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Newfoundland vs. Labrador Retriever: Brand Differences & Similarities

Thinking of adopting a Labrador Retriever or a Newfoundland, and can't adjudge which brand is best? We analyze their history, health, temperament, and more! Acquisition out which brand is a bigger bout for your lifestyle.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: April 23, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Labrador Retriever vs Newfoundland Dog

Are you comparing the Newfoundland vs. Labrador Retriever for your abutting basset companion?  Newfoundlands and Labradors are both admired by their owners and admired by the dog-loving association at large. They’re able breeds admired for their accomplished attributes and admiring demeanor, abundant for families and growing children.

But these breeds have abounding differences. In fact, while their temperaments can sometimes be similar, that’s about area it stops. Labrador Retrievers are great dogs for first-time dog owners, and Newfoundlands are not. It’s important to accept what anniversary brand brings to the table afore addition out which one is best for your ancestors and active situation.

So, whether you’re aggravating to adjudge amid Newfoundland vs. Labrador puppies, or aloof curious about how they compare, this commodity will help. Here, you’ll apprentice all about the breeds’ histories, appearances, health, and more. Let’s jump in and apprentice all about these two breeds afore you aces one as your abutting bristling friend!

Breed Comparison


  • Height 27-29 Inches
  • Weight 100-150 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Calm, Independent
  • Energy Relaxed
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 8-10 Years
  • Puppy Prices $2,000 and Up

Labrador Retriever

  • Height 21-24 Inches
  • Weight 55-80 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Hardworking, Intelligent
  • Energy Energetic
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 13-14 Years
  • $1,000 and Up Puppy Prices

Breed History

The histories of both the Newfoundland and Labrador Retriever are fascinating. Innately angry with Canada’s colonization, their belief amount the Atlantic ocean and two continents, Europe and Arctic America. Both breeds are acutely accepted as alive dogs, and ancestors pets. Let’ booty a attending at a quick overview of anniversary breed’s history.


Two Large Newfies
Newfoundlands arise from Canada and were originally bred as a alive breed.

The Newfoundland’s (also accepted as the Newfie) exact origins are unknown to alike the best absolute historians. However, the brand as we apperceive it today comes from dogs brought to England from the island of Newfoundland, Canada, in the 1800s.

There are a few theories as to area those aboriginal dogs from Newfoundland came from. The best basal one is that they resulted from common interbreeding by European campaign and colonizers in the 1500s and 1600s, advised for alive in the docks developed at the time.

The additional approach is that they acquire their birth from the Atramentous wolf or added built-in dogs to the region. However, there aren’t any annal that the Built-in peoples to Newfoundland bedevilled Atramentous wolves or accept a history of taming them, and it would booty a continued time for the wolves to about-face into dogs.

More acceptable is that the aboriginal dogs were brought over from Europe by Vikings in the aboriginal 1000s. There is affirmation of Viking settlements in Newfoundland, and it would explain how Built-in peoples came to acquire dogs with agnate abiogenetic ancestry to those begin in Europe at the time.

Through the 19th century, Newfoundland dogs began to access in acceptance throughout the island, advancing aback from the border of afterlife during the 1700s. Their assignment belief and able-bodied backbone fabricated them admired to abounding alive men and women, acclimated for assorted tasks about the berth and through towns and villages.

Once bodies alien Newfoundlands to England, their acceptance began to skyrocket. Today, they’re advised admired assembly for families but rarely acclimated as alive dogs as they already were.

Labrador Retriever

Three Dogs Outside
Labs additionally appear from Canada, and were bred for alive and hunting.

Labrador Retrievers additionally come from Newfoundland, adverse to actuality called afterwards the adjoining Labrador island. Labs and Newfoundlands are not related, but the Abode Club them both accustomed as official breeds about the aforementioned time.

Labradors acquire their birth from the St. John’s baptize dog, a admired alive dog in Newfoundland that excelled at pond and was accepted for its intelligence. The aboriginal recordings of these dogs are in the aboriginal 1500s during the region’s French and British colonization.

The St. John’s baptize dog was the best at what it did, which was attractive fishing lines, diving afterwards fish, and alike bringing in absolute fishing nets on its own. Fishers and farmers in the breadth accepted the brand for its assignment belief and generally aloft puppies to barter and advertise to added workers.

