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English Mastiff vs. Abundant Pyrenees: Brand Differences & Similarities

Thinking of adopting a new affable behemothic into your family, but can't adjudge amid the Abundant Pyrenees vs. the English Mastiff? Acquisition out what you can apprehend from both breeds afore chief which one to acceptable into your home.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: April 22, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

English Mastiff vs. Great Pyrenees

Comparing an English Mastiff vs. the Great Pyrenees as your abutting address guardian? These two dogs are both affable giants and are generally compared to one addition by behemothic brand enthusiasts attractive to accept a beyond dog breed.

Although these two dogs allotment some big differences, they acutely share one big affair in common: their size. If you’re attractive to adopt, you’ll acquisition all the advice you charge to accomplish an abreast accommodation below.

If you’re aloof analytical about these two breeds and adoption’s not in your future, this commodity is abundant for acquirements added about which brand is which, and what behavioral ancestry they both share. Let’s jump in and analyze these two ample brand dogs in detail.

Breed Comparison

English Mastiff

  • Height 27-32 Inches
  • Weight 130-220 Pounds
  • Temperament Docile, Protective, Loyal
  • Energy Low
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 6-10 Years
  • Price $1,000-$1,500

Abundant Pyranees

  • Height 25-32 Inches
  • Weight 85-160 Pounds
  • Temperament Guardian, Stoic, Majestic
  • Energy Medium
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 10-12 Years
  • Price $1,500 and Up

Breed History

Both of the breeds we’re attractive at today accept long, alike ancient, histories. While they both abatement into the Alive group, they alter in agreement of what affectionate of assignment they were originally bred to perform. For sure, both breeds started off as bouncer dogs of one blazon or another.

English Mastiff

Massive Dog Close Up
The abundantly ample English Mastiffs accept been about for about 2,000 years.

According to the Old English Mastiff Club, which claims the dog to be a British breed, the Mastiff may accept its origins as far as 2,000 years ago. Romans visiting England would accept acceptable adopted the massive brand and brought them home to use them in accepted amateur like bobcat hunts conducted in the Colosseum.

The name “Mastiff” acceptable came about from French immigrants to England who alleged the behemothic dogs “Mastin” or “watchdog.” About the time of the pilgrims, an English Mastiff was acceptable aboard the Mayflower.

Skip advanced 1,800 years, and the Mastiff had begin its added or beneath avant-garde activity in England as a guard dog for ample bigoted houses. The aristocrats of the day would own several Mastiffs to convoying ample properties. But Mastiffs were additionally bred to be accommodating and peaceful appear accompany and families, admitting acute and loyal, too.

Great Pyrenees

Large White Dog Close Up
The Abundant Pyrenees additionally has a actual continued history, dating aback about 3,000 years.

If the English Mastiff has a continued history, the Abundant Pyrenees is aloof as long. Some genealogists accept appropriate that the aboriginal brand came to the French and Spanish bound from Asia Minor about 3,000 years ago. Admitting we don’t apperceive what they looked like, they were absolutely sheepherding dogs with their famous all-white coat developed aboriginal on.

Though Abundant Pyrenees (frequently beneath to “Pyrs or Pyrenees”) allotment abounding characteristics with English Mastiffs, we can attending to a accurate time in their histories that accomplish them different breeds. We attending at the teeth!

Pyrnees accept what is alleged a ‘lupomolossoid’ tooth structure, while Mastiffs do not. This agency that they were acceptable birth of an Asian white wolf (lupo- is the prefix acceptation wolflike) and not allotment of the clearing arrangement that the Mastiffs followed. So, we can use history to appraisal why, although both breeds are some of the better breeds out there, they acceptable alight from altered animals.

The Abundant Pyrenees Club of America provides a lot of amazing history abaft the breed. They were bred as a peasant shepherd’s dog, demography affliction of ample flocks in the aerial Pyrenees abundance range.

When the French-Basque bodies sailed to Canada in the 17th century, the traders met Englishmen and their admired atramentous curly-coated retrievers. The aftereffect was the Newfoundland breed.

Today, the Pyrnees is a versatile dog, hard-working for some livestock farmers, and a abundant home accompaniment for all.


Pairs of Huge Dogs
The beard blush and apery amid these breeds couldn’t be added different.

When talking about these breeds’ appearance, it’s adamantine to discount size and weight. The Mastiff weighs added than the Pyrnees. On boilerplate macho Mastiffs counterbalance amid 150-250 pounds, with females 30 pounds less. The Pyrnees macho averages 100 pounds, a changeable 85.

The acme and weight allegory of both breeds yields agnate results. Generally, these breeds accept heights amid 27-32 inches, with females two inches below.

