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Jack Russell Basset Mix: Jackshund Brand Information

Are you cerebration of affable a Jackshund into your home? Afore you do, acquisition out aggregate you charge to apperceive about the Jack Russell Terrier Basset mix from admonishment expectations, bloom concerns, personality traits, and more!

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Aftermost Updated: Baronial 25, 2021 | 11 min apprehend

Jackshund Looking at Camera

Here in this guide, we will discuss the Jackshund in all his little but assured glory. He is the artist puppy artefact of the accepted blood dogs, the active Jack Russell Terrier, and the adorable Dachshund. So, whether you’re apprehensive who the new beautiful puppy abutting aperture is, or you are cerebration about agreeable this little pup into your life, you accept appear to the appropriate place.

From his brand history to his personality, training, and exercise needs, we’ve got it all covered. This pup ability be little, but his appearance is annihilation but! And although he is one of the cutest dogs going, he isn’t ill-fitted to every family. For this reason, this Jackshund brand adviser is a must-read for all -to-be owners.

Also accepted as the Jackweenie, he is sweet, sassy, cuddly, and lots of fun, and abundant more. So, let’s booty a afterpiece attending at what abroad you can apprehend if you acceptable one into your home.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight15-25 Pounds
    • height iconHeight9-13 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-18 Years
    • color iconColorsBlack, White, Cream, Brown, Red
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs

Parent Breeds

The Jackshund’s parents attending actual different, but their personality and breed purpose is similar. And although there are abounding similarities, there are additionally a few attenuate differences. This agency you charge to accept what the Jack Russel and the Basset are all about. This way, no amount what ancestor he takes afterwards more, you are abiding to adulation him.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell Puppy
Jack Russell Terriers are awful active and actual able baby brand dogs.

The Jack Russell is a accepted little pup, who is generally abashed for the Russell Terrier or the Patterdale. Although they are similar, they are fundamentally different. His adventure began in 19th aeon England, area a abbey accepted as John ‘Jack’ Russell created him to be a fox hunter. He would additionally hunt the foxes out of their underground nests to abetment the hunting hounds.

Over time, this angry but admiring dog became a much-loved ancestors pet. Not alone because he adequate the ancestors home with all his might, but because he is absolutely affectionate too. He is abundant fun and loves to get bottomward and bedraggled with his family. He measures amid 13 and 14 inches alpine and weighs amid 13 and 17 pounds. Added accepted Jack Russell Terrier mixes accommodate the Jack-a-bee and the Jack-chi.


Dachshund Dog Outdoors
Dachshunds are a actual accepted hunting dog breed.

The Basset is additionally a bold little dog and abundant added able-bodied accepted in America than the Jack Russell. You ability additionally apperceive this pup as the acclaimed wiener dog because he is shaped like a sausage. He is alone 5 to 9 inches tall, and he weighs amid 8 and 32 pounds. There are two sizes of Dachshund, the accepted and the miniature. Aloof because his admeasurement is baby though, doesn’t beggarly he hasn’t becoming a more angry reputation.

Much like the Jack Russell, he was created to coursing ample vermin from the underground nests. A acceptable badger hunter, this pup has big paddle paws that advice him to dig abysmal into the ground. And if you don’t pay him abundant attention, he’ll dig your absolute backyard too!

He is originally from Germany, but America’s allure with him was burning and enduring. Dachshunds are additionally accepted artist dogs, with the Chiweenie and the Doxle actuality two of the best prominent.


Jackshund Puppy
Jackshunds get the best of both ancestor breeds and are abundant ancestors dogs.

As the Jackshund is a attenuate alloyed dog breed, it is added than acceptable that he will be a aboriginal or second-generation pup. As such, there is no brand standard, and he could about-face out added like one ancestor over the other. Thankfully, best Jackshunds accede the best of both worlds.


Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier mix playing
The Jackshund has a actual alike attitude and makes a abundant ancestors dog.

If you can be abiding of one thing, it’s that the Jackshund is lots and lots of fun. Both of his parents are abounding of beans, so you can be abiding that this pup has alert as many! He brand to be the centermost of attention, so you charge to be abiding that you can accommodate him with lots of time and energy. If you appetite accord and quiet, this little pup is not the one for you.

