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61 Velcro Dog Breeds That Will Stick To You Wherever You Go

Are you attractive for a dog that's activity to be your shadow, or stick to you like velcro? Maybe you appetite to abstain needier dogs, and adopt a basset that's a bit added independent? Acquisition out which dog breeds will stick to you like cement no amount area you go!

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: June 24, 2021 | 46 min apprehend

Velcro Dog Looking At Owner

There are affluence of loyal dogs out there, but assertive breeds are a lot more affectionate and clingy than others. Additionally alleged “velcro dogs,” these breeds will stick to your ancillary like glue, and you’ll accept a accompaniment for life. Say goodbye to your abandoned time! These dogs will assert on actuality a allotment of all your activities. It doesn’t amount if it’s watching TV, affable dinner, or alike aloof aggravating to bolt some shut-eye.

It’s important to agenda the aberration amid velcro dogs and dogs with separation anxiety. A dog with break all-overs may advance bad behavior if they accept been larboard abandoned for continued periods of time. While break all-overs is a botheration that owners usually charge to solve, velcro breeds accept artlessly adhering personalities. Behindhand of how abundant time you absorb with a velcro breed, they’re still activity to beef back you leave.

While you ability feel a little accusable for active errands abandoned or branch to work, a velcro dog’s loyal personality alone makes them bigger companions. Accumulate account for a attending at sixty-one differnt dog breeds with extra-clingy personalities.

Hungarian Vizsla

    Vizsla With Owner
    The Viszla was bred to be abreast their owners, so it’s no abruptness they chase you like a shadow.
    • weight iconWeight10-50 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-18 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Gentle

There’s a acumen why Vizslas are known as the ultimate velcro dog. There’s no abode a Vizsla would rather be than by your side. While they were originally bred for falconry, the Vizsla’s loyal attributes fabricated them abundant ancestors dogs.

Keep in apperception that, while a Vizsla doesn’t apperception cuddling up on the couch, these pups additionally accept bags of energy. So, they fit able-bodied with anyone that already has an alive lifestyle. Booty your Vizsla hiking, hunting, or swimming. Aloof as continued as they’re with their owner, they’ll be as blessed as they can be.

Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever in Lap of Owner
    Golden Retrievers are one of the aboriginal Velcro dogs.
    • weight iconWeight55-80 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Energetic

Golden Retrievers are one of the best accepted dog breeds of all time. Because they are so popular, it shouldn’t appear as too abundant of a abruptness that they rank aerial on our account of velcro dogs. Historically, aureate retrievers were bred as hunting dogs. But over time, they’ve transitioned into eager-to-please ancestors dogs.

Not alone are they accessible to train, but their accomplished temperament makes them abundant for families with baby children. Abundant like Vizslas, this ample brand loves to advance an alive affairs alongside its owners. Alike if you don’t plan to booty them hunting, retrievers can absorb all day arena back or pond with their families.

Labrador Retriever

    Labrador with Owner
    Labradors accept a addiction to chase their owners everywhere.
    • weight iconWeight55-80 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Energetic

Labradors may be too ample to be advised lap dogs, but it appears cipher anytime relayed that bulletin to them. Behindhand of how developed your pup is, this brand will acquisition some way to try and fit on your lap.

Given the Labrador’s approachable nature, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. In fact, they accept remained the best accepted dog brand for several after years. Back they’re not aggravating to hog your lap, the Labrador’s additional admired abode to be is on a airing or arena outside.

This brand is a accustomed athlete. And like the Aureate Retriever, they’re big admirers of the baptize (their “otter-tail” absolutely works as a adviser to aid them in swimming). Originally, breeders in Newfoundland bred the Labrador to retrieve ducks and waterfowl. But already again, the Lab’s affable attributes additionally appealed to families.

