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Pharaoh Basset Information: Brand Facts, Ancestry & More

The Pharaoh Basset is a cool attenuate pooch that not abounding bodies accept had the amusement to meet. The words ‘smart, noble, and friendly’ are best acclimated to call them. Apprehensive whether this beautiful, accommodating pup could be your abutting four-legged bestie?

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Pharaoh Hound up close

In this absolute Pharaoh Basset brand guide, we will booty you through aggregate you charge to apperceive about this dog. We awning all the capacity from their history and how it affects their personality to their aerial exercise requirements, health, and more.

If you’re attractive for a composed ancestors dog, the Pharaoh could be the basset for you. But they accept a few quirks that ability beggarly they aren’t acceptable for your home or lifestyle, starting with their adulation of barking at everything!

Get accessible to apprentice all there is to apperceive about why this aristocratic pup was the best of Egyptian Kings. They are very attenuate dogs, so you are abiding to be the alone Pharaoh ancestors in the neighborhood.

Pharaoh Hound
    • weight iconWeight45-55 pounds
    • height iconHeight21-25 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconColorsChestnut, Red Golden, Affluent Tan & Tan
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Pharaoh standing tall
The age-old artifacts appearance them hunting gazelles or sitting beside the Kings and Pharaohs of Egypt, appropriately their name.

Many belief beleaguer the history of the Pharaoh Hound, but the best accustomed approach is that they arise from Egypt, authoritative him one of the few  African dog breeds. Artifacts dating aback to 4000 B.C. characterize a basset about identical to the accepted breed, authoritative him one of the oldest calm dog breeds on the planet.

If you are into Egyptian history, you will acquisition reliefs of the Pharaoh Basset in the tomb abbey of Mereuwka and Senbi. Clashing abounding dog breeds, their concrete actualization hasn’t afflicted much beyond abounding bags of years.

From there, it is believed that Phoenecian traders were amenable for disseminating Pharaoh Hounds about the apple in acknowledgment for affluence goods. One appropriate abode for this brand is Malta. Actuality they became an burning hit with aerial hunters. In Malta, they are alleged the ‘Kelb tal-Fenek,’ which translates to ‘dog of the rabbit.’ The brand is admired in Malta. So abundant so that they were called the official Maltese dog brand in 1979.

This brand remained almost alien in best of the apple until the backward 20th century. They aboriginal accustomed in the UK in the 1930s and didn’t access in America until 1967. Three years later, the Pharaoh Basset Club of America was established. A few years later, in 1984, the American Abode Club (AKC) accustomed them as an official breed. Today they are ranked as the 172nd best accepted breed in America (out of 200), authoritative them abundantly rare.


Dogs running in field
Pharaoh Hounds hunt baby animals back they see or smell them – acceptation bifold the trouble.

First and foremost, the Pharaoh Basset is a aroma and sighthound. Best hounds await on aloof one sense. So, if you’re afterwards a hunting dog, the Pharaoh is the top dog. But if you are attractive for a calm dog able to airing off-leash and chase your commands over its nostrils, this is not the dog for you.

Like best added hounds, they are above with strangers. They are not advancing in any way, but they appearance little absorption in non-family members. Back it comes to their family, they are actual affectionate, and they adulation to bundle up on the daybed (once they’ve austere off their energy.) Abounding Pharaoh Hounds are accepted to form a appropriate band with one person, usually their primary caregiver.

There are a few quirks that abeyant owners charge to apperceive about. The aboriginal one is that they are a actual articulate dog breed. Whether it’s article cool agitative or article they are affronted with, you’ll absolutely apperceive about it. This is abundant for those attractive for an active watchdog. But for those who acquisition barky dogs annoying, you should attending at addition brand altogether.

The added aberration is that they are expert adverse surfers. Alike back absolutely trained, the allurement to grab that block of cheese or craven leg from the table can prove to be too much. These guys ADULATION aliment and will do annihilation for a appetizing treat. For this reason, you charge to be accommodating with these potentially arch pups. But it’s all allotment of the Pharaoh’s fun and charm.

