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Greater Swiss Abundance Dog Brand Information: Facts, Pictures & More

The Greater Swiss Abundance Dog is one of four altered swiss abundance dog breeds. If you are cerebration of adopting one of these absolute pups, there are several things you'll charge to consider. Acquisition out all you charge to apperceive afore affable one into your home.

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Aftermost Updated: February 19, 2021 | 15 min apprehend

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Picture Close Up

The Greater Swiss Abundance Dog, affectionately accepted as the Swissy, is a acceptable admired in, you estimated it, Switzerland. But what about over actuality in America? Well, he isn’t a accepted sight, that’s for sure. But he is acceptable an more accepted pup over actuality for lots and lots of reasons!

And actuality in this guide, we are activity to booty you on a Swissy dog tour. From his history to how that affects his personality, his admonishment administration to his comestible needs, we awning it all and abundant more.

He is a handsome basset and as candied as anything! But he isn’t the appropriate dog for everyone. He isn’t the best best for those with baby apartments or those attractive for their aboriginal dog. But for those attractive for a ample careful ancestors dog or an active basset companion, he is appropriate up there in the top basset picks. Let’s alpha our Swissy bout adviser and advice you ascertain whether he is the appropriate bout for you.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight80-140 pounds
    • height iconHeight23-29 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan8-11 years
    • color iconColorsBlack, White, and Red
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Large Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Outdoors
The Swissy dates aback all the way to age-old Roman times.

The Greater Swiss Abundance Dog dates aback to the Roman era, and it is believed that his ancestors were Julias Caesar’s war dogs. Called for their admeasurement and arresting nature, these are attributes still apparent in the Swissy today. It is additionally anticipation that this is why he is accepted as the ‘greater’ of the four Swiss dog breeds because he is the aboriginal Swiss breed. And if you’re curious, the added three breeds are the Bernese Abundance Dog, the Appenzeller Sennenhund, and the Entlebucher Abundance Dog.

Unlike the added Swiss breeds, the Swissy isn’t localized to a accurate arena in Switzerland. Instead, he is frequently begin all over Switzerland and surrounding European countries. Decidedly on farms acclimated for hauling heavily abounding carts abounding of dairy, meat, and added produce. The automated anarchy about saw the afterlife of these acreage dogs because they were no best needed.

Thankfully, a acclaimed dog able of the 1900s, Mr. Albert Heim, saved the Swiss breeds from extinction. In 1909, he lobbied for the Abundant Swiss Abundance Dog Brand Club to be accustomed and for them to be accustomed by a brand in their own right. In 1967, an American brace called Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman fell in adulation with the brand in a dog appearance in Frankfurt. A year later, they brought the aboriginal Swissy aback to America.

He wasn’t clearly accustomed by the American Abode Club (AKC) until 1995. Greater Swiss Abundance Dogs now consistently acquisition themselves between the 70th and 80th best accepted dog breeds in America. He is commonly mistaken for the Bernese Abundance Dog. And his brand additionally played a allotment in creating St Bernard (who is not an aboriginal Swiss brand adverse to accepted opinion) and the Rottweiler.


Red Black and White Dog Looking Up
Swissies are acutely even-tempered, and accomplish abundant ancestors companions.

Swissies are family-friendly dogs who are composed and admiring in nature. He is a accurate affable giant, and those that accept him as a ancestors pet generally say that they’ll never accept addition brand again! Ths Swissy is people-oriented and craves accompaniment with his family. He is additionally affable and affable with strangers, aloof as continued as he gets acceptable accordance from them. If he senses that his ancestors is in danger, he will angle bouncer to assure them.

He is consistently alert, and this, accumulated with his careful nature, is what makes him a acceptable bouncer dog. He is adventuresome and will case at intruders, absolution you apperceive that there is addition around. His admeasurement and booming case agency that not abounding bodies would cartel access your acreage with bad intentions. He is, afterwards all, accompanying to Caesars called action breed. His careful attributes is what sets him afar from the added Swiss breeds. And the acumen why he needs an accomplished dog owner. This brand thrives in a ancestors ambiance with a baton to attending up to.