English Mastiff

    English Mastiff Watching Owner
    Mastiffs can be actual dedicated, consistently defective to be abreast their owner’s side.
    • weight iconWeight130-270 pounds
    • height iconHeight27-36 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan6-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentDignified & Loyal

Not to be abashed with the Bullmastiff, the Old English Mastiff (or aloof Mastiff) is a affable giant. They accept a calm, aristocratic demeanor. Although they aren’t necessarily accustomed bouncer dogs, Mastiffs can be careful of their families. Aboriginal training and socialization is acute for this breed.

If they aren’t alert to your side, best Mastiffs adopt to be in the aforementioned apartment as their owners. They adore watching over their owners. Accumulate in apperception that the Mastiff, abnormally a puppy, can be actual stubborn. Some bodies agree them to actuality beneath able than added breeds, but it’s absolutely the opposite. But this does beggarly that aboriginal training can be a challenge.


    Maltese with Owner
    If you own a Maltese, don’t apprehend to accept abundant time by yourself.
    • weight iconWeight7-10 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-10 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentCharming & Friendly

You’ve apparently heard the appellation “lap dog,” tossed around. But the Maltese are the aboriginal lap dog. At beneath than ten pounds, the Maltese can absolutely fit on your lap. Already they’re there, they won’t anytime appetite to leave.

The Maltese’s history as a loyal lapdog goes aback centuries. Aloof women of the Roman Authority generally toted Maltese dogs forth with them. Throughout Roman belief and fables, the Maltese were additionally a attribute of loyalty.

Besides their adhering nature, Maltese dogs are additionally acclaimed for their eye-catching, cottony coats and puppy-dog eyes. While they accept a acceptability for actuality a little stubborn, these dogs are absolutely adherent to their owners.

Border Collie

    Border Collie on Lap
    Border Collies are awful energetic, but additionally adore actuality about their owners.
    • weight iconWeight30-55 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Energetic

Not alone are Border Collies one of the best able breeds around, but their affectionate attributes additionally makes them velcro dogs. However, Bound Collies are a different blazon of velcro dog. While they anatomy abutting bonds with their owners and families, they may not absorb every additional at your side.

At heart, these dogs are herders, so they’re acclimated to alive at greater distances from their owners. Although already your Collie has spent the day active about the yard, you can bet that they’ll appetite to absorb the blow of the night coiled up at your side.

Another absorbing aberration with Collies is that they can be careful with who they accept to band with. But, if you’ve managed to win the affection of a Collie, you’ll accept it for life.

German Shepherd

    German Shepherd with Owner
    German Shepherds may be independent, but they can additionally attach themselves to one person, and never leave their side.
    • weight iconWeight65-90 pounds
    • height iconHeight22-26 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan9-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Protective

The German Shepherd may actual able-bodied be the best careful of the Velcro breeds. Back they band acutely with their owners and families, they may be alert of strangers who get too close. As a result, you may charge to watch your German Attend added anxiously about new bodies and gauge how able-bodied they respond. This is abnormally accurate for accomplishment dogs, who may alike be added careful about anyone they don’t know.

While they’re acceptable ancestors dogs, don’t be afraid if your German Attend picks one being out of the ancestors to stick to. Like Collies, this brand is careful about who they adhere to, but if you canyon the test, you’ll accept a ample adumbration forever.

French Bulldog

    French Bulldog in Owners Lap
    French Bulldogs are able-bodied accepted for afraid abutting to their owner’s side.
    • weight iconWeight25-30 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Playful

With their signature bat aerial and puppy dog-eyes, French Bulldogs are addition toy brand that won’t appetite to leave your side. Frenchies were absolutely bred to be assembly abased on their owners. So, it’s no abruptness that they’ve become accepted as velcro dogs.

What additionally makes Frenchies an adorable advantage is their airy temperament. While antic and acquisitive to cuddle, these dogs about don’t case too much. So, you shouldn’t accept to anguish about your French Bi-weekly accusatory back you can’t accord them attention.

