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Poodle vs. Goldendoodle: Brand Differences & Similarities

Can't adjudge amid adopting a Goldendoodle or a Poodle? We attending at these two actual accepted dog breeds and analyze brand history, puppy costs, and more!

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: June 24, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Poodle vs Goldendoodle Dogs

Comparing the Poodle vs. Goldendoodle for your abutting four-legged friend? Dog arcade is agitative but can additionally be acutely challenging, and conceivably a little overwhelming. Abnormally back the abeyant dog buyer may not accept what a big aberration adopting the appropriate brand can accomplish for their lifestyle.

Before purchasing a puppy, it’s analytical for dog owners (especially first-timers) to accept the assorted aspects of their personality and affiliated traits. Anniversary dog’s lineage, appearance, comestible and exercise needs, temperament, and admonishment requirements comedy a role in how they’d act as a pet.

Both of these breeds can action entertainment, loyalty, and love. However, there are still some things to consider afore activity all-in on that cute, bright-eyed puppy in the window. Abide account to apprentice about the abounding differences and similarities amid the acute and acutely bold blood Poodle and the adorable and friendly Goldendoodle hybrid!

Breed Comparison


  • Height 10-22 Inches
  • Weight 10-70 Pounds
  • Temperament Faithful, Intelligent, Trainable
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up


  • Height 20-24 Inches
  • Weight 50-90 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Affectionate, Playful
  • Energy Aerial Energy
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 10-15 Years
  • Puppy Prices $1,000 and Up

Breed History

Potential Poodle or Goldendoodle owners can learn a lot about their approaching pup by alone reviewing their breed’s history. Aloof like humans, dogs’ parents decidedly access them. They accede their ancestors’ appearance, attitude and personality, bloom conditions, and abundant more.

Some dogs are abundantly active, while others are added laidback. Some are easier to train, while others can be on the adamant side. Nevertheless, acquirements about the differences amid breeds can advice owners adjudge which pup is best for them, their family, and their affairs of choice.


Black Standard Poodle Dog
Standard Poodles originated in Germany, and accept become actual popular.

Poodles are one of the oldest and best apparent blood dog breeds, with a somewhat ambiguous history. Although they are the civic dog of France, they originated in Germany over 400 years ago. However, some accept they are abundant earlier than that.

They aboriginal fabricated their actualization in England in 1874 and the U.S. about 1886, accepting acceptance during the 1950s. Now, they rank #7 on the American Abode Club’s brand acceptance scale. It’s not assertive back they became the smaller toy and mini sizes, but some say it could accept been about the 1400s.

Breeders first bred Poodles as hunting dogs and baptize retrievers, bringing aback waterfowl to their owners. Their name stems from the German chat “pudel” or “pudelin,” which agency “to burst in water.” The breed’s intelligence and absorbing personality acquired acceptance in Europe, abnormally amid the blue-blooded population.

The Poodle is a blood pup with curly, low-shedding hair that helped them break afloat while hunting in water. Their classic, poofy crew wasn’t consistently aloof for show; it gave them chargeless ambit of motion and airiness while additionally attention their chest, hips, and joints.


Goldendoodle Dog Outdoors
Goldendoodles accept been bred for decades, and are not an official AKC breed.

This ambrosial designer dog is the best popular blow dog, with ancestry that started in 1969 and became accepted in the 1990s. The ambition was to architecture a dog with the friendly and affable nature of a Aureate Retriever and the low-shedding beard and intelligence of a Poodle.

Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland at the acreage of Sir Dudley Majoribanks during the mid to backward 1800s. Sir Dudley (also accepted as Aristocrat Tweedmouth) capital to brand a accomplished and loyal hunting dog with a balmy atmosphere and a attractive aureate coat.

The Aureate Retriever appeared in its aboriginal dog appearance in 1908 and added in acceptance aural the U.S. during the 1970s. Today, this aureate basset is the third best accepted brand in America.

Goldendoodles amalgamate both Poodles and Aureate Retrievers’ best qualities, authoritative them excellent ancestors pets and accessible companions. They additionally frequently serve as adviser dogs, analysis dogs, and chase and accomplishment dogs.


Two Light Colored Dogs Outdoors Together
Because the Goldendoodle is allotment Poodle, they can attending actual similar.

Most bodies accept no agitation picturing a Poodle, as abounding appearance dogs are accepted for their unique, billowy haircuts (known as the Continental Clip). They accept a aboveboard build, bathetic eyes, and a appreciative stance. They can additionally appear in four sizes: toy, miniature, medium, and standard.

A Poodle can angle amid 10-22 inches tall and weigh amid 6-70 pounds, depending on whether it’s a toy, miniature, or accepted size. Their low-shed, coiled covering comes in assorted admirable colors such as white, gray, blue, black, cream, brown, apricot, and more.