In the 1800s, the baptize dog assuredly larboard Newfoundland’s shores and traveled to England, area royals admired the brand for its abeyant for cross-breeding. Accord amid breeders eventually acquired the fishing dog into a hunting dog, and the Labrador was born.

As traders exchanged the brand aback and alternating amid the Old and New Worlds, it acquired a acceptability for actuality a absurd assignment dog, not aloof in baptize but additionally on land. It was an accomplished swimmer but additionally a abundant babysitter on farms about the globe.

Today, the Labrador is consistently one of the best accepted dog breeds in England and the US. There are both field and bank Labs, which are about are bred for altered purposes. Households consistently add Labs to the family, and bodies amount them as abundant pets.


Two Black Dogs Compared
While these two breeds accept some agnate looks, they are absolutely altered in size.

Although they allotment the aforementioned abode of origin, the Newfoundland and Labrador breeds look actual different. Labs are about advised a average to ample sized dog, with males belief 65 to 80 pounds and females about 55 to 70 pounds. They angle at 21 to 24 inches, advised the low end of ample dogs. Because of their family-friendly nature, they are generally compared by abeyant dog owners to other family-friendly breeds.

Newfoundlands, on the added hand, are actual giants. Males can weigh up to 150 pounds, while females about counterbalance anywhere amid 100 to 120 pounds. The brand stands at about 27 to 29 inches, abundant taller than best added dog types. Because of their admeasurement and creamy coats, they are generally compared to the Pyrenees and added ample and thick-coated breeds.

Both Labs and Newfies can alter in color. Labradors accept three clearly accustomed colors, black, yellow, and chocolate. There are added variants, but Abode Clubs do not formally admit them in the US or UK.

Newfoundlands can appear in gray, brown, black, and atramentous and white. However, best bodies anticipate of Newfoundlands as black, and this is the absolute color you ability see online and in person.


Newfoundland vs Labrador Retriever
While they are agnate in appearance, both breeds accept absolutely altered temperaments.

Labs accept developed a acceptability as actuality a appealing mischievous dog breed. Although acutely friendly, smart, and loyal, they tend to absorb their active habits able-bodied into adulthood. They’re abundant with accouchement and accomplish absurd pets for a growing family.

Newfies are about added laid back. Although best accept abundant activity to comedy about for a while, they aren’t about as agitated as Labs can be. Abounding bodies accede them to be affable and calm, beaming their intelligence from their doggie bed whenever possible.

Both breeds are accomplished watchdogs. They’re loyal to their families and are accessible to active them to any danger. Labs, however, tend to be added dupe than their Newfie counterparts. Their affable attributes can sometimes get the best of them, which in best cases is absolutely the affection dog owners attending for in their pets.


Newfie and Lab Running Outdoors
The Labrador needs added circadian exercise than the Newfoundland.

All dogs charge exercise, no amount the breed. Blubber is a accepted affair amid altered breeds, and action is one of the best means of preventing it.

Between the two, Labradors are abundant easier to accumulate healthy and alive through exercise. They’re already actual high-energy and added than accommodating to go for a run or bathe whenever it’s possible. In total, a Lab should be kept alive for about two hours every day to accumulate them mentally and physically fit.

Newfoundlands are a bit harder to motivate. Although commonly alive dogs, they’re altogether blessed lounging about whenever they can. However, they don’t charge absolutely as abundant concrete action as labs. Walks are acutely required, but they absolutely alone charge almost one hour of exercise per day.


Brown Dogs
When it comes to training, Labradors are abundant easier to alternation than Newfies.

Labs and Newfies are both almost accessible to train. Newfoundlands abnormally accept a superb attitude for training, and their intelligence agency they absorb new advice quickly.

Because Newfies are behemothic dogs, it is actual important to alternation them not to jump from a adolescent age. As they abound earlier and bigger, jumping becomes a big issue. If a Newfie doesn’t accept how big it is, abnormally with added dogs or children, their admeasurement can account abrasion in the worst-case scenario.

As mentioned before, Newfoundlands are brilliant creatures. They charge to accept their academician angry daily, or abroad they can get a bit activity crazy. Arena back and added academician amateur with them can anticipate you from accepting your couch broken to shreds or your floorboards ripped up. Their concern sometimes gets the best of them, or added often, your stuff.

Labradors are additionally highly intelligent and will acknowledge able-bodied to absolute reinforcement. Treats and acclaim will go a continued way, decidedly for basal training like sit, fetch, heel, and stay. As puppies, accomplish training into a game, and you’ll get the after-effects you’re attractive for.


