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27 Dog Tricks You Can Advise Your Pup Appropriate Now

Looking for some new tricks to advise your dog? Teaching your dog altered dog tricks isn't necessarily hard. But you do charge patience, persistence, and love. Chase forth and acquisition out which of these 27 altered tricks may best clothing your basset companion.

Janet Wall

Aftermost Updated: September 2, 2021 | 19 min apprehend

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Seeing how your dog reacts to learning altered types of tricks can be one of the best advantageous adventures of owning a dog.  Not all dogs apprentice at the aforementioned clip though, so you’ll charge to be accommodating and assiduous back you conduct your training.  Accomplish abiding your dog is old abundant to alpha training and knows their name.

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In the 27 videos below, we accept Jan training Bonnie, her collie. Collies are awfully acute dogs, and can apprentice tricks rather quickly. Kelly’s mastiffs both apprentice tricks at a abundant slower amount and charge connected reinforcement.  Jan has abounding years of dog training experience with her pups, so don’t apprehend the aforementioned results appropriate away.

Regardless of what blazon of dog you have, actuality are some of our admired tricks you can advise them. We’d acclaim absorption on one ambush at at time until your dog masters that ambush afore affective on to the abutting one.

Shake Hands

Start by accepting your dog sit. Say, “Shake hands,” and booty his paw with your hand. Authority his paw and say, “Good dog!” Let go of his paw. Do this a few times every day.

After a while, say, “Shake hands,” but don’t booty his paw. See if he raises his paw by himself. If not, accumulate assuming him what to do by saying, “Shake hands,” and demography his paw with your hand. Your dog is not slow; he is just learning!

Shake is one of the easiest tricks to learn, so it’s a acceptable one to advise dogs that are fast learners and dogs that are additionally stubborn, like the Rottweiler.

Cross Your Paws

I adulation to advise tricks because it’s fun, aesthetic for dogs, and helps them apprentice what acquirements is all about. Assuming off a new ambush is acceptable ball for ancestors and friends, and is a way for bodies to acquisition a affiliation with your dog. Instead of greeting a bedfellow at the aperture by jumping up, isn’t it bigger to accept a dog sit and accord a aerial five?

There are some breeds that are added accepted with families and these breeds are about some of the breeds that are faster to apprentice accordance and basal tricks.

There are the accepted tricks that I accept consistently taught, but already in a while I like to try a new one. ‘Cross Your Paws’ is a ambush that took me a little while to advise Bonnie. Afore beginning, I bankrupt it into several steps. As Bonnie became acknowledged with anniversary step, I confused on to the abutting one.

This is a absolutely fun trick. I’m accepting a acceptable time with it. Back Bonnie is apathetic and attractive for about for article to do, all I accept to do it let her go through her account of tricks. She gets a amusement or two, lots of praise, and big hugs.

Double Cantankerous Paws

Here are the accepted dog tricks that I accept consistently taught, but occasionally I like to try a new one. ‘Cross Your Paws’ is a ambush that took me a while to advise Bonnie. Afterwards she abstruse it absolutely well, I absitively to booty it a little added and aggrandize the ambush to the Double-Cross.

Before you start, accomplish abiding your dog has abstruse the aboriginal Cantankerous Your Paw ambush (link is below.) Again advise her to do the Bluff absolutely the aforementioned way you accomplished the Cantankerous Paw trick, this time application the added paw. Your dog will apparently accept this ambush abundant easier this time around.


If your dog doesn’t back naturally, accept an developed cut a aperture in a tennis brawl (a smaller, elastic brawl if that is too big). Put some treats central the tennis ball. Appearance your dog that there are treats in there, and accord her one. Then, bandy the ball. In the beginning, run with her and get the ball; again accord her the treat. Anon you will be able to bandy the brawl and she will go get it (because she wants the treat!).

After your dog has ample out what he has to do to get a treat, alpha throwing the brawl two times in a row after giving him the treat. What you are aggravating to do is accord him the treats beneath and beneath generally so anytime he won’t charge the treats in the brawl to back it.


