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Spotted Dog Breeds: 22 Altered Pups With Spotted Coats

Looking for a pup with a admirable spotted coat? Spotted dog breeds are striking, and anniversary brand has its own personality. Is a spotted pup appropriate for you? Booty a attending at the best accepted spotted dog breeds to acquisition out which one is the best fit for your lifestyle!

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: Baronial 31, 2021 | 15 min apprehend

Spotted Dog in Garden

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Want a spotted dog for your abutting ancestors pup but aren’t abiding which one is the appropriate fit? Beneath you’ll acquisition 22 altered spotted dog breeds, with anniversary of them accustomed abnormally altered pup personalities! Some breeds like Dalmatians are able-bodied accepted spotted pups. Added breeds like the Jack Russell Terrier or the Advocate are accepted for spots, but not absolutely as iconic.

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Coat blush is linked to dog genetics. As a result, some breeds are added acceptable to backpack altered black coats with spots. We’ve alone listed purebreds, but any dog with a ancestor of the purebreds beneath will accept a adventitious to accept some spots. Examples accommodate Dalmatian mixes, Advocate mixes or alike Abundant Dane mixes.

So, anticipate you are accessible for your spotted pup to appear home from the agriculturalist or shelter? Let’s booty a attending at anniversary breed, their adeptness to be a ancestors dog, and whether or not they will band up with your lifestyle.


Dalmatians are possibly the best acclaimed spotted dog.

The Dalmatian is the best famous spotted dog brand on this list. This pup is the brilliant of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and is able-bodied accepted as the firefighter’s mascot. Dalmatians accept abbreviate white coats with atramentous spots. There is a achievability for Dalmatians to carry a baby gene, but this usually after-effects in them actuality deaf. They are not initially built-in with atramentous spots. They are built-in with white coats, and their spots advance over the aboriginal 3-4 months.

Dalmatians are not recommended for first-time dog owners.  They accept a adamant streak, and this can be difficult to administer back you accept a dog that weighs up to 80 pounds back they are absolutely grown. They additionally accept aerial activity levels, so you’ll acceptable appetite a beyond backyard if you accompany one home. If you do do not exercise them daily, they can become destructive, which after-effects in

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniels will actual generally backpack amber spots on their coat.

The Cocker Adulator is a accepted spotted pup! While Cocker Spaniels are best broadly portrayed as accepting a golden-colored coat, they absolutely absolutely frequently accept spots. Cocker Spaniels accept best coats, and the archetypal atom formations are Cockers with white coats and either aureate spots, or atramentous spots.

Cocker Spaniels are great for aloof about any blazon of family. They do abundant with kids, and added dogs. They accept been accepted to become hardly territorial if not socialized appropriately back they are puppies. While they are alive as puppies, they are not ever active as they move into adulthood. Overall, these spotted pups accomplish accomplished ancestors companions.

English Advocate Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel
The English Advocate Adulator will usually accept spots throughout their coats.

The English Advocate Spaniel is addition spotted pup that has a diffuse history. These pups accept average breadth coiled coats. Accepted colors accommodate amber & white with amber spots, and atramentous & white with atramentous spots. Because their beard is average breadth and can get absolutely long, you’ll appetite to plan for above-average admonishment requirements. These pups will charge to be brushed consistently to accumulate their beard from demography over your home.

Springer Spaniels are awful alive dogs. They are a hunting breed, so they are acclimated to actuality outdoors in their element. English Advocate Spaniels were originally founded in England during the 1800s as a breed, and accept a history as a abiding hunting companion. They are medium-sized pups that counterbalance about 40-50 pounds. You’ll acceptable appetite a yard, or at atomic accept the adeptness to exercise them regularly.

Catahoula Bobcat Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dog
The Catahoula Bobcat Dog is addition different brand with lots of spots!

The Catahoula Bobcat dog is a spotted brand that has a broadly assorted covering color. Catahoulas can be white with atramentous spots, blah with atramentous spots, and a accomplished lot of added colors in between. They additionally frequently accept dejected eyes or heterochromia which are two altered black eyes. Catahoulas also accept abbreviate coats that are actual dense. They afford consistently so semi-weekly admonishment is recommended to accumulate address down.

Catahoulas crave a able buyer as they can be a ascendant breed. They are alive and can be acclimated as both watchdogs and bouncer dogs. Because of their attention nature, aboriginal socialization is key. And, because of their activity levels, a larger backyard is usually recommended if you intend to accompany home a Catahoula.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer
The GSP is addition brand best bodies anticipate of back they analysis dogs with spots.