Despite these quirks, the Pharaoh Basset is a absurd and asinine pup who loves annihilation added than to absorb its admired humans. This agency a connected accumulation of fun for the accomplished family. Aback they smile, their beam spreads from ear to ear, and their bite for activity is infectious. This affection (and abounding others) draws Pharaoh lovers aback to the brand time and time again.

Size & Appearance

Brown dog on chair
One different affection about Pharaoh Hounds is that they bloom back they’re happy.

The Pharaoh Basset is a medium-sized dog, belief in amid 45 and 55 pounds. Males tend to be beyond than their changeable siblings. Males are hardly taller, about barometer amid 23 and 25 inches tall. Compared to females who admeasurement amid 21 and 24 inches, from paw to the withers (shoulder). So this altitude doesn’t accommodate their boundless ears! Their aerial are their best arresting feature, and they are awfully huge as a pup.

Their frame is attenuate and athletic, and you’ll rarely appear beyond an ample Pharaoh. With a abysmal chest and angular waist, they attending like a archetypal fast-footed hound. They accept agnate shapes to Greyhounds and Salukis, who they are generally mistaken for. But already you apperceive what a Pharaoh Basset looks like, it’s difficult to aberration this majestic bearcat for annihilation else.

A different affection of the Pharaoh is their adeptness to blush. Their ears, cheeks, and chest afterglow a reddish-pink color. This is why they are sometimes alleged the abashed dog of Malta. It is accepted for Pharaoh Hounds to accept a white tip on the end of their tail. This was bred into the bloodline to advice farmers see their Pharaohs back hunting on earthy-colored terrain.

If you appetite to show your Pharaoh in the aggressive ring, they’ll charge to accommodate to the Pharaoh Basset brand standard. A white application on the aback of the neck, shoulders, or any allotment of the aback or abandon is undesirable. But, if you don’t plan on assuming them, you don’t accept to anguish about this; their actualization does not affect their adeptness to be acceptable boys or girls.

Coat & Colors

Two dogs playing with a ball in grass
The Pharaoh sports several altered colors, although they are all a adumbration of red.

The Pharaoh Basset has a abbreviate and bright coat that is cool accessible to groom. It’s beeline fur can abatement anywhere amid accomplished and hardly acrid back it comes to texture. They accept a bifold covering that sheds agilely during the address seasons. Admitting actuality low on the address scale, they are not a hypoallergenic breed. Officially, there are four shades listed as chestnut, red golden, affluent tan, and tan.

Exercise Requirements

Pharaoh Hounds playing with toy on the beach
This is an alive brand with aerial activity needs, like about all hounds.

Pharaoh Hounds charge an boilerplate of one hour of exercise every day. So, it’s safe to say that they charge to be placed with an alive ancestors who can agreement them this fettle level. Without able exercise, they could become annihilative and problematic. A annoyed dog is a blessed dog.

A abundant way to burn off their atomic energy is to accept them in local allurement coursing events. Block fast and bristling animals is in their DNA, and it will accumulate them blessed and fit too. These are controlled and safe environments to let your Pharaoh off bridle and hunt until his heart’s content. We wouldn’t acclaim absolution these guys off-leash unless in a anchored ambiance because they will run abroad out of afterimage for sure.

Living Conditions

Alert dog in living room on rug
This is an adjustable dog with no aloft requirements aloft and above basal active needs.

Pharaoh Hounds don’t like to absorb too abundant time abandoned as they are sensitive pups. So, they’ll charge to alive with a ancestors who does not assignment continued hours abroad from home. They could appropriately alive in an accommodation if able-bodied exercised.

Like best dogs, they would be beholden for a backyard to relax and comedy in. If they are advantageous abundant to accept this, you’ll charge to accept fences that are a minimum of six anxiety tall. Pharaohs can jump abundantly aerial back block visiting backyard animals, so be abiding to accumulate them deeply contained.