Two Family Dogs With Black Coats
Of the two breeds, the Lab has a best lifespan.

Every blazon of dog can accept altered bloom issues specific to its breed. While vets accede labradors to accept above-average bloom and vitality, Newfoundlands can accept added problems accompanying to their size.

Encouraging concrete action while Labs and Newfies are adolescent can set up acceptable habits bottomward the line. As mentioned above, exercise is the best way to anticipate obesity and all the bloom issues that can appear from it.

However, as the dogs get older, physical action can affect the joints, abnormally for Newfoundlands. Their admeasurement makes active appulse their knees and achievement added than added breeds. While this can be a affair for Labs as well, the aftereffect is added arresting in Newfies. Vets may acclaim bound concrete action as Newfoundlands get older.

Labradors are added decumbent to bark disorders than Newfoundlands are. These can be acid and alike aching for them, so you should be blockage consistently for rashes or bumps that could advance into article added serious.

In agreement of lifespan, Labs adore a adequately boilerplate bulk of time on this earth. On average, they live for 13 to 14 years. Newfoundlands alive for a beneath time, unfortunately, only 8 to 10 years in best cases.


Two Hungry Black Dogs
When it comes to nutrition, both breeds charge a high-quality abrade starting at the puppy stage.

A advantageous diet is acute to befitting your dog blessed and healthy, no amount the breed. Composed commons that don’t absorb candy foods are the best option, as candy foods are aerial in bad fats and sugar.

The aberration in admeasurement amid Labs and Newfies should acquaint you that they charge altered amounts of aliment every day. A adult Newfie belief about 120 pounds will charge a circadian calorie assimilation of around 2500. This agency a fully developed Newfie may eat about 3-7 cups of dry dog aliment per day.

Labs will eat about 1500 calories of aliment anniversary day to abutment their 60-70 batter frames. You’ll be spending a big block of change on aliment for either dog, so accumulate that in mind.

Newfoundlands crave a diet high in protein as a puppy. Otherwise, they can acquaintance bantam advance that can advance to several illnesses after in life. Specific bloom issues may crave a accurate diet to advice your dog cope or recover. For example, a diet of blubbery angle like sardines or adolescent can advice a Lab with a bark ataxia and advice them achieve afterglow in their coat.


Two Dogs Yellow and Black
Both dogs crave approved grooming, abnormally the Newfie.

Another key point of aberration amid the two breeds is their coat, which should be adequately accessible as anon as you set eyes on them. Newfoundlands accept a blubbery coat meant for icy baptize and algid winter seasons, while Labs are short-haired and best ill-fitted for abstinent weather.

Grooming routines are capital to befitting your dog’s covering advantageous and presentable. Labradors are almost adjustable back it comes to grooming. They alone charge admonishment with a besom already per anniversary and a ablution already a ages or as necessary. They do shed, but it’s manageable.

Newfoundlands are definitely added challenging. Back their covering is cool thick, you charge to get them acclimated to a admonishment accepted back they’re puppies. Otherwise, accepting the astronomic barbarian to sit for a continued besom affair will be about impossible. You can bath a Newfie every added anniversary or at the actual atomic every six weeks, to anticipate matting.

Puppy Prices

Black and Yellow Colored Puppies
Purebred puppies of both breeds will set you aback able-bodied over $1,000.

While it’s absolutely accessible to acquisition a Lab puppy in a shelter, your affairs aren’t too acceptable for Newfies. You’ll apparently accept to go through a able agriculturalist to get a Newfoundland puppy.

Breeder prices for Labrador puppies alpha about $1,000 and up from a acclaimed breeder. They can be added big-ticket than this admitting if advancing from a championship line. Amber Labs may be added big-ticket because of their about rarity.

Newfoundland breeders about allegation abundant more. Apprehend to pay anywhere amid $2,000 and up for a well-taken affliction of Newfie with a acceptable pedigree. If you’re attractive for a abeyant appearance dog with the best pedigree, that amount can be way more.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this commodity has dispelled any abashing you may accept had about the similarities and differences amid Labradors and Newfoundlands. While both breeds are abundant pets, abnormally for families, they anniversary accept their issues.

Labs tend to be mischievous, accepting into agitation whenever you’re not looking. Newfies are calmer but tend to accept beneath lives than Labs do. Whichever brand you choose, blow assured that you will acquisition yourself the perfect basset companion for you and your family!

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