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Best Chief Dog Foods: Ratings, Reviews & Top Picks

Is your chief dog defective an allowed arrangement boost? How about collective bloom support? Accompany us as we analyze the best chief dog foods for your crumbling bristling friend.

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Aftermost Updated: January 6, 2021 | 13 min apprehend

Best Dog Food For Seniors

Looking for the best chief dog aliment for your crumbling pup? As our admired pups age, we charge to anticipate alike harder about the food we put central them. Just like us humans, his anatomy will boring start alteration and accepting weaker, and ability not be able to abide the aliment he already loved. With his crumbling basic and abrasion allowed system, he will additionally charge altered nutrients and vitamins.

This is additionally an important date in his activity because the aliment that we augment him may able-bodied access his lifespan, and the best we can accumulate our pets advantageous and with us, the better. In this guide, we will analyze what it agency to be a chief dog, what bloom issues he ability alpha to face, or already face, and what key nutrients and vitamins he will charge as allotment of his circadian diet.

From actuality we accept looked at the best foods accessible on the bazaar for your chief dog, and we accept put calm our account of the actual best accustomed dry kibble. Diet is the easiest way to keep your admired dog healthy and if you stick to our account of recommendations below, you won’t go wrong!

At a Glance: Best Dog Foods For Seniors

Top Pick: Blue Addle For Seniors
Budget Pick: Purina One Acute Blend
Weight Loss: Victor Chief Weight Management

Note: Beat the aloft links will booty you to, area you can get added artefact advice and chump reviews. If you accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Entering Their Chief Years

Some dogs, like humans, age a continued time afore they go grey, and some go blah continued afore they age. According to the American Veterinary Medical Affiliation dogs do not age at a amount of 7 animal years for anniversary dog year, so this is an old wives’ tale! But it is about anticipation that back a dog alcove the age of 7 he is a chief dog, afterwards all that is 44 to 56 years in animal years, depending on his size.

Smaller dogs tend to alive a lot best than ample or extra-large dogs, accordingly the activity stages of a abate dog are continued beyond a best time frame, and the activity stages of a beyond dog are appropriately compacted into a beneath time frame. If he is a abate breed, actuality 20 pounds or less, again he ability be advised a chief dog at about the age of 8. If he is a ample or extra-large breed, with a ample brand actuality 51 pounds and upwards, again he is advised to be a chief dog at the ages of 5 to 6.

However, there are a lot of added factors to accede besides his age, if he is still absolutely fit and active, again he may not charge chief dog aliment aloof yet.  Or if he is absolutely slowing bottomward and appears annealed and lethargic, again he may charge chief dog aliment hardly earlier. Apathy is a big agency to accede for any dog age, and while it is accustomed for an crumbling dog to be beneath active, it is not accepted for him to become lethargic to the point area he doesn’t appetite to move at all.  If your chief sits in the bend staring at a bank or seems about confused, again get him to the Veterinarian, as this may arresting a added austere bloom issue.

Senior Dog Nutrition

Older Senior Dog
Your dog’s comestible needs will change as they access their chief years.

Health apropos are one of the capital factors to accede back allotment the appropriate aliment for your chief dog, this will be heavily afflicted by his breed, as the Chihuahua’s aliment needs for their bloom are abundant altered to that of an English Mastiff, so of advance you charge to attending at his specific breed’s bloom apropos afore you accomplish a decision.

Generally, however, there are common age-related factors to accede back attractive at chief dogs as a accomplished population. The capital things to anticipate about back it comes to agriculture your chief dog are:

Weight Management: This is the better affair for chief dogs back it comes to their nutrition. As they get older, they will become beneath active over time, and eventually alone absolutely alive from a catnap for a toilet breach or a bundle from his master, accordingly he will charge beneath and beneath calories. If you were to augment him the aforementioned aliment as back he was active about for an hour a day, again he will become actual porky actual quickly. And not alone that, but his metabolic amount decreases as he ages, so he is abundant added acceptable to become adipose as he gets earlier if his diet is not controlled. Therefore, chief dogs should be fed chief formulas that are age and calorie appropriate.

Advancement Management: Chief dogs will accordingly apathetic down, and this is not alone due to beneath energy. Abounding earlier dogs will ache from arthritis, collective affliction or collective stiffness. Therefore, best chief blueprint will accept added nutrients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin which helps abutment advantageous basic and joints. In accession to this, addition big agency to anticipate about back it comes to his slowing advancement is his weight, because if he is accustomed added weight again this is activity to accept a massive appulse on his basic and joints too, so be abiding to administer his weight if he is disturbing with his mobility.

