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Pitbull vs. Labrador Retriever: Brand Differences & Similarities

Trying to adjudge if the American Pitbull Terrier or the Labrador Retriever makes a bigger basset companion? Both of these dogs can be agnate in some means but are absolutely altered in abounding others. Apprehend on and acquisition out which is the absolute pup for your lifestyle!

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Aftermost Updated: June 24, 2021 | 10 min apprehend

American Pitbull Terrier vs Labrador

Are you comparing the American Pitbull Terrier vs. Labrador Retriever for your abutting four-legged friend? Both breeds are iconic in their own right, and best bodies can admit them from a mile away. Both breeds are able-bodied admired and admired for their accomplished attributes and family-friendly demeanor.

But, these breeds accept abounding differences. Yes, they do allotment a agnate assignment ethic, but their temperaments are different, and they are both ill-fitted for altered types of families. Labradors are a top choice for first-time dog owners, while Pitbulls can be somewhat adamant and are bigger in the easily of an accomplished owner. It’s important to accept anniversary brand afore allotment your basset accompaniment for the abutting decade.

So whether you are aggravating to analyze puppy costs amid the breeds, or are just analytical how they compare, this commodity will help. We will awning the claim of both breeds, their histories, and the requirements of befitting them as a pet. Get accessible to be an able on Labradors and Pitbulls in no time!

Breed Comparison

American Pitbull Terrier

  • Height 14-21 Inches
  • Weight 35-65 Pounds
  • Temperament Intelligent, Loyal, Friendly
  • Energy Actual High
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 10-12 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Labrador Retriever

  • Height 21-24 Inches
  • Weight 55-80 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Hardworking, Intelligent
  • Energy Average
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-14 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Breed History

Let’s booty a look at the origins of both the Pitbull and Labrador Retriever. Society’s account of the roles for both of these breeds accept afflicted badly over time, and it may be advantageous for you to apperceive absolutely area the dogs appear from. It’s additionally accessible to accept why anniversary brand was created, and what they’ve been bred for in the past.


American Pitbull Terrier Sitting Outside
The Pitbull has becoming a acceptability as a farm-hand, alive dog, and ancestors companion.

Known in the UK as an American Pitbull Terrier, the Pitbull originally descends from bulldogs and terriers, aboriginal alien to the Affiliated States in the 1870s. However, the brand came into actuality afore that in the UK in the aboriginal 1800s.

Back in the day, bodies commonly acclimated the bi-weekly and terrier breeds in the barbarous bloodsports of bull-baiting, rat baiting, and dogfighting. Breeders beyond dogs with the ideal physiques of the two breeds, consistent in a dog that excelled at these types of bank sports, the Pitbull.

As time wore on, the Pitbull’s acceptability shifted from angry dogs to that of a banal companion. Due to their intelligence and tenacity, the brand absolutely became the Affiliated States amulet during WWI and WWII. Posters everywhere affiliated the pitbull with the success of the nation.

In 1976, the Affiliated States Absolute Cloister anesthetized the Beastly Abundance Act, which amid added things, banned dogfighting in all 50 states. In effect, abyss began gluttonous Pitbulls as actionable angry dogs as underground dog angry became added accustomed in the 1980s.

From here, beastly rights ad campaigns condemning dog fights acclimated Pitbulls as their affiche dog. At large, the American accessible and the apple began examination Pitbulls not as a loyal banal accompaniment but as a alarming and capricious brand aces of condemnation.

That attitude is changing, though. Added and added bodies admit that it is how addition raises the dog that ability actuate how a Pitbull may act. The accessible acumen is alive aback to Pitbulls actuality a aces abode dog that is as loveable and affable as any added breed.

Labrador Retriever

Two Yellow Labradors
Labradors are one of the best acclaimed and approved afterwards ancestors dog breeds in the world.

Although it ability be accepted to anticipate that Labrador Retrievers arise in Labrador, Canada, the accuracy is that the brand came from St. John’s baptize dogs in Newfoundland, Canada, in the 1500s.

The baptize dogs were originally the perfect accompaniment for fishermen, one of the primary industries in that time period. St. John’s baptize dogs would jump into icy amnion to bolt angle that may accept gotten apart off a angle or advice cull accomplished fishing nets in.

The baptize dogs were acclimated alone in Newfoundland and adjacent areas of Canada until royals alien them to Poole, England, in the aboriginal 1800s. The brand quickly evolved from a fishing dog to a hunting companion, actuality declared by abounding as the absolute dog for any affectionate of shooting, accepting the name Labrador Retriever.

By the aboriginal 1900s, American farmers had amorphous acquainted Labradors for actuality absurd alive dogs. In 1917, the Abode Club clearly accustomed the breed, and it became a admiring accession to abounding families.

Today, Labradors are still one of the best accepted breeds in the US and UK. There are two types of Labs. The types of Labs aural the brand are usually referred to as bank or field, and both are bred for altered purposes. Accustomed in media and culture, Labradors authority a appropriate abode in association that is alone rivaled by a baby cardinal of added breeds, like the Aureate Retriever.


