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English Mastiff vs. Anatolian Shepherd: Brand Differences & Similarities

Considering the Anatolian Attend and the English Mastiff for your abutting basset companion? These two breeds are absolutely altered but allotment some arresting similarities. Acquisition out what you can apprehend afore affable either brand into your home.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: Advance 29, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

English Mastiff vs. Anatolian Shepherd

Thinking of adopting a dog and because the English Mastiff vs. Anatolian Shepherd? Both these breeds accept their admeasurement and added characteristics in common, but some ancestry make them absolutely different. While both of these giants can accomplish accomplished ancestors pets for the appropriate owners, they can present problems for owners that aren’t prepared.

Both of these pups are agnate in size. They are additionally appropriately difficult to train, but for altered reasons. Neither brand is activity to about be a acceptable fit for first-time dog owners, especially those with baby children due to their size.

So what makes these pups similar, but additionally actual altered from one another? Apprehend on to analyze a abrupt history of both dog breeds, as able-bodied as award out if either one could be a perfect bout for your lifestyle. Let’s jump in!

Breed Comparison

English Mastiff

  • Height 27-32 Inches
  • Weight 130-220 Pounds
  • Temperament Docile, Protective, Loyal
  • Energy Average
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 6-10 Years
  • Price $1,200 - $4,500

Anatolian Shepherd

  • Height 27-29 Inches
  • Weight 80-150 Pounds
  • Temperament Protective, Stubborn, Loyal
  • Energy Average
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 11-13 Years
  • Price $1,000 and Up

Breed History

Both of these breeds are advised alive dogs. Because their size, you could say that their job is security. These breeds accept been about for over several centuries, and they both accept agitative yet altered belief about their breeds’ cultivation.

English Mastiff

Fawn Dog With Black Mask Standing
This massive brand was already bred to action in Roman arenas but today they are accepted for their accommodating nature.

The English Mastiff is additionally accepted alone as a Mastiff. This brand is one of the best ancient breeds of dog. Its ancestor, the Molossus, became accepted over 5000 years ago. 

Julius Caesar was afflicted by the Mastiffs he saw in the invasion of Britain in 55 BC. He brought some aback to Rome to action agrarian beasts and gladiators in arenas. In its accepted form, the brand is a far cry from the barbaric war dogs of the accomplished and is accepted added for actuality a affable giant.

Mastiffs are accepted to be to the dog what the bobcat is to the cat. This adage gives you an abstraction of the nobility of this breed. This brand is not accepted for its assailment but does accept a acceptability for actuality a adventuresome animal.

Anatolian Shepherd

Two Dogs Sitting and Looking at Camera
The brand is congenital hardily and accepted for its asperous tenacity.

The Anatolian Attend is additionally accepted as aloof the Anatolian and is built-in to Turkey. This is area the brand became a shepherd’s companion and guardian of the livestock. This brand was ancient with specific ancestry so the dog has a agnate admeasurement and blush as the acreage animals they are attention so predators wouldn’t ascertain them amid the herd.

More recently, back 1994, the brand has been allowance in promoting Cheetah attention in Namibia. Namibia’s Cheetah Attention Fund began a affairs announcement ranchers application Anatolians to assure their army so they don’t accept to annihilate the cheetahs.


Dogs Standing Outside on a Sunny Day
Though both breeds are ample dogs, the Mastiff is bigger and added stout.

While both of these breeds accept their ample admeasurement in common, the Mastiff is the beyond of the two, area males can counterbalance up to 220 pounds. The Guinness Book of Annal states Zorba, the English Mastiff, holds the almanac as the better dog, belief 343 pounds! He stood 37 inches at the shoulder. Both breeds appear in a brindle appearance as able-bodied as a array of added colors.

The admeasurement of the Mastiff can ambit from 130 to 220 pounds. Their acme can be anywhere from 27 to 32 inches at the shoulder. The Mastiff’s alien covering is short and straight with a dense, beneath undercoat. The appearance of these dogs varies, including brindle, apricot, and fawn. Mastiffs with brindle coloring accept an apricot or abase accomplishments blush with aphotic stripes. Best Mastiffs accept abbreviate hair. It is accessible for them to aftermath a best coat, although it’s absolutely rare.

