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Newfoundland vs. Abundant Pyrenees: Brand Differences & Similarities

Are you attractive to acceptable a affable behemothic into your home and can't amount out if the Abundant Pyrenees or Newfoundland is a bigger fit for your lifestyle? Acquisition out what you can apprehend with both breeds!

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: April 23, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Newfoundland vs Great Pyrenees Dog

Comparing the Newfoundland vs. the Abundant Pyrenees for your abutting basset companion? These are two dog breeds with big personalities and alike bigger hearts. If you appetite a behemothic brand dog that will be accessible to alternation and a joy to accept in the family, both of these dogs will accommodated your requirements. However, if you’re borderline which brand to accept for added reasons, it’s time to do a little research.

Unless you’re a dog brand enthusiast, you ability not apperceive abundant about either breed, or how they alter in specific categories like grooming, health, and alike price. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the leg assignment for you and accept compared every important aspect of anniversary dog breed.

There are a lot of similarities amid these dogs; they are both acutely affable and obedient. However, they additionally alter in key areas like bloom apropos and exercise needs. The dog you accept should be the appropriate fit for your family, so accomplish abiding you attending at all the facts afore authoritative your decision.

Breed Comparison


  • Height 25-29 Inches
  • Weight 120-180 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Calm, Independent
  • Energy Average
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 8-10 Years
  • Puppy Prices $2,000 and Up

Abundant Pyrenees

  • Height 25-32 Inches
  • Weight 85-160 Pounds
  • Temperament Guardian, Stoic, Majestic
  • Energy Relaxed
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 10-12 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,500 and Up

Breed History

When you are comparing two altered dog breeds, acquirements about their history is the aboriginal footfall in compassionate their personality. Dogs accept been bred for abounding altered affidavit over time. In the case of these two behemothic breeds, both dogs allotment some accepted ancestry with their admeasurement and covering length, but they accept actual altered instincts. Let’s jump in and apprentice added about anniversary brand and what they were bred for.


Black Newfie Outdoors
The Newfie originated in Canada, and the brand history is somewhat of a mystery.

Breeders originally bred Newfoundlands in Canada. They appear from the arena of Newfoundland (big surprise). There are a few altered theories about area Newfoundlands originated. Some say breeders alloyed them with the abolished atramentous wolf. Some accord acclaim to the Viking voyages in the 9th century, while others adduce the cross-breeding of mastiffs, sheepdogs, and baptize dogs amid the 16th and 17th centuries.

George Cartwright gave Newfoundland’s their name in 1775. They almost went extinct at one point. The Canadian Government imposed a tax in the 1780s on all families with one dog; abounding families put their pets bottomward to abstain the tax. However, they survived and became acutely accepted in the 1800s because of Edward Landseer. He was a acclaimed painter and admired to accommodate the dogs in his paintings.

Today, Newfoundland owners affectionately accredit to them as “Newfies.”

Great Pyrenees

White Fluffy Dog Laying in Grass
The Abundant Pyrenees originates in the Pyrenean Mountains of Europe.

The Pyrenees Mountains anatomy the bound between France and Spain. The Great Pyrenees was initially bred in this arena to assure sheep from wolves and added predators. The ancestors of these dogs are said to accept appear to this breadth as aboriginal as 3000 B.C.

The breed’s history is a rags to abundance adventure as they were initially advised peasants’ dogs. However, after on, they were adopted by the French dignity and declared the “Royal Dog” of France.

Interestingly enough, back the brand came to Arctic America, the aboriginal breadth it accomplished was Newfoundland, Canada. There, they were cross-bred with Newfies to actualize the Landseer array of the breed.


Black and White Dogs Outdoors in Water
Both dog breeds accept agnate appearances, with big creamy coats.

Both dog breeds accept actual agnate shaped heads. They are advanced at the top with big mouths. Their fur is additionally of agnate length: a thicker coat (especially in the winter) that sticks out at the sides. Their legs are bushy, and their cape are continued and fluffy.

Both breeds are well ill-fitted for colder climates due to the breadth and body of their coats. However, there are additionally some key characteristics area the dogs differ.

Newfies can be absolutely atramentous or absolutely brown. They can additionally accept spots of white or be white with atramentous or amber spots. Their high aperture are much longer than the Pyrenees, and because of this, they dribble a lot more. They additionally accept best aerial than the Pyrenees.