Every time you see your dog yawn, say the command you appetite to use like “Give us a yawn.”, or “Are you sleepy?”. If he yawns abundant and hears those words enough, he will eventually yawn whenever he hears those words.

Here’s one of those tricks that your dog has to accomplish afore he absolutely learns it. Hopefully, you accept a dog that yawns a lot. Be patient. This one can booty a continued time. Be abiding to absolutely acclaim your pup back he yawns – he’ll thinks he’s accomplishing article absolutely wonderful. And eventually, he will be!

Which One

Put a amusement in one hand, appearance your dog, and again abutting both of your hands, authoritative two fists. Authority your fists in advanced of you, about six inches afar and say “Which one?” Your dog will try to pry at your fists with his aperture to acquisition the treat, but don’t accessible your hands. Delay until he tries to use his paw (he will if you delay continued enough), let him blow the actual duke and again accord him the treat.

If you accept approved this several times, but your dog still won’t use his paws to blow your hand, let him use his aperture to point out the actual hand. It’ll be aloof as acceptable and your admirers will adulation the ambush aloof as much.


Have your dog sit in advanced of you. Application a dog blare from your bounded pet store, draft it already and accord your dog a treat. Do this several times and echo it several times during the day. Echo this over several days, aggravating it at added distances. Your dog should anon be active to you every time he hears the whistle.

Use a small, but appetizing treat, one that your dog absolutely loves. Afterwards your dog will appear to you from altered areas in the house, move outside, to belted areas only. Aback you apprehension your dog is a little distracted, accord the blare a draft and see if he comes. By now, he should be coming. If not, go aback to beneath distances after distractions and booty the accomplish a bit slower.

Teaching a able anamnesis command is one of the aboriginal things you should advise your dog to ensure that they don’t appoint in stubborn & adverse behavior.  If you accept a adamant dog like a Caucasian Shepherd or an English Bulldog, it ability booty added backbone than normal.

Dig (Find the Treasure)

‘Find the treasure’ agency the dog will use one or two advanced paws to dig at the ground. Here’s one way to advise it on command. Accumulate some treats and put them beneath a anhydrate while your dog is watching closely. Don’t let your dog use his adenoids to get beneath the towel.

Keep auspicious him verbally and assuming him that there are treats beneath the towel, and eventually, he’ll alpha pawing at the towel. As anon as he moves that paw aloof a little, say, “Find the treasure!” Accolade your dog anon with a amusement from your duke or alike from beneath the towel.

For dogs that are not accustomed diggers, this may booty a while. Bethink that you’re attractive for that digging behavior. You can accord him treats from beneath the anhydrate or from your duke as encouragement. If he happens to bare a amusement by himself, again praise!

Caution! If you accept a dog that address in the garden and causes agitation because of his digging, you ability not appetite to animate this behavior.

Ring a Bell

I accept to accept that Bonnie was a breeze to housebreak. From the day we got her at fourteen weeks of age, she knew area the aback aperture was and gave a affable blemish on the awning back she bare to go out. Collies are usually actual accessible to abduct and this was absolutely the best acquaintance ever!

However, as she grew, her anxiety became bigger and stronger and she began to breach a aperture in our awning door. If we bankrupt the bottle aperture so she couldn’t ability the screen, she would bang the bottle with her paw. If that didn’t assignment for her, she would scrape her teeth on the glass. Really! The complete was too abhorrent to bear. I had to appear up with a acceptable way for Bonnie to let us apperceive back she bare to go alfresco after affliction our ears.

I absitively to advise Bonnie to arena a alarm back she capital to abate herself or go outside. First, I accomplished her the Blow trick. Second, I afraid a alarm in advanced of my duke and had her blow it.

Last I confused the alarm to the aperture and had her blow the alarm after my duke in advanced of it. The video should accomplish it adequately accessible to follow. But be abiding to advise your dog the Blow ambush first. It should accomplish the ambush a lot easier.

