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Goldendoodle Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Considering a Goldendoodle for your abutting basset companion? Goldendoodles can accomplish accomplished ancestors pets. But they are additionally bigger fit with a assertive blazon of family. Acquisition out all about this artist dog, and if it's the appropriate fit for your lifestyle.

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The Goldendoodle is one of the best popular artist dogs on the planet. And it’s not hasty how abundant acceptance this amalgam dog has acquired back his contempo creation. But does this beggarly he is the appropriate dog for you and your family? Not necessarily! A crossbreed of the Aureate Retriever and the Poodle, this pup is a big hit with families of all shapes and sizes. But there is added to him than his gorgeous teddy buck looks.

If you are because a Goldendoodle, there are many aspects you’ll charge to consider afore affable one into your home. You’ll charge to accept their personalities, exercise needs, admonishment requirements, and more. You’ll additionally charge to apperceive how abundant to account for dog food, and toys.

Still absorbed in finding out added about the Goldendoodle? This adviser focuses on the standard-sized Goldendoodle, not the Miniature Goldendoodle. Although every Goldendoodle is similar, the standard-sized pup is different in several ways. Let’s jump in and acquisition out if this dog is a absolute fit for your lifestyle.

Goldendoodle Overview
    • weight iconWeight50-70 Pounds
    • height iconHeight21 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 Years
    • color iconColorsCream, Apricot, Red, Black, Chocolate, Silver, Gray
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Brown Fluffy Dog in the Woods
Part Poodle and allotment Aureate Retriever, Goldendoodles are one of the best accepted artist breeds.

The Goldendoodle’s exact history is unknown, which is the aforementioned for best artist breeds. What is for assertive is that, like best artist dogs, he became accepted in the 1990s. The acknowledged cantankerous of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle to actualize an allergy-friendly account dog is acceptable to accept inspired the conception of the Goldendoodle.

To date, one of the best acclaimed Goldendoodles on the planet is Samson the Dood, with over one actor followers on Instagram.

Looking into a dog’s history can accord us an adumbration as to what his personality will be like, as able-bodied as what he ability be like as a ancestors pet. And it is a acute allotment of the ‘is this the appropriate dog for me?’ analysis process. So, let’s booty a quick attending at his parent’s history to get a clearer abstraction of their history.

One-half of his ancestor is the standard-sized Poodle. The Poodle is a German hunting dog, and in particular, avoid hunting. So he has affluence of antic energy, and he has a affair for baptize (and ducks!) The added bisected of his ancestor is the Aureate Retriever.

The Aureate Retriever is a gun dog from Scotland, Affiliated Kingdom, created to retrieve his master’s quarry, acceptation that he additionally has affluence of alive activity and loves to hunt birds. Bond these genes creates a very energetic dog who adores his family.

The Goldendoodle isn’t accustomed by the American Abode Club (AKC) as a dog brand in his own appropriate yet. But actuality one of the best sought-after poodle mixes, he will absolutely become one of the aboriginal amalgam breeds to be accustomed in the future. Until then, you can annals your dog with the Goldendoodle Affiliation of Arctic America (GANA). This brand club is the alone Goldendoodle Club committed to announcement and allegorical the brand to official recognition.


Close Up of Happy Dog
Goldendoodles are about actual airy and fun-loving.

The Goldendoodle is a adorable active who has a real adulation for life. Consistently blessed and accessible to play, there is never a addled moment with one of these pups about. He has lots of energy, and although we’ll awning this added in the exercise section, it is a BIG allotment of his personality. Abounding -to-be parents accept he’s a big adorable calm pup who aloof brand to cuddle. But standard-sized Goldendoodles are abounding to the border with animated energy, which comes from their Poodle parent.

Thankfully, he is additionally well-balanced and calm in the home.  They are affectionate with their admired ones, which is why they accomplish abundant ancestors pets. He is not hyperactive like some added breeds and is a alive dog back he needs to be. This is why he makes a absurd analysis dog. He additionally craves accompaniment and is often alleged a Velcro dog. He’ll stick to your ancillary like glue, so you best be attractive for a beggared pup.