He isn’t ever caressible or needy, and this is one of his big appeals. Clashing some added dogs who are always benumbed you over, he is blessed to lay by your anxiety as you watch the telly in the evening. Or air-conditioned in the bend celebratory you authoritative banquet in the kitchen. It additionally agency that he is added absolute than best and is blessed to be larboard abandoned in the abode for a few hours. Back the affection takes him, he’ll appropriately ascend assimilate the daybed with you for cuddles. And all that active weight makes him a absurd basset hot baptize bottle.

He is a austere basset that takes the role of ancestors guardian seriously. Thankfully, he additionally has a antic side, acknowledgment to his activity and adulation of interacting with his humans. And he is accepted to accomplish the best of puppyhood, generally not crumbling until he is about three years old. He needs lots of stimulation, and this is abundant for families attractive for a fun bristling acquaintance in their life. He is alert of accouchement and his big size. But consistently administer him back arena with kids aloof in case of an adventitious bump.

Size & Appearance

Giant Male Dog Walking on Beach
These behemothic dogs can counterbalance up to 140 pounds or more, depending on their genes.

Swissies are large to giant-sized dogs who top the scales at 140 pounds. The aboriginal of the brand weighs 85 pounds, and that’s not ablaze by any stretch! They admeasurement anywhere amid 23 ½ and 28 ½ inches tall, from paw to shoulder. Generally, females counterbalance on the lower end of the scales than males, but not always, so don’t calculation on it! The Swissy is the better of the four Swiss breeds.

The Swissy brand accepted describes him as a able dog of athletic appearance. Consistently confident looking and appreciative in his gait. He is hardly best than he is alpine and muscular. He has a beyond arch with a ample muzzle. His eyes are average almond-shaped and consistently brown.

If you are attractive to appearance your Swissy, he’ll charge to accommodate to his breed standard. Clashing abounding added behemothic dog breeds, his dewlaps are almost tight. Acceptation not abundant active dribble – hurray!

Coat & Colors

Swissy Outdoors During Autumn
The Swissy has a bifold covering with a actual specific brand accepted blush pattern.

The Swissy is a arresting canine, but not alone for his admirable size. His tri-colored coat is alike with all the Swiss breeds, and it is black, white, and red. His cape is black, and his arrangement are affluent rust-colored and white. Usually, his covering is symmetrical, with a white bonfire active up to his forehead. He frequently has a white cantankerous beyond his chest, which about matches the white cantankerous on the Swiss flag.

Some Swissies are dejected or charcoal, white and red, and some are artlessly red and white. But these dogs would be butterfingers in the appearance ring. But their appearance has no address on their personality and are all appropriately as awesome.

His coat is abbreviate and shiny, and it is his covering that sets him afar from the Bernese Abundance Dog. The Swissy’s cape is about two inches in length, and it is blubbery and dense. His alien covering protects his undercoat from the elements. His undercoat is alike beneath and fluffy.

Exercise Requirements

Swissy Running on Beach
Swissies charge at atomic 60 account of active circadian alfresco exercise.

This brand is a accomplished dog that has a fair bulk of energy. He needs about one hour of exercise every day to accumulate him advantageous and happy. His exercise doesn’t charge to be intensive, and in fact, he isn’t activity to accomplish the best jogging accomplice if that’s what you are attractive for. Instead, he brand continued and abiding walkies and exploring the bounded esplanade or forest.

Without his circadian exercise, you’ll bound apprehension that he is a apathetic and active dog. And bond this with his admeasurement and sometimes ascendant attributes is a compound for disaster. So, if you appetite a blessed activity with your Swissy, you charge to be able to agreement him this bulk of circadian exercise after fail.

If you can’t,  he isn’t the brand for you. A apathetic Swissy is a annihilative one for sure. To accumulate him entertained throughout the day, be abiding to advance in a advanced array of active toys for both alternate and abandoned play.

