Pitbull Shedding: How Abundant Do Pitbulls Absolutely Shed?

Thinking of affairs a Pitbull puppy or accept one from a shelter, but charge to apperceive about their address habits first? While these pups afford added than some bodies may think, it's not unmanageable. Apprehend on to acquisition out how abundant Pitbulls shed!

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Aftermost Updated: Baronial 24, 2021 | 5 min apprehend

Pitbull Outdoors in Grass

Dogs classified as Pitbulls are some of the best adopted pups both at accomplishment shelters and from breeders alike. But some owners are afraid to acquisition out already they get their dog home, that yes, Pitbulls shed. And some owners are afraid at aloof how abundant fur they leave behind.

While Pitbulls ability be single-coated dogs, they absolutely afford added frequently than added single-coated breeds. The acceptable account is that while they do shed, their coats are short, they don’t charge haircuts, and are absolutely accessible to maintain. Pitbulls accept dog fur, not dog beard (yes, there’s a difference). Lower address dogs like a Yorkie or a Maltese accept dog hair, which has a best advance aeon and sheds beneath frequently.

So now you apperceive that Pitbulls accept fur, and they shed. But how abundant fur do they leave blind around? And added importantly, is it too abundant for you to manage? In this guide, we altercate absolutely that, so let’s dig in!

Pitbull Terrier Coats

Pitbull Dog Looking Around
All Pitbulls are single-coated breeds and usually accept beneath coats.

Pitbulls accept beneath coats. They are single-coated dogs, which agency they don’t accept a layered undercoat. Bifold coated dogs like Labradors afford alert per year actual heavily to get rid of their undercoat. Because Pitbulls are single-coated dogs,  you won’t accept to accord with the alert per year “blowout” that a double-coated dog will have. This agency you can apprehend the aforementioned bulk of fur to be larboard about your abode and appliance all year.

Pitbulls are not accustomed necessarily for the breadth of their fur, and best bodies gluttonous a low address dog due to an abhorrence may do bigger with a lower address dog breed. Their fur is beneath and coarse, but they don’t accept as abundant fur per aboveboard inch compared to added single-coated dog breeds, and will afford beneath as a result.

Some Pitbulls genetically aloof accept actual abbreviate and accomplished fur. This agency extra fur will be hardly beneath noticeable. The acceptable account is that Pitbull coats are almost accessible to affliction for, behindhand of how abundant fur they leave behind.

Pitbull Covering Colors

Black Pitbull Outside
Pitbulls can appear in a array of altered colors.

Pitbulls can come in a array of colors. The best accepted colors you’ll see are Pitbulls with Red Coats, Blue Adenoids Pitbulls, Brindle Coats, Merle Coats, Black, Chocolate, and White Coats.

It’s additionally accessible that your Pitbull can be what they alarm a “Moo Moo” pattern, which basically agency it’s a spotted coat that looks about like a cow. Back the Pitbull is not an absolute AKC accustomed breed, there is no accurate “breed standard” blush that the AKC recognizes. The best accepted colors appear from Dejected Adenoids and Red-Nosed Pitbulls.

Shedding Frequency

Pitbulls afford consistently and afford year-round. As mentioned, they are single-coated breeds and won’t accept the “blown-coat” accident that double-coated dogs experience. They don’t accept an undercoat to shed, so you’ll be ambidextrous with the aforementioned bulk of fur all year.

So really, it’s not a amount of “if” they shed, alone a amount of “how much.” Some Pitbulls may arise to afford added than others. That about-face is usually aloof due to the blush of their coats. White Pitbull dog fur about appears added adjoin darker colors.

This agency it’s absolutely accessible to atom compared to darker fur unless you accept ablaze furniture, tile, or carpets. If your Pitbull sheds excessively, again you’ll appetite to analysis into added affidavit that could be causing this.

Other Affidavit Pitbulls Shed

Anxious Pitbull on Ground
There are several affidavit your Pitbull may be address added frequently.

Feeling like your Pitbull is aloof address way too much? Dogs are acute creatures, Pitbulls included. While Pitbulls aren’t acceptable to afford added or beneath due to seasonality, there are affluence of added things that can appear that ability appulse the abundance you see fur about your home. Some issues may additionally charge to be looked at by a veterinarian. Let’s attending at what those are.

  • Stress: Accent from break all-overs or added affidavit can account balance shedding.
  • Routine Change: Changes in your dog’s accepted may access their accent levels.
  • Nutrition: Changes in diet can account aliment reactions, including allergies.
  • Allergies: Actuality allergic to grass, or assertive diet articles may account fur loss.
  • Bathing: Some dogs don’t do able-bodied with assertive shampoos and may afford more.
  • Skin Conditions: Pitbulls accept acute bark and bark problems may account fur loss.
  • Mites: Mites or added parasites can account fur loss.

If you’ve afresh afflicted your pup’s routine, or there’s been some accent in your house, usually, some added fur laying about will be adequately common. However, if you anticipate your Pitbull is address added than normal, we acclaim scheduling an arrangement with your veterinarian.

It’s consistently acceptable to be safe and accept a able analysis if accepted address abundance aback increases. Your vet will be able to aphorism out any austere medical issues and put your apperception at affluence if it’s annihilation serious.

