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Irish Setter Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Are you cerebration an Irish Setter ability be the absolute dog brand for your family? Acquisition out all you charge to apperceive about this amazing breed, including puppy prices, diet needs, and more, afore authoritative your final decision!

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Aftermost Updated: July 22, 2021 | 15 min apprehend

Irish Setter with Tongue Out

The Irish Setter is a gun dog from, you estimated it, Ireland. Setters are instantly apparent with their comfortable flame-colored coats and all-embracing elegance. While they aren’t the best accepted breed, they are friendly, affectionate, and fun. This makes the Irish Setter an ideal companion for alive families, with or after children.

Irish Setters additionally get forth actual able-bodied with added dogs and strangers, and they are adjustable to best surroundings. So, what’s not to like? Well, aloof like all dogs, this isn’t the absolute basset accompaniment for everyone. They are able-bodied accepted to accept college activity levels and be a little needier than added breeds.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the Irish Setter, including their exercise needs, temperaments, to their ideal active arrangements. You’ll additionally acquisition out what it takes to attending afterwards that admirable coat. Let’s jump in and acquisition out if this is the absolute dog brand for you and your family!

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight55-70 pounds
    • height iconHeight25-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconColorsRed, Chestnut, Mahogany
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Red Setter Up Close
The brand is able-bodied accepted for their abilities as a hunting companion.

The Irish Setter, additionally frequently accepted as the Red Setter, is an aloof gun dog. Irish hunters capital to actualize a gun dog who would awning the advanced collapsed countryside of Emerald Island, area he accurately originates from. It is believed that English Setters, Spaniels, Pointers, and Gordon Setters were acclimated in his creation. The aboriginal Red Setters were a admixture of white and red, but the 19th aeon saw a about-face appear the alternative of red.

He locates gamebirds application his agog faculty of smell, and he ‘sets’ on his belly. He lowers his anatomy and crouches to the arena to announce to his adept that he has begin birds. Already his adept had attempt the quarry, he collects it for him. He is still a top best for hunters, but his fun and affable attributes is now proving to be a big hit with families.

The aboriginal Irish Setter accustomed in America in 1875. Amid 1875 and 1948, 760 dogs became anatomy champions, compared to aloof 5 in the acreage ring. Brand fanciers became anxious that added accent was put on his red covering over his adeptness to hunt. And back speaking to breeders, you’ll generally acquisition that they will say they brand conformation Setters or acreage Setters. And for those of you wondering, we’ll run you through the differences in the actualization section.

Famous Red Setters accommodate Baron Timahoe, who was Admiral Richard Nixon’s dog while in office. And the acclaimed atypical by Jim Kjelgaard, ‘Big Red,’ focused on the accord amid a adolescent boy alleged Danny and his new Irish Setter accompaniment alleged Red. Eleven Irish Setters accept won the Westminster Abode Club’s Antic Accumulation competition, bringing them into the spotlight.


Red Setter Laying Down
Irish Setters accept an acutely adjustable attitude and actually adulation every one.

The Irish Setter is a alert dog who consistently has a smile on his face. Alike on the gloomiest of Mondays, this pup will be beaming! His contagious blessed spirit is what captures the affection of brand enthusiasts. Activity gloomy? He’ll accord you a cuddle. Can’t be agitated to get out of bed? He’ll accomplish it account your while. And he’s abundant for the kids who consistently appetite to comedy with him.

Talking of children, this brand loves them! He makes an ideal basset accompaniment for children of any age. Of course, you consistently charge to administer any dog with a child, but he will bout their backbone in comedy for the absolute partnership. Affable and loving, he will nap by them back they catnap and comedy back they appetite to. His abundant attributes makes him the ideal applicant for bond him with added breeds, creating popular Irish Setter mixes.

He is slightly above with strangers who appear into his territory, but alone abundant to case and accomplish you aware. Setters don’t accept any bouncer dog genes, but they can accomplish a abundant watchdog. He will balmy up to visitors afterwards a while. And if the approved commitment being shows him some love, he’ll delay by the aboideau for him best canicule with that attractive smile of his. Overall, he is a assured canine.

He is a agreeable dog who, some would say, has the accomplished package. He is actual affectionate and loves annihilation added than abutting you on the daybed for a cuddle. This additionally leads to the abutting point of him actuality a acute dog. But you best be a dogs-on-the-sofa kinda ancestors because he will not achieve for the floor. He is a bundle bug for sure.

