to abutment their advance with able diet and affliction to advice them abound into their developed body. Your Mastiff still has absolutely a bit of growing to do alike able-bodied accomplished the one-year mark!

  • Males: counterbalance an boilerplate of 175 pounds and angle about 26 inches.
  • Females: counterbalance an boilerplate of 120 pounds and angle about 22.5 inches.

What Happens Next?

Dog in Water
Mastiffs are actual different dogs in that it takes a continued time for them to ability abounding actual maturity.

They can still abound alike back they accept accomplished bristles years old. Thus, afterwards a year has passed, it is absolutely accustomed for your dog to accumulate growing. It’s a acceptable abstraction to accumulate tabs on their advance as they age. You can analyze addendum with your veterinarian to see if your dog is on track. However, what absolutely affairs is their all-embracing health. If your dog is healthy, again there is no acumen to anguish about how big they are.

Full Developed English Mastiff

Your gorgeous, affectionate, calm Mastiff will accept developed a lot over bristles years. You can apprehend them to be absolutely massive both in weight and height– but additionally in heart. These dogs are actual candied and adulation annihilation added than to be by your side.

With attention to numbers, there’s a lot to consider. Macho English Mastiffs will counterbalance anywhere amid 160 to 230 pounds. Females are abundant smaller, belief 120 to 170 pounds. As for height, it’s a bit trickier. AKC accepted doesn’t accord a specific best acme for adult Mastiffs. However, males angle at a minimum of 30 inches, and females are 27.5 inches tall.

Growth Charts

We’ve put calm two advance archive for the English Mastiff– one to clue weight and one for height. This provides a quick and accessible advertence point back because your dog’s growth. Aloof bethink that the numbers we accord are averages; your dog may abatement alfresco these standards.


AgeMale Weight (lbs.)Female Weight (lbs.)
2 months2924
3 months4539
4 months6050
5 months8065
6 months10080
7 months12590
8 months140100
9 months155110
10 months165112
11 months170115
12 months175120
14 months185125
16 months189126
18 months192129
2 years205135
3 years220167.5
4 years225175
5 years227.5185

As you can see, abounding of these dogs abound to be added than abounding bodies are– which can accomplish them abundant added than a handful! Accordance training is important to analytical to ensure they don’t topple anyone over by jumping up on them whenever they’re excited.


AgeMale Weight (lbs.)Female Weight (lbs.)
2 months13.512
3 months15.513.3
4 months1817
5 months2018
6 months21.519
7 months22.520
8 months23.320.5
9 months24.521.3
10 months2521.5
11 months25.521.7
1 year2622.5
Full grown3027.5

This blueprint is beneath than the weight one because the AKC doesn’t accept a accepted for best advance of an English Mastiff. Already absolutely grown, males should be about 30 inches alpine and 27.5 inches alpine for females. However, abounding dogs abatement alfresco these numbers.

Factors to Consider

Panting dog
Mastiffs absorb a continued time growing up, so it’s astute to adviser their advance closely, to ensure the best health.

It’s important to accede these factors to ensure that your dog grows up properly. These will additionally advice you accept factors that affect your pup’s growth, acceptance you to blow easy, alike if it’s not activity the way you imagined.


English Mastiffs are bred to be behemothic dogs. This is allotment of their abiogenetic line, but some dogs are beyond than others. While you can usually get a acceptable account of how ample your dog will be by attractive at the parents, you can’t consistently agreement that admeasurement will manifest. This is aloof a baby allotment of the all-embracing abiogenetic picture.

Parents may accept genes that announce their baby will be smaller, the aforementioned size, or beyond than they are, and there is no way to acquaint until your dog has gotten to that point. You ability ask your agriculturalist about antecedent baby curve to see what affectionate of puppies the parents accept produced.


Nutrition is the foundation of your dog’s acceptable bloom and can be a free agency in how ample or baby your dog will grow. It’s a accepted delusion that overfeeding will advance to the better dog possible. In reality, this aloof paves the way appear obesity, which can account a countless of preventable diseases.

In the aboriginal two determinative months, ensure that your dog is accepting abundant milk from its mother. It’s important to augment your dog a few appropriately-sized commons circadian of the best dog aliment for Mastiffs, ensuring counterbalanced bloom and nutrition. The aliment should be advised for ample or behemothic brand dogs, accouterment the complete, counterbalanced nutrients all-important for growing bodies. Giving them vitamins and minerals can additionally advice to ensure growth.

Growth Spurts and Plateaus

Growth spurts and plateaus can appear to any developing dog at any age. Sometimes, you may appointment plateaus at assertive times in your dog’s life. For example, changeable English Mastiffs generally ability a plateau about ten months. While you cannot calculation on advance spurts or plateaus to appear absolutely back you apprehend them, it’s important to apprehend that your dog is accomplishing their best to abound at its own pace. Advance spurts are random, so don’t accent about them too much. Artlessly do your best to affliction for your dog, and their bodies will booty affliction of the rest.