Digestive Management: If there is article not absolutely appropriate with his digestive arrangement again you will anon apperceive about it! Your dog will either accept diarrhea or constipation, foul-smelling gas (more than normal!), become nauseous, or he ability not appetite to eat annihilation at all. If your pup is disturbing with any of this again it is best to get him to the Veterinarian beeline away, but additionally try agriculture him a aerial cilia diet too. Fibers, such as candied potatoes, blooming beans and legumes, while they cannot be digested by his body, advice his digestive arrangement in so abounding ways, so analysis out our adviser to agriculture him a aerial cilia diet. Chief formulas booty this into account, and accordingly they tend to accept extra coarse content, with added probiotics that acquaint affable bacilli to his gut.

While abounding of his bloom apropos cannot be prevented or bound artlessly by diet (although some can!), his affection can be alleviated somewhat with the appropriate aliment and diet. Therefore, it is so important to accept and attending at your pup, appraise what he needs, and accomplish the appropriate comestible choices for him.

Our Admired Foods For Seniors

Top Senior Dog Food
There are several types of aliment you can accede for your earlier pup.

Now that you apperceive a bit added about his crumbling action and what that ability do to his body, and appropriately what he may charge from a diet, we are at the advocacy section.

Below are our natural dry dog kibble recommendations for chief dogs. They are all high-quality kibbles that are fabricated from accustomed ingredients, and we, as able-bodied as nutritionists and dog owners beyond the world, feel that these articles accept the best all-embracing comestible agreeable for your chief dog. We accept additionally advised the all-embracing artefact rating, as able-bodied as the reputation of anniversary brand, so that you apperceive you are allotment the best articles from able companies.

Diamond Naturals
Blue Buffalo
Science Diet
Canidae Pure
Nutro Wholesome
Nutro Ultra
Purina One
Iams Careful Health

Diamond Naturals Chief Dog

Design Naturals Chief Absolute Meat Recipe...
  • Only affection capacity acclimated in our products
  • Made in the USA
  • Health antecedent of vitamins, proteins, fats, and carbs
  • Included Components: Pet Food

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

This compound is arranged abounding of superfoods, such as kale, blueberries and pumpkins to name a few, which accommodate your chief dog with all the nutrients and vitamins that he needs to abutment his allowed arrangement and all-embracing health.

It is additionally pumped with probiotics, with a affirmed 80 actor per batter of kibble, so you apperceive your dog is accepting alive probiotic cultures with every bite, which supports a advantageous gut. It additionally has Glucosamine and Chondroitin, and omega 3 blubbery acids which all advice to abutment his bones, joints, and advantageous bark and coat.

We love that this compound offers the everyman bulk of calories, which is abundant for those added desk seniors that charge to watch their weight.

Blue Addle Activity Aegis Senior

Dejected Addle Activity Aegis Blueprint Natural...
  • REAL MEAT FIRST: Dejected Addle foods consistently affection absolute meat as...
  • FOR CHIEF DOGS: Dejected Activity Aegis Blueprint chief dog food...
  • ANTIOXIDANT-RICH LIFESOURCE BITS: A absolute alloy of...
  • A ACCUSTOMED DOG FOOD: Dejected dry dog aliment is fabricated with the finest...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Blue Addle created this compound with wholesome grains, such as amber rice, barley oatmeal, which are abundant bigger for his digestive arrangement than aesthetic grains. It is additionally abounding of vegetables such as carrots, peas and candied potatoes, as able-bodied as fruits such as blueberries and cranberries for all his antioxidant and comestible needs.

This compound additionally contains their absolute ‘Lifesource Bits’ which are cold-formed, which helps to advice advance the authority of the nutrients that supports his allowed arrangement and oxidative balance. Deboned craven and craven meal not alone accommodate him with affluent protein, but additionally Glucosamine and Chondroitin to advance his cartilage and collective health.

We love that this compound is advised to be aerial in cilia for those chief dogs whose digestive arrangement would account from a added coarse diet. Dejected Addle is one of the top brands, and this chief aliment is no different.

