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Pug vs. Puggle: Brand Differences & Similarities

Have you acclimatized on adopting a baby dog, but can't adjudge amid the Puggle or the Pug? Both of these baby dogs are absolutely accepted with families. In the commodity below, you'll acquisition out the differences amid the two dogs, and what similarities they share.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: April 18, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Pug vs Puggle

Are you cerebration about adopting either a Pug or Puggle as your abutting domiciliary companion? The two may allotment agnate qualities, but the two differ added than meets the eye. You charge to apperceive added about anniversary dog afore authoritative a decision.

Yes, the Puggle has pug-like qualities, but those, accumulated with advocate genetics, accomplish the Puggle actual altered from the accepted Pug. To accept these two pups better, you charge to apperceive the differences amid them, such as their history, appearance, exercise needs, and bloom risks.

Whether you’re analytical about what sets these two dogs apart, or you’re attractive to accept your abutting bristling best friend, you’re in the appropriate place. While both dogs allotment agnate temperaments, we’ll appearance you what makes them unique.

Breed Comparison


  • Height 10-14 Inches
  • Weight 14-18 Pounds
  • Temperament Warmhearted, Steadfast, Fun
  • Energy Average
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Price $1,000 and Up


  • Height 8-15 Inches
  • Weight 15-40 Pounds
  • Temperament Intelligent, Affectionate
  • Energy Aloft Average
  • Health Beneath Average
  • Lifespan 10-15 Years
  • Price $800 - $2,000


Each dog has a history, whether decades or centuries old. While best artist dogs are on the beneath end of that timeline, the aforementioned affect rings accurate for both Pugs and Puggles. To accept these dogs added thoroughly, you charge to apperceive area they came from and how they came to be the dogs we admit today.


Fawn and Black Dog Standing on a Log
Pugs were accustomed ranks, attentive heavily, and provided enviable abundance by the age-old administrative Chinese.

Small in ability but big in mischief, pugs were already the called accompaniment of Chinese emperors, although they were accepted again as the Sichuan Pai dog. It was a royal breed and advised as such. The brand was frequently able to Adorn and Korea, eventually overextension in acceptance throughout Asia.

In Russia, Catherine the Great’s aunt took a accurate affection to pugs. She was accounted to accept abounding pugs, all of whom accompanied her to church. Russia’s affection for the breed again advance to Western Europe, accurately to the Dutch. During its trips through the Orient, the Dutch East India Trading Aggregation frequently brought pugs aback as adored cargo.

The Pug anchored its rank as a admired for the Dutch back it allegedly signaled the Spanish’s attack, extenuative Prince William the Silent’s life. While the brand has absent its aristocratic cachet through the centuries, the will consistently be a fun, loyal companion for households worldwide.


Brown White and Black Dog Standing on a Log
The aboriginal Puggle was bred from a Advocate and a Pug in the 1980s as a accompaniment dog.

Unlike Pugs, which accept a affluent history, Puggles are a almost new artist dog, accepting apparent up in the 1980s. In abounding cases, Puggles aren’t referred to as a brand but instead referred to as a “designer dog” because of their advised cross-breeding.

Because both of the Puggle’s ancestor breeds are generally compared as a ancestors companion, it was alone a amount of time afore these two purebreds were accumulated into a new artist mix. A Puggle is the abiogenetic amalgam of a Pug and a Beagle and is additionally generally compared adjoin other Pug ancestor artist dogs.

While the two breeds may have, at some point, bred on their own together, Mr. Wallace Anchorage bred the two intentionally. He accustomed acclaim for the advised hybrid, which grew in acceptance over the contempo decades. This Pug and Beagle crossbreed is now a accepted mixed-breed best for owners.


Wrinkle-Faced Dogs Close Up
The Pug and Puggle allotment Pug attributes, such as eyes, coat, bad-tempered face, and sometimes the atramentous mask.

Since Puggles allotment aspects of a Pug’s abiogenetic makeup, it’s no accompaniment that they share some concrete attributes. For instance, both dogs accept bulgy, bug eyes, channelled faces, and abbreviate coats. However, there are abounding concrete appearance area they differ.

Puggles allotment appearance with Beagles. The Advocate DNA gives Puggles their bankrupt over easy, best nose, lengthier body, and taller legs. The best adenoids allows the Puggle to breathe added effortlessly than the Pug, whose scrunched adenoids leads to harsh, abundant breath and accessible respiratory complications.

The Puggle additionally varies in color, either tan, fawn, or black, admitting the Pug alone appears either tan with atramentous accents, white, or alone black.

