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Newfoundland vs. Bernese Abundance Dog: Brand Differences & Similarities

Comparing the Berner and the Newfie as your abutting creamy four-legged friend? These two breeds may allotment a agnate covering texture, but they are absolutely altered in admeasurement and temperament. Acquisition out which brand is bigger for your lifestyle.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: April 23, 2021 | 8 min apprehend

Newfoundland Vs Bernese Mountain Dog

Are you because the Newfoundland vs. the Bernese Abundance Dog for your abutting ample brand basset companion? Both dogs are acutely affable and caressible and authority all the characteristics you could appetite in a big dog for your family.

While both breeds are agnate in size, that’s about area the similarities stop. Both breeds are absolutely different, and it’s important to accept why before affable either brand into your home. Unless you’re a brand expert, you apparently won’t apperceive the specific differences in temperament, diet, and bloom risks.

In the afterward article, you’ll acquisition admired ability about both breeds and an in-depth comparison of the two. By the time you finish, you’ll apperceive if either of these two affable giants is appropriate for you. Let’s jump in!

Breed Comparison


  • Height 25-29 Inches
  • Weight 100-150 Pounds
  • Temperament Actual Friendly, Loyal, Aerial Intensity
  • Energy High
  • Health Decumbent to Abiogenetic Bloom Problems
  • Lifespan 8-10 Years
  • Price $1,000-$1,500

Bernese Abundance Dog

  • Height 23-28 Inches
  • Weight 70-115 Pounds
  • Temperament Obedient, Inteligent, Vigorous
  • Energy High
  • Health Decumbent to Abiogenetic Bloom Problems
  • Lifespan 6-10 Years
  • Price $1,000-$2,000

Breed History

Before adopting a dog, it’s important to accept the history of anniversary breed. Because best dogs were bred for altered purposes, they are additionally not a absolute fit for every family, abnormally actual ample canines like these. Let’s apprentice a little bit about the history of both dog breeds afore we get into comparing them.


Two Large Black Dogs Sitting on a Road
Today, Newfoundland’s owners affectionately accredit to them as “Newfies.”

Newfoundlands were bred in the arena of Newfoundland, Canada (big surprise). There are a few altered theories about their origins, including abolished atramentous wolf cross-breeding, Viking voyages in the 9th century, and the cross-breeding of mastiffs, sheepdogs, and baptize dogs amid the 16th and 17th centuries.

In 1775 they were called by George Cartwright (an English explorer). They additionally came actual abutting to extinction. In the 1780s, the Canadian Government imposed a tax on all families with one dog, which led to killings to abstain taxes. However, they survived and became acutely popular in the 1800s because of Edward Landseer. He was a acclaimed painter and admired to accommodate the dogs in his paintings.

Bernese Abundance Dog

One Dog Pawing at Another Dog's Face
Bernese Abundance Dog owners affectionately accredit to this brand as “Berners.”

There are four Swiss Sennunhund Breeds: Appenzeller, Entlebucher, Greater Swiss Abundance Dog, and the Berner. They are a cantankerous amid the acceptable acreage dogs of the breadth and the Mollosser (an antecedent of the Mastiff) brought from the Romans about the aboriginal century.

Ever since, Bernese Abundance Dogs accept roamed the mountains of Switzerland, mostly assisting in acreage work due to their intelligence and strength. As the Swiss abridgement shifted, beneath bodies formed on farms, so the charge for dogs dwindled.

In 1899 the Swiss, absorbed in application the birth of their built-in dog species, breeders formed the club “Berna.” An all-embracing dog appearance captivated in Bern in 1904 is area they got their name. From that point forward, they were referred to as “Bernese” Abundance Dogs


Dog Sitting With Their Tongues Out
Both breeds can be actual ample but Newfies tend to be solid atramentous or amber and Berners are black, white, and tan.

Berners and Newfies both accept atramentous as one of the primary colors in their coat. Above accepting the atramentous in common, they are additionally relatively agnate in admeasurement and weight. Berners are hardly abate dogs, so this can advice acquaint the aberration if you’re not accustomed with the breeds. The abutting best way to acquaint them afar is the colors and patterns on their coats.

