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German Attend Brand Information: Traits, Facts & More

If you are attractive for an energetic, loyal bouncer dog that is cool intelligent, again attending no added than the German Shepherd! This accepted brand makes an accomplished ancestors pet, but it isn't a absolute bout for aloof any family. Acquisition out what you can apprehend from admonishment needs, exercise requirements, bloom concerns, and more!

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German Shepherd Breed Information

The handsome, blue-blooded German Shepherd is a affiliate of the herding group, and he is currently the additional best accepted dog brand in the U.S alone behind the labrador retriever. German Shepherds are big dogs that charge affluence of space, so one of these pups won’t clothing you if you alive in a baby accommodation after a garden. As he was bred to be a alive dog, the German Attend needs lots of exercise and amateur to accumulate his anatomy and academician occupied. So, be warned, these pups are not couch potatoes!

The German Attend is an accomplished best of dog for you if you adore spending time in the Abundant Outdoors. These dogs additionally do able-bodied in families with kids, as they’re a loyal and admiring breed. Your German Attend will be the happiest active central as a ancestors member.

In this article, we booty a abundant attending at the German Shepherd. Back you’ve accomplished reading, you’ll apperceive whether one of these pups would accomplish the absolute pet for you. So, let’s apprentice added about the awful intelligent, trainable German Shepherd!

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight50-90 Pounds
    • height iconHeight22-26 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-13 Years
    • color iconColorsBlack & Tan, Black, White, Liver, Blue
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Group of Working Dogs
German Shepherds are a allotment of the Alive Accumulation and do able-bodied as bouncer dogs.

German Shepherds accept been about for absolutely a continued time and appear from, you estimated it, Germany. Although initially acclimated as guard and herding dogs, their intelligence and affability accept fabricated them actual accepted pets. They are now bred broadly in the Affiliated States, but there are differences amid German Shepherds of European curve vs. American lines.

The origins of the German Attend are traced to Europe in the average of the 19th Century. The 19th Aeon is accustomed for actuality the agent of best accepted dog breeds as afore this, they weren’t frequently domesticated. It was accepted not to apperceive what affectionate of dog you had as you got whatever brand that happened to be nearby.

Dogs aback again were bred based on ancestry that were adorable for specific jobs. For example, in Germany, farmers bare their dogs to assure their livestock, as able-bodied as herding said livestock in and out of their pens. This appropriate a acceptable accord of agility, intelligence, strength, and a acceptable faculty of administration and smell. Isolating these ancestry took assorted generations, but eventually, the German Attend emerged.

Still, the brand was far from perfect. There were a lot of variants amid altered dogs. Although they were acceptable at herding sheep, were intelligent and robust, their alone abilities bare to be connected to annihilate the affliction of the brand and accompany out its best.

The aboriginal above contributor to accumulation German Attend ancestry was the Phylax Society. This board was formed in Germany in 1891 with the mission to standardize dog breeds throughout the country. They capital to accomplish dog breeds calmly identifiable with basal about-face amid individuals.

This accustomed pet owners and bartering dog sellers to accept animals based on their accomplishment and concrete attributes. The acclimation of dog breeds meant that consumers were added acceptable to acquirement animals as they knew there was little aberration amid one dog to another.

The Phylax Society disbanded afterwards three years due to disagreements on what ancestry should be accustomed to which breed, how they should be bred, and which brand should be bred with whom. Alike admitting they were short-lived, this helped to atom the dog ancestry industry throughout Europe.

Max Von Stephanitz, a founding affiliate of the now adjourn Phylax Society, absitively to booty affairs into his own hands. He believed that dogs were declared to be working animals and should be bred to accept ancestry to reflect that. In 1899 while Max was at a dog show, he begin a dog that akin his accepted of the alive dog – the strong, intelligent, large, and active German Shepherd.

Impressed with the bulk of assignment the dog could handle, he bought the dog immediately. He again went on to begin the “Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde,” or the Society for the German Attend Dog. Max’s dog Horand became the actual aboriginal German Shepherd, as the brand was added to the dog annals that aforementioned year.

Max’s dog Horand, accomplished a lot of absorption as he became the capital focus of assorted ancestry programs. Bodies were afraid by the breed’s physical backbone and characteristics. He was bred with a ample cardinal of dogs which created assorted altered dog breeds still about today.