While the Puggle may arise added or beneath similar to its Pug parent, they alter in abounding ways, including weight, color, and height. The Pug’s face is additionally more squished than the Puggle’s. Alike admitting the Puggle’s breadth of bill varies depending on how abundant of the Pug analysis it expresses, the Pug’s adenoids will consistently be shorter.

Since the Puggle stands taller and longer, it’s no abruptness that it weighs more too. The Puggle, on average, weighs amid 15 and 40 pounds, admitting Pugs counterbalance amid 13 and 20 pounds. Pugs are added stout and bunched because of its admeasurement and weight, while the Puggle is lengthier and lean.


Dogs Hanging Out at Home
Though both dogs appetite animal companionship, the Puggles tend to accept added energy.

With sweet, billowing eyes and layers of alive wrinkles, the Pug and Puggle ooze cuteness and accept a personality to match. The two are lovely, affable assembly that do able-bodied in households or ancestors environments as able-bodied as with individuals.

The Pug is absolutely agreeable wherever its home may be, either a baby burghal accommodation or all-inclusive countryside in the midwest. It’s a able brand that’s blessed wherever you alarm home as continued as it’s accustomed love. Its versatility stems from its abridgement of activity. Its cessation isn’t to say they don’t adore playing. But they are equally as content dawdling on the couch all day.

Opposingly, the Puggle is more energetic. This stems from its Advocate genetics. Beagles are awful active, active pups and accept anesthetized these ancestry bottomward to Puggles. They adore arena outside, running, chasing, and occasionally digging, acknowledgment to their hunting predisposition.

Activity and cessation aside, both dogs are amicable, admiring dogs that adore the company. Although, Pugs may be decidedly absorbed to amuse area Puggles abide added stubborn.


Dogs Running Outside
Puggles are active and admire arena with their bodies area Pugs adopt to be added apathetic and charge to be assertive to get moving.

Just like humans, dogs need approved exercise to advance a advantageous lifestyle. However, Pugs can appropriately absorb an absolute day on the couch if you let them. As adamantine as it may be to accord up a day on the daybed with your Pug, they still charge exercise.

Luckily, it’s not arduous to get Pugs to play. You don’t charge to absorb hours active about with your Pug, but some moderate playtime throughout the day will account your Pug’s concrete and brainy health.

Unlike Pugs, Puggles won’t adore a day of inactivity. Instead, Puggles booty afterwards Beagles in their high-energy, alive personalities. Because of their genetics, character, and build, Puggles require a bit added exercise during the day than Pugs.

Puggles adore playing, running, and chasing, so they accomplish a abundant active or jogging companion. Or, you can booty them alfresco to comedy for a bit anniversary day. Either way, Puggles crave at atomic an hour of action time anniversary day. Otherwise, they may about-face to annihilative behavior.

When it comes to appliance out doors, you should accouter alternation both dogs for alfresco walks and exercise. We do not recommend walking on a accepted collar, as that can accord to breath problems in both of these pups. Because they accept a brachycephalic face, they are both at accident for breath disorders. A Pug should be adapted with a baby harness, admitting a Puggle may charge one that’s hardly larger.


Fawn and Tan Dogs Sitting and Looking at the Camera
Positive accretion is the best ideal way to alternation both of these dogs.

For all dogs, you appetite them to accept to you, whether it’s to leave a stick in the backyard or appear back you alarm their name. To ability this akin of obedience, you charge to train your dog. Luckily, for Pugs and Puggles, training isn’t a accurate advance of activity as with some added dogs; however, it still requires adamantine assignment and patience.

The Pug, while a friendly, loving, and analytical dog, requires absolute training to ability obediency. They are a loyal brand who wants annihilation added than to amuse their owners, which agency they can additionally bound get their feelings hurt. The aftermost affair you appetite is a sad, abashed Pug, so use affectionate words and absolute accretion back training.

Since Pugs adore the aggregation of an buyer or family, they don’t adore solitude. To action the accessible bareness and anguish that comes with abandoned time, it’s a acceptable abstraction to socialize your Pug aboriginal on, either at training classes, the park, or about your community.

Neither the Pug nor Advocate takes to training with ease, so it’s safe to say that the Puggle doesn’t either. The best way to alternation a Puggle, accustomed its stubbornness, is with treats and absolute reinforcement. The Puggle aims to please and loves company but brand to angle its arena back directed to do something, mainly if you use acrid tones or affectation a austere demeanor. Amusement your Puggle with positivity, and it will go a continued way in training.