They’re additionally adaptable, and their abbreviate ability agency they don’t crave as abundant exercise as a Vizsla or Aureate Retriever. So, if you alive in an accommodation circuitous or a city, the Frenchie may aloof be the velcro dog for you.


    Pug Sitting on Owners Lap
    Pugs are able-bodied accepted to stick to their owners like cement back they are around.
    • weight iconWeight14-18 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Charming

Another brand that was bred to be companions, Pugs alive for animal attention. Historically, Pugs accept a affluent history, and were alike already the pets of Chinese emperors. But, alike if you’re not royalty, your Pug will adulation you all the same.

Don’t be abashed if your Pug tries to follow you from allowance to room. Aloof be accurate not to cruise over them! Pugs will consistently be happiest back they’re with you, and they tend to allotment abutting bonds with one or two specific people.

While they do accept a best lifespan, the Pug’s flat-face can additionally accomplish them decumbent to assertive bloom conditions. Abnormally breath problems or eye issues as they age.

Doberman Pinscher

    Doberman Getting Pet by Owner
    While Doberman Pinschers can be independent, they are additionally awful affectionate canines.
    • weight iconWeight60-100 pounds
    • height iconHeight24-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentProtective & Courageous

As accustomed watchdogs, Doberman Pinschers accomplish it their albatross to chase you about and accomplish you’re safe. Alike if you’re aloof aggravating to baker dinner. While their loyal and acquiescent attributes has fabricated them adorable ancestors dogs, this brand additionally has an accomplished acceptability working as badge dogs, analysis dogs, account dogs, and alike search-and-rescuers.

This brand is a jack of all trades, but their admired atom to be is cuddled up beside you on the couch. Still, Dobermans are a ample breed, and they’ll crave a lot of circadian exercise to bake off that balance energy. Circadian walks and runs are a call for Dobermans, and they’ll appetite to accumulate you by their ancillary for these adventures.

Great Dane

    Great Dane Hugging Owner
    Great Danes are alleged affable giants, due to their adulation and amore for their owners.
    • weight iconWeight110-170 pounds
    • height iconHeight28-34 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan7-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentPatient & Dependable

If you’ve anytime wondered what it’s like to accept a large, aphotic adumbration afterward you around, attending no added than the Great Dane. Not alone do they belfry over a lot of added dogs, but back they angle on their afterwards legs, your Abundant Dane may alike be taller than you.

However, as alarming as they may look, Abundant Danes are patient, affectionate, and abundant with kids. They’re happiest back they’re spending time with you. Admitting their size, abounding owners find this to be a airy breed. Besides circadian walks a brace of times a day, Abundant Danes are agreeable to bundle up with you (and try their hardest to fit on your lap).

Shetland Sheepdog

    Shetland Sheepdog With Owner
    Shelties are able-bodied accepted to stick appropriate abutting to their owner’s side.
    • weight iconWeight15-25 pounds
    • height iconHeight13-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentSmart & Enthusiastic

Although they’re generally declared as absolute and playful, the Shetland Sheepdog is a belled velcro breed. Abundant like their bigger cousin, the Bound Collie, Shelties are a different dog. Your Sheltie may not assert on sitting on your lap or afraid to your side, but they still appetite to be abreast their owners. Alike aloof blind out in the aforementioned allowance as you can amuse a Sheltie’s adhering nature.

As a result, these breeds are abundant for owners who adore affectionate dogs, but may still appetite their amplitude from time to time. They’re additionally able and quick to aces up on affection changes. If you accept a bad day, your Sheltie may be the aboriginal one to notice.

Coton de Tulear

    Coton De Tulear with Owner
    White, fluffy, and cuddly, the Coton De Tulear is able-bodied accepted for actuality a accessory to its owners at all times.
    • weight iconWeight8-15 pounds
    • height iconHeight9-12 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan15-19 years
    • color iconTemperamentEasygoing & Charming

If there’s one brand that doesn’t appetite to be home alone, it’s apparently the Coton de Tulear. Like a lot of abate dogs, they were bred as companions, and they’ll be happiest back they can absorb as abundant time as accessible with you.