The German Shorthaired pointer is a spotted dog brand that’s apparently as abundant associated with spots as the Dalmatian. This hunting brand is one of the 10 best accepted dogs in the Affiliated States. They accept actual abbreviate coats, and are not belled for shedding. GSP’s are about brown, or amber with a white covering and close amber spots. Shedding is minimal compared to added fluffier dog breeds.

The German Shorthaired Arrow has the aforementioned action akin as a acreage Labrador. They are active and are hardly abate than the Labrador Retriever. They were bred for hunting, and accomplish steadfast fowl hunting companions. While they can survive in an accommodation with able exercise, it’s recommended that you accept a home with a backyard if you intend to acceptable a GSP into your family.

Australian Beasts Dog

Australian Cattle Dog
The Australian Beasts dog has lots of spots.

Often mistaken for the Aussie, the Australian Beasts dog is a shepherding breed that can accept a spotted coat. The Australian Beasts Dog is a belled shedder, so you’ll charge account abrasion sessions to accumulate beard out of your home.  These pups accept a different salt-and-pepper coat, with tinges of tan alloyed throughout. Their spots are black, and can sometimes backpack abate white patches on their body. Their coats can additionally be white and tan, with altered spotting combinations as well.

These little pups are acutely alive and accept activity levels that battling the Bound Collie. They were bred for agnate purposes, and do bigger with allowance to roam. This brand can survive in abate homes or apartments though, provided they accept an able 60 account of exercise every day.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
Aussies usually accept spots, no amount their covering color.

The Aussie is addition admired breed, with abounding variations of a spotted coat. These fluffy pups accept medium-length coats, and are additionally belled for shedding. You’ll appetite to accept bi-weekly abrasion sessions to accumulate beard bottomward to a minimum. Australian Shepherds can accept a cardinal of altered spotted coats. Usually, you’ll see some aberration of amber and white, or merle, which is brown, atramentous and white.

Aussies are awfully energetic. If you plan on bringing one home, it’s recommended that you accept abundant time to absorb appliance them daily. We acclaim at atomic 60 account of exercise for adolescent Aussies to get drained out. Accepting a backyard is acceptable for this breed, but because of their size, accommodation activity is accomplished provided you get them outdoors daily.

Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel
The Brittany Adulator is addition brand that’s acceptable to accept a cage abounding of spots.

The Brittany Adulator is addition medium-sized hunting dog with spots. These pups originated in France ancient in the 17th century. Brittany Spaniels accept variations of white and amber coats. The amber allocation of their coats will show up as spots, with some spots actuality abundant beyond than others. Their coats are average length, and they afford frequently during the aboriginal summer months back alarming their coat.

Brittany Spaniels accept a ton of energy! Because of their hunting genes, they like to be alive and will charge a minimum of 60 account alfresco anniversary day to ensure they don’t become destructive. The Brittany Adulator is a actual accessible dog to train, allusive added antic dog breeds.

They are generally friendly with strangers and are acquisitive to amuse their owners. They additionally accomplish abundant ancestors pets. The Brittany Adulator is frequently abashed with their added American ancestry lines, which is aloof alleged the Brittany.

English Setter

English Setter
The English Setter is addition dog brand that’s accepted to accept lots of spots, both amber or black!

The English Setter is a hunting brand that has been about for centuries. A absolute waterfowl hunting companion, the English Setter additionally has a spotted medium to best breadth coat. Their covering blush can vary, with the best accepted actuality a white base, and either amber or atramentous spots. These pups shed, and they accept continued hair. You’ll appetite to accomplish abiding you are abrasion your pup daily, and admonishment them at atomic a few times per month.

The English Setter is about easy-going, and acquisitive to amuse their owners. They get a continued able-bodied with added pets. They do accept a aerial casualty drive, so training from a adolescent age is essential. The English Setter is a abundant ancestors dog that does able-bodied with Children. Because of their exercise and action needs, we acclaim accepting a home that has a yard if you intend to acceptable an English Setter into your family.

Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhound
If you own a Bluetick Coonhound, your pup will acceptable accept some spots.

Bluetick Coonhounds are blotchy coated hunting dogs that are accepted for their agog faculty of smell. Coonhounds don’t afford as abundant as some of the added breeds on this list. Their coats are shorter, and lower maintenance. Generally, the Bluetick will accept a white, atramentous and tan coat. Best of their spots arise on the white portions of their anatomy in either atramentous or amber coloring.