The breeders got active quickly. The handsome, able German Attend anon became noticed in added countries and is anticipation to accept aboriginal come to the U.S. in 1906. In 1913, the German Attend Club of America was formed.

Although the UK Abode Club at the time didn’t acquire the German Attend until 1919, they were active in allowance the dog brand become domesticated. In 1919 there were alone 54 of them registered. Seven years later, in 1926, there were more than 8,000. The brand was acceptable internationally known, but unfortunately, for the amiss reasons.

World War I led to a bead in the German Shepherd’s popularity, as the dogs were associated with the enemy. Throughout the war, the German Attend becoming his acceptability as a brave, boxy cookie by braving acreage mines, tanks, and arms blaze to accompany food to the German armament angry in the trenches.

Due to “German” actuality a allotment of the breed’s name, abounding anticipation there was an affiliation with Germany and German soldiers, and were appropriately apparent as an enemy. The brand was swiftly called to the Alsatian to try to blackout the abrogating association. However, soldiers who alternate home from Germany managed to advice the acceptability of the brand by adage how friendly, strong, and loyal they were.

The Affiliated States is a big acumen for the added acceptance of the breed, as animal actors were generally German Shepherds. The aboriginal registered in the US was called Queen of Switzerland. However, due to bad breeding, her baby didn’t survive. This bedridden the acceptance of the breed, but it did acquisition a activation after on in the century.

Sieger Pfeffer von Bern became a bounded fable in the antagonism circuit. This German Attend became a champ in the American Kneel Club shows multiple times over abounding years. Bodies were reminded of the arduous majesty of the breed.

Due to the Additional Apple War, the acceptance decreased afresh due to the aforementioned affidavit as the aftermost Apple War. The acceleration of the Nazi administration led to a lot of anti-German propaganda which additionally afflicted the Shepherd, forth with added German-specific dog breeds. At the time, no one capital a dog that was associated with the enemy. Owners of the Attend frequently aria about the brand to accumulate them safe.

By the ’60s, this affiliation was lifted, and the popularity added already more. By 1993, the German Attend became the 3rd best accepted breed, and they abide there as of 2020. It is accepted to see this brand booty the top bristles spots on dog registries worldwide.

In 2020, the German Attend is cardinal three on the American Abode Club’s chart, abaft the ever-popular Labrador Retriever and the French Bulldog, and aloof a few spaces advanced of the Aureate Retriever in popularity.


Face of Handsome Tan and Black Dog
From careful badge dogs to aces ancestors pets, German Shepherds can be accomplished to excel in any role.

German Shepherds are accustomed guardians, authoritative for incredible ancestors pets and accepted as badge dogs. They affection an acute and abiding adherence to their families. It is accepted German Shepherds accept placed themselves in harm’s way afore they let a ancestors affiliate get injured.

Humans accept to acquire the assurance of a German Shepherd, as they can be above and alert of strangers. A German Attend will absence to a “guard dog” if it is believed their ancestors is in danger. Because of this, they can arise to be unfriendly or alike hostile.

If you appetite your German Attend to be affable about guests, it is important to socialize them early through interactions with added animals, kids, and alike babies. These pups are accessible to train, but it is basic to brainwash them aboriginal and consistently.

Barking is how dogs communicate, and German Shepherds are inherently chatty. They will bark back apathetic or to active you if article is awry. Able brainy stimulation, affluence of exercise, and training can advice accumulate barking at a minimum.

These able dogs were born workers, so they act their best back they accept a job to do. This can be as acute as alive as a aggressive or badge dog or as simple as analytic a addle to get a treat. Back in the comforts of his own home and family, German Shepherds will allotment their asinine ancillary by flopping about and casting toys in the air.

Size & Appearance

Three Panting Dogs Sitting Outdoors
These ample doggos can counterbalance up to 90 pounds!

German Shepherds are big dogs! An developed German Attend can abound to amid 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder, belief in at amid 50 to 90 pounds. Changeable German Shepherds are about abate than their macho counterparts.

During the aboriginal few months of puppyhood, German Shepherds accept soft, billowing ears. At about bristles months old, they will accessible against the advanced and become added erect. They accept long, beeline muzzles that accomplishment with black, aboveboard noses. Their able and acquisitive announcement is fabricated with dark, almond-shaped eyes.