Newfies can be absolutely black or absolutely brown. They can additionally accept spots of white or be white with atramentous or amber spots. They accept huge and blubbery coats, and their active accept a baby bunch of fur afraid up at the top. Their aperture and active are additionally actual broad.

Berners are about consistently brown, black, and white with the aforementioned pattern. Berners are accepted to accept a crest of white fur on their breast amid the two advanced legs with amber paws and spots about the jaw and eyes. Their cape are beneath creamy than a Newfy.


Happy Dogs Outside With Tongues Out
These breeds are both actual friendly, mild-natured, and adulation to be amused.

Both dogs are agnate in their behavior, like best ample dog breeds. They accept the “gentle giant” effect. They are active and antic but not advancing or disobedient.

Both are listed as actual accessible to train. They ability not be the best breeds for abecedarian dog owners because of the shedding, exercise needs, and lots of energy, but if you apperceive how to accession a dog, they will chase and accept to your every command.

They are additionally both very intense. Newfies and Berners will cull you on the leash, burst baptize back they’re drinking, asphyxiate you with kisses back you aloof capital one, etc. Dogs like this charge to alpha training abroad from these behaviors aboriginal afore they become habits.

The one breadth area these dogs alter in attitude is their potential for chewing. Abundant chewing, gnawing on hands, and bitter appliance are all a lot added accepted from Berners. This is apparently because of their attend dog roots back they would be out in the fields and no one was blockage their chewing.


Energetic Dogs Running Outside
If you exercise your Newphie or Berner regularly, you won’t accept to anguish about it actuality too aggressive or acceptable disobedient.

Like with best ample dogs, both of these breeds will charge a lot of exercise. At atomic three walks for a thirty-minute total every day, abnormally back they are amid the ages of 1 and 5 years old, their best alive years. Adolescence comes after in beyond dogs, so the ability you are cat-and-mouse for ability booty best than you think.

While they accept agnate activity levels and exercise needs, Berners will crave added exercise and accept added activity than a Newphie. While you ability charge to booty your Berner active for that thirty account to get him abundantly exhausted, a Newphie will be annoyed with a apathetic stroll.


Dogs Looking Up
Both of these dog breeds are analogously accessible to train, alike with both accepting a slight adamant side.

Both dog breeds are actual admiring and appetite to please their masters. If you accept a amusement accessible and a acceptable method, you will be able to advise these dogs aggregate they charge to know.

With best ample dogs, aboriginal and common training is crucial. They accept high activity levels and can advance habits that will bones your abode and account a lot of frustration. Alpha with training anon from back they are a puppy to get the best behaved Berner or Newphie.

One breadth area these dogs alter in their training is their alertness to band with a new buyer or a stranger. Newfoundlands are people pleasers. They will adulation you from the aboriginal pat on their head. Berners are a little added reserved. It can booty some time for them to balmy up to you and accept to your commands.


Dogs Laying in Grass
Neither brand has a actual continued lifespan, but they tend to advance adequately advantageous lives.

While both Bernese Abundance Dogs and Newfoundlands are decumbent to genetic conditions, breeders carefully adviser these things. If a agriculturalist notices a botheration with one of their earlier dogs, that dog will be buried out of the ancestry action to anticipate that ache from overextension to the gene pool.

As with all ample breeds, both of these breeds are affected to bloat. This is a action area the stomach enlarges due to troubles with digestion. You should watch your dogs as they get earlier and accumulate an eye out for signs.

They additionally both accept alone ears. These are actual beautiful but additionally can get infected easily. Already or alert a year, analysis your dog’s ear for infections, and if they are experiencing affliction or discomfort, booty them to the vet immediately.

Both of these ample dogs don’t accept a actual continued activity span. They will be blessed and advantageous for best of this time, but it ability be article you should accede if you accept adolescent children.