He is an absolute but able dog. Acceptation that you’ll charge to mix up his activities throughout the anniversary to accumulate him interested. But you additionally allegation to booty charge, otherwise, he’ll aberrate off and do what he pleases. A fab way to accumulate him angry and affable is to booty him to the bounded active esplanade to accomplish new friends. He’ll adulation it, and you can sit back, relax, and watch him accept fun.

Living Conditions

Swissy Laying Down in Grass
These ample pups do best in a home with a ample backyard and affluence of accessible space.

The Swissy is a giant-sized pup who needs a ample home to alive in. Abominably for burghal dwellers, a baby accommodation is not activity to cut it with this breed. Ideally, as an outdoorsy dog he’d additionally adopt a backyard to roam and arctic in. As a Swiss dog, he prefers colder climates. But his beneath covering agency he could appropriately alive in a warmer climate.

His composed and affable attributes makes him an ideal ancestors pet. His arduous admeasurement ability not accomplish him acceptable for families with breed because of the accident of adventitious bumps and annexation appendage swings. But, abounding families acquisition that with supervision, anybody gets forth aloof fine.

He is additionally suited to multi-pet families and brand the aggregation of added dogs and alike cats. Be warned, he will hunt non-family bodies and birds abroad from his yard. So you best defended it with fencing, for everyone’s sake!


Attentive Dog in Training
These pups are intelligent, but their adamant ancillary can accomplish them tougher to train.

Greater Swiss Abundance Dogs are able dogs who are almost trainable. But (and it’s a big but!) he is appropriately independent, which can sometimes accomplish him difficult to train. If you appetite a binding dog who is acquiescent most of the time, you charge to be an accomplished dog owner. Plus, you charge to apperceive how to handle adamant dogs. You charge to be the bang-up and do not let him get abroad with annoying behaviors.

Most importantly, alpha his training adolescent for the best results. The accomplished ancestors needs to be on lath with the training, and you charge to stick to boundaries and rules. The socialization action from a adolescent age is the best important aspect of any dog’s training.

A acceptable agriculturalist will betrayal him to altered dogs, humans, and sounds, and it will be your job to abide this training. Not alone will it body his confidence, but it will additionally ensure that he transforms into a affable pup that isn’t ever protective.

The positive accretion training method is the best. He will acknowledge able-bodied to aperitive treats or his admired toys, so be abiding to accumulate a few to duke to get the best out of him. His ample admeasurement and ability beggarly that you’ll additionally appetite to bridle alternation him from a adolescent age. Because if he can cull wagons abounding of cheese with ease, he’ll be able to cull you over no problem.


Healthy Swissy Outdoors
Swissies are about absolutely healthy. Because they are bigger dogs, their lifespan will be beneath than abate breeds.

The Swissy is a almost advantageous dog breed. But unfortunately, like all behemothic dogs, he has a almost beneath lifespan than best added dog breeds. So, it’s cool important to accumulate him as advantageous as you can to ensure that he stays with you for as continued as possible. Befitting him fit with circadian exercise and blockage up to date with his medical examinations are some of the simplest means to accumulate him healthy. As is agriculture him the best affection diet that you can afford.

The Swissy, like all added purebreds, are prone to a assertive alternative of bloom problems added than others. And this is area you should alpha your research. Beneath are the best accepted altitude to affect the Swissy breed, but it’s account canonizing that it isn’t exhaustive.

Hip, Elbow, and Accept Dysplasia

Joint dysplasia is a accepted action in ample and behemothic breeds. And the Swissy is one of alone a few that are frequently decumbent to accept dysplasia. Collective dysplasia is area the collective doesn’t anatomy appropriately and grows unevenly. Mainly from the accelerated advance aeon that they acquaintance as a puppy. This asperous advance causes added abrasion and breach and will eventually account advancement problems. Affection such as annealed limbs and joints, clumsy to angle up appropriately or ascend stairs, or accepted exercise bent are accepted with collective dysplasia.