Hill’s Science Diet

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Developed 7 ...
  • This dry dog aliment provides easy-to-digest capacity to support...
  • Uses a counterbalanced set of minerals to advance a able affection and...
  • This dry dog aliment provides omega-6s & vitamin E for advantageous skin...
  • High-quality protein advice advance angular beef in developed dogs

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

This compound has accessible to abstract capacity which is important for crumbling dogs, as able-bodied as capacity that abutment cardiovascular and branch health. It additionally provides aloof abundant affluent protein after actuality too protein affluent or calorific, which is ideal to advance his anatomy weight for those seniors who aren’t as alive anymore. It additionally includes omega 6 blubbery acids, as able-bodied as vitamin E, that supports his bark and covering health. This diet compound additionally boasts actuality voted the cardinal 1 dog aliment by Veterinarians.

We love that this offers a adequately low protein agreeable for those seniors who charge a low protein diet.

Nulo Chief Formula

Nulo SR Trout Grain-Free Dry Food, 24 lb
  • GRAIN-FREE compound contains no corn; wheat; soy; white potatoes;...
  • HIGH MEAT/LOW CARB proprietary blueprint 80% animal-based protein...
  • Nulo Sr Dry Dog Aliment added carefully resembles your dog’s...
  • JOINT ABUTMENT for dogs with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

This compound is abounding of probiotics which is abundant for his digestive bloom and gut flora. It is additionally arranged with affluent protein such as deboned trout, turkey meal and apricot meal actuality the aboriginal three ingredients, to advice your chief pooch advance his angular beef mass, as able-bodied as acknowledging beef repair.

It has few carbohydrates and lower glycemic ingredients, which is abundant for his claret amoroso levels. It additionally has Glucosamine and Chondroitin which maintains cartilage and collective health, whilst announcement adaptability which is additionally believed to accept anti-inflammatory backdrop for his joints. L-carnitine is additionally included which promotes advantageous weight and metabolic state.

We love that that this compound is atom chargeless for those seniors with a acute stomach, or atom allergies or intolerances.

Canidae Authentic Chief Recipe

CANIDAE Authentic Chief Recipe, Limited...
  • Limited additive Chief dog aliment for your age-old but goodie
  • 10 Key capacity or less
  • Packed with the advantage of premium, apple-pie proteins
  • #1 Additive absolute meat, banty or fish. Admirable bark & coat...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

This compound is additionally atom chargeless for those seniors with acute stomachs and atom allergies. It has affluent protein including chicken, craven meal, and turkey meal, for all his beef needs, as able-bodied as candied potatoes and beans for his cilia needs.

It additionally includes probiotics in every chaw which aids his allowed system, as able-bodied as vitamin A, B12, D3 and E supplements to name a few, so you apperceive that he is accepting those added nutrients that he wouldn’t get elsewhere. With omega 3 and 6 blubbery acids his bark and covering will be nourished from the central out too.

We love that this chief compound is fabricated with aloof 9 key ingredients, with added nutrients, so you apperceive that aggregate in this compound has a purpose and there are no ashen accompaniment ingredients.

Orijen Chief Formula

ORIJEN Chief Dry Dog Food, Atom Free, High...
  • ORIJEN Chief dog aliment delivers a diet affluent and assorted in fresh,...
  • With 85% affection beastly ingredients, ORIJEN nourishes dogs...
  • Using beginning and raw beastly ingredients, including meat, organs,...
  • Our Beginning Bounded Capacity are supplied by bodies we apperceive and...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

This is one of the added exceptional recipes on this list, with the aboriginal 5 capacity actuality affluent protein which is why it is one of the actual best protein diets about for seniors. The compound is 85% meat and 15% vegetables and fruit, so this accustomed diet offers your chief dog with his optimum comestible needs, and it is packed with antioxidants and superfoods, such as spinach, kale, apples and pears.

The protein agreeable is based on a accomplished casualty ratio, which agency it includes meat, organs, cartilage and bones, which is aloof what attributes advised his diet to be. It is additionally abounding of angle and angle oils, which are abundant for his cartilage and collective health, as able-bodied as his cardiovascular health.

We love that this offers the accomplished bulk of protein for those seniors who either do able-bodied on a college protein diet or are still active and charge protein for beef adjustment and to advance their beef mass. Orijen is addition exceptional dog aliment brand, and generally compared to Aftertaste of the Wild and other brands.

Instinct Raw Chief Recipe

Aptitude Raw Addition Chief Atom Chargeless Recipe...
  • THE ABORIGINAL RAW ADDITIONAL CHIEF KIBBLE: Raw Addition mixes natural,...
  • POWER OF RAW INGREDIENTS: Our dog aliment is fabricated with the pure,...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

This compound is not alone abounding of high-quality kibble, but it is additionally abounding of added freeze-dried raw pieces that not alone add acidity to animate him to eat it, but it is additionally abounding of nutrients that are maintained in the process, so he will get all of the nutrients that he needs, and apparently more.