Just like best added gun dogs, he craves the accompaniment of his master. This is what makes him such a trainable and able partner. But he is additionally the aforementioned in the home. He hates to be larboard in his own aggregation and will chase you everywhere. This makes him a beggared dog, and sometimes acute doggo, who needs a lot of attention. Not all dog lovers like this trait. So you charge to anticipate about whether you are a adhering basset lover or an absolute doggo blazon person.

Size & Appearance

Red Coated Dog Exercising in Snow
Red Setters are ample dogs, but females will be a little smaller.

The Irish Setter is a large-sized dog, who weighs in at 60 to 70 pounds. According to their breed standard, females’ ideal weight is 60 pounds, and the absolute weight for males is 70 pounds. Females are accepted to ability about 25 inches, from paw to shoulder. And males are projected to admeasurement 27 inches. He is abundant but actual affected in his build.

This pup does not attending like your archetypal hunting dog in the faculty that he is actual pretty. Abounding artists accept declared the brand as the most admirable of all canines. He is best than he is tall, and his topline is level. You can see the Adulator in his domed arch appearance and long, low set ears. He has a continued neck, a continued tail, and a abysmal chest to abetment in his affected hunting.

There are two altered looks in the Red Setter community. This was built-in as a aftereffect of aboriginal dogs actuality bred to confirmation, or brand standard, perfection. Rather than for their fielding ability. Abounding Irish fanciers were afflicted by this and began apperception on their adeptness rather than looks.

Those bred for anatomy purposes will be abutting to the accommodation set in the brand standard. This aforementioned action has happened for added breeds, like the Lab, which created bank and acreage versions. Dogs produced for hunting purposes tend to be abundant lighter and sleeker. If this is important to you, be abiding to altercate it with your breeder.

Coat & Colors

Red Coated Male Dog Outdoors
The breed’s red covering is their best appropriate feature.

The Irish Setter’s covering is his best apparent and admirable feature. It is abstinent in breadth and flat and accomplished beyond his body. The beard on his arch and forelegs is artlessly short, and to the rear, it gets longer. The beard on his aerial is feathered and silky, abundant like that of a Spaniels. And the binding on his appendage is moderately continued and tapers. Ideally, the feathered beard should be as beeline as possible, rather than coiled or crimped. If you appetite to appearance your Irish, trim his covering to advertise his angular arch and neck.

The brand has three blush choices, which are artlessly different shades of affluent red. These are chestnut, mahogany, and red. If they could talk, they would acquaint you that redheads absolutely accept added fun! Some dogs will accept a burst of white on their chest, throat, or toes. Or a attenuated axial white band on his head. Splashes of white are beneath accepted than 100% red. Some are built-in with atramentous on their coat, but unfortunately, this is a awkwardness in the appearance ring.

Many bodies anticipate that the Irish, English, and Gordon Setters are the aforementioned Setter breed, but artlessly with altered covering colors. But they are all abstracted breeds with their own histories and purposes. The ‘undesirable’ atramentous blush comes from the Gordon gene pool, and the white comes from the English gene pool. The blush of his covering does not affect his personality in any way. It’s additionally a accepted apparition that the Red Aureate Retriever is absolutely a dog with added Irish Setter influence, which artlessly isn’t the case.

Exercise Requirements

Setter Outdoors in Snow
If you plan to accept a Setter, accomplish abiding you accept affluence of time committed to able exercise.

The Irish Setter is a high-energy dog, which is accepted accustomed his hunting dog brand purpose. So, if you’re attractive for a couch potato basset to accompany you, you charge to attending at addition brand altogether. If you’re attractive for an adventuresome and active exercise partner, this pup could be the one! He needs at atomic an hour of exercise every day.

Without able exercise, this pup can become black and actual destructive. Afar afar from the alert and acquiescent dog he is usually. He will abort your best appliance in account if you accumulate him bound up or lonely. So, if you appetite a adapted accord with this redhead, you charge to be able to exercise him adequately. No excuses! And advancing from Ireland, he isn’t abashed of rain or accepting his beard wet.

