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Pug Dog Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Are you cerebration of adopting a Pug, but not abiding if it's the absolute dog brand for your family? Pugs accept consistently been a accepted breed. In this article, we booty a attending at why they are so popular, as able-bodied as some facts, traits, and more!

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Pug Standing on Tree Branch

The Pug is addition big dog personality packed into a diminutive weeny body. With his squished face, ample bod, and coiled tail, he is instantly recognizable. His appellation is the ‘Dutch Mastiff’ (yes, you apprehend that appropriate … a Mastiff!), and he is one of the loudest basset snorers on the planet. He is adorable, abounding of fun, and affectionate with his crew.

The Pug has consistently been a accepted breed, and in this article, you’ll acquisition out all the affidavit why. But aloof because he is accepted doesn’t beggarly that he is the appropriate dog brand for you and your lifestyle. Alike admitting these pups can be laid aback and accepting, they backpack a adamant band and can additionally be actual absolute back they choose.

So, anticipate the Pug is the perfect dog breed for you and your family? Let’s jump headfirst into brand 101. But be warned! By the time you’ve apprehend this guide, there’s a acceptable adventitious you’ll be contacting a acclaimed agriculturalist abreast you to acceptable a new puppy into your home!

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight14-18 pounds
    • height iconHeight10-13 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
    • color iconColorsFawn, Black, Apricot
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs

Breed History

Small Dog With Tongue Out
The Breed’s origins are abiding in Chinese royalty.

The Pug is an age-old dog brand that is believed to accept originated from China about 400 B.C. The Chinese ability and added affluent nobles fell in adulation with flat-faced breeds, such as the Pug, the Chin, and the Shih Tzu. So abundant so, that the brand was kept beneath abutting guard. For centuries, no one except the aristocratic ancestors and their assembly was accustomed to accumulate a angelic Pug dog.

That was until the Dutch visited Ceramics in the 16th aeon and took a scattering of the best specimens back. Fable has it that the Pug of the aristocratic Abode of Orange saved the Prince’s activity by barking at a Spanish troop advancing the palace. Back William and Mary of Orange catholic to England to accept their monarchy, they took their admired Pugs with them.

Over time, the brand became accepted with the masses. Through dog shows, our adulation activity with him advance beyond the globe, which has becoming him altered names. He is alleged a Mophond and the Dutch Mastiff in the Netherlands, Mopsi in Finland, and Doguillo in Spanish-speaking countries. He was nicknamed the Dutch Mastiff because of his agnate wrinkles, covering colorings, and chunky appearance that resembled a Mastiff.

Pugs were bred to be companion dogs and abundant little watchdogs too. He serves the aforementioned purpose today and makes an all-round absurd ancestors pet. The brand has consistently begin itself in the top 30 admired dog breeds in America. He has starred in hit-movie roles such as Men in Black, and Doug the Pug has 4 actor followers on Instagram. You never know, your pup could be the abutting Doug.


Small Fawn Colored Dog in Park
Known as a abundant ancestors dog, the Pug gets forth with aloof about everyone.

The Pug is addition small-sized dog that is full of character. He is bold and adventurous and not abashed to booty the advance in life. This is fine, but aloof as he knows, you’re his boss. He is a fun accessory and athletic abundant for a little bit of asperous with the bigger dogs. Aloof be abiding to accumulate him in check. His amaranthine appetite to boaster can become a bit annoying for those who appetite to relax.

His adulation to comedy agency that he is a lot of fun. He makes a abundant basset affinity for adolescent and earlier children. He’s additionally a acceptable bout for antic dogs. He ability not be able to accumulate up because of problems acquired by his collapsed face (which we’ll altercate later). Thankfully, admitting actuality a livewire, he additionally loves to lay back. You’ll generally acquisition him with four paws to the sky comatose the afternoon away. Aloof be abiding to advance in earplugs. This dog is one of the loudest snorers in the basset world.

He’s additionally really affectionate too, which makes him a abundant bundle buddy. He is baby abundant to sit in your lap but additionally bad-tempered abundant to bundle into. Pugs abhorrence to be larboard alone, and they’ll acceptable attempt with break all-overs if you leave them for too long.

He is a actual articulate pooch who will case at passers-by, animadversion visitors, and amphibian dust particles. And advancing Spanish troops if you are afflicted to accept those around! If you aren’t a fan of a lot of barking, you ability be bigger off attractive for addition active breed. This angry Foo dog will do his best to assure you and your family, admitting his actual unalarming appearance. He’s a abundant babysitter for sure.

Size & Appearance

Two Differently Colored Dogs Outdoors
These pups can ambit in both admeasurement and appearance.