Eye Conditions

The Swissy is decumbent to assorted eye apropos too. Some of the best accepted eye altitude accommodate accelerating retinal decline and age-related cataracts. Added accepted altitude are distichiasis, area eyelashes abound on the close eyelid and abrade his eye. And entropion, which is the entering rolling of the eyelid. All eye problems are aching and will eventually advance to abiding eyes accident if larboard untreated.

Gastric Torsion

This is a accepted action in ample and behemothic dogs. It occurs area the belly twists and about causes baleful shock. It is a life-threatening action that requires actual veterinary attention. Never augment your Swissy anon afore or afterwards exercise, as this can exponentially access the likelihood of this occurring. Accelerated breathing, abhorrence with little advancing up, restlessness, boundless drooling, and a bloated belly are acute signs to act upon.

Splenic Torsion

This is added aberrant than belly bewilderment but affects the Swissy added than added breeds. It occurs back the annoyance rotates, and it is again abounding with blood. It is not the aforementioned as belly torsion, but it is aloof as life-threatening. Vomiting, anemic gums, fever, and breakable belly are affection to attending for.


Hungry Swissy Waiting For Food
A athirst Greater Swiss Abundance Dog will eat about 4-5 cups a day of high-quality, age-appropriate kibble.

Greater Swiss Abundance Dogs will absorb between four and bristles cups of high-quality abrade every day. Canonizing the belly bewilderment concerns, this should be breach beyond at atomic two altered sittings.

The bulk that you augment him is different to every dog, and it will depend on a host of factors. These factors accommodate size, age, activity levels, and accepted appetite. The Swissy is a behemothic dog who needs to be kept trim because actuality ample will put too abundant accent on his joints and cardiac system.

The abrade that you aces for him needs to be advised accurately for ample or behemothic brand dogs. Large brand kibble has optimized calcium, phosphorus, fats, and vitamin D levels which ascendancy his accelerated cartilage growth. The puppy date is best important, with best large brand puppy foods absolute added nutrient-dense diet profiles.

Feeding your Swissy ample brand kibbles, abnormally during puppyhood, is acute in angry ashen abnormalities such as collective dysplasia. High-quality kibbles additionally accommodate a composed diet to accumulate him as advantageous as possible.

Large dogs additionally charge kibbles that accommodate the appropriate bulk of healthy omega blubbery acids and glucosamine. Omega blubbery acids are one of the best important apparatus of the Swissy diet. And they advance a advantageous coat, cerebral and agency function, collective support, and all-embracing wellness, to name aloof a few benefits. These nutrients can be begin in meat meals, fish, flaxseed, angle oils, bulb oils, and supplements. So be abiding to attending out for these ingredients.


Black White and Red Dog Needing Groomed
This brand is double-coated, and will afford both their winter and summer coats.

This brand has a almost simple admonishment schedule, but this doesn’t beggarly his covering can be larboard to its own devices. He will charge brushing alert a week throughout the year, and accustomed his size, it will booty about 20 account or so. Use a barb besom or a slicker besom for the best results.

When it comes to the address seasons, he’ll charge abrasion best canicule to administer his shed. He will draft his coat, so you’ll charge to accumulate on top of it and apprehend a tri-colored snowstorm. A high-quality deshedding tool will be your best weapon! Address seasons are in bounce and fall.

The Swissy will charge bathing already every six to eight weeks. His blubbery covering will account from a concentrated absterge for a absolute clean. Otherwise, his undercoat will absence out on the soap suds. Consistently use a absterge advised for dogs, and pick a accustomed dog absterge product that will be affable on his skin. Don’t ablution him any added than already every six weeks. Otherwise, you’ll accident damaging his bark pH levels and accustomed covering oils.

The Swissy will charge his nails accent already every two weeks or so, or as generally as you apprehend them borer on the floor. He will charge his besom charwoman already or alert a anniversary with active toothpaste. This will accumulate his animation beginning (as beginning as active animation can be!) and anticipate periodontal diseases. His ample aerial may charge charwoman already a anniversary with an ear charwoman artefact or balmy baptize if they arise buttery inside.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Puppy
Expect to pay about $2,000 and up for a puppy from a acclaimed dog breeder.

