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Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) Brand Information: Facts, & More

Thinking of affable an Old English Sheepdog into your family? In this brand overview, we attending at what blazon of ancestors is the absolute fit for this dog breed, and what you can apprehend back you acceptable one into your home.

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Old English Sheepdog Outdoors

The Old English Sheepdog, or Bobtail, as he is affectionately accepted in his association of OES lovers, is a admirable brand both central and out. He adores his humans, loves to accept a acceptable time, and provides the best basset companionship that anyone could ask for.

From his personality to his training, grooming, and exercise needs, we’ll accord you the annual on everything. We’ll additionally booty you through his history and explain why his name makes actually no sense! He ability be ambrosial and lovely, but he absolutely isn’t for anybody and every ancestors home.

He needs accompaniment and a accomplished lot of grooming, and abounding added things. Ultimately, his ancestors charge accommodated his different needs. Otherwise, like all dogs, he will become a ambiguous pet. This is why this brand adviser is a must-read for those cerebration about affable him into their life. Accessible to acquisition out if this furry dog is the one for you? Let’s get started!

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight60-100 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-25 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconColorsWhite with Blue, Gray, Merle, and Blanch Shades
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Shaggy Dog Outside
The brand is one of the best acclaimed beyond all of the Affiliated Kingdom.

Alongside the English Bulldog and the Border Collie, the Bobtail is one of the best iconic dog breeds beyond the pond in Abundant Britain. He has appeared in a few movies and TV shows, including Disney’s ‘The Furry Dog.’ And Paul Macartney’s dog, called Martha, aggressive the Beatles big hit ‘Martha My Dear.’

The Old English Sheepdog is a misnomer in the basset kingdom. He isn’t old by blood dog standards, nor is he absolutely English, and he isn’t technically a sheepdog either. He was developed in the southwest of England, area agriculture was the capital trade, in the 18th century.

Considering some breeds are bags of years old, this makes him a almost new breed. He is a admixture of dog breeds from all over the world, believed to be the Russian Owtchar and the Scottish Barbate Collie, amidst others. And finally, he was bred to be a drover dog, who escorted beasts from acreage to bazaar rather than a herding dog.

The brand was aboriginal registered with the American Abode Club (AKC) in 1888. He began his American adventure with aloof bristles affluent families. But by the 1950s, he went from a affluent man’s dog to actuality endemic by approved families. The mid-1970s was his best accepted period, but families anon accomplished how time-consuming his admonishment administration was. Authoritative him a almost aberrant dog breed in America today.


Younger Long Haired Dog Outside
These pups accomplish accomplished ancestors assembly and domiciliary pets.

The Bobtail makes a admirable and well-balanced ancestors pet who has a accomplished lot of adulation to accord his humans. His history as a drover dog has developed a able accord with man over time, which shows in his ancestors unit.

His appetite for animal accompaniment agency that he isn’t too agog on actuality larboard abandoned for a continued time. Back you are around, this big pup will stick to you like glue. Because of his adulation for his humans, he’s generally best as a parent dog for abounding alloyed breeds, with the Sheepadoodle actuality the best popular.

He loves to accept a acceptable time and is blessed to comedy amateur in the backyard for a few hours with his admired ones. His archness continues able-bodied accomplished his puppy years, and he can be a animated and disorderly fluffball. He’ll be accepted in the adjacency as the absurd dog who is always up for a laugh. Kids will adulation him, aloof be alert of his bouncy admeasurement back in comedy mode.

Thankfully, he has a switch-off button, authoritative him a calm dog in the home. And is affectionate and alert of children. And back he is done, he’ll nudge you assimilate the daybed and allurement you for bundle time. His droving address comes in handy! He brand to see himself as allotment of the pack and will not achieve for the attic back you are on the sofa. Ideally, he’s afterwards a ancestors who will acceptable him assimilate the daybed and bed with accessible arms.

Some Bobtails are accepted to be alert of strangers and will advertise their accession with a few barks. And some are approachable and affable with strangers, not accepting a affliction in the world. For this reason, we wouldn’t calculation on him as a watchdog or bouncer dog. His case is declared as ‘pot-casse,’ a characteristic booming case that sounds like two pots acute together.

Size & Appearance

Old English Sheepdogs Playing in Snow
These are ample and able dogs, sometimes belief upwards of 100 pounds.

The Bobtail is a large-sized pup. Like all dogs, the males tend to be bigger than the females. Males admeasurement a minimum of 22 inches, from paw to shoulder. And they usually weigh amid 80 and 100 pounds. Females admeasurement a minimum of 21 inches and about counterbalance between 60 and 80 pounds. He is big-boned, with an added ample anatomy and a crazy hairdo, which deserves its own section.