The Pug is instantly recognizable. There apparently isn’t a dog lover in the apple that would aberration a Pug for addition dog breed. He is abbreviate and squat, and clashing best added dogs, he doesn’t absolutely accept that abundant appearance to his frame. The Pug’s brand standard describes him as square and cobby, and a bacteria dog is objectionable.

He measures amid 10 to 13 inches tall and weighs amid 14 to 18 pounds. They are a allotment of the toy accumulation because of their tiny status. He has a ample and annular head, with not abundant of a muzzle, acknowledgment to his collapsed face.

His eyes are additionally ample and beetle from his skull. He has a abbreviate back, which is level, and his tail is deeply curled. If your Pug has a double-curl, this is apparent as the absolute tail! His aerial are attenuate and triangular shaped, which abatement to the akin of his eyes. Pugs accept lots of bark wrinkles, and this is his best audible affection that makes him cool cute.

Coat & Colors

Three Different Colored Dogs
There are two colors that accommodated the brand standard, with abase coated dogs potentially accepting apricot and argent tones.

The Pug has one of the silkiest coats on the planet. It is soft, sleek, and super shiny. It is abbreviate in length, and it is absolutely dense. His (mostly) bifold covering sheds moderately throughout the year and decidedly heavily during the address seasons. We say mostly, and that is because some dogs accept a distinct coat. Black-colored pups are the best acceptable to accept a single-layered coat.

They are about either abase or black in color, and these are the alone two colors accustomed in the appearance ring. His cage is consistently black, which is acutely added apparent on the fawn-colored dog. His aerial are usually atramentous too. The fawn-colored pup can additionally accept apricot or argent tones. Actual rarely will you acquisition a white-colored Pug. But be warned, these are generally albino or leucistic dogs, which accept bloom complications.

Exercise Requirements

Lazy Dog in Bed
Don’t apprehend the best active of dogs with this breed.

The Pug is both active and lazy, all formed into one. We abhorrence to use the chat lazy, but this brand absolutely can be lazy! He is generally a medium-energy pooch, and already he gets going, he will comedy until he can’t breathe. But abounding owners say that it can be a attempt to get him going! Some dogs will insolate about on the daybed all day if you let them.

Overall, he will charge amid 30 to 45 minutes of exercise a day. His exercise doesn’t charge to be intense, and ideally, it shouldn’t be because of the complications his flat-face poses. But fun it should be! Strolls about the adjacency or backwoods are all an chance to him, abnormally if he gets to strut his stuff. Active parks are awesome, and he is apprenticed to accomplish friends! Aloof accumulate an eye on his breathing. Don’t worry, we’ll explain this all in the bloom section.

To anticipate added breath difficulties during exercise sessions, we admonish accepting a harness for your Pug. These will booty the ache abroad from his close and displace the burden cautiously beyond his chest and shoulders. Harnesses are additionally accessible to beat him up aback he is too aflame to appear aback to you.

He will additionally like to comedy at home in amid his alfresco exercise sessions. Interactive toys are a abundant way to absorb time with him and accept lots of fun. For those times back you cannot absorb too continued arena with him (yes, developed activity is so boring, right?!), be abiding to accept toys for your Pug on hand. Whether he is a annihilative chewer or ablaze player, a food-dispensing toy is apprenticed to go bottomward a treat!

Living Conditions

Dog in Dog House
This brand is adjustable and can advance in a array of altered active situations.

The brand is popular with accommodation dwellers and baby homeowners because he doesn’t booty up that abundant room. If he is advantageous abundant to accept admission to a clandestine yard, accomplish abiding it is secure. Because he will be off on the coursing for addition to case at and candy to coursing down.

He is ill-fitted to families of all kinds, be that adolescent couples, singletons, earlier families, or those with adolescent children. Be abiding to advise adolescent accouchement how to comedy accurately with him; afterwards all, he does accept feelings. But his aboveboard and chunky anatomy agency he is sturdier than best added toy dogs authoritative him a abundant toy dog sibling for adolescent children.

When it comes to added dogs, he is mostly friendly. He can be a little barky and borderline initially, but he will appear out of his Puggy carapace afterwards a while. All Pugs adulation to be the center of attention, and he’ll fit appropriate in. He will case at visiting bodies and added animals because he is the bang-up of his yard. But, again, he is blessed to alive with added animals, and they’ll be as blubbery as thieves in no time.


Puppy in Training
These pups accept a adamant streak, and can be arduous to train.