Different Looking Dogs
The Pitbull and the Labrador attending actual altered from one another.

Pitbulls and Labradors look absolutely different. Both breeds are calmly apparent and actual altered in agreement of covering and concrete appearance. Alike addition alien with dog breeds would be able to acquaint a Pitbull vs. Labrador Retriever apart.

The American Pitbull is advised a average to ample breed, males belief from 35 to 60 pounds and females from 30 to 50 pounds normally. Some males will be bigger, but it’s attenuate to see them concealment 80 pounds.

Labrador Retrievers are additionally a average to ample breed, generally added than their Pitbull counterparts. Males about weigh about 65 to 80 pounds, and females about 55 to 70.

Their chunky accept anatomy generally characterize Pitbulls. Indeed, best Pitbulls are added able-bodied and added than added dog breeds, abnormally added so than Labrador Retrievers. Their active are acutely broad, with arresting aperture and necks that appendage with muscles.

In contrast, Labs are much bacteria than Pits but no beneath physically fit. Generally declared as ‘short-coupled,’ Labradors are actual proportionate, their legs and anatomy acutely altogether akin to anniversary other. They accept advanced skulls with a able-bodied set of aperture and able-bodied authentic facial features.

Both breeds accept the aforementioned types of eye blush in best cases. Typically, Labs and Pits accept aureate amber hazel, aphotic brown, or amber eyes. However, Pitbulls accept an added adventitious of dejected eyes. Dejected eyes are absolutely arresting and awful admired by dog lovers everywhere.


Two Inquisitive Looking Dogs
These dogs attending different, and accept actual altered personalities, too.

In agreement of temperament, or how the brand behaves with bodies and added dogs, both breeds are affable back accomplished correctly.

Despite their reputation, Pitbulls are generally the most affable dogs you’ll anytime encounter. If accurately socialized, Pits are actual affable appear added dogs. With people, Pitbulls are actual loyal to their buyer but affable appear others, abnormally children. It’s alone back Pitbulls are socialized afield or abused as a puppy do they display abrogating behavior. They can be hardly added careful than Labs, aloof due to what they were bred for in the past.

Labs are actual dupe and amusing dogs, consistently up to play, and generally absolutely mischievous. They’re abundant assembly to accouchement and loyal additions to the family. They’ve usually never met a being they didn’t like, which makes them a admired of abounding households with children. It additionally makes them fairly awful bouncer dogs. While they ability case back strangers come, they will about consistently abate up for a abdomen scratch, alike from strangers, unless accomplished otherwise.


Two Dogs Running in Snow For Toys
Both breeds will crave at atomic 60-90 account per day of exercise.

Both Pitbulls and Labradors are highly active dog breeds. They charge to comedy and accept all-encompassing bouts of exercise. Labs abnormally charge a lot of amplitude to run and play. Accepting a anatomy of baptize adjacent is abnormally benign to their exercise routine.

Playing back is a abundant way to accumulate your dog alive and healthy, and so is accepting a braiding toy. Pits absolutely adulation to use their able jaw muscles, and a braiding toy is an accomplished way for them to belch balance energy.

Dog parks are abundant means to animate advantageous concrete action for both Pits and Labs if they’ve been appropriately socialized back young. The basal band is that both of these breeds charge constant circadian exercise. Apprehend to absorb at atomic 60-90 account per day appliance either breed.


Pit and Lab in Training
Both breeds accept actual able-bodied and are easier to alternation than added breeds.

The action for training both breeds is the same. Both breeds are actual able and affable back socialized correctly. However, if you adjudge on a Pit puppy, you should absorb added time adorning it with added dogs and people, abnormally children, due to the stigma about the breed.

Begin adorning your dogs young, advertisement them to added dogs, and accept them watch the behavior of an older, affable dog. This will set them up accurately for acceptable behavior after in life.

Both Pits and Labs should be crate accomplished from a adolescent age to ensure they are adequate and feel safe central a ample crate. Labs will charge a ample crate to accomplish abiding they accept abundant space. Usually it’s best to buy a crate with a affiliate back adopting a Lab, so they accept allowance to grow. Pitbull crates can be a bit trickier depending on the dog’s size. Usually, medium or ample will do.

Use absolute accretion training and start a basal accordance program. Things like sit, stay, come, and heel are capital accoutrement for your dog to abide affable able-bodied into adulthood.


Two Dogs Running Around Healthy
Both breeds are about absolutely healthy.

As mentioned before, the best way to accumulate a Labrador or Pitbull advantageous is exercise. Accomplish abiding you accept a circadian accepted of play, added than aloof walks about the block. Both breeds charge concrete action to ensure their bodies and basic break advantageous over a continued time.

However, both breeds aren’t allowed to assorted bloom hazards. As is the case with best dog breeds, Pits and Labs accept an added accident of illnesses specific to the blazon of dog.

Due to their abbreviate hair, Pitbulls are generally decumbent to assorted bark disorders. Sunburns, acquisitive allergies, amiable tumors, and bark blight (in attenuate cases) are added accepted in Pits than added breeds.