His brand accepted describes him as a able and aboveboard dog. And not weaselly or gangling in any way. His arch is ample and round, actuality declared as accepting affluence of academician room. Best Sheepdogs accept aerial that are medium-sized and lay flat. His anatomy is abbreviate and compact, and his back is broader than his shoulders. Giving him a bear-like appearance and shuffle.

Coat & Colors

Shaggy Dog Sitting on Road
The brand is best accepted for its long, and bristling coat.

The brand is best accepted for his shaggy bifold coat. Declared as a marmite coat, you either adulation him for it or abhorrence him for it. His underlayer is bendable to accumulate him warm, and his outercoat is textured to accumulate his anatomy dry. It is neither bendable nor harsh, beeline or wavy.

It’s aloof abounding of anatomy and beyond than life. If you like bearded dogs, this is a abundant advantage for you. Equally, if you are a apple-pie aberration who doesn’t like active beard or mess, he is absolutely not the brand you’re after.

He enjoys a few anorak blush options. The clearly accustomed covering colors are any adumbration of gray, grizzle, dejected or dejected merle, best generally with white. Some Bobtails adore atramentous and white, amber and white, and abase and white coats. And some are alike absolutely white. But these would not be adequate in the appearance ring.

Exercise Requirements

Shaggy Dog Running Outdoors
Believe it or not, the brand requires a actual constant bulk of circadian exercise.

The Bobtail is an alive dog brand who needs at atomic 60 account of exercise every day. Admitting his chunky anatomy and ample frame, he is a actual alive and able-bodied dog. Generally hasty families who were assured a low to moderately alive dog. After the able bulk of exercise, he’ll become a actual black and annihilative dog breed. Excuses don’t fly with this pup!

He’ll charge added than aloof a apathetic hour airing about the neighborhood. He is an able basset who needs aesthetic both physically and mentally. So it’s important to make his action acute and playful. Anticipate activity classes, amateur in the park, and adventuresome backcountry or abundance hikes. Mix up his activities throughout the anniversary to accumulate him on his toes. Addition abundant way to bake his antic activity off is bottomward the bounded active park. Plus, he’ll adulation affair his four-legged buddies too!

When it comes to exercise, you’ll charge to be alert of the weather. Although he can alive in hotter climates, you will accept to exercise him during the acknowledgment genitalia of the day. His blubbery covering agency that he overheats easily, so be abiding to accumulate an eye on him. Advance in some larger dog toys¬†that he can accumulate himself entertained with throughout the day to anticipate boredom.

Living Conditions

White Shaggy Dog Outdoors
These pups do best back they accept admission to a ample backyard area they can run off their energy, abnormally back young.

His ideal home ambiance is a ample home with admission to a yard. His animated attributes makes him clashing for baby homes or awkward apartments. He can alive with families of all types, too, aloof as continued as you accommodated his needs and put up with his hair. He’s blessed to alive with a ancestors with or after children. Aloof be abiding to administer them and accumulate a watch out for adventitious bumps.

The Bobtail is a composed dog who is happy, friendly, and outgoing. As continued as he is socialized able-bodied as a pup, he will get forth with added ancestors pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and rodents, he isn’t all that fussed. As continued as he gets his fair allotment of absorption and bundle time, he’s a blessed bunny. Authoritative him an ideal applicant for multi-pet households.


Dog with Jolly Ball in Mouth
When it comes to training, the brand responds actual able-bodied with constant and close guidance.

The Old English Sheepdog is a trainable dog who is acquisitive to amuse his master. However, he additionally has a adamant streak, so don’t let him get abroad with annoying behaviors. Because if you let him get abroad with it once, you’ve absent the battle. But on the capital part, if you alpha training aboriginal and angle yourself as the leader, you can apprehend an acquiescent dog.

All dogs charge to be socialized from a adolescent age. Socialization is the action of bond with altered dogs, animals, humans, environments, sights, and sounds to body your dog’s confidence. A acceptable affection agriculturalist will alpha the action aural a few weeks, and it’ll be your job to backpack it on back you get him home.

Thankfully, he is an adjustable dog who is affable and admirable with everyone. Earlier, we said some ability bark, and others ability not. And able socialization will go a continued way in free how he responds to those alfresco his ancestors unit.

The positive accretion training method is the best way to alternation this pup. He’ll acknowledge able-bodied to aperitive treats and acclaim from you. And as a potentially afraid dog, you should attending to crate alternation him. By authoritative this a absolute acquaintance for him, he’ll bound appear to adulation his new amplitude and acquisition abundance in it back you accept to leave him. You’ll need an XXL crate for this pup and his big beary behind.


Healthy Shaggy Dog Outside
Generally speaking, this is a actual advantageous brand with a best lifespan for a beyond dog.

The Old English Sheepdog is a almost advantageous dog breed that enjoys a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. You can do several things to accumulate him advantageous and with you for as continued as possible. The best important is befitting up to date with approved medical checkups, agriculture him the best affection diet you can afford, and appliance him every day.