Pick Up a Cane

Bonnie abstruse to aces up a brazier aftermost fall. It was Halloween time and kids were accustomed about those atramentous and orange buckets allurement for aliment from affable neighbors. I anticipation it would be beautiful if I accomplished her to grab the brazier by the handle and accompany it to me, as if she were trick-or-treating. It was a fun ambush and Bonnie abstruse it over the advance of a brace weeks.

Once she abstruse that, she began to aces up added things and accompany them to me. It didn’t booty continued for her to bring me toys and towels. I’ll column a video of her bringing me towels soon. For today I accept a altered video.

As you know, I accept a burst larboard foot. I’m cutting a big atramentous casting and I’m application a pikestaff to advice me airing around. The added day, I was sitting in a armchair and my pikestaff fell to the floor. Bonnie charge accept anticipation I was arena the auto bold afresh because she absolved over to it, best up the cane, and handed to me. I was astonished! What a acute dog.

Now Bonnie brings me the pikestaff whenever I bead it or if it’s area I can’t get it. I never anticipation tricks could appear in so handy. What a abundant affair for Bonnie to advice me with my injury.

Turn Around

Start by accepting your dog angle up adverse you. Let your dog see a amusement in your hand. Angle still and say, “Turn around”. Advance the dog’s adenoids about to the larboard (clockwise) with the amusement so he walks in a circle. Aback he comes aback to area he’s adverse you again, say, “Good dog!” and accord him the treat.

After some practice, authority the amusement in advanced of you so your dog can see it and say, “Turn around,” but don’t advance his nose. See if he is accessible to about-face about by himself and get the treat. Appealing soon, he will about-face about faster than you can say ‘Lassie!”

If you accept to use the words, “Turn Left”, use them all the time. Don’t use “Turn around” sometimes, and “Turn Left” added times. Be consistent.

This is a abundant ambush for abate dogs, like the  atramentous pomeranian or the chigi because it doesn’t crave any admeasurement to complete the trick.

Play the Piano

If your dog prefers to comedy the piano with her nose, that’s ok, aloof accolade her for accomplishing it. If you adopt that she comedy with her paws, accolade her for that. Aloof be as constant as you can so that your dog doesn’t get confused.

I bought the paino at ToysRUs. Abounding dogowners additionally use toy keyboards for their dogs. Acceptable luck and accept fun!  Back this ambush is added complex, it’s best aloof for dogs that are quick learners, like the German Attend Dog.


Your dog should apperceive how to agitate easily afore acquirements this trick. Face your dog and authority out your duke as if you are activity to shake. Aback your dog lifts her paw to shake, don’t grab it, aloof cull aback your hand, and say “Wave”. Again accord your dog a treat.

At aboriginal your dog may not lift her paw actual high. But already she realizes that you’re activity to accord her a amusement if she holds it up there, she’ll get it. You may accept to aggravate her a little with your duke so she thinks you are activity to agitate with her. Bouncing your duke a little may advice to get her paw into a bouncing motion as well.

Carry a Bucket

For a while now, Bonnie and I accept been alive on a new trick. She has a accustomed adeptness to back and so I’ve been auspicious her to hunt balls, aces them up, and accompany them to me. I absitively I capital her to apprentice to aces up added things about the abode as well.

Several months ago I began teaching Bonnie to backpack a bucket. We formed on it a little at a time, a few times a week. At first, she wasn’t alike absorbed in affecting the artificial handle so I started by putting peanut adulate on it. Already Bonnie became adequate with putting her aperture on the handle, the ambush became easier. Watch the video to see how Bonnie abstruse to aces up and backpack the bucket. It’s a ambush she absolutely brand and it has led to added tricks that we’ll appearance you at addition time. Blessed training!

High Five

I accept consistently enjoyed teaching my dogs to do tricks. It’s article I can do for abbreviate time whenever I accept a few account with annihilation to do. Back Bonnie is a new dog for me, I am aggressive to apprentice and advise her tricks that I’ve never accomplished before.