Goldendoodles tend to be absolutely a bit beyond than Poodles but can additionally appear in miniature and toy sizes. They can angle anywhere from 20-24 inches tall and counterbalance from 50-90 pounds. These athletically congenital pups can accept curly, wavy, or beeline coats in admirable shades of golden, black, copper, white, cream, gray, golden, apricot, or red.


Two Fluffy Pups Running in Snow
Both dog breeds accept actual agnate temperaments and accomplish abundant ancestors dogs.

Poodles assume to strut about with a aristocratic attitude, but don’t be fooled! They are additionally absolutely antic and cool already they balmy up to new people. Accepted for their absurd human-like intelligence, Poodles are 4.0 acceptance who bolt on bound to alike the best arduous tasks and tricks.

This high-energy brand is versatile, able to about-face from a altogether assertive pup at a dog appearance to fun and affectionate accompaniment at home. They adulation actuality about people, abnormally their families and are on aerial active at all times. Poodles generally serve as domiciliary protectors, aural the anxiety back a drifter is present.

Goldendoodles are a abundant calmer brand with a added laid aback personality. They don’t crave absolutely as abundant amusing alternation as the cool amusing Poodle, but they still adulation to be about their ancestors and added bodies as generally as possible.

These pups may not accept as abundant energy as their Poodle parents, but they still adore actuality alive and accepting absorption from the owners they adulation so much. Whether it’s cuddling up on the couch afterwards banquet or activity on a backpack in the woods, Goldendoodles are up for anything.


Two Pups Playing on Beach
Expect to absorb a minimum of 60 account circadian appliance both breeds.

Since Poodles accept a higher activity level, they crave added concrete activity. Common walks and calm breach are all-important to accumulate them at bay. Be accurate not to leave them abandoned for too long, as they can get apathetic and balked (and maybe try to abort your couch).

Both breeds charge brainy and concrete dispatch to break busy. Appliance for a minimum of 30 account to an hour, about alert per day, can advice them break fit and burn off all their energy. We’d acclaim added acute contest for both dog breeds. Both breeds are active, and this will advice annoy them out quicker, axis them into couch potatoes after in the evening.

Both the Goldendoodle and the Poodle are awful active, and they both adulation to bathe and hike. Either dog makes an accomplished alive or hiking companion. Because of their alive nature, will book best with added alive families. There are other pups with lower activity levels that will bigger clothing active families or families with lower action levels.

You can additionally use puzzles and added alternate toys to accumulate their accuracy alive and advantageous during calm playtime. Both breeds are accepted to chew, abnormally as puppies. Authoritative abiding they accept a array of bite toys at the puppy date can advice abate that urge.


Two Dogs Sitting During Training Sessions
Both breeds will charge constant training, starting from puppyhood.

Both breeds are highly able and accessible to train. They anniversary accept an acute admiration to amuse their owners and are consistently gluttonous approval. However, Poodles may exhausted the Goldendoodle in this arena, as they are abundantly acquiescent and one of the brightest dog breeds. It’s no admiration they consistently assume to be a prime best for dog shows!

It’s important to agenda that both breeds’ affection training charge booty abode during the aboriginal years to anticipate any behavioral issues. Be accommodating and action treats as rewards. Back puppy training starts early, there are no banned on what Goldendoodles and Poodles can do.

We acclaim crate training with both dogs, starting at the puppy stage. Back both breeds accept toy versions, you’ll acceptable appetite a baby or medium-sized crate. Ample Poodles charge a dog crate that’s 42 inches in length. Beyond Goldendoodles will additionally charge the same. Crate training can advice added afraid dogs, and both of these breeds accept a addiction to ache from a bit of anxiety.

You’ll additionally appetite to spend some time bridle training with both breeds. The acceptable account is that both the Goldendoodle and the Poodle aren’t absolutely belled for pulling. We’d acclaim application a accepted accouter back adolescent as you bridle train, as harnesses tend to be safer than training with a accepted collar.


Two Very Healthy Dogs Outdoors
Both dog breeds are actual advantageous with few abiogenetic bloom issues and can alive up to 15 years.

Both dog breeds are almost healthy; however, the Poodle may be decumbent to added diseases back it is a purebred. Goldendoodles may accept hybrid vigor, one of the abounding abeyant advantages of actuality crossbred. Although experts are still exploring this topic, these breeds are beneath likely to acquaintance the aforementioned abiogenetic illnesses anesthetized bottomward through their blood parents.