The brand is a relatively aberrant dog breed in America. For this reason, you charge to apprehend that you’ll accept to biking to acquisition a acceptable affection breeder. And best if not all acceptable affection breeders will accept a cat-and-mouse account for pups. It’s important to assignment with a top-quality agriculturalist because they do aggregate they can to aftermath advantageous pups.

A acceptable affection agriculturalist will accept acquaintance in ancestry Swissies. Attending for lots of absolute absolute reviews on chase engines or a able website. Ensure that you accommodated the agriculturalist and the pups in person, including the puppy’s mother. Ask to see bloom certificates, play with the pups and attending for signs of acceptable attitude and health. A abundant abode to alpha your chase for a amenable agriculturalist is on the AKC’s Greater Swiss Abundance Dog agriculturalist page.

An capricious agriculturalist will generally brand ill dogs who aftermath ailing puppies. They will accession them after any adulation and absorption and do the bald minimum back it comes to veterinary absorption to save money. If a agriculturalist pressurizes you into a sale, does not acquiesce you to accommodated the pups calm with their mom, or is clumsy to accommodate bloom certificates or acknowledgment questions, walk away.

The boilerplate amount of a Swissy pup from a amenable agriculturalist is around $2,000 and up. If you appetite a appearance dog or one from a acclaimed bloodline, they ability be priced college than this. There are added costs to accede back affairs a puppy. You’ll accept to kit your abode up with added ample dog beds, crates, harnesses, toys, etc. Plus, advancing active costs such as food, vet bills, and allowance are cher and charge to be met.

Rescues & Shelters

Swissy Rescue in Grass
Consider adopting from a accomplishment alignment instead of a puppy to save on expenses, and save a life.

Not anybody wants to buy a puppy, but this doesn’t beggarly that you cannot accept a Swissy. Why not look at adopting one? You accept two options. Firstly, you can either arch out to your bounded accomplishment center.

But because the Swissy is a almost attenuate dog in the Affiliated States, there ability not be abounding accessible for acceptance in bounded shelters. Allege to the agents who ability apperceive of a Swissy at a adjacent apartment as they generally allotment information.

Suppose this is not an advantage or doesn’t assignment out for you. In that case, there are a few Swissy committed accomplishment organizations that rehome aloof Swissies and their mixes. The Greater Swiss Abundance Dog Accomplishment Foundation works adamantine to rehome Swissies all over the country. Arch over to their website to ample in an acceptance anatomy to be considered, and alpha your Swissy journey.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Swissy is a behemothic dog breed.
  • They charge affluence of allowance to roam and be happy.
  • He makes a composed ancestors accompaniment dog.
  • He adores his bodies and loves to absorb time with them.
  • The Swissy loves exercising, but can additionally adore a catnap on the couch.
  • He’s not ever needy, and has an absolute nature.
  • He needs 60 account of exercise every day to break fit and healthy.
  • The Swissy needs a lot of breach and brainy stimulation.
  • Without this, they tend to get themselves into trouble.
  • He is a absurd alloy of fun and calm in the home.
  • He is a careful dog who will case audibly to advertise everyone’s arrival.
  • Once he gets to apperceive people, he is affable with them.
  • The Swissy can be a ascendant dog brand and needs an accomplished owner.
  • Swissies can be stubborn, and training needs to be consistent.
  • He loves the aggregation of added accouchement and added pets.
  • He needs abrasion several times a week.
  • Swissies can afford a lot during the address seasons.

Final Thoughts

The Greater Swiss Abundance Dog is a wonderful dog breed that brings joy to anybody in the family. But as you can see from our guide, he isn’t the best aces for everyone. It’s important that you can accord him what he needs if you appetite a adapted relationship. But if you can accommodate him with what he needs, best Swissy owners will acquaint you that already you’ve gone Swiss, you’ll never go back!

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