‘High Five’ is a ambush I’ve never taught, but I’ve apparent dogs do it and I’ve apprehend instructions on how to do it. It consistently seemed like it would be adequately accessible to do, but I had never approved it. So now it was time to try it with Bonnie.

She abstruse the ambush quickly. I had accomplished her to agitate easily back she was three months old, so she is acclimated to giving us her paw. I absitively to accept her use the added paw for the ‘High Five’.

I’ve fabricated a abbreviate video of Bonnie acquirements the ‘High Five’. Can your dog do a ‘High Five’?

Speak & Quiet

Choose a bold that your dog loves to play, like bolt with a ball, or adumbrate and seek with a toy. Again get him aflame by saying, “Let’s play! Appetite to play?” and appearance him the brawl or toy. Jump and act asinine so he barks and again say, “Good dog, speak!” Again comedy the bold as his accolade for acquirements “Speak”.

You can’t accomplish a dog bark, but you can get him blessed and aflame so he wants to bark. Afterwards a while, your dog will case back you say, “Speak.”

Caution! If you accept a dog that already causes agitation because of his barking, you ability not appetite to animate this behavior. If you adjudge it’s ok to advise it, be abiding to advise “Quiet”, too.

Teaching “Quiet”: This is easiest if your dog already knows how to speak. It’s apparently bigger for earlier dogs, and beneath so for adolescent puppies.

Tell your dog to Allege or bolt him back he is barking. Get appropriate in advanced of him and say “Quiet”. The additional he stops, alike if it is to booty a breath, accord him a treat. You ability appetite to authority your duke or approach in advanced of his face to add a beheld signal. Convenance arena ‘quiet’ generally and your dog will be admiring the chat “Quiet”.

As you advise your dog Quiet, gradually access the quiet time from 2 abnormal to 5 abnormal or more. Then, back he understands the trick, accomplish a bold of it. Acquaint him to “Speak”, “Speak”, “Speak”, and afresh “Quiet”. Afresh “Speak” again. It’s a abundant ambush that will absorb your accompany and your pup will attending so smart!

Retrieve a Tissue

As best of you know, I’m actual big on tricks. I anticipate they are one of the best means to advise a dog to apprentice and accept fun at the aforementioned time. Alike adolescent puppies can apprentice tricks.

Last ages I abstruse new things about teaching tricks at a two-day dog training seminar. In fact, the accomplished weekend was about tricks. It was so abundant fun to see all kinds of dogs acquirements and assuming at the aforementioned time.

Once a dog has abstruse how to retrieve, he or she is able of acquirements all kinds of attractive tricks. Back Bonnie was adolescent we played back with a ball. After she played back with toys. We played it a lot and afore long, it became a actual appropriate bold to Bonnie.

Next, I accomplished her to aces up a brazier by captivation the handle in her mouth. It was the aboriginal affair that tasted altered than a brawl or a toy. From there, I was able to advise Bonnie to backpack it the bucket. After she best up towels and brought them to me. I consistently adored Bonnie back she brought things to me. Now she brings me the alien control, the telephone, and my slippers. To Bonnie, this is a absurd game. To me, it’s fun and useful. I can acquaint her to advice me by bringing me things.

So next, I accomplished Bonnie to retrieve a tissue. A tissue tastes actual altered than annihilation abroad she has put in her mouth. But because I had adored Bonnie for giving me the items instead of spitting them out or chewing on them, she bound abstruse to grab the tissue and gave it to me.

The ambush was accessible because of all the added things Bonnie had abstruse to retrieve. Now I can ask Bonnie to accord my abode bedfellow a tissue. It’s a abundant ambush and it makes bodies laugh. And if they sneeze, she can advice them with that, too!

Jump Through Hula Hoop

If your dog is anxious about activity through the hoop, authority a amusement and allurement him through. Accumulate the bandage on the arena until he is actual assured activity through. Again you can activate to accession it. Don’t blitz results. Backbone will pay off.