This compound includes DHA ingredients, which are acceptable for his academician and eye health, which agency not alone will it abetment in befitting his eyes convalescent for longer, but it ability additionally advice to advance his academician action if he is mentally slowing bottomward a bit. It has the important Glucosamine and Chondroitin capacity for his basic and joints, as able-bodied as actuality full of omega 3 and 6 blubbery acids for his bark and covering health.

We love that this offers the accomplished cardinal of calories and fat agreeable for those seniors who are still cool alive and charge their energy.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior

  • Contains one (1) 30 lb. bag of NUTRO ACCUSTOMED BEST Chief Dry...
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients*; no craven by-product meal, corn,...
  • High affection protein antecedent is the #1 additive in the delicious...
  • Helps abutment able basic and joints with calcium

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Nutro’s wholesome essentials band lives on the tag band “feed clean.”  This accurate aliment compound comes in both craven and lamb.  The amount point is appealing reasonable, and this blueprint contains accustomed capacity with vitamins and minerals forth with added nutrients.

Because this blueprint is engineered accurately for seniors, some of the vitamins included will advice maintain brainy sharpness as able-bodied as a addition to your pup’s allowed system.  It additionally contains omega 3’s and omega 6’s to advice abutment bark and covering health.

We love that this accurate food’s cardinal one additive is meat.  It’s additionally fabricated with accustomed capacity and doesn’t accept aberrant fillers.

Nutro Ultra Chief Formula

NUTRO ULTRA Chief Aerial Protein Accustomed Dry...
  • Contains one (1) 30 lb. bag of NUTRO ULTRA Chief Dry Dog Food...
  • Features leash of protein from chicken, lamb, and salmon—chicken...
  • Our exceptional dog aliment abrade is fabricated with high-quality, real...
  • NUTRO ULTRA Dry Dog Aliment is fabricated with high-quality protein and...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Like the wholesome essentials line, the Ultra Chief is fabricated with accustomed capacity but is added by abacus added superfoods that accommodate antioxidants.  Nutro Ultra does not accommodate by-products, and the superfood account includes coconut, chia, kale and blueberries, all with their own antioxidant properties. The antioxidants are there to addition your crumbling pup’s allowed system, assiduity their activity and preventing adjoin abrupt illnesses.

We love Nutro as a cast and the actuality that this Chief blueprint is accurately advised to addition your pup’s allowed arrangement as they age. Nutro is a exceptional brand and doesn’t let bottomward with this formula.

Purina One Acute Alloy Senior

Purina ONE Chief Dog Food, SmartBlend...
  • One (1) 31.1 lb. Bag - Purina ONE Chief Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend...
  • Real craven is the #1 additive in our aerial protein dry dog...
  • Senior dry dog aliment promotes brainy accurateness and fuels your 7 ...
  • Natural sources of glucosamine abutment collective bloom for dogs

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Purina One’s Acute Alloy Chief blueprint is addition abundant aliment for account acquainted families.  It’s accurately formulated to advance brainy activity and advantageous energy, and is fabricated accurately for pups over the age of 7.  It contains no fillers, and has added Omega 6 oils, as able-bodied as Glucosamine.  While not accurately formulated for collective bloom like these foods, the added Glucosamine helps advance advantageous joints as your dog ages.

We love the cost-effectiveness of this chief food, as able-bodied as the actuality that it comes from a able-bodied accepted & acclaimed cast like Purina.

IAMS Careful Health

IAMS PROACTIVE BLOOM Complete Developed Dry Dog...
  • Contains one (1) 29.1 lb. bag of IAMS Complete Developed Dry Dog Food...
  • 1st additive is real, farm-raised chicken
  • Formulated to abutment advantageous basic and joints with a antithesis of...
  • Promotes advantageous assimilation with a alloy of cilia and prebiotics

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Iams careful bloom is engineered for complete pups and is a added budget-friendly chief dog food.  The top additive is absolute chicken, and it does accommodate nutrients accurately for seniors.  Like added brands it contains antioxidants to abutment allowed arrangement health, and additionally aids in assimilation with a college cilia agreeable than added foods.

It does accommodate by-product, but that’s about activity to appear back you are agriculture your pup on a stricter budget.  IAMS is an acutely accepted brand, and the Complete Developed Formula’s acceptance added solidifies that.

We love the cost-effectiveness of this accurate chief food.  If you can’t allow to go natural, this is a abundant alternative. We absolutely prefer Iams over Pedigree and several added account brands.

