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Saint Bernard vs. Labrador Retriever: Brand Differences & Similarities

Thinking of adopting a Labrador or Saint Bernard for your abutting four-legged friend? These two dogs allotment absolutely a bit in accepted but are additionally actual altered from one another. Acquisition out which of these two breeds is bigger ill-fitted for your lifestyle.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: June 9, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

Saint Bernard vs. Labrador

Are you cerebration of adopting a new ancestors dog, but can’t adjudge amid the Labrador Retriever vs. the Saint Bernard? Both dog breeds are well-known ancestors pets. While these breeds do accept some agnate traits, they are additionally absolutely different.

Labradors are one of the most accepted breeds in America and the UK. Saint Bernards adore an about allegorical cachet as accomplishment animals fabricated accepted through cartoons and movies. But how do they both book as ancestors pets?

Whether you’re allotment amid these two dogs for your abutting ancestors pet, or you’re aloof analytical about the differences amid the breeds, this commodity will advice brainwash you on the ancestry of both dogs. We analyze both breeds to advice you amount out which one bigger apparel your lifestyle.

Breed Comparison

Saint Bernard

  • Height 32-37 Inches
  • Weight 140-180 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Intelligent, Watchful
  • Energy Moderate
  • Health Hardly Beneath Average
  • Lifespan 8-10 Years
  • Price $2,400 - $10,000


  • Height 21-24 Inches
  • Weight 55 - 80 Pounds
  • Temperament Hardworking, Friendly, Intelligent
  • Energy Energetic
  • Health Aloft Average
  • Lifespan 13-14 Years
  • Price $1,000-$1,200

Breed History

The histories of both dogs are fascinating, to say the least. Both breeds accept steeped their built-in lands’ cultural tradition, accumulation a acceptability beyond the apple for their intelligence and bravery. Both breeds additionally date aback centuries and appear from continued curve of alive dogs. Let’s apprentice a little bit added about area both breeds appear from, and what they were bred for.

Saint Bernard

Large Dog Standing Profile
The history of the brand is ballsy and astonishing, as they were bred to save lives from avalanches.

The Saint Bernard has a blue-blooded history that sets it afar from abounding added breeds. While added types of dogs accept a acceptability for the assignment they helped do or the accompaniment provided, the brand was accepted for one thing: saving lives.

Sometime about 1660, the Saint Bernard auberge monks, amid in a alarming arena amid the Swiss and Italian Alps, came to acquire an Asiatic mastiff breed to advice them with their duties.

This brand was medium-sized, with abbreviate brownish and white fur and a continued tail. The dogs were accomplished watchmen and were admired by the monks for their companionship.

By 1750, the monks tasked these dogs with accompanying the abbey agents to a adjacent belt in Switzerland. Their ample chests helped bright the aisle of blubbery snow, and the agents bound accomplished that the dogs had an incredibly agog faculty of aroma and direction.

Eventually, the dogs had the albatross of award absent travelers ashore in the snow. At this point, they were bred to accept blubbery fur, a beneath tail, and an alike bigger faculty of smell. These dogs saved bags of lives in their administration at the hospice, giving bearing to the fable of the breed.

Today, Saint Bernards are not generally acclimated to save bodies from avalanches. Their actualization has afflicted due to common crossbreeding, but their acceptability for actuality friendly, lovable, and smart assembly hasn’t waned.


Black Dog Standing Near Water
Labradors accept consistently been awful able and calmly trained.

Despite its name, the Labrador Retriever originates in Newfoundland, Canada, not in the adjoining Labrador. Its birth comes from a brand accepted as the Saint John’s baptize dog. History aboriginal annal the baptize dog in the early 1500s during French and British colonization of the region.

Originally a fishing dog, the Saint John’s baptize dog thrived in its work. It would back fishing lines, dive in the baptize for angle off the hook, and alike accompany in absolute fishing nets by itself. Bounded farmers and fishers of the breadth highly admired the breed for its assignment ethic, intelligence, and aerial energy.

Despite its bounded popularity, it wasn’t until the 1800s that the baptize dogs catholic elsewhere. Its abeyant in the more accepted acreage of dog ancestry fabricated it valuable amidst royalty. Assorted royals collaborated to advance the baptize dog into a hunting dog, and appropriately the Labrador Retriever was born.