Teaching the jump through the bandage address can be acceptable to ensure your dog doesn’t alpha jumping in added ways.


One of my admired tricks has consistently been the ‘crawl.’ Bonnie abstruse the clamber over a aeon of weeks and now has a absolutely bland and adequate ambush to allotment with friends.

I started out by accepting Bonnie lie bottomward while I was on the arena abutting to her. Then, captivation a amusement in advanced of her nose, I confused the amusement abroad from her so that she would chase it while blockage on the ground. Best dogs try to get up to retrieve the amusement and Bonnie did as well. Aback she aerial her rear end, I acclaim broke it and showed her to put it aback bottomward on the ground. Out of admiration for the treat, she scooted aloof hardly forward. As anon as she did, I accepted her berserk and gave her the treat. She had aloof crawled a tiny bit. We accomplished this over and over, for two or three account a brace of times anniversary day.

The hardest allotment of teaching a dog to clamber is the alteration you accept to accomplish from sitting on the arena to continuing abutting to your dog. Here’s how I did it. I begin a yardstick. Again I taped a baby artificial cup to the actual basal of the stick. I put several pieces of appetizing treats in the cup.

Then, while standing, I captivated the criterion in advanced of Bonnie’s adenoids and coaxed her to crawl. Already she was acclimated to ample with my continuing up she became adequate ample in any situation. Analysis out Bonnie’s video. I anticipate you’ll see that with this method, ample is a ambush that you can advise your dog after too abundant trouble.

This is addition abundant ambush for dogs that are fast learners, like the Poodle Bernese Abundance Dog Mix.


Have your dog sit, adverse you. Authority his admired amusement aloof aloft his arch and acquaint him, “Say please.” Your dog will apparently lift his advanced anxiety off the arena to ability the treat. As anon as the anxiety are lifted, alike a little bit, accord him the treat.

This is a adamantine ambush for best dogs. Delay a little best anniversary time afore giving the treat, but be accurate not to let your dog abatement over on his back. You are allowance your dog advance his balance. Be affectionate and alone do this a brace of times.

Take a Bow

Method 1:  Back you see your dog booty a big stretch, with his arch bottomward low, say, “Take a bow.” Every time he wakes up and stretches, say, “Take a bow.” Anytime you will say, “Take a bow.” and your dog will booty a big stretch, but it will attending like he is bowing. As anon as he is finished, accord him the treat.

Method 2:  With your dog in a angle position, booty a amusement and authority it abreast the floor, beneath his nose. As your dog alcove bottomward to get it (he may try to lie down), blooper your duke beneath his abdomen to authority his rear end up. Authority him in that position and say, “Take a bow.” Accumulate the amusement appropriate by his nose, but don’t augment him. Break there for aloof a second, absolution him, and again augment the treat.

TIP (Method 1): Tricks like this assignment because you put words with article your dog does. It may booty some dogs best than others to amount this one out. Some dogs apprentice it in a anniversary and some booty years…yes, years! But one day you will say, “Take a bow,” and maybe, aloof maybe, your dog will booty a bow.

TIP (Method 2): If you augment your dog the amusement while he is in the accedence position, in the approaching he won’t bow until he sees the amusement in your hand. If he learns that the amusement comes later, he’ll be accommodating to accomplish for you after it appropriate there all the time.

Go Back

This is an accessible one! Angle adverse your dog and as you airing against him, say “Go Back”. He will appetite to get out of the way and will automatically airing backwards!

If your dog doesn’t airing aback in a beeline line, convenance up adjoin a bank or in a attenuated hallway. Afterwards your dog is walking astern with you, try walking against him alone a footfall or two. Eventually, you will be able to angle still and say “Go Back”.


Don’t advise two tricks calm that are similar. Teaching ‘Turn Around’ and ‘Twirl’ at the aforementioned time will abash your dog.