As an adult, the Anatolian Attend can ambit in weight from 80 to 150 pounds. Its boilerplate acme is anywhere amid 27 inches to 29 inches at the shoulder. Their covering comes in a variety of colors, which accommodate pinto, white, and brindle. The best accepted blush is abase with a atramentous mask. Their fur is short, with a blubbery undercoat that protects adjoin colder climates. They are frequently anticipation to look a little like a wolf back it comes to their admeasurement and appearance.


Close Up Images of Two Dogs Outside
Both breeds accomplish arresting guardians and admirable companions.

If you’re attractive for a protector, both breeds accept a careful tendency. They booty protecting their ancestors seriously and are loyal companions. If possible, you appetite to accommodated the parents of either breed’s puppies to get an abstraction of your approaching pup’s temperament. You can’t go amiss back allotment either one of these breeds.

Despite their alarming looks, Mastiffs are accepted for their acquiescent docility. They will assure their family. You alone accept to anguish about ambidextrous with flatulence and loud snoring. They additionally love actuality about their pack, and they don’t like to be alone, so you don’t appetite to leave this dog angry up in the backyard for continued periods; they may insubordinate with annihilative behavior.

The Anatolian Attend has a acceptability for actuality stubborn. A trained, well-socialized Anatolian will be a acquaintance and guardian of the flock with its careful and careful tendencies. These dogs are accepted for their amazing activity and speed. These ancestry accredit them to hunt bottomward a predator with abundant effectiveness.


Dogs Running Outside
With boilerplate exercise needs, both breeds crave circadian walking or playing.

These breeds crave circadian exercise to advance their bloom and accumulate them from application their activity destructively. Neither of these breeds is high-energy, but there is the abeyant for weight-related bloom issues if they do not get acceptable exercise because of their size. You appetite to keep an eye out for weight accretion with these breeds and accomplish adjustments as all-important to accumulate these dogs healthy.

Mastiffs charge circadian exercise. These dogs are absolutely adequate central actuality lap dogs, so you accept to be alert of their apathetic tendency and accumulate them alive to abstain weight gain. Be warned that you don’t appetite to go for too continued a airing with these dogs back they’re accepted to lazily bang down area they are aback they are overheated or tired. With a dog that size, you don’t appetite to accept to backpack a dog aback home from a continued walk!

Anatolians additionally accept boilerplate exercise needs. While this agency you can leave the dog alfresco for exercise, you will appetite to accomplish abiding the backyard has a strong, alpine fence with a bound aboideau to accumulate the beastly safe and secure. You will charge to stimulate your puppy and accumulate them active so that they don’t become destructive.

It’s account acquainted that both dogs are large, and can be rather destructive back it comes to exercise time with dog toys. You’ll appetite to invest in several beyond dog toys that can booty the corruption of a behemothic brand canine. Abate toys won’t cut it, alike if they are advised abundant duty.


Fawn Dogs Sitting Outside
Both breeds can be actual stubborn, and actual difficult to train.

Training is a charge for all dogs. Because of their size, both dog breeds crave committed training. The training should start at the puppy stage and abide constant throughout the dog’s life. Dogs of any admeasurement should go through accordance and socialization training, and these dogs are no exception.

The Mastiff requires accordance training and aboriginal socialization. Trainers acquisition that this brand does best with apprenticeship back done with positive reinforcement, including hugs and praise. Authoritative eye acquaintance with English Mastiffs is essential, abnormally back training as they acquaint with their eyes. Mastiffs can be stubborn. Some bodies aberration this for lack of intelligence. Best mastiffs are absolutely absolutely intelligent, they aloof accept back to listen, and back not to.

Due to their reputation for actuality a adamant breed, the Anatolian Attend requires firm, constant training from addition who has acquaintance administration dogs. Ascetic training is capital because of the breed’s size. According to the American Abode Club, the brand should not receive protection or bouncer dog training. It’s safe to accept its acceptability for antipathy makes this brand capricious for these types of training.


Senior Dogs With Gray Faces Laying Outside
Mastiffs accept beneath lifespans at 7-10 years, while Anatolians can alive up to 13 years.

Neither of these breeds has apropos that are accurate to their species. They are affected to ailments that are common amid all breeds. Some of them can aftereffect in death, best of them are treatable with action from a veterinarian.

The altitude listed beneath are archetypal for the species, but abounding dogs of these breeds live advantageous lives after any concerns. Both breeds accept a agnate lifespan, with Anatolians averaging 11-13 years and Mastiffs living 6-10 years.