Bluetick Coonhounds are actual energetic. While they can do ok in a abate active amplitude like an apartment, we do acclaim a home with a backyard. These pups are average to large-sized dogs, and can be adamant back training. We acclaim added accomplished dog owners attending to the Coonhound as their aboriginal pet. Bluetick Coonhounds will get forth with best domiciliary animals if alien to them early. They do accept a addiction to hunt due to accepting a aerial casualty drive.

Border Collie

Border Collie
The Bound Collie is one of the added active spotted breeds!

Border Collies are an active admired with a spotted coat. They can accept a array of altered covering colors, which will ambit from white, to atramentous and white, tan, and dejected merle.  Any of their blush combinations can accept a spotted coat. Bound Collies are famous for their best admirable hair and able nature. They do shed adequately aggressively, so you’ll appetite to accomplish abiding you are up for circadian abrasion and account admonishment to accumulate beard away.

Borde Collies are alive dogs. They can do aloof as able-bodied on the acreage as they can in an apartment, provided they are acclimatized regularly. Bound Collies need at atomic 60 account of exercise anniversary day. They accomplish the absolute training accompaniment for Activity work, and aloof actuality a acceptable ancestors dog. They are additionally one of the top breeds that assume to get mixed with added purebreds. Overall, the Bound Collie is one of the bigger breeds for families if you can accumulate up with their activity levels.


Merle Corgi
Merle Corgis will best acceptable appear forth with a blotchy coat.

Both Pembroke and Cardigan Abandon Corgis can accept spotted coats. These pups accept a medium-length coat, and can arise in a array of altered colors. Spots will arise on any of their blush combinations and are added accepted with the dejected merle covering blush combination. Corgis charge approved grooming, and will absolutely afford added than added breeds on this list.

Corgis are abounding of activity back they are younger, but tend to air-conditioned bottomward back they get older. They are arbitrary and are acclaimed for their ambrosial tails. Corgis can survive aloof accomplished in an apartment. Alike admitting they are technically a alive breed, they about alone charge 30 to 45 account of circadian exercise to barrier annihilative behavior. They are aloof as acceptable to bundle up in your lap as they are to appetite to go for a run.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees
It’s absolutely accessible for the Abundant Pyrenees to backpack spots on their coats.

The Abundant Pyrenees additionally accepted as the Pyrenean Mastiff, is a brand that is added able-bodied accepted for having a white coat. They can, however, additionally accept a white covering with atramentous spots. They accept continued hair, and require all-encompassing grooming to accumulate address to a minimum. If you accept dark-colored furniture, apprehend your Pyrenees to leave abaft a little allotment of themselves appealing abundant everywhere they go.

They Abundant Pyrenees is a strong-willed and adamant breed. Because they alight from the Molosser, they can get absolutely large. Due to their hard-headedness and their amusement of actuality in the field, it’s not recommended that the Abundant Pyrenees is a dog for first-time dog owners. You will charge to be close and constant with training if you adjudge to accompany one home. They do accomplish abundant ancestors dogs, and are affable with children.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier on Rocks
The Jack Russell Terrier is additionally accepted to accept spots on their anatomy or face.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a baby spotted dog breed. Their coats are usually a white base, with some types of tan spots through the anatomy and on the head. They can accept capricious sizes of spots, and accept almost abbreviate coats. While the Jack Russell Terrier sheds added frequently in address season, their admonishment needs are a little added easygoing due to their beneath hair.

The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the smartest dog breeds. They are calmly trained, but can additionally be a bit adamant at times. It’s recommended you start training your JRT early, so they apprentice basal accordance commands. The JRT gets forth able-bodied with best added dogs as continued as they are socialized early. They additionally adulation to cuddle, and accomplish absurd ancestors companions.

Great Dane

Harlequin Great Dane
Harlequin Abundant Danes will usually consistently accept spots.

Great Danes can backpack spots on any blush coat. It’s best accepted on white Abundant Danes, or those with Merle black coats. Spots can range in color but are about blah or atramentous adjoin a white coat. Abundant Danes do shed, but not excessively. They will charge approved admonishment during their address division to accumulate their balance beard off your couch. Their beneath coats accomplish approved abrasion almost easy, and they do not absolutely charge to be de-shed.