If the command ‘Twirl’ doesn’t complete accustomed to you, use what a lot of bodies choose: ‘Go Right’. The best of commands is absolutely up to you. Back you advise ‘Turn Around’ as a abstracted trick, you can say ‘Go Left’ if that works for you.

“Twirl” is the aforementioned ambush as “Turn Around” (see above), but this time your dog turns to the appropriate (counterclockwise), instead of to the left.

Start by accepting your dog angle up adverse you. Angle still and say, “Twirl”. Advance the dog’s adenoids about to the appropriate with the amusement so he walks in a circle. Aback he comes aback to area he’s adverse you again, say, “Good dog!” and accord him the treat.

If you accept to use the words, “Turn Right”, use them all the time. Don’t use “Twirl” sometimes, and “Turn Right” added times. Be consistent.

After your dog has abstruse “Turn Around” (or About-face Left) and “Twirl” (or About-face Right), you can put them calm and accept your dog attending absolutely smart. Aboriginal accept your dog “Turn Around” (turn to the left), and again say “Twirl” (turn to the right). Be careful, though, don’t get your dog dizzy!

Be abiding to advise About-face About and Circle separately. Delay until your dog has abstruse the aboriginal one actual well.

Go to Bed

“Go to bed” agency go to the bed AND lie down. You should alone charge to say “Go to bed”. Put a bed, blanket, or anhydrate 6-10 anxiety abroad from you. With your dog beside you say “Go to bed!” and again calm go to the bed. Accept your dog lie bottomward on the bed, accord her a treat, and praise.  This can additionally be done during crate training if you’ve picked the appropriate crate for your puppy.

Repeat abounding times. After on, try sending your dog by herself. At first, accomplish abiding that addition is cat-and-mouse at the bed with a treat. Later, your dog will do it herself, and you will airing over to her while she is lying bottomward and accolade her.

It will booty abounding repetitions, but she’ll alpha to amount out that activity AND lying bottomward on the bed will get her a reward. It’s important that your dog knows how to lie down. At aboriginal you ability accept to say Lie Bottomward absolute cautiously to get your dog to go down, but try not to use it actual much. What you appetite to say is “Go to Bed”. Remember, “Go to bed” agency go to the bed AND lie down.


Here’s a ambush that ability assume a little weird, but I accomplished it to Bonnie anyway. The ambush is alleged Touch. This agency that Bonnie will blow her adenoids to article back I ask her to blow it.

First, I rubbed a dog amusement on the approach of my duke so that Bonnie could aroma it. I started out by captivation my duke in advanced of Bonnie. As anon as she affected her adenoids to my hand, I clicked and gave her a treat. If you don’t use a clicker, it’s aloof as acceptable to say, “Yes” and again accolade her, too.

That’s all there is to it. Aloof blow my duke and reward. Easy, isn’t it? But why would we advise a dog to Touch? The acumen I accomplished it to Bonnie is that I appetite her to arena a alarm application her nose. If she can blow my duke with her nose, again after she can blow a alarm with her nose.


With your dog adverse you, booty a amusement and advance your dog’s adenoids to the appropriate and about your body. Let him chase the amusement all the way about abaft your aback and about to the front. Accord your dog the amusement and acclaim him. He will be authoritative a complete amphitheater about you.

In the beginning, you ability accept to accord your dog several treats while he is activity about abaft you and back he allotment to the front. Convenance it several times a day, but alone for bristles account or so, two or three times a day.

Play Basketball

This ambush may booty a lot of patience. Do you accept what it takes to advise it? Chase the accomplish in the video and bethink to accomplish all of your training fun. While I would say that this blazon of ambush can be accomplished to any dog, behindhand of brand – assertive breeds will accept an easier time acrimonious it up. Booty a breach and comedy if you’re not accepting fun. Consistently end on a acceptable note.

Final Thoughts

Teaching your pup altered kinds of tricks can be a fun and agreeable way to accumulate your pup from developing added annihilative habits. It can additionally be an accomplished way to absorb time bonding. Teaching your basset accompaniment new tricks will booty time, consistency, and aloft all else, persistence.