These massive creatures accept a continued anatomy that slopes against the back; their afterwards legs are beneath than the front. This causes hip problems for German Shepherds after in life. A long, bristling appendage with a slight hook, like a saber, serves as the berth for this canine.

Coat & Colors

Pair of Tan and Black Dogs in Snow
Black and tan is the best accepted blush aggregate for German Shepherds.

Most German Shepherds are basically black and tan. However, you can additionally acquisition solid atramentous German Shepherds and sable-colored ones.

You may see puppies with white coats, liver-colored, or blue coats. These pups are generally advertised as “rare,” and are appropriately for auction at aerial prices. Don’t be fooled! If you appetite to appearance your German Shepherd, these colors are frowned aloft and won’t win you any prizes.

The German Attend is double-coated. That agency the dog has a fluffy undercoat that has acquired to accumulate him balmy in the algid abundance ambiance area the brand initially worked.

The German Shepherd’s alien covering is straight, dense, and coarse. These collapsed “guard” hairs lay abutting to the dog’s body, accouterment a band of water-repellent fur. The undercoat is soft, fluffy, and thicker than the bouncer coat.

German Shepherds accept four specific covering lengths:

German Shepherds with undercoats afford moderately all year round.

Exercise & Active Conditions

Tan and Black Dog Running in Snow
These alive animals charge at atomic an hour of exercise anniversary day.

A German Attend needs affluence of exercise, both to accumulate him in acceptable concrete action and to stimulate him mentally. If you’re an outdoorsy family, a German Attend could be the absolute accompaniment for you.

These dogs adulation continued walks and amateur of back with a brawl or Frisbee too. You’ll need to accomplish time to accord your German Attend two acceptable walks every day, and you should accommodate a brace of breach sessions also.

In theory, a German Attend could alive alfresco your home, as continued as you accommodate him with a waterproof, well-ventilated, cozy dog crate. The brand has a bifold covering with creamy underfur that will accumulate your pup balmy in winter.

However, German Shepherds are fiercely loyal to their animal families, and your pup may become fatigued and feel abandoned if he’s afar from you. So, although a German Attend could alive outside, he would abundant adopt to break with you central on a comfortable dog bed!


Black and Tan K9 in Police Training
German Shepherds are awful trainable and are generally acclimated in aggressive and appropriate forces.

The athletic, brave, and super-versatile German Attend still works in abounding altered occupations today. The brand is broadly acclimated by the police and military, provides abetment and advice to bodies with disabilities, works as a chase and accomplishment dog, and some Shepherds are trained as apprehension dogs, analytic for contraband, drugs, and actionable stowaways.

German Shepherds still assignment on farms and ranches beyond the apple as herding dogs. In leisure, German Shepherds excel in around all basset sports, including tracking, rally, agility, obedience training, berth diving, and flyball.

German Shepherds are awful trainable and absorb up new advice like sponges! It’s a acceptable abstraction to take your puppy to training classes as anon as he’s old enough. German Shepherds are big dogs, and you appetite castigation to be acquiescent from the chat go. You’ll appetite to alpha aboriginal so you can abstain them acceptable afraid and engaging in bad behavior.

Because they are so accomplished at acquirements new abilities and are such adamantine workers, they are generally acclimated as badge dogs like their abroad cousin, the Belgian Malinois. They are additionally generally compared to added dogs like the Doberman and also compared to the Rottweiler which are both guard dogs in nature.

The GSD is a huge chewer. Allotment of this comes during the puppy date area teething happens. This is accustomed in all puppies, of course, but German Shepherds are abnormally bad. Not alone does teething hurt, chewing relieves that discomfort, but this brand has it in their attributes to chew. Their aciculate teeth and able aperture are a aftereffect of their wolf ancestry, authoritative it their aptitude to work, gnaw, and tip things apart.

It’s a allotment of their attributes to survive. They charge to advance a strong chaw and aciculate teeth, and chewing and gnawing advice them achieve this. For that reason, it’s important to get the appropriate toys to augment this aptitude and accumulate your pup happy.


Energetic Tan and Black Dog Running Outdoors
There are a cardinal of abiogenetic bloom apropos to be acquainted of for German Shepherds.

The boilerplate lifespan for a German Attend is amid 10 and 13 years, although abounding alive longer. Admitting actuality able-bodied and airy dogs, German Shepherds can be decumbent to several bloom problems, including:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an affiliated action area the arch of the thigh cartilage does not fit accurately in the hip joint socket. Eventually, the cartilage starts to abrasion away, ultimately causing aching arthritis.

