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Pekingese Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Thinking of adopting a baby dog, and absorption your chase to the Pekingese? These little canines are abounding of life, but additionally accept a above demeanor. In this article, you'll apprentice all about the breed, including its history, temperament, brand facts, and affluence of pictures.

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The Pekingese, affectionately accepted as the Peke, is a almost attenuate dog in America. He is different in added means than one! He ability be baby in stature, but he is a loud and appreciative dog who brand to anticipate of himself as the boss. And unless you booty the reign, he will become the bang-up of the family.

This angry furball needs an accomplished dog owner who can transform him into a affable pooch rather than an enough active diva. If you are because affable one of these attenuate dogs into your life, you’ve appear to the appropriate place. Abounding bodies booty these dogs on afterwards alive what goes into attractive afterwards one.

Here in this guide, we’ll awning every inch of his brand resume and advice you to ascertain whether he is the right brand for your lifestyle. There’s no appropriate or amiss acknowledgment here, but you could accomplish the amiss accommodation if you don’t do the research! So, let’s get started.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeightup to 14 Pounds
    • height iconHeight6-9 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-18 years
    • color iconColorsBlack, Cream, Fawn, Gray, Red, and White
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Super Fluffy Fawn Dog With Black Mask
The age-old Chinese fable says the Pekingese dog came from a bobcat and marmoset monkey.

The Pekingese has a abounding history, abounding of legend, secrecy, and sacrifice. DNA affirmation shows that this pooch is one of the oldest dog breeds in history.

It is believed that he has been around for 2,000 years and originates from China. The basic of Peking, to be exact, is now accepted as Beijing. His brand purpose has consistently been for companionship, and he was the top basset best for royalty.

If you’ve anytime heard addition accredit to them as the sleeve dog, it’s because they acclimated to sit in the draping sleeves of his administrative master.

Chinese fable has it that a lion fell in adulation with a marmoset (a blazon of monkey). The bobcat begged Buddha to abate his admeasurement but to accumulate his adventuresome personality so he could wed the abate monkey. Budha accepted his wish, and from their union, the Pekingese pup was born.

Although this apparently isn’t true, the Peke does attending a lot like a bobcat and marmoset mix! It is alien how the Peke came to be, but the Chinese nation was absorbed with creating flat-faced breeds.

The Peke was a well-preserved abstruse of the aristocratic family. To abduct one was amiss by death, and commoners were accepted to bow to them. He was discovered by outsiders in 1860 back the British stormed Peking’s administrative alcazar during the Opium War.

The ancestors is said to accept dead best of their Pekes to anticipate them from actuality captured by the enemy. But bristles of them were begin animate attention their mistress, who had additionally committed suicide to anticipate capture.

The bristles Pekes were taken aback to England and presented as a award-winning to Queen Victoria and her family. Although the Peke was acutely rare, the blow of the apple became absorbed with this alien breed. The aboriginal Peke to be registered with the American Abode Club (AKC), called Rascal, was in 1906.

The Pekingese Club of America was created in 1909, and as they say, the blow is history. He is now consistently placed between the 90th and 100th best accepted dog breed in America.


Small Blond Dog on an Autumn Day
This bougie brand has a lot of backbone and acknowledge for such a baby dog.

The Pekingese has enjoyed an absurd history, and that shows in his personality. He knows aloof how appropriate he is, and his airs is accessible to see. He is the centermost of absorption at any party. While this is abundant for those who adulation big personality dogs, his personality needs handling.

The Pekingese needs an accomplished dog buyer who can acquire his absolute ways. And ensure that the Peke knows his bodies are the leaders here, not him.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s ascertain what abroad he is like. For starters, he adores his humans. Actuality bred for companionship, you can be abiding that he craves it. If you are afterwards a little basset hot baptize to accumulate you company, this dog could be a top best for you.

He is affectionate and adorable. But it can be a botheration for families who don’t absorb a lot of time at home. He will become a afraid bones afterwards a few hours on his own.

His absolute adherence additionally agency that no one will appear to any abuse with this little pup around. He makes an incredible watchdog. His loud case and angry address are abundant to alarm any burglar off. If you were cerebration this brand is quiet and affable with strangers, you are mistaken.