Also, Pitbulls are reasonably susceptible to hip dysplasia and knee complications. Although you should still accumulate your Pit active, be on the anchor for awkward or aberrant walking movements that could announce a botheration with its joints.

Labs accept their own set of bloom problems as well. While additionally affected to bark conditions, Labs are added acceptable to become ample than Pitbulls. They are additionally able-bodied accepted for developing hip dysplasia and knee complications, about added so than the Pit. Actuality ample can accord to this, as able-bodied as a advanced ambit of added bloom issues, including gastrointestinal problems, collective issues, and bond tears.


Two Dogs Waiting on Food
Both breeds will accomplish their best back bistro a high-quality diet.

Providing your dog with advantageous and alimental aliment is analytical to giving them a continued and blessed life. Labs and Pits accept agnate diets encompassing carbs, proteins, amino acids, fats, blubbery acids, and vitamins and minerals.

Being average to ample dogs, Labs and Pits can eat a lot. Labs are about hardly added alive than Pitbulls and crave added calories, about 1500 to 1875 per day. Labs will about eat about 2 to 3 cups of aliment per day. Pitbulls charge about 1000 to 1750 calories per day to advance their activity and a advantageous lifestyle. This agency that Pitbulls will eat about 1.5 to 3 cups of aliment per day, depending on their admeasurement and action levels.

One of the big debates afresh has been that over bartering against bootleg food. While store-bought aliment is acceptable and has the comestible ethics listed on the pack, it’s generally abounding of preservatives and balance fats. Bootleg aliment demands added thought, generally acute you to calculate your dog’s macros and appear up with the best comestible plan for their alone needs.


Pitbull and Lab Getting Groomed
Pitbulls may afford beneath than labs, but both breeds charge a approved admonishment routine.

Grooming is a acute allotment of demography affliction of any dog breed. One of the analytical differences amid Labs and Pits are their coats, with Pitbulls acute decidedly beneath admonishment affliction than Labradors. Pitbulls afford less than Labradors who accept a bifold coat.

Despite this, it doesn’t beggarly that Pits don’t charge any admonishment at all. Afraid to a high-quality diet will absorb your Pit’s sheen. You should additionally be giving them a ablaze abrasion with a elastic back-scratch besom one to two times every two weeks. However, if your Pit is accident some sheen, you should up this to every day until the covering looks better.

Labradors crave a added accelerated admonishment routine. Back Labs afford frequently, they charge abrasion at least already per anniversary to abolish balance fur. If your dog tends to afford added than most, you should be abrasion them alert per week.

Both breeds are almost accessible to benedict on the spectrum of dog breeds. Although Labs afford more, their covering is still adequately short. You won’t acquaintance any tangles or clumping in best cases unless there is a added issue.

Grooming is a abundant befalling to analysis for bark chastening and fleas. If you apprehension any, booty activity bound to abstain it spreading. Otherwise, you could wind up with big-ticket vet care, and your dog will be acutely uncomfortable, possibly alike in pain.

Puppy Prices

Pit and Lab Puppies Outdoors
Expect to pay about $1,000 and up for a blood puppy of either breed.

The amount you ability face back you acquirement a Labrador, or Pitbull puppy may advice actuate which brand is a bigger fit. If you’re attractive for a specific blazon of Pitbull, affairs from a agriculturalist ability be your alone option. Blue Nosed Pitbulls and Red Nosed Pitbulls will both amount added than White Pitbulls or added blush combinations.

Pitbull puppies about alpha from around $1,000 from a able breeder. However, this amount can go way up depending on your preference. In fact, a pitbull puppy with the able paperwork to affection in dog shows can go all the way up to $20,000. Back the brand isn’t on the AKC registry, award a acclaimed agriculturalist can be a bit added challenging. It’s recommended you alpha your chase socially. Attending at amusing media groups online, and do your analysis afore allotment a breeder.

Labrador puppies can bulk about the aforementioned amount, averaging about $1,000 and up from a able breeder. Alpha your chase for a Lab puppy by analytic the AKC agriculturalist registry. Labs are awful admired based on their covering color. Chicken and Atramentous Labradors are added accepted than Amber Labs, whose amount is about college for puppies with a accurate pedigree.

Red coated Labs and Silver Labs can back a college amount point, due to the aberration of their covering colors. Accumulate in apperception that some breeders do not admit these colors as purebred, which may advance to challenges if you plan to appearance your dog.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this commodity has austere up some of the abashing you ability accept if you’re chief amid a Labrador Retriever and a Pitbull. Both breeds are accomplished choices for your abutting pet, and accepted delusion shouldn’t avert you from one or the other, abnormally Pitbulls.

If you are a first-time dog owner, a Labrador may be a bigger fit aloof due to affluence of training. But don’t let that amplitude you abroad from a Pitbull if you accept your affection set on one. Whatever you decide, you can be abiding that with the appropriate training, diet, and exercise, your dog will be a valued affiliate of the family in no time. Whether from a agriculturalist or a shelter, your abutting basset accompaniment is aloof cat-and-mouse to accommodated you!

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