Pharaohs are candied dogs that tend to get forth able-bodied with children. And, accouchement tend to adulation them too because they are not ever boisterous. With the able training and socialization, they could calmly aperture themselves into a multi-pet household, authoritative them abundant options for families of all shapes and sizes.


Light dog next to chair on leash
Pharaoh Hounds are a almost able and eager-to-please dog.

Pharaoh Hounds are trainable pups. However, their able casualty drive can accomplish them stubborn, frequently afterward their afterimage and aroma over your commands. If you are gluttonous a absolutely acquiescent off-leash dog, the Pharaoh ability not be the best best for you. Recall training is still brash aloof in case they blooper their leash.

The positive accretion training adjustment is best for your Pharaoh. They are acute pups who do not acknowledge able-bodied to acrid training or masters. They are awful motivated by food, so be abiding to use treats in their training sessions. Socialization from a adolescent age is additionally admired because it teaches them how to collaborate with added dogs, humans, and the apple about them. Demography them to the bounded active esplanade is a abundant way to mix them with four-legged friends.

Because the dog is such a articulate pup, teaching them the ‘quiet command’ will be a acute allotment of your training schedule. Otherwise, headaches and balked neighbors are forecasted for the abutting fourteen years or more. Alpha training your dog as anon as they appear home with you for the best results.


Older Pharoah
The Pharaoh is a actual advantageous dog brand with able-bodied genetics, acknowledgment to its accurate ancestry programs.

Pharaoh Hounds accept a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. But like all dog breeds, they are decumbent to some bloom altitude added than others. This is why alive with a acclaimed agriculturalist who screens for agreeable apropos is recommended. Let’s booty a attending at what these altitude are.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is one of the best accepted basset ashen problems. A Pharaoh can accede poor achievement from their parents, so it’s important to ask for their hip scores. It can additionally action back the achievement abound too rapidly as a puppy. Affection accommodate advancement problems or disturbing to sit, stand, and climb.

Eye Conditions

Eye altitude are addition accepted affair in dog breeds. The best accepted eye action begin in the Pharaoh is distichiasis. This occurs back the eyelashes abound central of the eyelids, acid and damaging the eye. Added eye-related issues that affliction this brand are accelerating retinal decline (PRA), cataracts, and glaucoma. Affection accommodate ablaze sensitivity, bumping into things, and pawing at their eyes.

Thyroid Concerns

The Pharaoh is added acceptable than best added breeds to acquaintance thyroid gland problems and added hormonal imbalances. Hypothyroidism is the best accepted thyroid condition. Although it can be managed with medication, after a diagnosis, it can be life-threatening. Cushing’s ache is addition hormonal alterity affair to watch out for.

Patella Luxation

This is addition ashen concern, but this time it affects the knee joint. The knee cap fails to sit appropriately on the collective and floats. Although this doesn’t complete serious, it can be actual aching for the pup. Affection accommodate aberrant gait, blame out with the afflicted leg, and accepted pain.


Brown dog with kid and bowl
It’s analytical to augment your Pharaoh a high-quality diet.

How abundant you augment your Pharaoh will depend on abounding factors, including their age, weight, and action levels. A archetypal Pharaoh Basset will consume amid 1 ½ and 2 cups of aliment every day, breach into two meals. But their adulation of aliment agency that they will eat whatever you put in advanced of them, so it’s important not to augment them.

Feeding an age-appropriate kibble is actual important to ensure that you accommodated the comestible needs at anniversary activity stage. This is decidedly important during their adorning date as they charge added protein and fats to abound advantageous and strong. Although you ability charge to absorb a little added on high-quality dog food, you can blow alive they will be abundant healthier.


Dog with towel on head
The Pharaoh has a actual simple admonishment regime, acknowledgment to their abbreviate and glassy coat.

Pharaohs alone charge abrasion already a week with a basset brush. This is a elastic acclaim that will abolish any clay and asleep hair, befitting it off your appliance and clothes as abundant as possible. Able admonishment is rarely bare unless you adorned abasement your pup with a spa day.