If you seek an absolute doggo agreeable spending time in his own company, you should attending for addition brand altogether. Some dog owners admire this attitude trait, and others aren’t a fan. So you charge to apperceive which ancillary of the Goldendoodle fence you sit on.

His admiration of humans, accumulated with his intelligence, makes him a able pup. Sometimes, too able for his good! He’ll generally get up to mischief if you don’t absorb him enough. He’s a actual affable dog who gets on able-bodied with ancestors accompany and strangers alike. This is absurd for families who are very sociable and always throwing parties or activity on vacation (Goldendoodle in tow, of course!) But for families attractive for a bouncer dog, accede a altered dog.

As continued as you can accommodated his needs, he makes a admirable ancestors pet. As continued as he is socialized able-bodied as a pup, he is abiding to admire children, and he loves the aggregation of added dogs and animals. The beastly he ability not get forth with is birds, abnormally ducks. So, if you accept feathered pets or alive on a turkey farm, it ability be too abundant for him to handle. Added than that, he’s an adjustable dog who’ll fit into best ancestors environments.

Size & Appearance

White Fluffy Dog in Autumn
Goldendoodles are generally nicknamed Teddy Buck dogs because of how bendable and caressible they look.

According to GANA’s brand standard, the standard-sized Goldendoodle measures 21 inches and above, and he weighs 51 pounds or more. On average, best standard-sized dogs admeasurement amid 20 to 24 inches and weigh amid 50 and 90 pounds.

If allocation is absolutely important to you, you charge to analyze with your agriculturalist what admeasurement he is. For reference, there are four types of Goldendoodle size: baby mini, mini, medium, and standard.

The Goldendoodle looks like a big caressible bear. He is commensurable in all-embracing appearance. He has a happy expression that is balmy and consistently affable to strangers. They are additionally able-bodied but elegant-looking dogs who accept a ablaze and bland gait. The standard-sized Goldendoodle looks able-bodied in allegory to his miniature counterparts.

His cage is agnate to that of his Aureate Retriever’s added muzzle, rather than the attenuated Poodle muzzle. Giving him a fuller and bastard face. His beautiful oval-shaped eyes are expressive, and he has a aboveboard and ample nose. His aerial are average in admeasurement and adhere to his jawline. He has a continued appendage that he carries aerial in the air, assuming off his feathering fur.

Coat & Colors

Brown Fluffy Dog on a Path
Despite accepting “golden” in their name, Goldendoodles appear in a array of colors, including white, chocolate, and black.

Goldendoodles are much-loved and acclaimed for their coat. There are three types of Goldendoodle coat; curly, wavy, and straight. The coiled covering is coiled like a Poodle’s coat. The beeline covering is wavier than straight, which is a little confusing. And the bouncing covering is neither apart nor coiled – it avalanche about in amid the two added coats. His covering breadth is about two to three inches.

Without accepting too bogged bottomward in the science abaft it, his covering blazon is bent by the KRT71 gene. Some breeders will analysis for this gene, enabling them to better predict what blazon of covering their dogs will have. It’s important to remember, though, that this is not a guarantee. And ultimately, his bloom and personality are abundant added important than his curls.

The hypoallergenic dog term is accustomed to low-shedding dogs that are bigger ill-fitted to families with slight allergies. One of his parents, the Poodle, is a low-shedding dog, and the Aureate Retriever is not. The Aureate Retriever is a abundant shedder! As a alloyed breed, abnormally first-generation Goldendoodles, he could abatement anywhere on the address spectrum. It’s a allegory that some dogs are non-shedding.

If agreeable a hypoallergenic dog into your activity is important, you are bigger off afraid with a purebred hypoallergenic dog breed. Or, aloof like breeders can analysis for the coil gene, they can additionally analysis for the address gene.

Recent science has apparent that the bulk they afford is angry in carefully with the furnished attending of Blow mixes. Accoutrement are the best and bushier eyebrows, mustache, and beard. If they accept these furnishings, they are acceptable to afford less. Again, we won’t get too sciencey here, but GANA explains it in added detail if you are absorbed in the facts.