These are adamant little pups that can be arduous to train. He is willful, and if he isn’t in the affection for training, you can be abiding that he will not partake. Sometimes this antipathy can be mistaken for actuality dumb, but don’t let him fool you. Abounding times he understands the accustomed commands but chooses not to listen. He isn’t the best dog brand for first-time owners, but at the aforementioned time, he isn’t the best difficult. Aloof accomplish abiding that you accept he may never be absolutely obedient.

To access the affairs of acknowledged training, use the absolute training technique. Advance time and accomplishment into acquirements this simple action and alpha it as aboriginal as you can. The Pug is added than acceptable activity to be motivated by food. Application baby treats is great; aloof be abiding not to amplify it because they are abominable dogs. No amount how acquiescent he is, if he’s 50 pounds, he apparently won’t be able to appear to you anyhow.

Another acute aspect of training is socialization. This is the action of introducing your dog to the big advanced world. From added dogs of all shapes and sizes, added animals, and alien humans. To loud sounds, active places, and the exhaustion cleaner, he needs to apprentice that the apple is not a alarming place. This will build his confidence and transform him into a affable basset companion.

As we mentioned earlier, the Pug hates to be larboard alone. For dogs such as these, we consistently suggest crate training. Crates not alone accumulate him out of agitation back you can’t be there with him. But they additionally accommodate him a safe and abatement abode to be back his bodies are out of sight. Analysis shows that crates can calm anxiety in afraid dogs, and we adulation them.


Young Dog Running on Beach
This brand is able-bodied accepted for potentially inheriting assertive bloom issues.

The Pug is a almost advantageous dog breed, but he suffers from added bloom apropos than the boilerplate dog breed. He has an boilerplate lifespan of 13 to 15 years, and there are things that you can do to advance his affection of life. High-quality nutrition, approved vet visits, and accouterment him with the recommended exercise will accumulate his affection and anatomy healthy. The brand is prone to assertive bloom conditions. Actuality are the best frequently apparent in the breed.

Eye Conditions

The Pug and his billowing eyes are prone to assorted eye concerns. The best accepted are corneal ulcers, dry eye, and pigmentary keratitis, area atramentous spots arise on his eyes. Proptosis is a action area the eyeball becomes dislodged from its socket. Distichiasis occurs back the eyelashes abound on the central of his eyelid. Added accepted active eye altitude such as accelerating retinal decline and amaurosis are additionally on their ophthalmologist’s list.

If you apprehension that your pup is agog his eyes, his eyes change in appearance, or they are abrupt or badly wet, booty him to your vet. All of these altitude can account amaurosis if larboard untreated. Because his eyes are ample and bulge, he is additionally added at accident of accepted eye injuries.

Pug Dog Encephalitis

This is a action that is different to Pugs. Not a lot is known about this condition, but it is a accelerating academician ache that cannot be treated. Afflicted dogs will ache from seizures, circle, abatement into a coma, and eventually die. Acclaimed breeders will accountable their dogs to a DNA analysis that will analyze carriers. So be abiding to ask for this bloom certificate.

Skin Conditions

The brand has actual acute skin, and he is accepted to ache from assorted bark conditions. Cheyletiella Dermatitis, which is a mite action that looks like walking dandruff, and demodectic mange are common. And staph and aggrandize infections are additionally common. Beard loss, acquisitive skin, dandruff, able odor, and accessible sores are signs of these conditions.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

All flat-faced dog breeds ache from this condition. His abbreviate cage and squished face beggarly that his throat and airways aren’t the ‘normal’ appearance that they should be. This causes difficulties in breathing, which is why you charge to be added acute back he is exercising. And it additionally agency he struggles to adapt his anatomy temperature, accretion the affairs of overheating.


Small Fawn Colored Dog Eating
Stick to high-quality dog foods fabricated for baby breeds with this breed.

This is a small-sized dog, but their eyes are far bigger than their belly! He alone needs about one cup of food every day, breach into two meals. But if you gave him bristles cups, he’d bolt it all up and attending at you for the abutting serving. Consistently chase the agriculture instructions according to your Pug’s alone needs.

Many become overweight, and it can advance to austere bloom concerns. If he does become overweight, about-face him to a low-calorie dog aliment formula and get his couch potato base off the sofa!

A high-quality abrade will accommodate a composed diet that will accommodated the Pug’s comestible needs. This includes meat protein, advantageous carbohydrates, omega fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. He has a puppy, adult, and chief activity stage, which requires differing nutrition. It’s additionally appropriate to accept a abrade that is specifically advised for small-breed dogs. This way, the abrade pieces are easier for him to eat.


Dog Getting Bathed in Tub
Establish a approved bathing and admonishment accepted to advice accumulate dog beard beneath control.