The brand is about consistently wholly white but will occasionally accept some amber spots on its body. They accept beneath high aperture and consistently accept a arresting acme of fur on their chest that juts out like a abounding bandage amid the two advanced legs.


Two Beautiful Fluffy Dogs in Woods
While both dog breeds accept actualization similarities, their temperaments are absolutely different.

Both Pyrenees and Newfies are of the slower variety back it comes to ample dogs. They will appropriately lay on the daybed for hours or loaf about the abode afterwards a continued walk. You won’t accept to anguish about them jumping all over guests or active in circles and breaking furniture.

Breeders bred the Pyrenees to assure sheep, so they learned to conserve their energy by actual calm until they bare to action or be active. This autogenetic attributes additionally agency they are actual careful of their owners and can be adverse to intruders.

That abhorrence translates to an undying loyalty to the duke that feeds them. Back you accept a Pyrenees puppy, you are adopting a babysitter and a best friend. However, these autogenetic callings additionally beggarly that they won’t be actual accessible to accordance training; they will mostly behave how they want.

Newfies are easier to train. One of their aboriginal responsibilities was rescuing bodies from danger, so they bare to be actual adjustable and accepting to apprentice the abilities for extenuative people. They are hardly added active and won’t be as apathetic as Pyrenees.


Two Giant Fluffy Dogs Running
Both breeds are moderately active, and will charge at atomic 30-45 account of circadian exercise.

As declared earlier, the Pyrenees will crave beneath exercise than Newfies. However, this doesn’t beggarly they shouldn’t be active. Pyrenees are used to patrolling their territories consistently and should be accustomed abundant amplitude to roam about as they please.

If you don’t accept a lot of amplitude at home, it is acceptable to let them into the backyard for a while or booty them on a few abbreviate walks throughout the day. They additionally like added circuitous contest like affairs a cart.

Newfies crave abstinent exercise. You won’t charge to go for any runs with them, but approved walks alert a day are essential. About thirty account per day of walking should keep your Newfie in acceptable health. They additionally adulation to swim, so if you accept a basin or article abroad abreast your house, that’s a abundant way to accumulate them fit.

Regularly appliance your dog will advice anticipate blubber and additionally accomplish them calmer. Able-bodied acclimatized dogs are beneath acceptable to become aggressive and disobedient. Apprehend to absorb about 30 to 45 account of anniversary day appliance both of these behemothic brand pups.


Two Big Fluffy Dog Breeds During Training
Both breeds are headstrong, but the Newfie can be hardly easier to train.

The Pyrenees are actual absolute dogs. They accept a set of instincts bred into them to accumulate their army of sheep safe, and those instincts are the alone affair they will accept to at first. If you try to advise them to sit or stay, they’ll acknowledge with a lot of aloofness and apathetic responses.

However, this aloof makes aboriginal training added critical. Booty your Pyrenees puppy to training classes or absorb the all-important hours with them to get a affable dog.

Newfies will acknowledge to your training abundant added quickly. As mentioned earlier, Newfie owners accomplished them for appealing circuitous tasks like baptize rescue. It’s in their attributes to learn.

Early socialization and spending a lot of time with bodies is capital for a Newfoundland’s development. After this, they won’t be as balmy or admiring as they can be. If you appetite to alternation your Newfie in the water, you can alpha at the age of four months.

With best ample dogs, aboriginal and common training is a critical allotment of their development. Their activity levels are high, and they can advance habits that will bones your abode and account a lot of frustration. Alpha with training anon from back they are a puppy to get the best behaved Pyrenees or Newfie.


Healthy Fluffy Dogs Laying Down Outdoors
As with best behemothic brand dogs, both breeds accept a lifespan of beneath 10 years.

Both breeds are decumbent to abiogenetic conditions. Breeders pay abutting absorption to these problems. If a agriculturalist notices a abiogenetic ache in one of their dogs, that dog won’t be accustomed to breed, so the action doesn’t continue in the gene pool. If you buy your dog from an ethical and acclaimed breeder, it’s beneath acceptable to advance astringent abiogenetic conditions.

Because of their size, both breeds are at accident for bloat. If they accept the disease, their abdomen will distend, which will account astringent affliction and alike death. You should consistently monitor your dog’s health as they get earlier and accumulate an eye out for signs of bloat.