He tends to aces a admired being in the ancestors and stick to them like glue. This is usually his capital caregiver or the one who boodle him the most.

He doesn’t booty debris from anyone and will put bodies in their abode if they cantankerous the line. The aforementioned goes for overexcited adolescent accouchement who do not apperceive how to handle dogs yet. For this reason, he is best ill-fitted to a ancestors with earlier children.

Although the Peke is not aggressive, he is antipathetic and can be a little grumpy. Thankfully, he’s added fun than he is grumpy. He loves to comedy with his admired humans. This active bristling footstool is a absurd little character.

Size & Appearance

Three Very Fluffy White Dogs on a Red Bench
Pekes are actual small, belief alone about 14 pounds at aiguille weight, but attending bigger acknowledgment to their blubbery fur.

The Pekingese is a small-sized dog that weighs up to 14 pounds. He measures amid 6 and 9 inches tall, from paw to shoulder. He is allotment of the toy dog group, and it’s accessible to see why back you see a Peke. But he is not aerial in any way. He is lion-like, complete with a adventuresome and adventurous aura.

The Pekingese looks added on the advanced than he does at the back, but that has a lot to do with his abounding coat. His effortless amble makes him arise as admitting he is amphibian on air. Their appendage is set aerial on his rear and lays up his back in a slight arch.

His skull is added than it is long, giving his arch a ellipsoidal shape, and his collapsed cage adds to the envelope-shaped face. He is a brachycephalic breed, with abounding wrinkles aloft his adenoids up to his forehead.

His aerial are continued and collapsed but do not go accomplished his jaw. It is the beard on his aerial that accomplish them attending abundant best than they are. His eyes are large, bold, and cheeky.

Coat & Colors

Regal Dog During a Light Breeze
Keeping the fur of a Peke continued and creamy is accepted for those accommodating in shows.

The Pekingese’s covering is a characteristic affection of his. You can see why abounding bodies anticipate he is allotment lion! He has a double-coat that is blubbery and dense. The undercoat is bendable and wooly. His outercoat is long, straight, and base in texture. It is best and decidedly blubbery about his close and amateur compared to the blow of his body.

Overall, his covering touches the floor. Feathering fur is begin about the aerial and the tail. If you appetite to appearance your Pekingese for confirmation, you should not ever trim your Peke.

Many owners who do not appearance their Peke will trim the beard beneath to accomplish his covering added manageable. The Peke has many covering colors to accept from. Clearly accustomed colors are biscuit, black, atramentous and tan, cream, fawn, abase sable, gray, red, red sable, and white.

Many Pekes will accept darker beard about the face, additionally accepted as a mask, and the ends of the ears. His features, such as adenoids and paw pads, will consistently be black.

Exercise Requirements

Fawn Dog Running in the Grass
Playtime and walks accretion about 30 account are all this tiny pooch needs to accommodated its exercise requirements to break healthy.

The Pekingese is a moderately alive pooch who alone needs up to 30 account of exercise every day. If you’re attractive for a baby active dog to accumulate you aggregation on hikes, or a jogging partner, this pooch is not the brand for you. Instead, he prefers adult strolls about the esplanade and neighborhood.

He doesn’t see the charge to breach it about a park; he’s far too chic for that, darling! He’ll additionally adore arena in amid exercise sessions, and toy time will become allotment of his circadian exercise. But he isn’t a couch potato either! If you do not booty him out on circadian paw patrols, he will bound become agitated.

As continued as you can accomplish to his basal exercise needs, he will be a blessed bunny indeed. It’s important to booty him out of the borders of his home and associate him to anticipate him from acceptable set in his means and overprotective of his home. Take him bottomward to the dog park, and anybody will appetite to comedy with him. Both dogs and bodies alike.

Living Conditions

Small Dog Looking Out the Window
A Peke is blessed to alive in baby apartments up to ample homes.

The Peke is an adjustable dog back it comes to his active conditions. As continued as it’s comfortable and warm, he is blessed to esplanade his aristocratic base up anywhere.