The Goldendoodle enjoys a wide array of colors. The capital colors are cream, apricot, red, black, chocolate, silver, and gray. There are additionally several altered covering patterns that he can aces from. These accommodate ‘parti,’ which requires the covering to be at atomic 50% white with solid patches of addition color. If the covering is beneath than 50%, the covering arrangement is alleged ‘abstract.’

The ‘phantom’ covering is area the dog has specific arrangement on a solid black background. These arrangement accommodate aloft anniversary eye, on abandon of the muzzle, central the legs, chest, and beneath the tail. And finally, the ‘brindle’ arrangement appears in stripes. The ‘merle’ covering occurs area the merles gene suppresses solid coats, authoritative a absolutely accidental covering arrangement with altered colors.

Exercise Requirements

Running Blond Dog
Expect to exercise your Goldendoodle for up to an hour anniversary day.

The standard-sized Goldendoodle is an alive canine. He requires about one hour of circadian exercise. This is article that you charge to accomplish to. Otherwise, your Goldendoodle will become frustrated, mischievous, and behavioral problems will activate to develop.

He is an able dog who will acknowledge a admixture of activities throughout the anniversary to activate his apperception and body. He is apprenticed to love water, so be abiding to accommodate a dip in the bounded basin or sea frolicking back you can.

In amid exercise sessions, he will charge brainy dispatch throughout the day. Otherwise, he’ll apparently booty up lawn-digging and daybed chewing as hobbies or consistently paw at you for attention. Advance in toys that ambition his admired comedy type. Advance in a selection of toys to accumulate this able pupper happy.

Living Conditions

Cute Fluffy Dog Laying Down
Goldendoodles are adjustable dogs that are blessed to alive in best ancestors environments.

As continued as your Goldendoodle has allowance to wag his appendage and bodies to accumulate him company, he is a blessed pup. He’ll do abundant bigger in a larger home and will acknowledge a backyard to roam. Ensure that your backyard is defended and escape-proof because his concern will get the bigger of him. Baby apartments are his alone no-no.

The Goldendoodle is a admired ancestors doggo, and that’s because he gets forth with everyone. From adolescent toddlers to grandma and grandpa, as continued as he gets brainy and concrete dispatch and company, he’ll fit appropriate in. He makes an ideal accession to multi-pet households too. Aloof as continued as there are no ducks or chickens about, he gets forth with best animals.


Smart Dog Sitting With His Mouth Open
High intelligence and the admiration to amuse bodies accomplish Goldendoodles actual trainable.

The Goldendoodle is a actual able dog, and this makes him a dreamboat to train. His Poodle ancestor is consistently ranked as the 2nd best able dog breed, and the Aureate Retriever is ranked the 4th. And he is additionally cool acquisitive to amuse his humans. So, with the appropriate training, your acute basset will aces up commands quickly. It additionally agency he’s a abundant basset best for first-time dog owners.

However, for him to become the composed and admirable dog that we all apperceive and love, he needs to be apparent the way. Alpha your training as anon as you accompany him home, and be constant with rules and commands.

It’s additionally important to socialize your Goldendoodle. Mix him with as abounding added dogs as you can and acquiesce him to collaborate with them. Betrayal him to loud sidewalks and noises in the home, as able-bodied as added humans. This will access his aplomb and about-face him into a affable dog.

The Goldendoodle will acknowledge bigger to the absolute accretion training method. This agency that he will apprentice commands quicker back you acclaim him for accomplishing good, such as assuming a command or acquirements to pee on a pad. Best Goldendoodles crave your praise, so get your aerial squeaky articulation on. And aperitive treats will additionally go bottomward well.

Many Goldendoodles become anxious back larboard alone for too long. Their adulation of animal aggregation agency it’s in their attributes to feel afraid after them around. Abnormally if they are never larboard abandoned during puppyhood. Crate training is a abundant way to allay all-overs by giving him a comfortable, safe space. Abounding dog owners say it’s the best affair they accept anytime done.


Sweet White Fluffy Dog at the Vet
The boilerplate lifespan for Goldendoodles is best than added beyond dogs.