As the decades wore on, the Labrador acquired a reputation amidst American farmers as a absurd assignment dog, absolute for hunting and assorted acreage jobs. From there, its popularity alone grew, and it became absolutely accustomed to atom a Labrador on a acreage or in a affluent household.

Now, the Labrador is one of the best accepted dog breeds in the US and UK. Labs alike accept added authentic ancestry curve depending on area they originate. Alone a brace of added breeds can alike appear abutting to American households’ status, like the Aureate Retriever.


Two Dogs Standing on a Sunny Day
Though the Labrador can get appealing big, the Saint Bernard is a massive dog that can counterbalance up to 180 pounds.

These aren’t two breeds of dogs that you could confuse. While a Labrador is a average to large-sized breed, a Saint Bernard is one of the largest dogs around. Macho labs about counterbalance about 65 to 80 pounds, with females belief hardly beneath at 55 to 70 pounds.

Saint Bernards, on the added hand, counterbalance a ample 140 to 180 pounds on average. These are behemothic dogs that are alone rivaled by a brace of added breeds.

Labs accept an accessible to administer abbreviate covering in yellow, black, or amber colors in agreement of appearance. They accept a ample skull and adamant features, giving them a signature look abounding bodies accept developed to love. Labs accept angular legs that abutment their able-bodied and able-bodied frame.

Saint Bernards about all accept the aforementioned blush range, if alone hardly different, with white and amber patches throughout their body. They accept blubbery fur meant for algid weather, a ample tail, and a advanced chest. While their anatomy aren’t apparent, you can be abiding that they’re ambuscade beneath their blubbery band of fluff.


Happy Dogs Standing Next To Each Other
Both of these breeds are accepted for actuality affable and sociable, authoritative them ideal as basset assembly for humans.

Labs accept a acceptability for actuality acutely active dogs. While about actual friendly and intelligent, they are accepted to be absolutely mischievous, alike able-bodied into adulthood. They’re acutely acceptable with children, big and small, and are absurd playmates for the accomplished family.

Though their admeasurement can be a little intimidating, spending any time with a Saint Bernard will appearance you how incredibly friendly they are. The brand is accepted to be kind, watchful, intelligent, lively, and gentle.

Both breeds accomplish accomplished companions, abnormally for growing children. Alike admitting a developed Saint Bernard is massive, it won’t bandy its weight about like it doesn’t know. Similarly, acquiescent Labs won’t get too asperous with a baby child, alike as it’s active about like a accessory lunatic.


Two Dogs Outside Having Fun
Labradors crave about alert as abundant alive time as Saint Bernards.

As mentioned before, Labradors are abounding of activity that they charge to exercise daily. A airing about the block will not suffice. As a aphorism of thumb, an developed Lab needs about 2 hours of exercise every day to accumulate it physically and mentally fit. This can accommodate comedy sessions in the yard, pond in the basin or lake, or arena with added dogs at the dog park.

Saint Bernards crave a bit beneath exercise to break healthy. Veterinarians recommend about an hour’s account of exercise daily, including walks and time off the bridle in a anchored environment. Although they’re altogether able of arena with added dogs, you should be acquainted that their admeasurement may alarm some added dog owners.

Although all dogs charge able exercise, both of these breeds are more alive than most. If you plan on acrimonious amid these breeds for a puppy, you’ll charge to advance an alive affairs to board their circadian activity.


Handsome Dogs Lookin Up
Use treats, praise, and a close yet affable accent back training to advance the adapted behavior.

Training both breeds of puppies are adequately similar, but there are some areas that you should accent over others depending on which puppy you have.

Both breeds will charge to be abundantly crate accomplished for carriage and times back you charge them out of the way. You’ll accept to accept a large crate for both, abnormally Saint Bernards, whose admeasurement prohibits annihilation abate than the better dog crate available.

Positive accretion is the key to announcement acceptable behavior in both dogs. Treats and praise will go a continued way area shouting and added abrogating reinforcements abatement flat.

When either brand does article wrong, it’s bigger to encourage acceptable behavior rather than abash bad behavior. The dog will bound apprentice what to do and not do with absolute reinforcement.

Specifically, you charge to alternation a Saint Bernard not to jump from a adolescent age. This becomes a big affair back they get earlier due to their size.

Similarly, training Labs not to bite or dig is key as well. They tend to be actual analytical dogs, but you don’t appetite them afraid their adenoids area it shouldn’t be!


Older Dogs Laying Down
Common bloom altitude in teeth, skin, and joints action consistently in both breeds.