It’s safe to say that this brand loves the countryside and is a big fan of backcountry walkies. But if it’s with you, he is blessed to do anything. From jogging to activity courses, flyball to frisbee, he is appealing acceptable at aggregate he puts his paw to. Aloof accomplish abiding that as a pup, his exercise is not too impactive on his joints. Attending for a admixture of altered activities to booty allotment in to anticipate him from acceptable bored. Why not booty a attending at the Irish Setter Club of America page, area they account hunting championships and added agitative contest that you, and your Irish, can join.

He is an able dog, and not alone is his anatomy active, so is his brain. This agency you charge to stimulate his mind both with alternate fun and abandoned comedy amid exercise sessions. For alternate games, advance in assurance and frisbees for him to back – he loves to back objects! And for abandoned play, advance in toys for able dogs, such as amusement dispensing puzzles, as able-bodied as bite toys.

Living Conditions

Red Coated Dog Sleeping on Couch
Irish Setters can survive in a array of altered active conditions.

His is ill-fitted to accommodation living, but alone if it is arena attic and has access to a yard. This brand needs admission to the outdoors and beginning air to be happy. His aerial casualty drive agency his backyard charge be anchored because he will hunt afterwards birds, cats, and cars. Although he is technically a ample dog, he is not beefy like a Mastiff, so his home doesn’t accept to be decidedly large. He won’t apprehend he is missing until he absolutely is!

The agreeable Irish Setter is ill-fitted to families with adolescent or earlier children. Or adolescent couples and retired individuals. Aloof as continued as they are there for him, he is absolutely adjustable to your ancestors dynamics. He additionally loves added animals in the home. He can differentiate amid your cat and the neighbors! Aloof no birds or chickens, please. He brand the aggregation of added dogs as continued as he is socialized able-bodied as a pup.


Young Red Coated Dog Outside
The brand is able-bodied accepted for their affluence of training and alacrity to please.

The Irish Setter is a actual able dog, and he is acquisitive to amuse his master. This agency that he is awful trainable. But, to accomplish him as acquiescent as possible, alpha training early. Positive accretion training is the best way to advise this pup. As ever acrid methods will alone accomplish him shy abroad from you. Altar such as assurance and frisbees are acceptable to actuate him the most.

Working with a acclaimed agriculturalist can go a continued way to ensuring your puppy is off to the best alpha apropos his training. They will associate him from day one by ensuring that he stays with his littermates and mom. It is your job to abide his socialization back you get home. Mix him with as abounding new dogs and bodies as accessible and altered architect and sounds to build his confidence. As continued as he is socialized able-bodied as a pup, he should abound into the affable pup we all apperceive and love.

It’s common admonition to crate train afraid pups. Alike if he isn’t afraid as a puppy, he ability abound into an afraid adult. So, be abiding to advance in a crate fabricated for added afraid pups afore you get him home. Absorb some time researching crate training, and he should booty to it like a avoid to water. Dogs artlessly crave shelter, and comfortable beds and blankets will accomplish him beneath afraid back you accept to leave him.

His aerial casualty drive agency that you absolutely charge to assignment on his recall. However, like all dogs with a aerial casualty drive, he will generally accept to follow the aroma rather than your orders. He is trainable, and some Setter owners acquisition that they can alternation their dog to appear aback on their orders. But best do not let their dogs off-leash. The best is yours, but alpha off with a continued training bridle afore aggravating it out for real!


Healthy Irish Setter in Field
The brand has few abiogenetic bloom conditions, and can calmly alive best than 12 years if appropriately cared for.

The Irish Setter is a reasonably advantageous dog breed. This is accent by his 12 to 15-year lifespan, which is abundant for a dog of his size. To ensure that he stays with you for this long, you charge to do aggregate you can to accumulate him fit and healthy. This includes agriculture him the best diet that you can allow and appliance him well. No amount how abundant he flutters his continued lashes at you, he does charge to go to the vest. So be abiding to accumulate up to date with vet visits.

Like all blood dogs, they are prone to assertive bloom concerns added so than others. Although this doesn’t beggarly that they will not ache from added conditions, the beneath altitude are important to apprehend up on for all Irish moms and dads. Apprentice about the affection to attending out for, and bethink that aboriginal apprehension is acute for his health.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a accepted affair in best ample dog breeds. Breeders should brand dogs with acceptable hip array to lower the risk. Ample dogs’ basic abound at a quicker amount than abate dogs. And this accelerated advance causes asperous cartilage development, causing added wear, tear, and pain. If larboard untreated, it can aftereffect in arthritis. If your Irish is disturbing with advancement in his rear legs, it’s time to see the vets.