The Great Dane is a couch potato and can do able-bodied alike in an accommodation with as little as 30 account of circadian exercise. They can be more difficult to train, as the brand can be absolutely stubborn. These affable giants can get upwards of 130 pounds, so they are not recommended for first-time dog owners that may not accept acquaintance with behemothic breeds.


Beagle out in Field
Beagles are addition brand that can accept spots on their back, paws or face.

Beagles are addition brand that has affluence of spots. They about appear with the acceptable black, white and tan coats.  They will accept spotting usually that’s usually amber in color, and usually, that appears on the white genitalia of their coat. Beagle coats are shorter, and their address is on the lower end. Their coats are short, close and should be clean-cut weekly to accumulate address to a minimum.

Beagles are one of the best accepted ancestors dogs in the Affiliated States. Due to their affable nature, and agog noses, they can serve as both hunting assembly and basal ancestors pets. Beagles do able-bodied with added dogs and kids. Their admeasurement makes them accessible to manage, and they can alive aloof accomplished in abate active spaces. Beagles charge about 30 account of exercise anniversary day to accumulate them out of mischief.


Chihuahua with Spots
Chihuahuas are one of the aboriginal spotted dog breeds on our list.

Chihuahuas are the smallest spotted breed on our list, with any blush of covering accepting the adeptness to backpack some spots. No amount the blush of the Chihuahua’s skin, anniversary covering blush has a abeyant for a chihuahua to accept spots. Their coats are short, and their admonishment needs are appealing minimal. Both the Deer Arch and Angel Headed Chihuahuas accept the adeptness to accept spotted coats. They will charge account abrasion and don’t afford much, alike during the address season.

Chihuahuas are loud and protective. They accomplish acceptable watchdogs, as they will active their owners to any abeyant dangers that may arise. Because Chihuahuas are smaller, they are easier to administer back it comes to training. They can actually be adamant though, so if you own a Chihuahua, be able to alternation them early. Chihuahuas are one of the added advancing dog breeds, and not because it’s in their nature. Because they are small, advancing behavior generally goes unchecked. This can become a botheration back interacting with added dogs. Chihuahuas can accomplish abundant ancestors pets though, provided they are accomplished and socialized aboriginal in their lives.

American Bulldog

American Bulldog
The American Bi-weekly can backpack spots on it’s head, anatomy or paws.

American Bulldogs are generally apparent with spots, but usually alone back they accept a white coat. Spots can ambit in color, but atramentous is the best common, followed by brown. It’s accessible to accept a atramentous American Bi-weekly with white spots, but these are actual uncommon. Usually American Bulldogs accept beneath coats, and their admonishment requirements are not as needy as added breeds.

American Bulldogs are strong-headed and actual strong-willed. They are not recommended for first-time dog owners. These pups are generally considered the aforementioned brand as a Pitbull, although they aren’t. This is a able breed, and not training them appropriately as puppies can aftereffect in behavior problems as they age. They are additionally annihilative if not acclimatized adequately, so it’s recommended that you at atomic accept a home with a baby backyard if you plan to accept one of these pups.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino
While Dogos about accept white coats, it’s not aberrant to accept atramentous spots on their body, face, or paws.

Another brand that’s compared to the Pitbull, Dogo Argentinos are usually absolutely white. But they can accompany in atramentous spots into their coats from time to time. Dogos accept abbreviate hair, and don’t crave abundant grooming or aliment at all. They do afford their coats during the aboriginal summer season, but account abrasion is usually sufficient. Dogos will not accept any added blush aggregate with commendations to spots on their coat.

Dogo Argentinos are actual absolute dogs. Like the American Bi-weekly or the Pitbull, the Dogo Argentino is not recommended for first-time dog owners. These pups are large, with some belief 90 pounds or more. Due to their able will and guardian instincts, it’s recommended that owners accept acquaintance administration adamant breeds. Already appropriately trained, the Dogo can accomplish a abundant ancestors accompaniment or home protector.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog
The English Bi-weekly will about consistently accept a covering with some spots.

English Bulldogs are one of the oldest spotted dog breeds. These pups accept abbreviate blotchy coats, and usually it’s with a white abject coat. Spots appearance up in the colors of tan, black, or brindle black spots. The English Bi-weekly has a abbreviate coat, and their admonishment requirements are appealing minimal. It’s recommended that you brush them weekly, abnormally during aboriginal summer back they afford their winter coats.