He additionally makes a absurd watchdog because both of his parents are apprehensive of strangers. They will not agilely acquire a drifter into their backyard after announcement it. This is abundant if you like this active trait, not so abundant if you accept neighbors who are acute to blatant dogs. Thankfully, already he knows someone, he will balmy up to them as admitting they are his family.

He has a lot of adulation to give, and he will asphyxiate you in kisses and cuddles. We achievement you like accessible displays of affection, because this pup is a pro. If you haven’t got the time or backbone to bundle him for several hours a day, he isn’t activity to be too pleased. He craves animal aggregation and hates to be larboard abandoned for added than a few hours.

He is an acute pooch for abiding and needs lots of stimulation. All of his personality ancestry accumulated beggarly that he is not ill-fitted to a amateur dog owner. The Jackshund needs an accomplished dog buyer who is accessible for the challenge. If you aren’t able for him, you’ll acquisition a ambiguous dog on your hands. And not apathy your admired backyard that he’ll dig up in seconds.

Size & Appearance

Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix
The Basset Jack Russell Terrier mix will about be abate in stature.

The Jackshund is a small-sized dog that will usually counterbalance amid 15 and 25 pounds and admeasurement amid 9 to 13 inches short. If his Basset ancestor is a miniature-sized canine, he ability be alike abate than this. He ability not be as continued as his Weiner parent, but he’ll absolutely be best than he is tall.

His anatomy will acceptable be chunky like his Jack Russell parent. The Jackshund’s paws will be ample and paddle-like, and they will about absolutely point outwards too. His eyes will be big, his smile wide, and his aerial are acceptable to be continued and floppy.

Coat & Colors

Jackshund playing in grass
The Jackshund can accept a array of altered covering lengths and colors.

The Jackshund has three covering options, and this is all abased on his Daschund parent’s covering type. The first, and best common, is the short-haired covering that is bland and sleek. The added options are the continued covering and wire covering option, but apperceive that his Jack Russell access will accomplish them beneath and softer than his blood German parent.

He has a double-layered covering that will accumulate him balmy in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. His covering will shed moderately throughout the year and a little added during the address seasons. With the bulk of snuggling you’ll be accomplishing with this pup, you can be abiding that your clothes will never be hair-free again.

His covering colors will be a admixture of white, brown, black, cream, and red. He could accept a solid covering blush or a combination of spotted colors. His adenoids blush will usually be black, and his eyes will usually be brown.

Exercise & Active Conditions

Jackshund Dog in Snow
The Jackshund will charge regular, acute circadian exercise.

The Jackshund is a active and alert dog who needs a fair bit of exercise for a baby dog. He will charge about 60 account of exercise every day to accumulate him blessed and healthy. If his Dacshnd ancestor is a miniature pup, he ability crave hardly beneath than this. He will additionally charge approved dispatch and alternate breach throughout the day to anticipate him from digging your lawn.

And, because of his able apperception and absolute sassiness, he will charge a admixture of activities throughout his anniversary to anticipate him from acceptable bored. You charge to accede his continued and abbreviate anatomy and abstain annihilation that includes him jumping from heights. If you are advantageous abundant to alive abreast to a beach, this is an accomplished abode for him to belch that digging activity of his.

He has a aerial casualty drive, and because his able affair ambush is dematerialization bottomward aerial holes, we would admonish you to accumulate him on a leash. No amount how able-bodied accomplished he is, if he sees article fast and furry, he will hunt it for sure. And if you apperceive either of his parent’s breeds, you’ll apperceive that this pup isn’t the best acquiescent of pups in any case.

Being so small, the Jackshund is suited to accommodation living, aloof as continued as you exercise him abundant throughout the day. He is additionally ill-fitted to beyond homes and annihilation in between. If he has admission to a yard, aloof be abiding that it is absolutely secured. Otherwise, he’ll be authoritative acceptable his escape best days.

If he is socialized well, he can alive with children. Aloof be abiding that they are old abundant to appropriately handle a baby dog instead of alleviative him like a toy. His Jack genes accomplish him able-bodied abundant to cope with agitable hands, but his Weiner genes beggarly that he can become bad-tempered back annoyed. And as continued as you don’t accept any pet badgers, foxes, rabbits, or added rodents, he will do able-bodied in a multi-pet household. Aloof as continued as he is socialized well.


Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix Playing Outside
You’ll appetite to alpha training your Jackshund at a actual aboriginal age.

We’re not activity to pretend as admitting the Jackshund is an acquiescent dog who will booty your commands seriously. Because he isn’t, and he won’t. This is addition acumen why the Jackshund needs to be homed with an accomplished dog owner. You charge to be patient and constant with your training. And blessed in the ability that he is an absolute pup. Already they are obedient, they can calmly learn added circuitous tricks and accomplish them on command

Because he is apprehensive of strangers and can become overprotective if you acquiesce him to be, he needs socialization training. This needs to be started as anon as you acceptable him home. Betrayal him to altered architect and sounds, and acquaint him to as abounding added bodies and dogs as you possibly can.

Obedience training is vital, and be abiding not to accord in to his diva demands. If you appetite him to be a affable pup and not ache from little dog syndrome, you charge to be constant with your training. Don’t acquiesce him to get treats for free, accomplish abiding he gives you a paw.

He hates to be larboard alone, so we would advance crate training him too. Some dog owners abhorrence the abstraction of putting their pup into a crate but assurance us back we say that it will account both him and you. Dogs artlessly crave shelter, and he will see it as a adequate abode to be. It will additionally acquiesce you to leave him for a few hours after accepting to anguish that he’ll dig his way into the foundations.


Jackshund walking outside in fall
The Jackshund is about a actual advantageous alloyed breed.

The Jackshund is a almost advantageous dog who will adore a continued 12 to 15 years with you. Aloof like all almost new amalgam dogs, he could accede the bloom apropos apparent in either of his parent’s breeds. Although this account isn’t exhaustive, these bloom apropos are the ones that are added acceptable to pop up than any others.

Hip dysplasia: this is added accepted in his Jack Russell parent. It will affect his hip joint, causing a aching cutting in the socket, arch to paralysis.

Patellar luxation: this action affects his Basset parent. Essentially, this is an abnormally formed kneecap that dislocates easily. Again, this is aching and article to watch out for.

Eye conditions: a array of eye altitude are begin in both of his parent’s breeds. Accelerating retinal decline and amaurosis are the best accepted concerns.

Intervertebral disc ache (IVDD): this is acquired by his continued back and beneath shock assimilation adeptness and cushioning. And although he is beneath acceptable to ache from it than his Weiner parent, he is still at risk.


Hungry Jackshund
The Jackshund will charge a high-quality dry abrade fabricated for baby breeds.

The Jackshund is a baby but active pup, and he will eat about two cups of aliment a day. This will be abased on his activity levels, age, and abounding added factors. And it will be beneath if he is a miniature-sized Jackshund.

You should consistently augment your pet the best affection aliment that you can afford, as this will access his beatitude and bloom for sure. As a puppy, you’ll appetite to ensure you accept your Jackshund eating a baby brand puppy aliment formula.

The Jackshund should be fed a abrade that is advised for baby or medium-sized breeds. It should additionally be age-appropriate to ensure that he gets the specific diet he needs during anniversary of his activity stages.

Despite actuality energetic, the Jackshund has an increased adventitious of acceptable overweight, aloof like his Basset parent. This is decidedly ambiguous for continued dogs like him, and it can access his affairs of developing IVDD. It will about-face him into a banana-shaped sausage. So, be abiding to accumulate your aliment and active candy bound away.


Jackshund Laying Down on Ground
The Jackshund will charge approved grooming.

The Jackshund has a bifold covering that can booty three forms, which will actuate his admonishment routine. If he has a abbreviate coat, he will alone need abrasion already a week to accumulate him attractive agleam and healthy. If he has the best covering or the wire coat, he will charge abrasion several times a week, and account deshedding with a able tool, to anticipate carpeting or tangling.

He will adore a ablution already every 8 to 12 weeks, but no added than this, no amount how abounding holes he address himself into. Otherwise, you accident damaging his accustomed covering oils and accretion the affairs of dry and affronted skin. Besom his teeth several times a anniversary with accurately advised active toothpaste. And absolve his aerial already a anniversary to abstain a accession of plaque.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Jackshund Mix Puppy
Jackshund puppies will amount about $800 as a puppy.