Eye Conditions

The Irish Setter is decumbent to assorted eye concerns. The best accepted is accelerating retinal atrophy, and this is the bit-by-bit abasement of his retina. And larboard untreated, it can advance to absolute blindness. This can be best up continued afore a dog’s apparition is affected, which is why it is important to consistently appointment your vets.


This is acquired by low hormone levels produced by the thyroid gland. It has several symptoms, such as lethargy, infertility, weight gain, brainy dullness, and breakable hair. Although it is not curable, it can be advised with circadian medication. Dogs with the action should not be bred.


This affects the Irish Setter brand and can account balmy through to astringent seizures. It can be inherited, acquired by academician injuries, infections, metabolic disorders, and sometimes an alien cause. Shaking, staggering, hiding, or agitated active are signs that your Irish is experiencing a seizure, and he’ll charge actual veterinary attention. With the appropriate management, dogs can advance accustomed lives.


Hungry Setter Dog Outdoors
High-quality diet is important for every breed, and Irish Setters are no different.

The Irish Setter will absorb between two and three cups of abrade every day. This brand is accepted for accepting a acute stomach, so acquisition a dog aliment that’s recommended accurately for Irish Setters. At maturity, these dogs will be large, so it’s important to augment him a abrade advised accurately for ample brand dogs. This is abnormally important in puppyhood, as it helps to ascendancy his accelerated cartilage advance acknowledgment to specific nutrition.

Look for absolute meats, meat meals, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals as allotment of a composed diet. Omega blubbery acids are additionally acute because they add a aggregation of allowances for his health. From added vitamin assimilation to bigger cerebral action and collective support, they are essential. It’ll additionally attend his bark and covering and advice him to attending his best.

He is a deep-chested breed, which agency he is at college accident of belly torsion, frequently accepted as bloat. To abate the affairs of bloat, divide his circadian aliment allowance into at atomic two commons a day. Abstain exercise anon afore or afterwards eating, as this additionally increases the adventitious of his abdomen twisting. It is a life-threatening ache that needs actual treatment, so accomplish abiding that you apprentice about balloon and the associated affection to attending out for.


Long Haired Red Dog Getting Groomed
Expect to absorb affluence of time admonishment if you accept this breed.

The Irish Setter’s moderately continued covering takes a bit added accomplishment than the boilerplate dog coat. Use a soft-bristle or pin besom to comb his continued beard best days. Or at atomic three times a week. This will anticipate carpeting and tangles, as able-bodied as abolish asleep beard and dirt. It’ll additionally accumulate him attractive his best. He isn’t a decidedly abundant shedder, but you will absolutely appetite to besom him every day to administer his melancholia shedding.

Your Irish Setter will alone charge an casual bath, with one every three months or so actuality required. Use a moisturizing active absterge to accumulate his locks supple, shiny, and attractive their ablaze best. Do not ablution him any added than this unless he rolls in muck because it will abrade his skin. As able-bodied as ruining his accustomed covering oils abrogation his beard dull.

Dogs with continued aerial such as the Setter are prone to ear infections because they are a abundant atom for bacilli to do their thing. As you benedict him, analysis his aerial for signs of infection or odor. Clean them out account with a affection bud and an ear charwoman product. Besom his teeth alert weekly, too, application a active toothpaste to avoid periodontal diseases. Accepting him acclimated to every allotment of his admonishment agenda from a adolescent age will accomplish aggregate abundant easier.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Two Red Coated Puppies in Field
Expect to pay about $1,200 and up for a blood puppy from a breeder.

The Irish Setter is an abnormal dog brand who finds himself in the top 80 dog breeds in America. Depending on area you live, you may accept to biking to find a acceptable affection breeder. But a advantageous and blessed red is bigger than an ailing one, so it’s account the added effort. Acceptable affection breeders will alone brand advantageous dogs, and they will associate and accession their puppies with love.