The English Bi-weekly is actual stubborn. Because of the way they look, they are generally associated with actuality less able than added breeds. Absolutely the adverse though. They might not accede with commands or it may booty assorted training sessions to adept a basal accordance lesson, but this is generally not because they are beneath intelligent. They are awful absolute breeds, and will generally not listen, alike if they accept their commands. For this reason, English Bulldogs aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners.

Staffordshire Terrier

Staffy with Spots
It’s absolutely accessible to accept a blotchy Staffordshire Terrier.

Staffordshire Terriers are one of the four altered breeds referred to as Pitbulls. The American Pitbull Terrier would additionally be advised a spotted dog brand on this list, but back they aren’t an official AKC breed, the Staffordshire Terrier takes their place. Spots can alter in color, but like the English Bulldog, accepted spotted covering colors are about white with either tan or atramentous spots. They accept abbreviate coats, and admonishment requirements are beneath beggared than added breeds.

Similar to the Dogo Argentio, the Staffordshire Terrier is stubborn. They are awful trainable and alive though. They adore acquirements new tricks and basal accordance commands. We acclaim that you accept a ample yard if you own a Staffy, or can at atomic booty them for walks on a circadian basis. Staffordshire Terriers charge about 45 account of exercise anniversary day, and can accomplish abundant ancestors assembly if accomplished effectively.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Outdoors
The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is an accomplished hunting dog, with a wiry, spotted coat.

A absurd hunting dog, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is accepted as the Griffon, or “Griff” for short. These basset assembly are one of the best accepted hunting dog breeds in the basset kingdom. They are an acutely alive breed, and some would say that their action levels battling the Labrador Retriever, abnormally as puppies.

The Griffon’s covering is abbreviate and wiry. Abounding hunters accept to accumulate their Griff’s covering on the beneath side, back it’s beneath acceptable to aggregate burs, thorns, and thistles back out in the brush. This brand is average to ample in size, and will counterbalance up to 70 pounds, depending on their parents. Their agile coats are about white, or brown, and accept some altered spotting variations aural them. These pups are additionally accomplished ancestors companions, if you accept the activity to accumulate up with them.

Final Thoughts

No amount which dog brand you choose, any of the spotted dog breeds aloft can accomplish a abundant ancestors pet if appropriately trained. Spotted dogs appear in all shapes and sizes. While there are abounding Blood spotted dog breeds, there are additionally abounding mixes that backpack their parent’s spotted genes.

As always, we acclaim you accept afore you shop! Accomplish abiding to look at bounded rescues and shelters afore branch out to acquisition your actual own brindled acquaintance to add to your family!

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Viola Ranck

June 13, 2021 at 4:26 pm

Hello - I was captivated to ascertain your article. The abstruseness of our Cooper deepens as he grows older. He is currently 13 weeks. Back we rescued him at 9 weeks, anybody anticipation he was JRT and Yorkie. Now he looks JRT and tri-color sheltie, but I anticipate I see a advocate body.

Frankly, he could represent abounding dogs. It does not amount one bit about his history. We admire him no amount what. Analytical to apperceive added about the DNA testing that you mentioned beneath comments. You'd like Cooper, he's the sweetest dog anytime and loves everyone...very active and cool smart.

If you would, please...send the DNA testing advice to my email...we'd adulation to analysis it out. Kindest regards.


Kelly Wilson

June 14, 2021 at 2:54 pm

Hi Viola! Sounds like you accept a actual absorbing basset companion! Apropos the DNA testing - if you chase for "fluffy mastiff" actuality on our site, you'll see some of the results. I plan to do a address up at some point on my acquaintance with Embark. We aloof got testing aback for our best contempo accomplishment dog, and it was atom on!

With Commence - delay for the sales! You can usually get the DNA tests with a solid abatement if you are on their commitment list. We did the accomplished bloom console to apperceive if our pups had any abiogenetic predispositions to be acquainted of. Acknowledgment for commenting, and acceptable luck!


Karen Hewitt

Advance 26, 2021 at 3:04 pm

I accept a 66-pound dog whose mother is Australian Shephard and Dejected Heeler. He is amber spotted with amber aerial and an acutely continued tail. About 16 inches long. His cage has lots of spots and his aerial bomb like the German short-haired pointer. Any ideas?


Kelly Wilson

Advance 28, 2021 at 3:14 pm

Hi Karen! It would be difficult to assumption the brand of your pup after seeing a picture. If you appetite to apperceive the breed, I would absolutely animate you to accept a DNA analysis done. We've acclimated Commence twice, and accept abundant results. Acceptable luck!