The amount of a Jackshund puppy from a acclaimed agriculturalist will start at $800. This can alter based on the breadth you alive in and the agriculturalist you accept to assignment with. If addition offers you a abundant lower amount than this, see this as a assurance that they could be allotment of a puppy mill, so you should abstain them at all costs.

Reputable breeders will ensure that you accommodated the pups and their parents in person. They can appearance you which coat-type his Basset ancestor is, as able-bodied as their bloom clearances. Puppy mills not alone don’t affliction about their health, but they will additionally not advance any time to alternation them. So, your affairs of accepting a affable pup are added with a acclaimed breeder.

Rescue & Shelters

Black Jackshund Outdoors
When attractive for a Jackshund puppy, we’d animate you to accept afore you shop!

The Jackshund is a attenuate dog, and he is alike rarer in accomplishment shelters. Consistently try visiting your bounded brand apartment to see if there is a Jackshund. And if there isn’t, allege to the agents because they ability apperceive of one advancing in soon.

Another way to aerate your affairs of award a Jackshund up for acceptance is to appointment committed brand centers and their websites. They focus their efforts on assertive breeds and their alloyed pups. The Dachshund Accomplishment of Arctic America and the Russell Rescue account adoptable dogs and their amalgam puppies. And be warned, they additionally account affirmed pairs, so you ability end up with two if you’re advantageous abundant to acquisition them!

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Jackshund is a alert pup who loves to be the centermost of attention.
  • He is candied and affectionate.
  • Jackshunds appeal several hours of bundle time every day.
  • He craves animal aggregation and can ache from break anxiety.
  • The Jackshund is usually abundant with accouchement and added animals.
  • He is ill-fitted to accommodation living.
  • He needs at about 60 account of assorted exercise every day.
  • Your Jackshund puppy will acceptable charge some added playtime.
  • The Jackshund is an above dog who will case audibly at strangers.
  • Jackshunds will balmy up to new bodies already accustomed into their home.

Final Thoughts

The Jackshund is a wonderfully fun little and continued pup who will accompany a smile to everyone’s day. He is abounding of agitable beans, and he will accumulate you on your toes. You charge to be able to accumulate up with this pup’s activity and be able to absorb best of your time with him. As continued as you can beat all of his boxes, he is apprenticed to beat all of castigation too.

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Ronald Vonkaenel

Baronial 22, 2021 at 7:43 am

Thanks for administration all this awsome advice about jackhunds because i got abundance at the end of may and the buyer said he was about a yr old so i bent his b day to be July 4th 2020 . My better anguish is he sheds alot . I had a ambrosial blood dashund for 18 yrs and he was shorthaired and he never hardly anytime afford . I additionally admiration why he doesnt eat actual abundant ? He seems actual blessed and advantageous and i dont anticipate there is a dog who can case louder than he does . His name is Associate . Acknowledgment afresh for the actual important advice !


Kelly Wilson

Baronial 23, 2021 at 2:34 pm

Thanks for the comment, Ron! Sounds like you accept a abundant pup! Accumulate up with brushing, and you should be in acceptable shape!


Chichi Rocker

Baronial 1, 2021 at 4:55 am

I accept my Gracie who is what we alarm a Jack-a-weenie. I've had abundant dogs all my activity and she is absolutely one of the sweetest and smartest dogs ever. She looks aloof like a asperous coated Jack Russell with abbreviate little legs and a continued body. I can't brainstorm my activity after her.


Kelly Wilson

Baronial 3, 2021 at 2:53 am

Sounds like an amazing pup, Nancy! Acknowledgment for endlessly by to share!


Patricia Rocco

July 29, 2021 at 12:07 am

I accept a chief Jackhund over 15 and would adulation to accept addition one back she passes... I adulation her so abundant and attending advanced to addition one someday..hopefully not soon.


Kelly Wilson

July 29, 2021 at 3:52 pm

Sounds like a admirable dog, Patricia! Acknowledgment for commenting!



July 8, 2021 at 2:20 pm

I accept a Jackshund called Vince and you declared him to a T! He is the best dog anytime and makes me beam every day. He is a accomplishment from Alabama and gets forth abundant with my added accomplishment who is a Aureate Retriever mix. Vince is 9 lbs and thinks he's 120lbs!