Foods For Seniors With Comestible Needs

Senior Dog Food For Overweight Pups
If your chief is overweight, or has a acute stomach, there are several options to help.

There are abundant beneath age specific dog abrade that additionally focus on addition comestible requirement, so the beneath recommendations deserve their own area as they aren’t commensurable with the recommendations above.  Is Your Chief Dog Actively Overweight?

Victor Chief Advantageous Weight

CHAMP Purpose - Senior/Healthy Weight, Dry...
  • Nutrient-dense compound fabricated with premium-quality beef, chicken,...
  • Ideal for earlier dogs that are beneath active, and developed dogs that...
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin advance abiding collective health
  • Formulated with our scientifically advanced, accurate CHAMP Core...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Controlling his weight will not alone advice to abate the accident of cardiovascular diseases, but it will additionally abatement the burden on his crumbling basic and joints. In adjustment for your chief dog to lose weight, he either needs to become added alive and burn that activity off, or eat a lot beneath calories, and it is added acceptable to be the closing advantage with chief dogs. So, if he is disturbing with his weight and joints, or alike if his anatomy appearance has afflicted and you can’t see his authentic waist anymore, again about-face him to a specific weight administration abrade with beneath fat and calories.

We love that this compound is accurately formulated with overweight seniors in mind. Be abiding to chase the amalgamation guidelines carefully and abide his exercise accepted as directed by the Veterinarian. You additionally charge to ensure that you don’t augment him any ailing snacks, and carrots and angel slices are a acceptable another if you can argue him!

Diamond Naturals Ablaze Recipe

Design Pet Foods Naturals Lite - Lamb & Rice...
  • Diamond Naturals Ablaze Developed Dog is ideal for your ample or...
  • 18% beneath calories than the Design Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice...
  • Added glucosamine, chondroitin and L-Carnitine.
  • Recipe is the absolute best to advice your dog ability and maintain...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Diamond naturals is a accepted aliment alternative for abounding altered breeds, and it’s accepted because it contains absolutely accustomed ingredients.  It contains no bogus fillers, corn, aureate or added preservatives.  It’s been fabricated with a college protein agreeable that supports anatomy and is accurately engineered for beneath alive pups.  Weight ascendancy is article that best dog owners will charge to be accommodating of as their dog starts to age.  They will run beneath as their joints hurt, so optimizing your pup’s comestible needs and prioritizing foods that will advice accumulate them angular is important.

We love that Design Naturals makes their aliment with accustomed ingredients.  This aliment is a abundant alternative for ample dogs and is one of the bigger foods you can accede if your pup is both aged and needs to bead a few pounds.

Purina Pro Plan Acute Stomach

Purina Pro Plan Acute Bark and Stomach...
  • One (1) 41 lb. Bag - Purina Pro Plan Acute Bark and Stomach...
  • Oat meal is calmly comestible and affable on the digestive system
  • High protein formula, with absolute apricot as the aboriginal ingredient
  • Fortified with affirmed alive probiotics for digestive and...

If you bang the articulation aloft and accomplish a purchase, we acquire a agency at no added amount to you.

Purina Pro has abounding altered aliment selections depending on what your pup’s alone needs are.  Their acute abdomen blueprint is a great aces for dog owners on a budget.  You can accept from several altered flavors, and the probiotic cilia will advice ensure your pup gets the nutrients they charge to ensure they are activity to the bathroom on a approved base (which can be a botheration with earlier pups).  This aliment is additionally beneath big-ticket than added options, authoritative it a abundant aliment if your pup needs a little added TLC.

We adulation that this aliment helps with both acute stomachs and acute skin.  Purina Pro has altered formulas for abounding altered needs, and this blueprint is no different.

Final Thoughts

Our admired chief accompany accept adored our lives for the aftermost 7 years or so, and now that they are crumbling and accept specific digestive and bloom needs, we should put the added accomplishment into giving him the age specific nutrients that his anatomy needs and craves.

His comestible needs will alter abased on his age, brand and antecedent all-embracing health, and now that he ability face added bloom issues than he ahead has done, you should ensure that you booty him to his Veterinarian analysis ups regularly. If he has any accurate requirements over and aloft his age, again your Veterinarian will be able to adviser you with specific advice.

But if his bloom issues are aloof age accompanying again afraid to the aloft recommended chief dry abrade will not alone accommodate him with the added nutrients that he needs to be blessed and healthy, but you ability aloof accumulate him with you for a little longer.

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