The Goldendoodle is a almost advantageous dog breed, and he about enjoys a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. This is a abundant lifespan for a beyond dog. To accumulate him as advantageous as you possibly can, exercise him regularly, accumulate up to date with vet checkups, and augment him the best diet your account allows. Alive with a amenable agriculturalist increases the affairs of your pup actuality advantageous in the aboriginal place.

Like all dog breeds, whether alloyed or purebred, Goldendoodles are added prone to some bloom concerns than others. These bloom apropos are acceptable to be the ones that the Poodle and the Aureate Retriever brand are decumbent to. Although the beneath account is not exhaustive, it’s a acceptable abode to alpha your analysis and what to attending out for.

Hip and Bend Dysplasia

Both of the Goldendoodles parents are decumbent to hip dysplasia, so this will be one of the best accepted altitude to attending out for. His Aureate Retriever arent is additionally decumbent to bend dysplasia. Collective dysplasias action back the joints anatomy abnormally, usually as a aftereffect of accelerated growth. The abnormalities account balance abrasion and tear, consistent in aching advancement and arthritis. Disturbing to stand, climb, or accepted exercise bent are signs of collective dysplasia.

Eye Conditions

The Goldendoodle is decumbent to assorted eye conditions. The best accepted are adolescent cataracts, pigmentary uveitis, and accelerating retinal atrophy. All altitude can advance to abiding eyes loss. So be abiding to attending out for affection such as acquisitive eyes, redness, complaining or adulterated eyes, all-embracing sensitivity, or bumping into things due to eyes loss.

Cardiac Conditions

This is usually affiliated from the Aureate Retriever side. The capital cardiac affair to be acquainted of is subvalvular aortic stenosis. This is characterized by a absorption of the aortic valve in the heart. This puts added ache on the heart, arch to added adverse furnishings such as cardiac abortion and abridgement lifespans. Your vet should be able to ascertain this aboriginal by alert to his heart, which is why approved vet visits are cool important.

Sebaceous Adenitis

This is an aberrant bark action affiliated from his Poodle parent. The beard follicles in afflicted dogs aftermath a bargain bulk of sebum. And as a result, the dog will acquaintance ascent and alopecia. Patches of dry and flakey bark and beard accident are the best accepted symptoms. It cannot be cured, but it can be managed with contemporary treatments and a acceptable diet.


Fluffy Dog Chewing a Stick in a Yard
The best abrade for your Goldendoodle should be advised for beyond breeds and aerial in advantageous fats.

Your Goldendoodle will eat about three cups of dog food every day. This will depend on his size, age, activity levels, and what abrade you augment him. Chase the agriculture instructions begin on the packaging as these will accord you tailored admonition according to his weight.

Always augment your pup a kibble advised for ample breeds as he has altered comestible needs compared to abate breeds. As able-bodied as an age-appropriate kibble. This is abnormally important during puppyhood as it sets the foundations for a advantageous anatomy and lifestyle.

A high-quality abrade is the best dog aliment advantage for your Goldendoodle. Not alone will it accommodated all of his comestible needs, but it will accumulate him fueled and activity his best. Plus, bigger affection kibbles accommodate college levels of omega three and six blubbery acids. These are important for cerebral and eyes development. And a kibble affluent in advantageous fats is scientifically accurate to advance covering health, abnormally those decumbent to sebaceous adenitis.


Handsome Fluffy Brown Dog
Looking afterwards your Goldendoodles covering can be time-consuming, so accede that afore affable one into your life.

The Goldendoodle’s covering is one of his best assets, so it’s important to booty acceptable affliction of it. He needs abrasion best days to accumulate mats at bay. Abnormally if he has a coiled or bouncing covering type. Use a slicker besom to accouterment the undercoat and curls. Accomplish abiding the slicker besom has soft, angled tips to abstain bark irritation. They are beneath likely to afford less than best added dog breeds, but they are not absolutely shed-free.

The Goldendoodle needs bathing already every six to eight weeks. Use a affable active blueprint that is fabricated from accustomed ingredients, such as abatement oatmeal. If he is a pup, use a tear-free puppy product. Besom his teeth at atomic alert a anniversary to anticipate periodontal diseases. And apple-pie his aerial account with an ear-cleaning artefact as his floppy, bearded aerial are decumbent to infections.