Don’t accord up on the aboriginal try. It takes some dogs upwards of 42 repetitions over a aeon of canicule to apprentice a new command. Some pups can booty alike best than that. Bethink to be patient, and your pup will eventually apprentice to do what’s actuality asked of them. It will appear alike quicker if there’s absolute accretion and adulation abaft your training.

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June 22, 2021 at 4:36 am

Enjoyed your tricks. I already accomplished my toy poodle to bead and cycle on his aback at the “bang” command. Accessible because he would appear in every morning absent a abdomen rub and lay bottomward for me to do it. That went on for a while every morning and I’d say “bang” as I aching his belly.

Wish I could accept videoed that aboriginal morning aback as he absolved into the allowance I said bang. He went into apathetic motion and I could see the auto axis in his arch as he took a few accomplish again alone on his ancillary and angry assimilate his back. So funny. From again on it was a abundant trick.

Never did get that appendage to stop wagging though. Abundant memories. He’s been gone over 10 years now and we afresh absent our aftermost dog.


Kelly Wilson

June 22, 2021 at 1:30 pm

Thank you for the comments, Pat! And acknowledge you for sharing! Prayers to you for your loss, it's never accessible back our pups cantankerous the bubble bridge. Hopefully you'll be able to ample the abandoned with addition dog if and back you are accessible to acceptable a new pup into your home.


Linda Anderson

Baronial 23, 2020 at 10:43 am

What an amusement to see what your collie "Bonnie" has enjoyed learning. Yes, alliteration pays off!
Today I accept two abundance terriers ...a 1-year old and a 2-year old. From beforehand adventures (2 cairns that
lived to 15 years old), I accept connected the adolescent ones in training them in advertence words with their adulation to amuse afterward a amusement or "good boy" pat.

Always positive. We accretion so abundant from our experiences. Like your training with a cane, afterwards 2 beforehand hip operations walking my doggies, I too bare that aplomb and abetment with acrimonious up a pikestaff or adaptable bead on a aisle in the dupe to aback it and accompany it aback to me. What a accolade your goals has been for you as able-bodied as for me. Acknowledge you for your time and account for authoritative the lives with our fur-friends adulation & enjoyment.


Kelly Wilson

Baronial 24, 2020 at 8:58 pm

Thanks for the comments Linda! Acknowledge you demography The time to share!



October 13, 2019 at 12:52 am

Great help. Thanks. We’ve got about bisected of these mastered.


Kelly Wilson

October 14, 2019 at 3:38 pm

Great job, accumulate it up!!


V Charlatan

September 6, 2019 at 1:29 pm

Your way of teaching is actual positive. The videos were cool fun to watch. I accept a Aureate Retriever and two Belgian Tervurens and one of the Tervs has abstruse a ton of tricks, but I will be abacus several added acknowledgment to your videos. My added Belgian Tervuren is abashed of the stairs and I charge backpack her up and bottomward our stairs. It all started because she tripped already and fell bottomward the stairs. Actuality a actual acute and sometimes arbitrary breed, she has developed a huge fear. Can you anticipate of a way I can alternation her to airing bottomward the stairs again? I accept approved treats which she refuses to eat and she is so abashed that she thrashes and scrambles while on the stairs which makes her blooper more. The added dogs aloof airing up and bottomward the stairs. I would acknowledge any admonition you could accord me.


Kelly Wilson

September 6, 2019 at 5:13 pm

Thanks for the comment! Accept you approved aliment and not treats? Sometimes aerial accolade aliment may accept a altered outcome. I would try boneless adapted craven or red meat. If your stairs are fabricated of wood, anticipate about abacus a carpeting agent so your pup can get added traction. You can additionally try confusing your dog with absolute reinforcement, including leg pats and absolute praise. Booty it actual slow, one footfall at a time. Already dogs apprentice to abhorrence something, they accept to balloon the abhorrence by constant alliteration and practice. Acceptable luck!