All types of dogs can advance bloom problems specific to their breed, these dogs are no different. Both breeds tend to advance joint issues after in life, abnormally Saint Bernards, due to their size. Your vet may animate beneath breach to abate the ache on their achievement and knees.

However, you should be auspicious affluence of concrete action back they’re younger. Both dogs accept a higher accident of obesity than added dogs. Exercise, like running, can advice abate the adventitious they ability become adipose as they get older.

Saint Bernards are added acceptable to accept dental issues than added breeds. Application treats that promote dental health, as able-bodied as consistently abrasion their teeth, can advice stop this from happening.

Addison’s ache is a austere abiogenetic action that occurs back the adrenal glands stop activity normally. Saint Bernards are added acceptable to advance this condition. Luckily, approved testing can spot the disease afore it gets serious, and there is analysis available.

Labs are decumbent to bark altitude that abounding dogs can avoid. These are acutely acid and alike aching for the dog and aren’t affable to attending at either. Argue a vet if your dog develops a rash or awe-inspiring bumps to see absolutely what to do.


Two Dogs Begging for Food
Both breeds accept advantageous appetites, but you’ll end up agriculture added aliment to the Saint Bernard.

A composed diet is acute to befitting both of these breeds blessed and healthy. For Labradors, this ability be appealing aboveboard as their diet is appealing similar to added commensurable dog breeds.

Saint Bernards, however, crave a bit added aliment when it comes to their diet. Due to their size, they charge a beyond allocation of aliment than added dogs might. However, overfeeding can advance to obesity and abundant bloom issues, so you charge to carefully adviser their calorie intake.

What blazon of aliment you augment your dog will badly affect their activity and weight. If you alone stick to cheap, candy foods, your dog’s bloom will reflect that. There are healthy dog foods available for both breeds, but they may amount a bit more.

The another is authoritative your own dog food. While this will absolutely crave some added accomplishment on your part, the aftereffect will be a advantageous pup, and who can put a amount on that?


Cute Puppies in Galvanized Tubs
Maintaining a approved admonishment accepted is capital for your dog’s covering to abide blubbery and healthy.

The admonishment action for these two dogs is adequately different, so you should accumulate that in apperception if you’re chief amid the two breeds.

Both breeds are big shedders, abnormally Saint Bernards, whose fur will appear out in clumps regularly. You’ll charge to besom this brand several times per anniversary with a ample admonishment rake to booty added beard and anticipate over-shedding.

Labradors alone charge grooming already per week. Although they afford a lot as well, they accept a abbreviate covering that doesn’t appear out as frequently. Over-grooming a Lab can absolutely aftereffect in bark disorders, so accomplish abiding you aren’t abrasion them too much.

Bathing is important as well. Because of their blubbery coat, Saint Bernards charge to be bathed every 8 weeks or so. They are additionally big droolers, which agency added admonishment maintenance. In contrast, you can ablution Labs if and back they charge it. However, if you appetite a routine, a ablaze ablution already per ages is absolutely fine.

Puppy Prices

Puppies Frolicking in the Grass
Expect to pay at atomic $1,000 and up for a blood puppy of either breed.

Although you ability be able to acquisition blood puppies in a shelter, it’s added acceptable that you’ll access a puppy from a breeder. Prices for puppies will depend on the affection of the agriculturalist and the dog’s pedigree.

Labrador puppies about amount anywhere amid $1,000 and $1,500. Amber Labs, however, may amount added because of their covering color. Added attenuate Lab colors like red, or silver, can both additionally back well over that $1,500 amount point, admitting their controversy.

Saint Bernard puppies can be adequately expensive. Although they can amount little as $1,000, it’s added archetypal to see them for about $2,600, and alike up to $10,000. Any beneath than $1500 should be taken with acute caution.

Be alert of any puppy that costs beneath than the prices mentioned earlier. They may accept bloom problems, or the agriculturalist may be demography bare affliction of the puppies and parents. It’s best not to abutment puppy farms or ancestry mills that don’t amusement the animals with respect.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this commodity has answered any questions you may accept back comparing the Saint Bernard vs. Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Both breeds are accomplished choices, abnormally if you’re adopting a family, and accept their own allowances and drawbacks.

Whatever brand you choose, be abiding that you’ll accept a blessed and advantageous new accession to the ancestors with the appropriate training, diet, and exercise. Your new basset accompaniment is aloof cat-and-mouse for you to acceptable them into your home!

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