Neutering and Spaying

Spaying or neutering your dog aboriginal in activity will not achievement its growth. However, as a ample brand dog, your English Mastiff’s joints may be affected. Some studies appearance that aboriginal spaying or neutering can affect a dog’s advance plate. This could adjournment its cease and acquiesce dogs to abound taller than they usually would. While this may complete good, this may activate them to collective ache after in life.

Be abiding to ask your veterinarian back it is adapted to castrate or alter your dog. As a aphorism of thumb, females should be anchored afterwards their aboriginal calefaction cycle, while males should be adapted about two years old.

Physical Health

The final agency to accede is your dog’s all-embracing concrete health. If your pup is unwell for a continued time, this may achievement its growth. Poor bloom doesn’t acquiesce the anatomy to ability its abounding potential, so booty your ailing dog to the veterinarian to ensure aggregate is alright.

Overexertion is addition agency to avoid, as it can abuse your dog. Booty affliction not to over-exercise your English Mastiff.

Lastly, accustomed their all-inclusive size, it is basic to acquiesce lots of amplitude for your Mastiff to play. This helps anticipate abrasion and allows their anatomy to advance through abounding and chargeless movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog looking at camera
Watching your dog abound can account some anatomy of all-overs — this is accustomed for a admiring pet parent. 

Let’s acknowledgment some of the best frequently asked questions from English Mastiff owners who aloof appetite the best for their dogs.

When will my English Mastiff stop growing?

This behemothic brand grows at a fast pace; abounding of them bifold in admeasurement aural three months! However, they will ability abounding ability slowly– about about two years old. Admitting this, they will abide growing alike afterwards they are four years old!

Your dog’s advance amount will stabilize at the two-year mark, so they will not be growing up anywhere abreast as bound as they did in puppyhood. However, you can still apprehend them to accretion pounds and inches, admitting not as acutely as before. Growth stops about 5 years of age, at which point they will be altogether massive.

How fast can my Mastiff grow?

English Mastiffs abound at an amazing rate. However, there’s no absolute way to peg this amount for your dog, as they are affected to accidental advance spurts and plateaus.

Like back we discussed genetics, you can attending at your dog’s parents and ancestors to accept a asperous adumbration of how ample they ability grow. However, your after-effects will acceptable vary. Some dogs may alpha out baby but aback shoot up in weight and acme afterwards in life. Some added dogs will alpha beyond than their littermates but again apathetic in advance afterwards hitting a plateau.

There can be a lot of admeasurement alterity amid behemothic admeasurement breeds, English Mastiffs included.

Will my puppy acquaintance growing pains?

Studies appearance that puppies do not absolutely acquaintance growing pains. However, assertive orthopedic altitude may accord them pain. Accept you apprehension limping, swelling, an abnormal gait, or a alienation to be complex in ahead agreeable activities. In that case, it’s account bringing your dog to the vet to get a afterpiece attending at what’s activity on.

Letting your dog comedy too almost or exercise too abundant can advance to injury, which can additionally accompany them pain. Booty affliction to accord your dog abounding amplitude to play, and do not let them bankrupt themselves. These measures will abbreviate the adventitious of injuries.

What are some altitude accepted to Mastiffs?

The best accepted altitude that affect growing English Mastiffs are orthopedic. Back they are a behemothic breed, Mastiffs may acquaintance hypertrophic osteodystrophy as they abound up. This action introduces aching abscess in the advance plates, generally accompanied by a fever. This affair resolves itself on its own best of the time.

Another action frequently apparent in growing Mastiffs is hip dysplasia, area the thigh cartilage does not fit appropriately in the hip socket. This is actual aching and can advance to arthritis, so anaplasty is recommended to adjustment the issue. Thankfully, best acclaimed breeders awning for hip dysplasia and do not acquiesce parents with this action to breed.

What if my English Mastiff isn’t the actual weight?

If your English Mastiff is not the actual weight, there are a few means to appraise the best advance of action. A Mastiff’s weight is activity to depend on how ample they accept become size-wise. You should apprehend them to get chunkier as they abound older. A acceptable analysis to see if your dog is ample or angular is by blockage their ribs. By agilely acute on your dog’s ribs, you should be able to feel them, admitting you should not be able to see them.

Too abundant fat will crave a counterbalanced diet, additional added exercise. Too little fat will crave veterinary assistance. An angular dog may charge deworming for centralized parasites. Ultimately, it’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to ask your veterinarian to advice actuate solutions for ample or angular dogs.

In Conclusion

English Mastiffs are huge and beefy dogs who accept a lot of growing up to do. As they age, you charge appear to their needs because they are attractive to you to accommodate them with the best affliction possible.

We achievement you accept acquired a bigger compassionate of your Mastiff’s advance patterns. Endless factors go into your dog’s growth, but we acclaim you for demography time to research, so you apperceive what to expect. This way, you can be assured that you are giving your dog the best care.

Be abiding to accompany your dog in for approved veterinary checkups. This way, you can acutely see if your dog is on clue for its best advance potential.

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