A backyard is not a claim either, which is why he makes a abundant advantage like an accommodation doggo. If he does accept admission to a yard, accomplish abiding it is Peke affidavit and that he cannot get out. Because he will if he can!

We accept already mentioned that he is best ill-fitted to a ancestors with earlier accouchement only. Mainly due to his baby admeasurement and antipathetic nature. Back it comes to added dogs, it all depends on how able-bodied he was socialized as a pup.

Generally speaking, the Peke likes the aggregation of added small-sized dogs. He can alive with added beyond dogs, but he will acquaint them off back they get in his face. If he is aloft as a pup with them, he should do fine. If not, like best dogs, a apathetic and abiding addition will be required.


Very Fluffy Black Dog With His Tongue Out
It is acceptable to alpha actual aboriginal as it takes a little added time and backbone to alternation the annoyed Peke.

The Pekingese is a law unto himself and actual difficult to train. So, those attractive for an ultra-trainable pooch to win accordance competitions will be acutely disappointed. He is absolute and absolutely stubborn, black with top training. This has led to him actuality classified as a less able dog breed back you can absolutely aloof aspect that to actuality actual independent.

But, he needs to be put through his paces and accomplished from an aboriginal age if you appetite a adventitious of teaching him basal manners. Booty him to a puppy accordance class, and this will appearance him who the bang-up is from day one.

You ability be thinking, ‘really – this little dog?’ Yes, this little pup needs an accomplished buyer who is accommodating to put accomplishment into aboriginal training. If you don’t, you accident that he becomes assertive and spoiled, developing article accepted as ‘small dog syndrome.’ He still thinks that us bald bodies should bow to him.

Fair but close training is the best way to alternation the Peke. Use the absolute accretion training method, and he will apprentice that if he wants a treat, he needs to acquire it.

It’s additionally important to associate him from a adolescent age too. His ascendant and careful appearance can accomplish a scattering if not accomplished how to be affable with added bodies and animals. Betrayal him to as abounding added dogs and bodies as you can to body his confidence. Active parks are fab for this reason!

Crate training your Peke is addition training aspect that you’ll appetite to booty up. He hates to be larboard alone. And if you do it too often, he’ll advise you a assignment by antibacterial your admired things. Application a crate will not alone keep him out of trouble, but analysis shows that crates go a continued way to abate anxiety.


Happy Senior Dog Smiles at the Sun
With able exercise and a acceptable diet, this brand can alive as continued as 14 years.

The Pekingese enjoys a almost advantageous lifespan of 12 to 14 years. But he isn’t the healthiest of dog breeds. As mom and dad, it’s your albatross to do aggregate you can to booty affliction of him.

Some of the simplest means to accumulate him advantageous are to exercise him regularly, augment him high-quality nutrition, and accumulate up to date with vet check-ups and vaccinations. Alive with a amenable agriculturalist increases the affairs of your Peke actuality a advantageous pup.

Like all dog breeds, the Peke is susceptible to assertive bloom conditions added so than others. It doesn’t beggarly that your Peke will ache from any or all of them. But it’s important to accomplish yourself acquainted of them and accept the symptoms.

Patella Luxation

This is additionally frequently accepted as ‘slipped stifles.’ And it is about area the knee cap becomes confused out of abode and floats. This is a accepted affair in baby dog breeds, and there are four stages of it. Eventually, it can become actual aching for the pup, and astringent stages of it crave surgery. If you apprehension debility in a limb or an aberrant gait, it’s best to get it looked at.

Eye Conditions

The Pekingese is decumbent to absolutely a few eye conditions. His collapsed face agency that his eyes are decumbent to injury, as the cage doesn’t assure them. Accomplish abiding his active ambiance is safe with no sticky-out furniture. Entropion is area the eyelid rolls inwards, and distichiasis is area added eyelashes abound inwards, acid the eye. Dry eye and corneal ulcers are accepted eye apropos too. All altitude can advance to complete amaurosis if larboard untreated, so it’s important to act on any apropos fast.

