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English Mastiff vs. Newfoundland: Brand Differences & Similarities

Looking to accept a new affable giant, but aren't abiding if the Newfoundland or the English Mastiff is a bigger fit? Acquisition out what ancestry these two behemothic breeds share, and acquisition out how they are additionally absolutely different.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: April 23, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Both the English Mastiff and the Newfoundland are both behemothic dog breeds accustomed by the American Abode Club during the 1800s. Admitting they barrage from altered areas, these two alive breeds do authority some similarities in agreement of size, appearance, and temperament.

On the added hand, they additionally accept a few appropriate factors that distinguish them from one another. Both breeds accept advantages and disadvantages depending on your lifestyle. Both breeds will crave a able baton and can be arduous for first-time dog owners.

Learning about dog brand blueprint is important back you’re because accepting a new pet. You appetite to accomplish abiding you are adopting the appropriate brand to appropriately clothing your lifestyle, which includes action levels, and for behemothic breeds like these two, plenty of space! Let’s jump in!

Breed Comparison

English Mastiff

  • Height 27-32 Inches
  • Weight 130-220 Pounds
  • Temperament Docile, Good-Natured, Protective
  • Energy Medium
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 6-10 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,200 and Up


  • Height 25-29 Inches
  • Weight 120-180 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Calm, Independent
  • Energy Medium
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 8-10 Years
  • Puppy Prices $2,000 and Up

Breed History

Both of these dog breeds are both working dogs who are a little added adamant and difficult to train. And they both additionally accept a actual affluent and different history. Acquirements added about a breed’s history can advice you bigger accept the blazon of affliction they charge to be blessed and healthy.

English Mastiff

Large Fawn Dog Standing on a Hill
Mastiffs originated in England about 2,000 years ago.

As its name suggests, the English Mastiff has its origins in England. It has consistently been advised a giant breed, and it’s been about for absolutely some time – more than 2,000 years, according to the oldest begin records.

While we admit this brand as a native from England, annal additionally announce that the Mastiff was additionally accepted in added European countries and Asia. Because of their large, able-bodied build, these massive animals were generally acclimated in age-old times as war dogs and bouncer dogs.

In these aforementioned periods, about 3,000 B.C., Mastiffs were additionally acclimated for ball purposes. Age-old Romans took them from England and put them in arenas to action added ample animals.

Thankfully, this adorable dog was eventually removed from these types of contest and was generally used for hunting in Medieval England. Later, their jobs confused assimilate attention and companionship, which is how we apperceive them today.


Huge Black Dog Standing on a Road
Newfies appear from Canada and were bred as alive dogs about water.

Newfoundland dogs are addition brand called for the breadth of origin. Originally acclimated as alive dogs in Newfoundland, Canada, this dog is anticipation to be carefully accompanying to added alive species, including the Irish Baptize Spaniel, the Labrador Retriever, and the Curly-Coated Retriever.

Newfoundland dogs (also alleged Newfies) were accomplished alive dogs who served as aids for fishermen from both England and Ireland in the 1800s. These dogs were apparent to be easily trainable and absolutely loyal, and they were accomplished at retrieving. They generally pulled fishnets and hauled carts and accessories for their masters.

The adherence and benevolence that this brand shows appear bodies were accurate added back bodies apparent their affinity for rescuing – decidedly in the water. Today, it’s boundless for these dogs to be accomplished for baptize rescue. Abounding abode clubs in the Affiliated States alike host Newfoundland Accomplishment Demonstrations.

Newfies accomplish abundant domiciliary pets in avant-garde times, but you will frequently see them riding alongside sailors on boats. Not alone does it access assurance on board, but it additionally adds a blow of bounded agreeableness that visitors enjoy.


Big Dogs Sitting in Grass
Both breeds are actual large, but the better aberration is the breadth and arrangement of their fur.

Both breeds are advised behemothic dog breeds. While they are both enormous compared to added dogs, and the English Mastiff generally outweighs the Newfoundland. It’s absolutely accepted to see both of these giants compared to added big dogs because the behemothic dog club is a actual baby club indeed.

Mastiffs can counterbalance anywhere from 150 to 250 pounds, with females about extensive a max of 180. On the added hand, Newfies males counterbalance 130 to 150 pounds on average, with their females hitting anywhere from 100 to 120 pounds.

In some cases, you may see a 100-pound difference amid the two breeds, alike admitting they are both giants.