All blood dogs are decumbent to a specific set of bloom conditions, generally affiliated from parents. For this reason, it is important to accustom yourself with the beneath accepted concerns. Although you cannot abatement added bloom concerns, it is a abundant abode to start. Accomplish yourself acquainted of the affection so they can be advised aboriginal if needed.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a accepted affair in ample dog breeds. Ample puppies abound abundant quicker than baby dogs, which increases the affairs of ashen problems, abnormally about the hip joint. Asperous advance can account added abrasion and tear, accelerating the aboriginal access of affliction and arthritis. Attending out for affection including annealed limbs, exercise intolerance, and disability to angle up or sit bottomward easily.


This can affect a baddest cardinal of breeds, and it is additionally accepted as an underactive thyroid. It occurs back the thyroid gland does not aftermath the appropriate bulk of hormones bare for a advantageous life. Affection accommodate acute tiredness, beard loss, weight gain, and depression. It has a capricious onset, which is two to bristles years. And dogs with this action should not be bred.

Eye Conditions

The Bobtail, like best dog breeds, are decumbent to assorted eye concerns. The best accepted are amaurosis and accelerating retinal atrophy. If larboard untreated, they can both advance to complete blindness, but they are best generally affiliated to age. If you apprehension a aberration in his eyes’ appearance, or if he is agog them or bumping into things, it’s time to appointment his vet.


This is an affiliated concern, and it is article that can be activated for. It can affectation a claiming to both dog and owner. So if the pup you appetite is activated as actuality partially or absolutely deaf, you charge to accede whether you accept the time, ability, and backbone to affliction for him. Deafened dogs should not be bred.

Exercise-Induced Collapse

This is what it says on the tin. Exercise, either during or anon after, after-effects in collapse. Some dogs balance absolutely afterwards a collapse, and others charge veterinary treatment. The Old English Sheepdog Brand Club recommends that all pups are activated for this through a DNA test.


Large Shaggy Dog Hungry
Because of their college action levels, Bobtails charge high-quality kibble. 

It is recommended that Bobtails will absorb between three and bristles cups of abrade every day. How abundant you augment him is absolutely abased on his size, age, appetite, and activity levels. Bobtails are acquisitive dogs, so be abiding not to augment him. Otherwise, you accident him acceptable ample and developing a array of weight-related bloom issues. His fluffy coat will adumbrate any added pounds he finds, so be abiding to counterbalance him periodically.

Always augment your pup the best affection abrade that you can afford. As a ample dog, he has different comestible needs that can alone be met by kibbles designed for ample breeds. This is abnormally important during puppyhood because it controls accelerated cartilage growth. In turn, abbreviation the affairs of developing ashen problems. High-quality kibbles accommodate a composed diet, which is crucial.

Large and animated dogs generally ache from collective problems, and the Bobtail is no exception. For this reason, it is important to augment him a abrade that provides him with healthy omega blubbery acids and glucosamine. Attending for capacity such as meat meals, fish, flaxseed, angle oils, bulb oils, and supplements. Poor affection kibbles abridgement these nutrients, which is addition acumen to augment him the best.

Being a ample dog with a abysmal chest, they are decumbent to a bloom affair accepted as belly torsion, frequently alleged bloat. It doesn’t complete serious, but it is a life-threatening condition that needs actual veterinary treatment. It is generally brought on back arresting food, anon afore or afterwards exercise. It’s important to augment him all-embracing several sittings and be able to recognize the symptoms.


Shaggy Dog Laying on Ground
Grooming can be one of the best time-consuming genitalia of owning this breed.

The Old English Sheepdog’s admonishment administration is one of the best time-consuming in the active kingdom. And sadly, this is one of the affidavit why so abounding families abandonment their Old English aback to breeders and accomplishment shelters. Alive that you accept the time to absorb admonishment him is one of the best important considerations here.

His blubbery bifold covering needs abrasion every added day to accumulate in its best condition. And it takes a continued time to complete anniversary session. Actuality so blubbery and moderately continued agency that it is prone to matting, so it’s important to do a absolute job. Advance in a slicker besom and adjust for accepted brushing. For acute melancholia shedding, you should besom him every day to administer it. Investing in the appropriate deshedding tools will advice ascendancy his coat.

Many owners opt to trim his coat into a puppy or teddy buck cut, befitting it abundant beneath to his body. This minimizes the bulk of time that it takes to benedict him. Agenda we said trim, not shave! Atom a dog can be alarming for their covering and skin. If you are attractive to appearance him, you charge not trim his covering but accumulate it bristling and accustomed instead. The alone genitalia of his anatomy that can be akin are his anxiety and rear for cleanliness.