Kelly Wilson

July 8, 2021 at 6:14 pm

Sounds like a abundant pup, Kris! Acknowledgment for endlessly by to allotment and comment!


Anthony Borg

May 26, 2021 at 4:25 am

Wow, this commodity was a nice find. We accept a Jacshund (first time audition the name), and his name is Charlie. We adopted him from the batter back he was about three years old. He looked furry back we got him. We clean-cut him and he looked abundant lol. He is abundant with the kids and our cat, which afresh passed. He loves his baths and pond in the lake.

Charlie has a loud bark, and he absolutely makes his attendance accepted to anybody that gets abutting or walks by the house.Oddly abundant though, he doesn't dig. Also, he loves the no-leash park. He is consistently by my side, everywhere I go if you apperceive what I mean. Let's alarm him my velcro dog. He's crate accomplished but back I sleep, he's by my bedside. If I about-face abandon of the bed, so does he! Sometimes I'll nap in my daughter's allowance aloof so he can beddy-bye with me.

I adulation my little guy! I can't accept why anyone would accelerate him to the pound. I'm Charlie's fourth owner. As I blazon this, Charlie is laying abreast my feet. If I stand, he will too! He recently, assuredly took a allegory to a baby red and white hackysack ball. He aloof brand captivation it in amid his teeth. We were adored to acquisition him!


Kelly Wilson

May 27, 2021 at 8:30 pm

That sounds like an alarming pup, Anthony! Acknowledgment for endlessly by to animadversion and allotment your story!


Dena Batts

May 18, 2021 at 1:04 pm

I aloof got a basset Jack Russell she's 11 weeks old and I called her Pinky! She reminds me of the craven off of Moana, Heihei! She is the best adorable dog I accept anytime known! she follows me everywhere I don't alike absolutely charge a bridle but I bought one anyway.

Everybody adores her every time they see her. I anticipate I fabricated a acceptable accommodation on accepting her. I alive in an accommodation with my cat Jinx which is a year and a bisected old and they like anniversary added all ready! It's fantastic. I accept affluence of time with her so, therefore, she is absolute for Jinx and I!!!

I would absolutely acclaim anybody who loves to be admired and cuddled, and additionally loves to beam all the time, to get one of these admirable pups for their home!!!! You absolutely won't affliction it!


Kelly Wilson

May 21, 2021 at 1:49 pm

Hi Dena! That sounds like an amazing pup! Acknowledge you for endlessly by to allotment your acquaintance with your pup! We adulation the Jackshunds too!



April 19, 2021 at 1:02 am

We accept a macho Jackschund and he is aggregate listed above! We adulation him dearly and are accepting him a brother or sister from the aforementioned breeder!


Kelly Wilson

April 20, 2021 at 11:48 pm

Sounds like a abundant pup Julz! Acknowledgment for endlessly by to comment!



April 10, 2021 at 11:45 pm

About 6 years ago, I was attractive for a puppy and got a beautiful, changeable Jackshaund for a $30.00 rehoming fee. They brought out 3 of her brothers and there was no connection, but again they accompany out a little changeable with a bobbed tail, and the moment me and Peanut, "PP" for short, bound eyes, it was adulation at aboriginal sight.

And now 6 years later, she's my little protector and my best friend. Because of her, she has kept me sane afterwards the accident of my mom 5 1/2 months ago. I would actually be absent if I didn't accept my little PP... I actually adulation my furbaby!!!


Kelly Wilson

April 12, 2021 at 6:43 pm

Thanks for endlessly by to allotment your acquaintance with this mix, Wheezie! Sounds like you accept an amazing dog!


Annoy Ayre

Advance 24, 2021 at 6:54 pm

I had a Jackshund for nine alarming years until basset lymphoma took him from me. His name was Blockhead and of all the dogs I've had/known in my activity he was actually the best. He was my best associate from minute one and l absence him so abundant l deceit acquaint you. Anytime I achievement to get addition Jackshund. RIP Bobby


Kelly Wilson

Advance 28, 2021 at 3:06 pm

Thanks for blasting by to allotment your story, Harry! Apologetic to apprehend of your accident and achievement you can alter that accident with addition pup in the future.