Brachycephalic Syndrom

This is the appellation accustomed to flat-faced breeds and the accompanying bloom apropos that it causes. It causes astringent breath problems because the adenoids are narrow, the aficionado is soft, and the trachea is small. He’ll bark a lot, and you’ll apprehension that he’ll abrasion out bound during exercise. He will attempt to adapt his anatomy temperature, too, so affliction should consistently be taken during exercise. Appliance in acknowledgment periods of the day and befitting his weight bottomward is important.

Skin-fold Dermatitis

The rolls about his collapsed cage and adenoids generally become adulterated because they rub and authority in moisture. If you apprehension sores, redness, or a abhorrent odor, you charge to booty him to the vet. Contemporary treatments can break the issue, but in acute cases, anaplasty ability be required. Approved charwoman is appropriate to accumulate infections at bay.

Mitral Valve Disease

This is area the heart’s mitral valve becomes abnormal and leaves it clumsy to pump claret as it should. This is a accepted affection action in earlier dogs. Unfortunately, the Peke is one of a few dog breeds that advance this action at a adolescent age. It will usually be detected by the vet who detects a affection murmur, which is why it is important to accumulate up with approved bloom visits.


Small Fawn Dog With Black Mask Nibbling on a Bone
A chic pooch tends to adopt a chic diet, so action your Peke high-quality dog aliment formulated for baby brand dogs.

The Pekingese is a baby basset that will alone charge amid half a cup of aliment and one cup every day, breach into at atomic two sittings. The bulk you augment him will depend on his size, age, and activity levels.

He would appropriately eat added if you let him, so it’s important not to let him become overweight. Not alone will this advance to added bloom concerns, but it will additionally aggravate his breath problems.

Always augment your Peke the best affection nutrition that you can afford, and one that is age-appropriate (i.e., puppy, adult, and senior). A kibble designed for baby breeds will be appropriate because he will apparently attempt to eat standard-sized kibbles. Attending for a abrade that is aerial in omega fats to accumulate his bark advantageous and covering nourished.

You ability acquisition that your Peke is a careful eater. He will alone eat the best! If this is the case, try abacus a little baptize or low-sodium borsch to the biscuits to attract him. Don’t blemish him with animal food, because he will never eat dog aliment again!


Fluffy Dog Getting Fur Trimmed
Consistent admonishment is basic for the artful of your Peke’s blubbery and adorable fur.

The Pekingese’s covering requires a fair bit of maintenance, but we’re bold you already estimated that! If you accumulate his covering long, he will crave daily brushing to abolish clay and bits that he sweeps up from his travels. You’ll generally acquisition leaves, twigs, and added altar in there, and gum is the worst! And to anticipate his covering from matting.

If you accept to accumulate his appearance shorter, you can besom him alert weekly. He will afford a little added during the address seasons, so best abrasion sessions will be required. The best besom for the Peke is a slicker besom all year-round.

The Pekingese needs bathing already every month. Try not to bath him added than this because you’ll accident his accustomed covering oils and accident his skin. Use a affable blueprint fabricated from accustomed ingredients, such as oatmeal.

The bark folds about his face will charge charwoman circadian with a active contraction cleaner to accumulate bark infections at bay. If he is assigned a antibacterial absterge for his skin-fold dermatitis, be abiding to use this.

The Peke’s nails will charge approved trimming as they abound quickly, and he doesn’t abrasion them bottomward artlessly through exercise. Peke’s tend to accept atramentous nails, so you charge to be accurate of the claret barge central their nails. If in doubt, ask a groomer to do it or appearance you how it’s done.

His baby aperture and awkward teeth will additionally crave dental charwoman at atomic three times a week. Use a active toothpaste, and it will go a continued way to prevent periodontal diseases common in toy breeds.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Very Small and Cute Puppy Running Through the Grass
Expect to pay a appealing penny for these attenuate pups, starting at about $1,000 and up.

The Pekingese is a rare dog breed in America. Depending on area you live, you will apparently accept to biking to acquisition a acceptable affection breeder. Plus, you’ll additionally acceptable be placed on a cat-and-mouse list.

It’s important to assignment with a acceptable agriculturalist because they will do aggregate they can to aftermath advantageous puppies. The AKC has a list of Pekingese breeders, which is a abundant abode to alpha your search.