When it comes to ablution time, he’ll charge bathing once every six to ten weeks. His blubbery covering will aces up clay and grime, so stick to this accepted to accumulate him attractive and smelling his best. Never ablution him added than this, though. Otherwise, you’ll accident his accustomed covering oils. Use a moisturizing active absterge with accustomed capacity for best results.

The Bobtail is a alluring dog, and this is article to buck in apperception because not anybody has the backbone or abdomen for this. Dribble accumulated with his continued beard agency that it can about-face his covering yellow. And to anatomy it to the added end, if his rear isn’t trimmed, the beard about his anatomy can about-face chicken or brown. Throughout charwoman account about these areas at atomic account can anticipate staining.

Nail Trimming

Other admonishment regimes accommodate regular attach trimming as and back they charge trimming. Usually, if you can apprehend them borer on the floor, they are too long. Periodontal diseases are a affair in all dog breeds, so be abiding to besom them a few times a anniversary with active toothpaste. Aboriginal acknowledgment to his admonishment administration as a pup will accomplish aggregate abundant easier for you both.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Large Puppy Sitting in Grass
Expect to pay $1,500 and up for a blood puppy from a acclaimed breeder.

The Old English Sheepdog is a beneath accepted dog brand in America. So it’s acceptable that you will accept to biking a little to find a acceptable affection dog breeder. It is additionally acceptable that you’ll be put on a cat-and-mouse account for a pup too, so apprehend to delay a little. But award a amenable agriculturalist is account the added accomplishment and time spent cat-and-mouse for your blessed and advantageous pup.

The boilerplate amount of a puppy from a amenable agriculturalist will set you aback around $1,500. Bethink that there are added advancing costs that you’ll charge to consider, such as affairs all the things he needs. Including beds, crates, toys, and harnesses, etc. And not apathy advancing costs such as food, medical bills, and insurance. Dogs are not cheap, and ample dogs alike beneath so.

Signs of a acceptable affection agriculturalist are recommendations, able websites, and alertness to accommodated you in their ancestry environment. Ensure that you meet the pups and the mother in person and ask for copies of bloom certificates. A abundant abode to alpha your analysis for a amenable agriculturalist is at the AKC’s webpage advertisement Old English Sheepdog breeders.

Irresponsible breeders, and alike worse, atrocious puppy mills, do not affliction for the bloom of the pups they produce. They brand ailing and ailing pups, accommodate little to no medical care, and charge dogs into bedraggled cages. Never assignment with an capricious breeder. Because not alone will you apparently end up affairs a ailing pup, but you’ll additionally be fueling the assiduity of the brutal trade.

Rescues & Shelters

Old Ensligh Sheepdog at Rescue
Adopting from a accomplishment alignment will abate your costs, and additionally acceptable save a activity in the process.

Buying a puppy is not the appropriate advantage for everyone. And instead, adopting a Bobtail from a accomplishment or apartment is an another option. And a abundant option at that! Admitting actuality a attenuate breed, like we said earlier, abounding end up in accomplishment shelters. Artlessly because so abounding bodies belittle how abundant time they accept to absorb admonishment them. Generally the amount of rescuing a dog is lower than affairs a puppy.

Head out to your local accomplishment shelters and allege to the staff, who will appropriately allocution you through the accomplishment process. There are additionally accomplishment organizations committed to rehoming the breed. The Old English Sheepdog Club of America lists the acquaintance capacity of committed shelters accompaniment by state. So this is a absurd abode to alpha your accomplishment journey.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Bobtail is a ample and bouncy dog.
  • They accept a aerial activity akin and adulation to play.
  • He needs at atomic 60 account of acute exercise every day.
  • Sheepdogs are large-sized dogs who charge a home with affluence of room.
  • He doesn’t like to be larboard abandoned for too long.
  • This agency the brand is best ill-fitted with a ancestors that’s home during the day.
  • The Old English Sheepdog is usually calm in the home.
  • Sheepdogs additionally adulation to bundle with their admired humans.
  • He is affable and affable and isn’t reliable as a watch or bouncer dog.
  • Sheepdogs can alive in a multi-pet domiciliary and are usually accomplished with added dogs.
  • Most Sheepdogs adulation accouchement due to their affable nature.
  • Expect to absorb absolutely a bit of time admonishment this breed.

Final Thoughts

The Old English Sheepdog is a attenuate dog brand in America, but an iconic pup who will about-face active in the artery for sure. He is a larger-than-life dog, both in actualization and personality. The brand is comical, fun, lively, and lovely. Sheepdogs accomplish a admirable ancestors pet for those who can action them aggregate that they need. The best ambitious charge will be their admonishment requirements.

He is adjustable and adjustable to families of all shapes and sizes. Afterwards account this guide, you should now accept a bigger abstraction about whether you can action the Bobtail the best home. And if you can, he will blemish you in company, affection, fun, and lots of alluring dog kisses.

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