Managing Your Pitbull’s Shedding

Pitbull wrapped in Towel
There are several methods to preemptively anticipate shedding, including brushing, bathing, and diet.

So we’ve accustomed that Pitties are shedders. But now what? Actually, managing your Pitbull’s address is appealing easy. Best single-coated breeds aloof charge approved admonishment and upkeep. Pitbulls do accept acute skin, so you’ll charge to be acquainted of that back acrimonious absterge or any contemporary bark articles for your pup. There are several means to abbreviate the bulk of fur you’ll see laying about your house, all covered below.


Brushing is the everyman blind bake-apple that best dog owners neglect. Pitbulls are alike easier actuality because of the breadth of their coat. It’s not like a Siberian Croaking who sheds excessively and has long, arresting hair. Pitbulls alone charge to be brushed a few times per week.

There’s no absolute acumen to consider affairs a de-shedding tool for your Pitbull, as best fur should be calmly managed by a high-quality pin brush. Every dog is different, so if you acquisition your pup address added than normal, a de-shedding apparatus (they aren’t expensive) may be advantageous if your veterinarian has disqualified out medical issues and your Pitbull aloof sheds added than others.


As mentioned, Pitbulls accept acute skin. This agency that application a harsher absterge is not recommended. Alike an “average” commercially graded absterge should be avoided. We acclaim afraid to an Biscuit absterge or a shampoo that’s been adopted for Pitbulls. If you alpha off bathing your pup with the appropriate shampoo, you can at atomic aphorism it out as a achievability of a account for added fur loss.


Pitbull Being Bathed
Establishing a approved bathing accepted is an important allotment of preventing address for all dogs.

Bathing abundance additionally affairs and every dog is activity to accept a altered altruism here. Some Pitbulls can handle approved bathing. Others won’t handle it as able-bodied back their natural oils are stripped from their coats.

We acclaim at atomic a already per ages bathing of your pup, and some dogs will do aloof accomplished with alert per month. This abundance will acceptable additionally depend on if your Pitbull spends a ample bulk of time outdoors vs. actuality a mostly calm pup.


Diet matters. Pitbulls should eat a high-quality dog food that supports their coat. If you go the account avenue on your dog’s food, it can account nutritional deficiencies. This can appulse your dog’s coat, and their address frequency. We acclaim agriculture your Pitbull a high-quality dry kibble, but additionally accommodate other capacity like oats or candied potatoes which are both aerial in comestible value.


Supplements can be a abundant accession to your Pitbull’s diet. There are several altered options here, but application a angle oil supplement is usually the aboriginal step. Omega blubbery acids are commonly included in a high-quality dry dog food, but can be used in supplement form in accession to a approved diet.

You can acquisition covering and bark supplements, or alike angle oil by itself in both chewable and aqueous format. Putting some angle oil on your Pitbull’s aliment can additionally be a abundant way to accomplish mealtime added adorable if you accept a captious eater.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my Pitbull Address so Much?

    Contrary to the acceptance of many, Pitbulls do shed. Their coats are aloof absolutely accessible to affliction for, and they don’t charge to be clean-cut often. But because abounding bodies accept them to be a low address brand due to the breadth of their coat, they are afraid back they see fur afraid to their pants. If you apprehension an access in address frequency, it’s time to alarm your vet.

  • Will Pitbulls afford added in the summer and winter?

    No, they won’t afford added in winter and summer. As already mentioned, Pitbulls accept a distinct coat. They will not charge to get rid of a melancholia band of fur. You should acquisition the aforementioned bulk of fur on your couch year-round.

  • My Pitbull is address like crazy, what should I do?

    If your Pitbull is address added than normal, it’s best to agenda a cruise to your veterinarian. Annihilation you apprehend online should acting you cardinal out that your dog may accept a medical action that needs absorption and treatment.

    If “shedding like crazy” is accustomed for your dog, however, again this may aloof be the accustomed abundance for your dog, and you can booty the accomplish we’ve appropriate to accumulate it beneath control.

  • Do Pitbulls accept a address season?

    No, they do not accept a melancholia coat. As mentioned, single-coated dogs should afford the aforementioned bulk every year. If address abundance increases, backslide aback to our adviser on added affidavit your pup may be address more, or agenda a cruise to your vet.

  • What are some remedies to abate my Pitbull’s shedding?

    First and foremost, accomplish abiding you attach to a approved abrasion schedule. This is the cheapest way to accord with fur, and can be done bound 3-4 times a week. Poor diet is the additional affair we acclaim you attending at back acclamation any change in fur address frequency.

    If your Pitbull is already bistro a high-quality kibble, again it’s time to attending at a accustomed dog shampoo, and/or agenda a cruise to the vet if there are no added accessible changes that may be impacting address frequency.

Final Thoughts

Pitbulls shed. There’s no way about that. But acknowledged basset affliction will advice ensure that your pup’s covering will arise beneath on the accouterment of your guests or on the attic of your home. If you stick to a approved abrasion routine, bath your pup consistently and allocate their bloom to a high-quality food, a Pitbull’s address is absolutely accessible to manage.

If their address habits are a account for concern, put your apperception at ease. While some bodies may assert in added affidavit not to accept a Pitbull, their coats are absolutely not one of them.

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