The Mastiffs are affected to hip dysplasia, as it is accepted in abounding dog breeds, decidedly in beyond dogs. This brand is accessible to Progressive Retinal Decline (PRA), which can eventually advance to blindness. Seizures acquired by attack or agony are additionally a concern. Mastiffs can additionally ache from Cystinuria, which causes branch or float stones to develop. Cartilage blight and Belly Bewilderment are additionally apropos for the Mastiff.

The Anatolian is additionally accepted to ache from dysplasia in their achievement and elbows. Hip dysplasia can advance to arthritis and, in some cases, lameness. The Demodex mite causes demodectic mange, and while there is a analysis for the mite, it can accept adverse furnishings on DNA, so spay or neuter as is recommended for any dog with this illness. Hypothyroidism is addition accepted affair for this breed, and it comes with abounding ancillary effects. Entropion, the entering rolling of the eyelid, is article to attending out for in Anatolian puppies.


Hungry Dogs With Their Tongues Out
Since both breeds are rather large, they can both be actual big-ticket to feed.

Just as humans, a dog’s diet is basic to advancement a advantageous life. Neither dog brand is a high-energy dog that requires a lot of exercise, so you accept to be alert of the quality of the food you accord them and the quantity. You don’t appetite to augment your dog and run the accident of accepting an ample dog and the bloom problems that appear with accustomed too abundant weight.

The recommended agriculture for an English Mastiff is alert a day. An adult’s allocation admeasurement is 6-8 cups of high-quality aliment per day, burst up into two circadian servings. Mastiffs are decumbent to ashen disorders if they don’t accept the appropriate arrangement of calcium to phosphorus. The recommended arrangement is 1.2:1.

The Anatolian should be fed high-quality dog food, be it store-bought abrade or home-made, with vet administration and approval will advice them alive a continued and advantageous life. Treats are a great training aid, but you appetite to accomplish abiding that they are accustomed in balance to abstain weight gain.


Happy Fawn Dogs With Black Smiling Faces
These breeds are adequately low-maintenance back it comes to their admonishment needs, admitting they both afford absolutely a bit.

These breeds are short-hair dogs, so there’s no charge for trips to the groomers for a haircut. However, abbreviate beard with blubbery undercoats agency lots of shedding! While common baths aren’t listed, we’ve larboard that to your acumen as you may accept a dog that’s added adventuresome and blowzy than most. In accession to dispatch up the abrasion during specific times of the year, there are some added admonishment considerations for these two dog breeds.

English Mastiffs should get brushed account with a elastic glove. You’ll charge to change the abundance to circadian brushings during the address seasons of bounce and fall. Mastiffs should additionally get acclimated to accepting brushed and advised while they are still puppies so that there are no issues with the vet or groomer as they abound up and get bigger. Accepting their nails trimmed should additionally be a allotment of the admonishment action with which they become familiar.

The Anatolian Attend requires basal approved brushing. During address season, they will charge to be brushed and combed to get rid of the asleep beard every few days. Considered a apple-pie dog, these dogs can accept a ablution 3-4 times a year. It would be best if you akin the dog’s nails already or alert a month. Veterinarians additionally acclaim blockage and charwoman the teeth and aerial regularly.

Puppy Prices

Cute Puppy Dogs in a Field of Red and Yellow Flowers
Anatolian puppies tend to be the added affordable of the two breeds back purchasing from a breeder.

You can acquisition a puppy in either brand for agnate prices. Of course, breeders get to actuate their costs, and generally the bloodline of the puppies has a lot to do with the fees. If you appetite a dog advancing from award-winning origins, you’ll accept to apprehend to pay for that. It’s capital back attractive for a dog that you acquisition a registered agriculturalist and has a acceptable reputation, including testing and screening for abiogenetic disorders.

You can acquisition Anatolian Shepherds alignment in amount from $1,000 to $1,500 and up. An English Mastiff’s amount is higher, with prices starting at $1200 and activity up as aerial as $4500.

It’s important to agenda that a college amount doesn’t necessarily beggarly a bigger dog. If you’re planning to brand or appearance the dog, you should expect to pay a college price than you would if you appetite a companion.

Final Thoughts

There you accept a abrupt overview of two actual impressive, behemothic brand dogs. They both accept a different history, and their ability demands that they get noticed. Due to their admeasurement and adamant natures, both dog breeds require committed training to ensure that they are on their best behavior and accept their role in the family. Behindhand of what brand you choose, you’re abiding to accept a loyal protector for you and your ancestors during your time together!

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