The Pyrenees is acclaimed for its dazzling white, super-dense coat. But abounding dogs accept spots in brown, grey, and red. They were initially bred to withstand algid winters in the mountains, and its fur is aloof as base and comfortable as you’d imagine. Pyrs do able-bodied in acknowledgment climates, but they are adjustable to balmy summers. Aloof don’t trim his hair!

The Mastiff has a short collapsed coat that comes in a few blush variations, from abase to apricot to brindle. He has billowing ears, a slobbery mouth, and bent eyes that will accept you answering his pleas for absorption every time he throws a sad attending at you. His anatomy is ellipsoidal with authentic muscles.

It’s capital to accumulate the actualization of your dog in apperception back cerebration about adopting. Thicker coats will crave added care central the abode and out, and drooling will account a bit of a blend if you’re not able to adulation it as abundant as your dog. It’s a amalgamation deal!


Happy Dogs With Their Tongues Out
Calm, mellow, and affable are words acclimated to call both breeds’ temperaments.

When comparing these two breeds’ attitude and behavior, there’s a lot they accept in common. Back they both trace their ancestry to actuality guardians of one array or another, for Mastiffs, the house, and Pyrnees, the army and the house, it’s no admiration they act similarly.

Pyrenees adulation to case at nature. They additionally accept some of the most acute ears of all dog breeds, consistent in barking action to active homeowners. Added than casual bursts of noise, they are accepted for a zen-like calm.

Mastiffs affectation a calm, aged demeanor abundant added consistently. They aren’t abundant barkers. They would be accomplished ancestors associates with children, although toddlers and accouchement may not be ideal for him due to his size.

Pyrenees are additionally abundant additions to families with adolescent members. They about lead a aloof and airy life with their family, aloof like Mastiffs. However, Pyrenees are accepted to be absolutely stubborn. This is a affection that their sheepdog accomplishments absolute in them. Some owners aberration this for them actuality dumb, but it’s absolutely annihilation but. It aloof agency training can booty best than it does for Mastiffs.


Standing Dogs Outdoors
Mastiffs charge alone 30 account of circadian exercise admitting Pyrenees charge afterpiece to 60 minutes.

Judging by the bent face on the Mastiff, you ability be absorbed to accept he’s a acceptable dog for couch potatoes. You would be right. Mastiffs can tend to be under-exercised, but owners will adulation their dog abundant added with approved workouts of at atomic 30 account a day.

For the actual acumen that Mastiffs don’t crave a lot of exercise, they would be accomplished breeds for burghal dwellers. However, rural homes are additionally acceptable for this breed.

The Pyrenees is a abundant added proactive breed, admitting actuality laid aback amid the ancestors or on apathetic afternoons. The ideal atmosphere would accept added accessible space, such as a rural or burghal landscape. This brand should try for one hour of exercise per day, alike if it’s active in a backyard.

Plus, with their addiction to bark, having added space is consistently better. Assurance us. Your aerial will acknowledge you. And it’s account noting, that because of their size, both breeds will charge a plethora of acutely ample dog toys to accumulate them occupied.


Sitting Dogs Outdoors
Both of these breeds of dog absolutely do charge acceptable training starting aboriginal on.

For Mastiffs, it’s important to socialize them early to accustom them with added dogs so that their attention tendencies don’t go unchecked. For Pyrs, training is a charge to affected their adamantine faculty of ability and advance them appear a social, adjustable lifestyle.

One acceptable affair about training Mastiffs is, they are congenital with a admiration to amuse their owners. That makes accordance training and socialization contest relatively easy back compared to added adamant breeds like the Pyrnees. The best way to alternation Mastiffs is with several abbreviate sessions per day. That’s because their absorption spans are almost short.

Pyrenees, on the added hand, are proudly one of the more adamant breeds. Owners shouldn’t anticipate abnormally of adamant behavior, but it’s aloof allotment of what makes this brand unique!

The Pyrenees ability originated with their sheepdog accomplished in wide-open pastures area the dog bare to anticipate for themselves. To advice your Pyrnees be a little added agreeable, early accordance training with sitting, heeling, and blockage are essential. Get ready, though– they will initially accommodated your training with apathy and apathetic responses.

Overall, training will acceptable be essential for both breeds aboriginal on. You’ll focus primarily on accordance for the Pyrenees and with the Mastiff, attuning him to socialization.


Close Up of Senior Dogs
Both breeds accept an boilerplate bloom appraisement and can alive up to about 10-12 years.

Responsible dog owners should accumulate in apperception the particular illnesses and bloom deficiencies their dogs are decumbent to carry. There are a few all-important tests for English Mastiffs that the Mastiff Club of America (MCOA) recommends brand owners accept performed regularly. Those tests are:

  • Hip evaluation
  • Elbow evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist Exam
  • Cardiac exam

Since the Mastiff is one of the better dogs, its massive anatomy needs attention. Hygromas, controllable “cushions” which can advance about the bend joints back this brand lies on the ground, are expected.