Hip dysplasia can be managed with medication, and there is additionally a surgical analysis option. However, anaplasty is not consistently successful and will additionally amount you abounding bags of dollars. It’s accessible for earlier dogs with the abeyant to advance hip dysplasia to be put on glucosamine-rich food.

Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative myelopathy is a agnate action to assorted sclerosis in people. The ache causes a slow access paralysis of the dog’s hindquarters. Degenerative myelopathy is untreatable, although the advance of the ache can be slowed bottomward with drugs. Eventually, an afflicted dog will lose his advancement altogether, and ultimately, the alone advantage is euthanasia.

Heart Disease

As is the case with abounding of the ample breeds, German Shepherds can be afflicted by a accomplished ambit of affection diseases, including enlarged hearts, affection murmurs, and valve diseases. For that reason, you should accept your vet appraise your German Shepherd’s affection as allotment of an anniversary bloom analysis for signs of problems.

You should consistently ask the agriculturalist for capacity of your puppy’s parents’ and grandparents’ bloom certification. Abounding of the bloom problems that affect German Shepherds are inherited, so it’s basic you apperceive that your pup’s parents accept been tested and are bright of these conditions.

Also, attitude is hereditary. A German Attend with an aggressive, asymmetric attitude is a actual alarming animal, so be abiding to ask if your puppy’s parents authority a “TT” certificate issued by the American Attitude Analysis Society.

Before a German Attend can be included in the Canine Bloom Advice Centermost database, he’s appropriate by the German Attend Dog Club of America to authority elbow and hip certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, and he charge additionally accept GSDCA attitude analysis array on file. Alternative CHICHI tests accommodate thyroid and cardiac evaluations too.

Note that the thyroid tests on the puppy’s parents charge accept been carried out aural the accomplished 12 months, and the eye assay aural the aftermost two years. Analysis out the CHICHI website to see if your puppy’s parents are listed there.


Young Tan and Black Dog Eating From a Dog Bowl
It is best to augment your German Attend high-quality abrade that is distinctively formulated for ample breeds.

Like all dogs, German Shepherds are primarily meat-eaters. So, your German Shepherd’s diet should comprise mostly of dry dog aliment that’s accurately fabricated for German Shepherds with aerial protein levels. Protein is an capital comestible basic for able-bodied development, activity requirements, and advantageous growth.

Your dog’s diet should additionally accommodate an amount of fat to accumulate his bark and covering in acceptable condition. As your German Attend grows from a puppy to adulthood, his diet will change according to his age and action levels.

German Attend puppies absolutely charge added diet than their developed counterparts. These pups are livewires who absorb their canicule blockage out their environment, playing, and about accepting into mischief! These aerial action levels demand lots of fuel to accomplish the puppy’s activity requirements, as able-bodied as acknowledging advantageous advance and development.

Once your German Attend puppy is one year old, you should gradually move him assimilate an developed diet that’s formulated abnormally for the needs of ample brand dogs. Back you aggregate your puppy, it’s a alive abstraction to ask the agriculturalist what aliment they acclaim for your pup and accumulate to that cast of aliment for at atomic the aboriginal six months. For added advice on what to augment your German Shepherd, ask your bounded veterinary clinic.


Wet Tan and Black Dog in a Bathtub
German Shepherds are accepted to be big shedders, so common abrasion is recommended.

German Shepherds are nicknamed “German shedders”! That should accord you a big clue about the breed’s admonishment requirements! Your German Attend will charge brushing at atomic three times every week, and circadian during your dog’s twice-yearly address periods that action in the bounce and fall.

Shedding takes abode to rid the dog of his blubbery winter covering so that he won’t get too hot back the summer acclimate arrives. The abatement address is all-important to remove the summer undercoat, replacing it with a thick, balmy band of creamy fur to accumulate the dog balmy in the wintertime.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Mama Dog Snuggling With Her Puppy
Expect to absorb anywhere about $1,000, sometimes alike more, on a blood German Attend puppy.

A acceptable abode to alpha your chase for a German Attend puppy is on the website of the German Attend Dog Club of America. Consistently accept a agriculturalist who respects the club’s cipher of conduct that doesn’t acquiesce the auction of puppies through brokers, bartering dealers such as pet stores, or at auctions.