The Mastiff is best acclaimed for actuality ample with an impressive, balanced frame. Their best accepted colors are apricot, brindle, and fawn with abbreviate fur, and they accept a notable atramentous affectation feature. It’s additionally not aberrant for them to accept atramentous paws and atramentous aerial as able-bodied as a continued tail.

Perhaps the best accessible physical difference amid the two breeds brand is their fur. While Mastiffs accept short, close hair, Newfies accept a thick, long, and heavy coat which is fabricated to keep them balmy in colder climates.

You can admit a Newfoundland dog by its large, able-bodied frame and massive head. Their fur comes in shades of gray, brown, black, and atramentous and white mixes.


Happy Dogs Smiling Among Flowers
Both of these breeds are accepted to be affable giants and accomplish abundant ancestors dogs.

You can apprehend a Newfoundland pup to be actual sweet and compassionate against you, your family, and anyone you allure into your home. They are appreciably adherent to their masters and are rarely if ever, advised ill-tempered. For this reason, they are often compared to Labs back actuality advised as a ancestors pet.

These adherent dogs are accepted to accept a adulation for people, but they especially tend to admire children. They are actual dupe of people, authoritative them ideal pets.

Mastiffs are not all too altered from Newfies in agreement of temperament. They are additionally actual admiring assembly and are generally beheld as affable giants. Their adorable face is alluring to all, and they accept a abundant accord of patience.

However, clashing the adjustable Newfoundland, Mastiffs are a bit more cautious of strangers. They are accustomed guardians who are actual careful of their families, showcasing incomparable loyalty. This makes them ideal guardian dogs, which agency they are generally compared to added guardian dog breeds by abeyant owners.


Large Dogs Running Outdoors
Both breeds are moderately alive and crave about 30-45 account of circadian exercise.

Despite their ample size, Mastiffs do not crave a ample bulk of exercise. Like any dog, they do need circadian walks and approved playtime. However, they do aloof accomplished in abate homes and apartments and are alike accepted to lay bottomward if they get tired or hot during a walk.

Likewise, Newfie pups additionally account from regular, abstinent exercise. Their activity akin won’t beat you, but they do adore a nice walk, and they are abnormally addicted of swimming. Newfies can additionally authenticate impressive agility in a array of terrains, so they additionally like hiking.

Both breeds adore their allotment of dog toys, which can be acclimated during exercise sessions. You’ll aloof charge to accomplish abiding your toy alternative includes toys like a Blithe Ball, which are big abundant to handle the corruption from behemothic breeds.


Sitting Dogs With Their Tongues Out
Both dog breeds are acquisitive to please, authoritative training them a bland process.

Newfoundland puppies are actual smart, and their approachable personality agency they won’t shy away during a acceptable training session. Not alone do they adore the aggregation of people, but aboriginal socialization is accomplished for their development.

Because these dogs are so loyal and committed to their owners, they are actual acquisitive to amuse and will thoroughly adore a training affair that involves lots of encouragement and praise. They’re cool dupe of their masters, authoritative them acceptable listeners. Newfoundland puppies can additionally be baptize accomplished as aboriginal as four months.

Mastiffs are additionally actual acute and acquisitive to please, but their brand tends to get apathetic quickly. So, it’s capital to accumulate training sessions exciting and engaging for them. If they become bored, it’s not aberrant for them to artlessly lay bottomward and adjudge to booty a nap.

Training will go over able-bodied if you advance acceptable anatomy accent and accumulate eye contact. Mastiffs accept a abundant faculty of affections and expressions. They’re additionally sensitive to your voice and can bound become aching or beat by acrid tons. As continued as you accord them bags of adulation and respect, they’ll apprentice any ambush you appetite to advise them.

We acclaim crate training for both breeds. This will advice both dogs accept area their bed is, and provides a faculty of aegis for their abiogenetic charge to accept a “den” blazon feeling. Aloof accomplish abiding the crate you’ve called is big enough to fit either giant.


Senior Dogs Outside
These breeds accept a lifespan archetypal to ample dogs, which is beneath than 10 years.

Any dog can accept a history of affliction or bloom altitude in its lineage, so it’s consistently important to be responsible and attending into its ancestors history.

As a accepted aphorism of thumb, you should accumulate an eye on your Newfoundland’s ears. Drop-eared dogs are more susceptible to infections. You should additionally accumulate an eye out for the following:

English Mastiffs are affected to agnate ailments as Newfoundlands, including hip and bend dysplasia and cardiac disease. However, they may accord with added added bloom issues such as the following:

  • Seasonal allergies
  • Eye anomalies
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Degenerative Myelopathy

In accession to the aloft issues, Mastiffs also experience bloat, which is a life-threatening action that causes the abdomen to amplify and twist. Owners of Mastiffs charge understand the symptoms of balloon so they can booty actual activity should it occur.