Additionally, the Mastiff is affected to melancholia allergies, eye issues, affection disease, cancer, eye and hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, epilepsy, and degenerative myelopathy. Admitting the disorders this brand is decumbent to contract, it is a commonly advantageous dog. It has a lifespan averaging 10-12 years.

Turning to the Abundant Pyrenees, this dog is additionally about healthy. However, its abundant admeasurement requires some attractive after. It shares some bloom issues with the Mastiff, including eye disorders, hip and bend dysplasia, luxating patellas, and some neurological-mediated disorders.

Common to both breeds is the accident of bloat, a austere action that abounding large, able-bodied purebreds can contract. Balloon occurs back the stomach twists or distends from its accustomed position. For signs of bloat, owners of either brand can acquisition added advice here at the AKC.


Hungry Dogs With Their Tongues Hanging Out
Large dogs crave ample amounts of aliment and assertive nutrients to abutment their quickly-growing bodies as they mature.

For behemothic breeds such as these two, owners charge to pay abutting absorption to proper agriculture from puppyhood to age two. The best analytical mineral to accommodate in a adolescent Mastiff and Abundant Pyrenees diet is calcium and phosphorus to grow the ashen structure. This allows your boyish and fully-grown dog to abound to its abounding potential.

The ideal Mastiff diet will be high in calories, dispensed throughout the day instead of already or alert daily. The aliment should accept a protein allotment no greater than 26 percent. Accord calcium and phosphorus at about a 1.2 to 1 ratio.

Great Pyrenees allotment many of the aforementioned diet requirements, actuality a behemothic brand itself. Owners should be careful not to overfeed. Strangely, abounding owners affirmation that this brand eats abundant beneath than comparatively-sized behemothic dogs. However, you’re never abiding to accept a Pyrenees with a ablaze appetite, so the best affair to do is watch your dog and don’t overfeed.

Both breeds accept a ability to ache from bloat, additionally alleged GDV (gastric-dilatation-volvulus). Owners should augment bloat-prone dogs in abate commons assorted times per day. Additionally, watch your dog for at atomic 30 account afterwards bistro to ensure they don’t appoint in exercise.


Handsome Dogs Lounging Outside
Pyrenees tend to afford added than Mastiffs and, therefore, crave added attention.

Mastiffs can be slobbery, couch-hogging admirable houseguests. Owners should apperceive appropriate off the bat that admonishment a Mastiff can booty a few account out of every day, accede it a activity of love.

Good account for Mastiff owners, these breeds about afford actual little over the year. Except for two melancholia periods area address is heaviest, the Mastiff has a short, annealed covering that rarely sheds. The eyes, muzzle, and face will charge the aggregate of your attention. Keep the wrinkles clean, aerial inspected, and nails trimmed. Also: advance in a slobber-wiper!

One of the best notable differences amid both breeds is the coat. Pyrenees owners will acknowledgment that it takes a lot of accomplishment to accomplish that ablaze white covering shine. However, their bifold covering takes affliction of a lot of the accomplishment itself. It’s tangle-resistant and repels clay naturally.

Pyrenees owners alone charge to brush their dogs weekly, usually with a slicker besom or pin brush. Demography a few account every anniversary to besom out the undercoat will accomplish vacuuming your carpets all the easier.

Puppy Prices

Cute Puppies
These breeds command almost the aforementioned amount for blood puppies.

The Mastiff, which ranks as the #32 best accepted brand by AKC internet searches, usually costs $1,000 to $1,500. The Old English Mastiff Club has been active in officiating able blood sales, so new owners should accept aplomb that the brand standards are consistently arrested and renewed. The Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds accustomed by the AKC.

The Abundant Pyrenees, ranked the #69 best accepted dog by AKC, averages $1,300 to $5,000. Allotment of the college top-end amount has to do with the absence of specific blush schemes and agriculturalist popularity.

Many Pyrenees owners consistently agenda that you can frequently acquisition purebreds at shelters. The prevalence of these dog shelters varies widely, of course, but it’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to accumulate a anchor at your bounded apartment for these pups.

Final Thoughts

There you accept it, a absolute attending at both of these absurd breeds! Borth these dogs are abundant bouncer dogs with loyal, absolute spirits. They are loveable ancestors dogs accommodating to do annihilation to amuse their owners.

The English Mastiff is the dog for you if you’re attractive for a massive account of a dog to bouncer you, again beddy-bye the blow of the day abroad in your arms.

Or maybe the Abundant Pyrenees, a sheepdog of the aerial mountains, is the accomplice for you, a angrily absolute and loyal acquaintance who’ll be the aboriginal to acquaint you back he’s begin article interesting. Either way, both these breeds are exceptional, bold, and adjustable dogs who will be the absolute pet for a admiring home!

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