Hungry Dogs Waiting for Food
Since both breeds are affected to obesity, it is important to augment them a counterbalanced diet of high-quality dog food.

Both breeds should do able-bodied on a high-quality dog aliment diet. You should abstain Cheaper dog aliment brands if you can. It’s affordable to buy the higher-quality brands, and your dog’s bloom will acknowledge you for it. Feeding a ample dog a advantageous diet should cost about $60-$80 per month.

When it comes to comparing these two dogs for nutrition, they are both prone to obesity. This agency you should watch your dog’s bistro habits carefully and accomplish abiding they are not snacking in amid meals. Treats are a abundant way to alternation your dog, but be accurate because they can advance to blubber as well.

To abstain bloat, a accepted bloom action in ample and behemothic brand dogs, vets acclaim multiple baby commons per day and never augment your dog afore or afterwards active exercise.

Both breeds accept a advantageous appetite. Berners can put bottomward about 3-6 cups of dry dog aliment per day, depending on their size. Newfoundlands will eat about the same, although beyond Newfies accept been accepted to put abroad abutting to 7 cups in a day, which rivals abounding added behemothic brand dogs.

For dogs with continued fur, like these two pups, the diet you augment them will abundantly affect their coat. It can be shinier, and they can additionally afford beneath if they are on a diet with the essential vitamins they need.


Dogs With Gorgeous Silky Coats
Since address is arresting in both breeds, accepted abrasion is imperative.

Both of these furry-coated pups accept a three-layered covering of fur. Dogs with this blazon of fur are accepted for shedding, and regular admonishment is essential. Both breeds accept thicker coats that are meant to accumulate them balmy in colder weather.

For a Newfie, abrasion needs to booty abode only already a week. Sit bottomward with your Newphie and accord them a absolute already over with a besom and a comb. However, Newfies additionally accept a address division that comes alert a year (depending on the climate), every day, and during this time, you will accept to besom them daily. Newfoundlands that accept been spayed or neutered will afford consistently and will charge added common brushing.

Berner’s shed abundant added frequently than Newfoundlands. They can afford every day depending on the climate, so they crave much added common brushing, about two to three times per week. They additionally accept a biannual address season, and during this time, they will crave added brushing.

Brushing your dog consistently will anticipate afflictive knotting in their fur and accumulate all those asleep hairs from accession into bags in your active room. You should additionally clip your dog’s nails regularly, as this can impede their movement and account discomfort.


Puppies Playing in the Snow
Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 for either brand as a blood puppy.

Purebred dogs are added big-ticket than alloyed breeds or dogs at the apartment because they crave a rigorous ancestry process, which takes a lot of time to perfect. As mentioned earlier, breeders accept to accumulate a abutting watch on their dogs to stop abiogenetic diseases from continuing in the breed.  

Newfoundlands amount about $1,000 – $1,500 depending on the agriculturalist and the cardinal of dogs accessible in your area. Breeders will additionally account things like size, fur pattern, color, and attitude into the amount of their dogs.

Berners amount $1,00 – $2,000 because they are a bit rarer to acquisition acceptable breeders for. On top of that, they additionally appear with their fair allotment of bloom costs. With so abounding accepted abiogenetic diseases, approved medical visits (especially after in their lives) will activate to add up.

Newfoundlands are cheaper. Back acrimonious the appropriate breeder, accomplish abiding you ask about the dog’s history and analysis to see if the agriculturalist is registered with a civic or all-embracing organization.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the best is up to you. Back it comes to comparing these two dogs, they are actual agnate in abounding ways. They both are huge, energetic, loyal, diligent, and vigorous. They may be more than you bargained for, but they will additionally become a blithesome and acquiescent affiliate of your family.

When chief which you appetite to choose, accomplish abiding to factor in all the differences and similarities listed aloft and aces the brand that is best ill-fitted to your lifestyle. If you accept a lower budget, maybe a Newfoundland is the appropriate best for you. If you like to run with your dog, you would apparently be bigger off with a Berner. There is no amiss choice. Your back accomplice is appropriate about the corner.

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