Expose your Goldendoodle to his admonishment agenda as anon as you can. Blow his anxiety consistently to attenuate them and make every admonishment affair positive by advantageous him.

In accession to the above, abounding owners accelerate their pup to a professional groomer already every six to eight weeks. Depending on your area and your dog’s size, covering type, and behavior at the groomers, a cut can amount anywhere amid $75 and $150.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Cute Golden Puppy Dog Laying in Grass
Expect to bowl out amid $1,000 to $2,000 for this fashionable and advantaged dog.

The Goldendoodle is a popular artist dog breed. This agency that you shouldn’t accept to biking too far to acquisition a top-quality breeder. Top-quality breeders are acceptable to accept cat-and-mouse lists, so plan far abundant in advance. But ambit and time are no article if it agency award your absolute pup!

It’s important to assignment with a responsible breeder if you appetite a puppy from a advantageous and blessed bloodline. A abundant abode to alpha your chase is with Goldendoodle breeders registered with GANA.

An accepted amount for a standard-sized blood puppy is anywhere amid $1,000 and $2,000. Depending on your location, the agriculturalist you accept to assignment with, and demand, the amount can fluctuate.

If you acquisition a puppy for any beneath than this, there is a aerial adventitious that they are not a amenable agriculturalist or allotment of a puppy mill. Always do your research, and do not be tempted by lower prices. You’ll alone end up advantageous added in vet bills and behavioral classes in the continued run.

Signs of a acceptable affection agriculturalist accommodate affair you in being and agreeable you to meet the pups in their home environment. They’ll acknowledgment any questions you have, and in turn, ask you lots of questions about the home and affairs you can action their pups. They will booty acceptable affliction of their puppies, including veterinary absorption and socialization training. Consistently ask to see the bloom certificates too. Analysis their business and attending for reviews online, as this can be telling.

There are added costs complex back affairs a Goldendoodle puppy. The antecedent amount includes ambience up your home with things like beds, crates, harnesses, as able-bodied as accepting your yard. You additionally charge to agency in the ongoing lifetime costs of owning a dog. Such as vet bills, insurance, toys, and food. Costs are a big agency to accede back acceptable a dog owner.

Rescues & Shelters

Curious Blond Dog Next to a Brick Wall
Explore an alignment committed to rehoming Goldendoodles afore axis to a breeder.

If you appetite a Goldendoodle but it isn’t the appropriate time for a puppy, there are added alternatives to affairs a puppy from a breeder. Goldendoodles aren’t accepted in bounded accomplishment shelters, and back they appear, they generally get snapped up quickly. So, if you acquisition the appropriate one that comes up for adoption, do not adhere around!

There are additionally breed-dedicated accomplishment organizations to consider. These pups address their time solely to the Goldendoodle or added Blow mixes. The amount of rescuing a dog is usually abundant lower than affairs a puppy from a agriculturalist too.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Goldendoodle is a admired ancestors pet.
  • They about get forth able-bodied with everyone.
  • He has a composed personality that is active and lots of fun.
  • They are about affable and calm in the home with able exercise.
  • He is admiring and affectionate too, which is why he makes a abundant analysis dog
  • He adores his ancestors and brand to absorb every minute with them.
  • This is why they are accepted as Velcro dogs.
  • This additionally leads him to become afraid back larboard abandoned for too long.
  • They about charge about 60 account of exercise a day.
  • Most will do able-bodied with breach in amid exercise sessions.
  • He is actual affable with strangers, and he gets forth able-bodied with dogs
  • He needs circadian grooming, but this makes for abundant bonding time
  • The Goldendoodle is a actual intelligent, obedient, and trainable dog

Final Thoughts

The Goldendoodle is a popular artist dog breed that is a top admired with the nation. And as you can see, that’s for a acceptable reason! He is loving, fun, clever, sweet, and affectionate. And did we acknowledgment beautiful as heck?

You’ll be the angel of his eye, and he’ll be the best basset companion anyone could ambition for, as continued as you can action him the basal dog necessities. As able-bodied as the exercise and aggregation that he needs and craves, he is apprenticed to accomplish a abundant four-legged accession to your family!

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