Both breeds additionally accept dropped-ears, area the aerial alight and awning the ear aperture instead of afraid beeline up. It’s cute, but it additionally can get adulterated easily. Already or alert a year, you should analysis your dog for ear infections. If they beef back you try to blow their ear or you see any pus or residue, booty them to the vet immediately.

Both breeds don’t alive actual continued compared to added dogs. However, the Pyrenees alive hardly best than the Newfoundland. Apprehend their lifespan to extend anywhere from 7 to 10 years for both breeds, which is accepted for ample breeds.


Very Fluffy Active Dogs Outside
Because of their size, both dog breeds can eat their fair allotment of dog food.

You should abundantly attend both breeds with affection capacity from accustomed sources. Don’t buy bargain brands, as they will aching your dog’s bloom and abbreviate their lifespan. It’s not that abundant added big-ticket to buy acclaimed brands, and your dog will be convalescent because of it. Appropriately agriculture a ample dog costs about $60 per month.

When it comes to their nutrition, both dog breeds can both become adipose quickly. You should accumulate an eye on your dog’s diet and not augment them ailing animal aliment aerial in fats.

The big aberration amid these dogs in diet is the bulk they eat. The Great Pyrenees will eat a almost baby bulk for dogs of their admeasurement and eat a aerial protein diet. Apprehend your Pyrenees to eat anywhere from 3 to 5 cups of dry dog aliment per day.

You can augment your Newfie aloof about anything, and it will absorb bottomward the accomplished basin in beneath than two minutes. Newfies are larger. And you estimated it, this agency they will eat more. Apprehend an developed Newfie to eat anywhere from 3 to 7 cups of aliment per day, depending on their size.


Big Fluffy Dogs Outdoors Laying in Leaves
Because of their continued beard and ability to shed, both breeds charge a approved admonishment schedule.

The Pyrenees has a bifold covering and won’t crave abundant brushing. Their fur is artlessly tangle-resistant, and so it doesn’t get askance actual easily. During their address division (in the aboriginal spring), they will afford their undercoat. To accumulate this and circadian shedding, at bay, you should besom your Pyrenees already a anniversary with a besom or a long-toothed comb.

You should besom Newfies only already a anniversary as well. Sit bottomward your Newfie either alfresco or about you don’t apperception accepting apart beard and acclaim coast through their covering with a besom and a comb.

Newfies accept a address division of their own that comes alert a year (depending on the climate). During this time, you will accept to besom them daily. Newfies that are spayed or neutered will afford consistently and charge added common brushing.

Brushing your dog consistently will advice them avoid afflictive knotting in their fur and accumulate all those asleep hairs from catastrophe up all over your house. Dogs additionally charge their nails trimmed, and teeth brushed consistently to anticipate accompanying bloom issues and added discomfort.

Puppy Prices

Black and White Fluffy Coated Puppy Dogs
Expect to pay over $1,500 for a blood puppy of either dog breed.

On Boilerplate Pyrenees are beneath big-ticket than Newfies, but they additionally accept a college ceiling. Added big-ticket Pyrenees puppies can amount almost $4500, but they usually start at $1,500 from a acclaimed breeder. The amount you pay for the dog will depend on the breeder’s acceptability and its abiogenetic birth quality.

Newfoundlands can cost about $2,000 and up, depending on the agriculturalist and the cardinal of dogs accessible in your area. Breeders will additionally account things like size, fur pattern, color, and attitude into their dogs’ price.

To accept the appropriate breeder, you should consistently ask about the dog’s history and ensure a registered agriculturalist with a civic or all-embracing organization.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Newfoundland vs. Abundant Pyrenees, they accept abounding differences, abnormally in their diet, activity levels, and exercise needs. Whenever affairs a big dog it ability be added assignment than you expected, but in the end, you’ll accept a behemothic acquaintance that the accomplished ancestors can enjoy.

If you’re still accepting agitation acrimonious which dog is appropriate for you, booty addition glance at the comparisons listed above. You’ll appetite to accept the absolute dog for the way you live.

If you accept a big acreage that needs defending, maybe the Pyrenees is the appropriate dog for you. If you accept a big basin in the backyard and appetite to alternation a dog to be the lifeguard for your kids, you can’t go amiss with a Newfie. Whichever you decide, you’ll accept a loyal acquaintance wagging his tail back you accessible the door.

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