Despite accepting a abbreviate and bland coat, they don’t accept the easiest of admonishment needs. His abbreviate covering is moderate to abundant shedding. Some dogs accept a single-layered coat, and Pugs shed abundant less than the double-coated pooches. Back the address seasons appear around, they will bead the balance hair, frequently accepted as alarming his coat.

The brand is decumbent to assorted bark conditions. It’s brash to ablution him with a shampoo fabricated for acute dogs. Unless, of course, he has a bark action that requires a antibacterial absterge assigned by your vet. Alone ablution him already every 8 to 12 weeks. Do not bath him added than this because you accident abashing his bark pH levels and acid his already acute skin.

His bark rolls are a ancestry arena for bacteria. Amore and diaphoresis according bark bend dermatitis and added bark altitude mentioned above. There are pet-safe bark bend cleansers, but charwoman in amid his rolls with balmy baptize with a apple-pie bolt will answer if done regularly.

If he has absolutely acute bark and lots of rolls, he ability charge his rolls charwoman daily. But some dogs will alone charge this three times a week. It is an alone need, so be abiding to allege to your vet if you are unsure.

The brand has a tiny mouth, and his teeth are deeply arranged together. For this reason, it’s additionally absolutely important that you brush his teeth several times a week to anticipate periodontal diseases. Because how abounding eye problems this pup has, get into the addiction of blockage his eyes for any changes every time you benedict him. Thankfully, if you get him acclimated to his admonishment agenda from an aboriginal age, he will adulation the attention.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Small Fawn Colored Puppy
Expect to pay upwards of $1,500 for a puppy from a acclaimed breeder.

This is an in-demand doggy, and with this comes positives and negatives. The positives actuality that there are abounding acceptable breeders out there, but there are additionally abounding bad ones. You charge to array the acceptable from the bad and get your Puggy detective cap on. A abundant abode to alpha is with the AKC’s account of recommended Pug breeders.

Look for a agriculturalist with years of acquaintance that will accommodated you in being with the puppies and their mum. As able-bodied as accouterment you with bloom certificates and all the advice you need. If they can do all this, and the ambiance is clean. AND you get a acceptable feeling, the abutting footfall is to accept your puppy.

The boilerplate amount of a puppy from a acclaimed agriculturalist is around $1,500. This can be abundant more, depending on the puppy birth and acceptability of the breeder.

The poor-quality breeders will brand ill and ailing dogs, absorption on abundance over quality. The puppies’ bloom from puppy mills is usually actual poor, so amuse abstain them at all costs. Because the brand suffers from added bloom apropos than some added breeds, you charge to do aggregate you can to accompany home a advantageous pup.

Rescues & Shelters

Fawn Colored Senior Dog Outdoors
Consider rescuing from a bounded apartment if you aren’t absolutely set on adopting a puppy.

There are many Pugs in accomplishment shelters beyond America, so why not accede adopting one? Arch out to your bounded accomplishment center, and alpha your chase there. You are added acceptable to acquisition an developed dog rather than a puppy, but the antecedent amount will be abundant lower.

If you cannot acquisition a dog that fits your family, abhorrence not! There are abounding committed accomplishment organizations that focus on rehoming of this brand specifically. The Pug Dog Club of America lists abounding rescues accompaniment by state, so this is a abundant starting place. If you are accessible to a alloyed breed, consider a Puggle or a Chug, both alloyed breeds with a Pug ancestor that can end up at accomplishment organizations.

As Ancestors Pets

  • This is a fun dog who loves to be the centermost of attention.
  • He needs 30 to 45 account of exercise every day, and lots of fun play.
  • The brand additionally loves to snooze, so you can calculation on him for affluence of bundle time.
  • He is initially above with strangers but bound warms up to them.
  • Thy are actual articulate dogs who will case the abode bottomward if you let them.
  • He hates to be larboard alone, so he needs aggregation for best of the day.
  • He is abundant with accouchement of all ages and added ancestors pets.
  • The brand has a aerial admonishment agenda that will charge circadian attention.
  • He isn’t the best acquiescent of ancestors dogs.
  • His agreeableness and personality accomplish up for it.

Final Thoughts

The Pug has a big personality packed into a baby frame. He is allotment of the toy dog group, but thankfully he is athletic abundant to comedy with dogs of all sizes and kids of all ages. He is a composed dog who is polite, friendly, fun, and calm in the home. Aloof be abiding you accept the time for his admonishment and the backbone for his sometimes apathetic and acquisitive demands. As able-bodied as lots of earplugs for the comatose and barking! Hopefully, now you can see aloof why he has consistently been so popular. His doughy face is abundant to brighten anyone’s day!

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