Senior Dogs in Good Health
Both dogs can alive up to 15 years if you are alert of accepted bloom issues such as breath problems and obesity.

Some dogs are added decumbent to specific bloom issues than others; this case rings accurate for Pugs and Puggles. Back both dogs accept smashed, channelled faces, they can advance abiding respiratory problems.

To advice accomplish their breath added manageable, you will appetite to monitor their weight back blubber can advance to breath troubles. You’ll additionally appetite to accumulate them out of boiling or hot climates for too continued as these altitude can abet respiratory hardships.

Obesity is addition bloom action that pugs added acceptable than Puggles are decumbent to develop. As with ecology their breath abilities, you’ll appetite to adviser your Pug’s caloric intake and weight.

Pugs and Puggles additionally accept an added likelihood of developing eye problems such as Cherry Eye, corneal ulcers, and dry eye. While these dogs’ eyes address to best bodies and accord them their cute, adorable looks, you charge to monitor them regularly.

Puggles additionally booty afterwards Beagles apropos epilepsy; it’s a accepted bloom accident in Beagles anesthetized forth to Puggles through genetics. Also, from Beagles, Puggles can advance assorted joint conditions such as hip dysplasia and confused knee caps.


Hungry Dogs Licking Their Lips
Feed your Pug or Puggle a composed diet to abstain a beefy pup.

All dogs crave a counterbalanced diet of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to advance and accomplish a advantageous life. However, the amounts of anniversary comestible alter depending on the age and admeasurement of your dog.

Both dogs crave a antithesis of nutrients; however, you charge to adviser your Pug’s fat assimilation back they are prone to obesity. Pugs adulation to eat and could actual able-bodied chow bottomward all day, so you charge to watch their aliment assimilation as able-bodied as their weight to ensure they’re at a advantageous size.

The aforementioned goes for treats. Treats are a acceptable allurement back training your Pug, but you charge to allowance them back treats tend to accept a college fat allotment and an all-embracing access in your Pug’s caloric intake.

Similarly, Puggles additionally accept a predisposition to obesity, so the aforementioned ecology that’s all-important for Pugs rings accurate for Puggles as well. That said, Puggles about require added food than Pugs because they are added alive than their couch-potato cousin. While they charge added food, you charge to ensure they don’t get too much.


Close Up Image of Handsome Dogs
Expect to bath both dogs as needed, and pay appropriate absorption to the wrinkles on their faces added often.

One of your Pug or Puggle’s best analytical aspects you charge to focus on back admonishment is their facial folds and wrinkles. Clay and crud can calmly get trapped beneath their wrinkles, so you charge to clean beneath them generally so that they don’t accidentally account an eye or bark infection.

Both dogs accept almost agnate abbreviate coats that shed frequently. Puggles will accede some of their Pug parent’s address habits, as able-bodied as the shedding abundance of their Advocate parent. Back both of these two dogs afford often, you charge to besom them weekly, at atomic a few times a week. They would additionally account from appropriate admonishment accoutrement such as admonishment mitts or address brushes so that you can ambit abroad any apart hair.

As for bathing, both Pugs and Puggles don’t crave common baths. Alone bath your pup as bare if they attending a little bedimmed or if they got into article blowzy during their playtime. Aloof accomplish abiding you get into their folds able-bodied back you bath them and analysis up on their eyes.

Puppy Prices

Cute Puppy Dogs on White Background
Expect to pay $1,000 and up for a Pug, while advantageous hardly beneath for a Puggle.

The amount of Pugs and Puggles, like best dogs, depends on area you acquirement or adopt. Pugs tend to range anywhere amid $1,00 and $1,500, but the amount can access depending on the Pug’s blood lineage. Puggle prices can alter anywhere from $800 to $2,000.

While both breeds accept a almost abutting amount range, Puggles tend to cost more because they are a hybrid, “designer” breed and accept become more accepted in contempo years. As with Pugs, the already college amount for Puggles increases depending on birth purity.

Final Thoughts

While Pugs and Puggles have similarities and differences, you charge accept the brand that best apparel your affairs and needs. Both are loving, loyal dogs, but the best amid the two is castigation alone.

For both breeds, you’ll charge to appearance adulation and benevolence to train. The Puggle requires added time arena than the Pug, who is agreeable lazing about all day binging TV with you. But Puggles are additionally easier to apple-pie and groom. However, both dogs accept specific bloom risks that charge ecology and approved checkups to advance the dog’s optimal health.

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