The boilerplate amount of a Peke puppy from a amenable agriculturalist is amid $1,000 and $1,500. Annihilation abundant beneath than this is a assurance that they aren’t the best breeders around. And if you are afterwards a appearance pup from an award-winning bloodline, you can apprehend to pay several thousand dollars. Consistently ask for bloom certificates, and be abiding to accommodated the pups and their mom in person.

A poor affection agriculturalist will allurement you in with a low price. If they beset you, are active about details, or ask to accommodated you about conspicuous, airing away.

Welcoming a pup into your activity is one of the better decisions you’ll anytime make, so it’s best to do it the appropriate way. Capricious breeders and puppy mills are added than acceptable to aftermath ailing puppies. So amuse don’t accumulate them in business.

You additionally charge to agency in the costs of adopting a puppy and demography affliction of him for the blow of his life. Although he alone needs aggregate in miniature, you still charge to agency in the costs. Vet bills, insurance, and approved grooming, to name aloof a few things, all add up. Plus, this brand alone wears the best of the best!

Rescues & Shelters

Small Fawn and Black Dog
There is a adventitious you can acquisition a accomplishment Peke, you aloof charge to attending at your bounded apartment and brand accomplishment services.

Of course, accepting a Pekingese puppy is not the alone advantage you have. Instead, why not accede adopting a Peke pooch from a accomplishment shelter. Sure, because he is rare, he is alike rarer in accomplishment shelters.

There are consistently Peke’s in need of their always homes. You aloof accept to acquisition them. Not alone will you be extenuative a life, but the amount of adopting is generally abundant lower in amount compared to affairs a puppy.

Try branch out to your local accomplishment shelter and allege to the agents there. They may be in the apperceive about a adjacent Peke in charge of some loving. Don’t apprehend to acquisition a Peke beeline away; all acceptable things booty time.

Alternatively, there are committed breed accomplishment organizations out there, such as the Pekingese Accommodating Foundation. This foundation dedicates their time and efforts to aloof this breed.

As Ancestors Pets

  • The Pekingese is actual baby but actual feisty!
  • He is absolute and stubborn.
  • Don’t apprehend him to be an acquiescent ancestors pet appropriate away.
  • He adores his animal ancestors and loves spending time with them.
  • They don’t like to be larboard abandoned for continued periods of time.
  • The Peke alone needs about 30 account of exercise a day.
  • This can abide of walks and alfresco playtime.
  • He is a abundant watchdog, but barks frequently.
  • The Pekingese is actual careful of his home and family.
  • He needs to be socialized consistently if you appetite him to be affable with added dogs.
  • This is a constant training charge with this breed.
  • He needs to be homed with a ancestors who has earlier children.
  • The brand can be hardly antipathetic of toddlers or those that comedy rough.
  • His covering needs circadian aliment if you appetite to administer his bobcat covering and mane.

Final Thoughts

The Pekingese is a uniquely arbitrary pup who is annihilation but a airy and aerial toy pooch. It’s safe to say that he is not the ideal brand for everyone. But those who can action him aggregate that he needs will acquisition the best accessory in him.

He has the personality of a lion, the case of a Rottweiler, and the diva address of your admired pop star. But with all that adherence and adulation he showers his admired bodies in return, they wouldn’t accept it any added way. Don’t leave him abandoned for too long, or aberration him for a footrest, and you will alive appropriately anytime after!

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Betty B.

April 24, 2021 at 12:15 pm

Great article!!!!! I accept 2 Pekes, both boys, from the aforementioned litter. Their aged buyer anesthetized abroad and they bare a home back they were 2. They're 10 now and are aloof like your commodity describes them. We adulation them, they're baby rotten. We do augment them animal food, basically broiled craven thighs.

If they don't like article in their dish, they lay bottomward in advanced of it with their active bottomward and delay to be fed article they like. God, we adulation these dogs. They go to the vet on a approved basis, as able-bodied as to the groomer. One is the alpha dog, the added "the acceptable son." Activity is acceptable with them.


Kelly Wilson

April 25, 2021 at 3:11 pm

Thanks, Betty! Animated you begin the commodity useful! Acknowledgment for endlessly by to comment!