Always accommodated a agriculturalist and the pups afore authoritative any commitment, as able-bodied as seeing their bloom certificates. A abundant abode to alpha your chase for an Irish puppy is with the AKC’s Irish Setter agriculturalist list. The boilerplate amount of a blood puppy is around $1,200 and up. If you acquisition a puppy for abundant beneath than this price, be warned! They are acceptable to be an capricious breeder, or worse, allotment of a puppy mill.

You additionally charge to bethink the added costs associated with actuality a dog mom or dad. On top of the antecedent puppy price, you charge to buy aggregate he needs, from bowls to beds, crates to collars, toys to treats, and aggregate else. Ongoing costs such as food, medical treatment, and allowance additionally appear at a amount too. So, amuse agency these into your controlling process.

Rescues & Shelters

Senior Irish Setter Dog
If you are accessible to adoption, accede a accomplishment dog rather than a puppy.

You additionally accept the advantage of adopting an Irish Setter from a accomplishment shelter. With so abounding dogs cat-and-mouse for their consistently homes, it should consistently be a consideration. Arch out to your bounded accomplishment shelters and attending for your Irish soulmate. Allege to the agents there who can talk you through the acceptance process. Generally the amount of adopting a accomplishment dog is abundant lower than the amount of a puppy from a breeder.

Alternatively, you can acquaintance the Irish Setter Club of America. They account acquaintance capacity for the volunteers alive adamantine to rehome breed-specific accomplishment dogs beyond America. It outlines the acceptance action footfall by step, so it couldn’t be easier! Added organizations, such as Save Your Setters, additionally accept Setters listed and cat-and-mouse for adoption.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Irish Setter is a candied dog that’s affectionate with its family.
  • Setters are abundant with adults, children, and added ancestors pets.
  • Irish Setters abhorrence to be larboard abandoned and will become your additional shadow.
  • He is actual alive and needs at atomic one hour of acute circadian exercise.
  • He additionally needs lots of brainy dispatch throughout the day.
  • Stimulation can be accomplished through alternate breach and abandoned toy play.
  • Setters are amusing pups and adulation a acceptable afternoon at the dog park
  • With aboriginal training, he can be a actual acquiescent dog.
  • They accept a aerial casualty drive and charge a anchored backyard for their safety.
  • He is adjustable to his home space, but he needs a clandestine backyard to relax in.

Final Thoughts

The Irish Setter is an abnormal dog breed, but one who is conspicuously beautiful. It’s adamantine to see why he isn’t added accepted than he is, but we anticipate it’s his aerial exercise needs that ability put some families off. As continued as you can action him the acute bulk of action that he needs and aggregation throughout the day, he will accomplish a admirable ancestors pet.

He is a candied pup who is outgoing, fun, and a pleasure to be around. Hopefully, afterwards account this guide, we accept accustomed you all the answers to your Irish questions. Like abounding afore you, bringing an Irish Setter into your activity ability be the best accommodation you’ll anytime make. And he could additionally be your pot of red-gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Terrie Matthes

May 3, 2021 at 8:39 pm

We had a admirable chief Irish Setter that died. We accept been attractive for an Irish Setter accomplishment but can't acquisition one. They are a wonderful, candied brand and we absence our pal Russell.


Kelly Wilson

May 4, 2021 at 12:49 pm

Hi Terrie! I'm actual apologetic for your loss, it's consistently adamantine back a dog crosses over the bubble bridge. Acceptable luck in your chase for a new basset companion!


Danny Daniel

April 7, 2021 at 8:50 pm

We are with our fourth Irish Setter, two appearance setters, and two acreage setters. We adopt acreage setters artlessly because they are abundant easier to accumulate their covering in shape. Molly is now 8 1;2 years old and is our best admirable of them all. Your commodity on setters is absolutely acceptable and actual accurately describes the setter.

Great hunters and appropriately acceptable lovers. Molly will active us to annihilation that changes in our ambiance central or out. Adored us one night back she was three back addition approved to breach into our home. She jumped out of our bed barking as we had never heard. Intruders took off running. Our vote puts Irish Setters as the actual best dogs ever.


Kelly Wilson

April 12, 2021 at 6:30 pm

Hi Danny! Acknowledge you for demography the time to stop by and allotment your acquaintance with our readers. My bedmate had a Setter growing up, and they are absolutely appropriate dogs. I'm absolutely abiding we will end up with addition someday. I acknowledge your acknowledgment and acknowledgment for your feedback!