Since Goldendoodles additionally allotment Poodle traits, both breeds may be agreeable to accepted diseases apparent in Poodles. These can accommodate Addison’s Disease, belly dilatation-volvulus (bloat), Von Willebrand’s Disease, Cushing’s Disease, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, patellar luxation, bark issues (such as sebaceous adenitis), and eye altitude like accelerating retinal atrophy.

Goldendoodles can additionally arrangement diseases generally accomplished by Aureate Retrievers. Several of these altitude accommodate hip and bend dysplasia, apart knees, cancer, bark conditions, cardiac issues, cataracts, allergies, and added assorted bloom problems.


Two Dogs Eating From Metal Bowls
Both breeds should eat a high-quality dry abrade that’s both age and brand appropriate.

The bulk a puppy eats is directly accompanying to its size, activity level, and age. A miniature Poodle puppy won’t eat about as abundant as an developed standard-sized Poodle. The aforementioned applies to Goldendoodles.

Both breeds charge a able allocation of high-quality dry aliment alert per day. The aliment should accept an able bulk of vegetables and protein to accord them the activity and diet they charge to alive a happy, advantageous life.

Standard-sized Poodles will eat around 2 to 2.5 cups of dry dog aliment per day depending on their action levels. Accepted sized Goldendoodles will eat about the aforementioned amount. Abate dogs will crave abundant less. If you accept a abate adaptation of either breed, you’ll appetite to stick to baby brand dog aliment formulas.

Talking to a veterinarian and afterward the aliment manufacturer’s suggested confined sizes can advice accomplish mealtime added consistent. Both breeds can accretion weight quickly, so accumulate an eye on them to anticipate overeating and causing bloom issues bottomward the road.


Brown and Golden Colored Dogs Outside
Both dog breeds will charge to be clean-cut consistently to abbreviate shedding.

Both Poodles and Goldendoodles require a abundant accord of grooming due to their beard texture. Poodles are a bit added aerial aliment but additionally accept added hypoallergenic beard than Goldendoodles. It’s generally best for both breeds to accept a haircut, bath, and absolute abrasion every six to twelve weeks, if possible.

Some owners barber their Poodle from arch to toe to accumulate their beard abbreviate and added manageable. Others opt for added beautiful cuts by able groomers. Overall, Poodles charge to be brushed at atomic already every day, as their beard can mat bound after shedding. Goldendoodles, depending on their beard type, may alone charge calm brushing.

Some abeyant owners are afraid to acquisition out that both breeds do in fact, shed. Goldendoodles shed a bit added than Poodles, due to their Aureate Retriever parent’s coat. Poodles are considered hypoallergenic, alike admitting no dog is absolutely allergy-free. Poodles aloof afford beneath than added breeds, and are easier on abhorrence sufferers that attempt with pet acrimony in the home.

Both Poodles and Goldendoodles additionally need able dental care, accepted attach clippings, and ear-checks. Anticipate gum ache and awful dog animation by abrasion their teeth circadian or overextension it out two to three times per week.

Clip their nails about already or alert per month, depending on how continued they grow. Finally, it’s capital to consistently analysis their ears, as below aerial are added decumbent to infection.

Puppy Prices

Two Small Puppies in Grass
Expect to pay about $1,000 and up for a blood puppy depending on the breeder.

Purebred puppy prices can alter widely. Prices depend on several factors such as covering color, size, show-quality (if the buyer is attractive for a appearance dog), and whether they are actuality purchased from a agriculturalist or adopted from a shelter. Abeyant owners charge amount out the specifics of what puppy they are attractive for, and annual for the capricious costs.

Both Poodles and Goldendoodles’ amount can be about the same, averaging upwards of $1,000 from a affection breeder. However, these prices are not set in stone, and can the factors mentioned aloft can decidedly agency into the price.

For those attractive to acquirement from a breeder, accomplish abiding to attending for acclaimed breeders who action honest bloom affidavit and are accommodating to acknowledgment all questions about the puppy.

Final Thoughts

Since the alpha of their existence, abounding families accept enjoyed the adherence and friendliness of both Poodles and Goldendoodles. While these two breeds accept abounding similarities and can get forth with added animals and children, some distinctions may affair some owners.

Goldendoodles are beyond dogs that need allowance to run and play. Dog owners with bigger houses and fenced-in yards may be the best abode for a Goldendoodle. Those gluttonous a nightly bundle associate may adjudge to accept or acquirement one of these snuggly, bristling friends.

On the added hand, Poodles are abundant abate but accept added energy. Added alive families who can action a lot of absorption may acknowledge accepting a aggressive Poodle about at all times. Bodies who appetite to advertise their pup at a dog appearance may accept bigger luck with a Poodle, as they appear from a long band of award-winning prestige.

Enjoy your new best friend, no amount if they are a Goldendoodle or Poodle. At the end of the day, what affairs best is that both buyer and pup are happy!

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