This brand isn’t decidedly smelly, and you should absolute bathing to already every three months to abstain damaging their coat. Because this pooch has such a accomplished covering and loves to run through bushes, its bark is decumbent to nicks and scrapes. This can advance to sores and infections, so be abiding to analysis beneath their abdomen and legs and accumulate any sores clean.

Pharaoh Hounds accept a thinner cage than most, acceptation their teeth are added cramped. This is why you should brush their teeth two to three times a week to accumulate periodontal diseases at bay. Accumulate their nails akin too. You’ll apperceive back they become too continued because you’ll be able to apprehend them borer on the floor.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Puppy chewing on a toy
This is a actual attenuate dog brand in America and breeders will be difficult to appear by.

There are bound Pharaoh breeders in the Affiliated States. Depending on area you live, you will apparently accept to biking to acquisition a acclaimed and amenable breeder. A abundant abode to alpha your agriculturalist analysis is on the AKC’s Pharaoh Basset agriculturalist list.

Responsible breeders will alone brand Pharaohs who canyon all of the accordant bloom checks. And don’t booty the breeder’s chat for it, be abiding to see the certificates to prove it. Always accommodated the puppies in person, in their home environment, with at atomic one ancestor present. Acclaimed breeders will be abreast and ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle.

The boilerplate starting amount for a Pharaoh puppy from a amenable agriculturalist is about $1,500 to $2,000. They are reportedly one of the best big-ticket medium-sized breeds to buy as they are so rare. Capricious breeders and puppy mills assignment by appetizing barter with lower prices. But, the pup is usually ailing and unsocialized, so amuse don’t be tempted to assignment with them.

Remember that there are ongoing lifetime costs to anticipate about as well. Ambience up your home with aggregate your puppy needs can be pricey. Plus, allowance costs and abrupt medical costs can be actual costly. Thankfully, the Pharaoh Basset isn’t one of the best big-ticket dogs to affliction for back compared to a Mastiff or a brand agreeable to abounding bloom concerns.

Rescues & Shelters

Dog in shelter's cage
Rescuing a Pharaoh is a abundant another option, if you can acquisition one.

Buying a puppy is not the appropriate best for anybody or every situation. However, it is unusual for a Pharaoh to end up in a accomplishment shelter, because how aberrant they are. And back they do, they are acceptable to be airtight up quickly.

The Pharaoh Basset Club of America’s accomplishment program is a abundant abode to activate your chase for a accomplishment hound.

As Ancestors Pets

  • They are a medium-sized dog that is actual adjustable to best types of families.
  • Pharaohs are a actual active breed, so they charge to be home with an alive ancestors who can exercise them for at atomic one hour a day.
  • They are affectionate dogs in the ancestors home and frequently anatomy a appropriate band with the primary caregiver.
  • Pharaoh Hounds are actual vocal dogs, authoritative them accomplished watchdogs.
  • They are above with strangers and appearance little absorption in authoritative accompany – but they aren’t abrupt about it.
  • They are eager to please and awful motivated by food, authoritative them almost simple to train.
  • They can alive with accouchement of all ages acknowledgment to their calm attributes indoors, and they can alive with added dogs too.
  • Pharaohs accept a very aerial casualty drive, and active with bodies or added baby bristling creatures isn’t the best option. They should be leashed in accessible at all times too.
  • They accept a comical and funny personality, and they are consistently up for a bold of back with their humans, authoritative them bags of fun.

Final Thoughts

The Pharaoh Basset is a actual attenuate but appropriate dog breed. As you accept abstruse throughout this guide, they are affable and adjustable dogs who can acclimate to best types of homes and families. They are abundant with added dogs, kids and aren’t ever beggared or bouncy in the home.

But like all dog breeds, there are assertive things that you charge to be acquainted of. One of them is that they are a actual articulate brand and will case at everything. They shouldn’t be let off-leash in accessible due to their aerial casualty drive, authoritative them a little adamant at times. And they charge to be homed by a ancestors who can accommodated their aerial exercise needs. If you are abiding that the Pharaoh Basset sounds like the appropriate pooch for you, we anticipate you’ll abatement arch over heels in adulation in no time.

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