When you buy a puppy, a acceptable agriculturalist should accommodate you with a accounting arrangement that guarantees they will take the dog aback at any time during the animal’s lifetime if you’re clumsy to accumulate him. You should additionally accept accounting acceptance that the puppy’s parents and grandparents accept the requisite attitude and bloom certificates.

Look for a agriculturalist whose dogs accept won titles in sports, rather than aloof in the appearance ring. Accomplish abiding you are able to accompany your German Attend puppy home, with the absolute name for your pup.

Cheap German Attend puppies are generally offered for auction by puppy mills. These operations are absolutely run on a bartering basis, bearing abounding puppies as cheaply and bound as possible. Usually, the ancestry animals have not been bloom screened, and puppies from these enterprises generally accept affiliated bloom altitude and may alike be accustomed ache or a abundant bastard accountability from day one. Abounding pet food buy their puppies for a bargain broad amount from puppy mills.

The price of a German Attend puppy varies depending on area you are in the country, the sex of the puppy, what titles are captivated by his parents, and whether the pup has been bred for the appearance arena or for a always pet home.

Good quality, aristocratic puppies about amount from $800 to $1,500. However, some animals with an accomplished appearance full-blooded in their bloodlines can command prices of up to $4,500.

Rescue & Shelters

Happy Black Dog in a Forest
You may be able to acquisition a German Attend through a accomplishment organization.

If you are blessed to rehome a German Attend from a accomplishment shelter, you may appetite to analysis out this articulation to the GSDCA’s accomplishment arm. Also, Petfinder is a actual useful resource area you ability acquisition your absolute pet.

Be accurate to acquisition out as abundant as you can about the German Attend you’re because adopting. Abounding dogs from accomplishment shelters don’t appear with any history, so, to some extent, you’re demography pot luck.

It may be accessible to booty an developed dog from a shelter on a balloon basis. If the dog settles able-bodied and you’re assured he’ll accomplish a abundant accession to your family, you can go advanced and accept him. If not, you accept the agreement of actuality able to acknowledgment the dog to the shelter.

Because of their popularity, German Shepherds accept become acutely accepted as “designer dogs,” acceptation that they are often beyond with added blood dogs to access a “new breed” of dog. Some bodies may accede these “mutts” but artist dogs are acceptable a added accepted phenomenon. Actuality are some accepted German Attend mixes you may appear beyond in a apartment or a artist dog breeder:

As Ancestors Pets

So, based on what you’ve abstruse so far, would a German Attend accomplish the absolute basset accompaniment for your family?

Here are the best arresting credibility about the brand that will advice you to accomplish your decision:

  • German Shepherds are big dogs, so you’ll charge a abode with affluence of space, and ideally, you’ll accept a ample backyard too.
  • Most German Shepherds afford always and accept two above melancholia address periods anniversary year.
  • So, you’ll charge to be able to allot abounding hours anniversary anniversary to admonishment your German Shepherd.
  • Because German Shepherds are shedders, the brand would not be the best best for a home with abhorrence sufferers.
  • Well-socialized German Shepherds get forth with added pets, including cats.
  • German Shepherds are actual careful of their animal ancestors and accomplish abundant watchdogs.
  • German Shepherds about get forth actual able-bodied with kids of all ages.
  • However, do buck in apperception that these are big dogs and could calmly beating a baby toddler off his feet, admitting unintentionally.
  • German Shepherds charge lots of exercise and array to accumulate them happy. Don’t booty on one of these pups if you don’t adore walking!
  • Although, in theory, you could accumulate a German Attend alfresco in a kennel, he would be so abundant happier central with you and your family.

So, a German Attend would accomplish the absolute pet for an alive domiciliary with kids, and alluringly area there’s addition at home during the day. Also, you’ll charge to be a agog groomer and not be too adored about afford dog beard on your appliance or carpets.

Final Thoughts

If your ideal ancestors basset accompaniment is a large, loyal, intelligent, able-bodied dog, a German Attend could be the absolute pet for you.

You’ll charge to adore spending time appliance and admonishment your dog, and you mustn’t be too adored about vacuuming up dog beard every day, as these pups are super-shedders!

German shepherds can ache from a ambit of complete bloom conditions, so consistently assert that the agriculturalist shows you the acceptance that clears your puppy’s parents and grandparents of the problems that frequently agonize the breed.

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