Hungry Dogs With Mouths Open
Due to their massive structure, both breeds can absorb absolutely a lot of dog food.

For behemothic dog breeds like these two, the first two years of advance are critical. Back they will acquaintance a lot of development from bearing to adulthood, it’s best to aim for a apathetic and abiding maturing. Authoritative abiding they accept the appropriate dog foods as behemothic puppies is analytical for their growth.

When agriculture a Mastiff, its diet charge accommodate an able bulk of calcium to phosphorus ratio. Mastiffs who are fed calorie-dense diets that abridgement able diet can acquaintance alarming ashen disorders. Best Mastiff puppies start on developed dog food that has a lower protein percentage.

Newfoundland diets aren’t absolutely as austere as the Mastiff’s recommended feeding, but they should still absorb high-quality dog food. They should additionally accept aliment that’s appropriate to their age, acceptation puppies can accept puppy food, and so on.

Since Mastiffs are affected to bloat, abounding experts acclaim agriculture them multiple baby meals per day and alienated exercise about mealtime.

Mastiffs can additionally bound become adipose back they aren’t amazing athletes. It’s a acceptable abstraction to stick to a lower-calorie diet and absolute treats.


Close Up of Two Large Dogs
Newfies and English Mastiffs crave balmy admonishment in altered ways.

Newfoundlands are advised moderate-level breeds in agreement of grooming. They do accept abundant coats, so it’s all-important to accord them a thorough abrasion at atomic weekly. Accomplishing so will get rid of knots and accumulate their coats agleam and healthy.

Newfoundland dogs go through address seasons alert a year. During shedding, you may acquisition yourself abrasion them circadian rather than weekly. It’s additionally account it to agenda that a spayed or neutered Newfoundland will afford all year annular and will crave added brushing.

Mastiffs accomplish activity a little easier with their short, close coat. You can stick to low-maintenance assignment that may accommodate a ablaze abrasion already a anniversary or so. However, during their address seasons, it’s important to use a asperous comb to abolish asleep beard that gets disordered beneath the surface.

Additionally, because of their bad-tempered faces, owners should frequently analysis and clean about a Mastiff’s ears, head, eyes, and muzzle. Mastiffs are additionally big-time droolers, so you may acquisition yourself wiping bottomward their faces frequently.

Puppy Prices

Cute Puppies in Grass
Expect to alpha at $1,200-$1,500 for a blood puppy of either breed.

Mastiff puppies are abiding to steal your heart with their behemothic paws and squished faces abounding of balance skin. And while their adulation and amore may assume priceless, this brand is annihilation but in the absolute world.

Mastiff puppies can cost, on average, about $1,500. On the low end, you ability see $1,000 for a blood pup. On the aerial end, these puppies can go for $2,000.

Newfoundland puppies about amount about the aforementioned as a Mastiff pup, with the boilerplate amount sitting at $1,200. However, their low-end prices are abundant added affordable than the Mastiff. You ability be able to acquisition a Newfoundland pup for $600 if you apperceive how to ambit out a acceptable breeder.

When you’re purchasing any brand puppy, you charge acquisition a reputable, amenable breeder. Consistently abstain accumulation ancestry facilities, or puppy mills, as those breeders are about not actual responsible.

The best way to acquisition a amenable agriculturalist is to get a referral from your veterinarian or a abreast friend. You can additionally acquaintance your bounded brand clubs and analysis out dog shows in the area.

Good breeders consistently assignment anon with their barter and do not advertise their puppies through a pet store. If your agriculturalist is afraid to accommodated with you in being or acknowledgment any specific catechism you have, that’s an immediate sign to alpha attractive elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Both dog breeds accomplish for excellent ancestors companions. You can apprehend both of them to do able-bodied with your ancestors and get forth abundant with your kids. While the Mastiff may be a little careful and alert of strangers, it’s aloof a allotment of his loyal attributes and his accustomed attention instincts.

A Newfoundland pup will get forth with anyone and everyone, so if you accept visitors generally or artlessly appetite to accompany your dog everywhere you go, again this ability be the bigger best for you.

Both breeds will acknowledge able-bodied to training, so continued as you are consistent, kind, and loving. Lots of acclaim is abiding to do the trick, abnormally back it comes to your English Mastiff. Overall, it’s adamantine to go amiss with either one of these affable giants. Don’t be abashed by their size; they artlessly accept added adulation to offer.

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