If you’re cerebration of owning a Coton de Tulear, be able to accept a new accomplice on all your outings. Back they’re decumbent to break all-overs and accustomed companions, too abundant abandoned time can do added abuse than good for the Coton. The acceptable account is that these fluffy, bendable dogs are usually beneath than fifteen pounds, and can calmly fit in a car bench or a ample tote bag.

Giant Schnauzer

    Giant Schnauzer With Owner
    Giant Schnauzers are behemothic lapdogs and are accepted to be both loyal and careful of their families.
    • weight iconWeight55-85 pounds
    • height iconHeight24-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Obedient

Once acclimated as beasts dogs and watchdogs, the Behemothic Schnauzer bears a arresting affinity to their abate counterpart, the Miniature Schnauzer. This brand may counterbalance in at abutting to a hundred pounds, but they’ll still acquisition a way to bundle up on your lap.

Aside from actuality clingy, Behemothic Schnauzers additionally have a addiction to be territorial, abnormally for the bodies they’ve affirmed the best with. Back new bodies appear over, your Behemothic Schnauzer may adopt to stick abutting to you rather than socialize.

Since they were already alive dogs, Schnauzers accept a lot of balance activity to burn, and they advance with owners who additionally accept an alive lifestyle. If you plan to hike, swim, or bike, don’t balloon to accompany your Schnauzer forth for the ride.

Basset Hound

    Basset Hound With Owner
    Calm and Docile, Basset Hounds adore annihilation added than actuality with their humans.
    • weight iconWeight40-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight11-15 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentRelaxed & Loving

While they’re best acclaimed for their able noses, Basset Hounds additionally accept a acceptability for actuality a velcro dog. It’s not aberrant to acquisition your Basset Basset sleeping at your anxiety while you watch TV or alike afterward abutting abaft back you leave the room.

While they may be clingy, Basset Hounds are additionally easygoing dogs that don’t crave bags of exercise. Usually, a circadian airing is all they need, and the blow of the time, they’ll be content to lounge about the house with you. Accumulate in apperception that, as adhering as they are, Basset Hounds additionally accept an absolute streak, which can accomplish them a claiming to train.


    Greyhound Hugging Owner
    Don’t apprehend to get too abundant abandoned time if you accept a Greyhound in your home.
    • weight iconWeight60-70 pounds
    • height iconHeight27-30 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentSweet & Endearing

Known as the sprinter of the dog world, Greyhounds may adore running, but they adore spending time with their owners aloof as much. The history of the Greyhound stretches aback bags of years to Age-old Egypt, area pharaohs accomplished them to hunt wildlife beyond the deserts. Back they’re running at full-speed, Greyhounds accept the adeptness to run up to 45 afar per hour.

Greyhounds can be independent, abnormally back they’re adventurous beyond your yard, but they’ll consistently acknowledgment to their owners. Already they’ve gotten their ample of exercise, best Greyhounds adopt to be in the aforementioned allowance as their owners, if not closer.

Australian Shepherd

    Aussie with owner
    Aussies are able-bodied accepted to be actual active, and additionally actual clingy.
    • weight iconWeight40-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-23 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentWork-oriented & Intelligent

A herding dog aloof like Bound Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, the Australian Shepherd is bright, energetic, and consistently accessible to play. However, with ancestors members, Aussies can anatomy an acutely abutting band that about feels fanatical.

At times, your Australian Attend could be territorial or careful of their ancestors about strangers, but with affluence of adorning as puppies, owners can annihilate that apprehension of new people. Overall, Aussies are accomplished ancestors dogs, especially with baby children. They’re patient, playful, and won’t leave their family’s ancillary unless they accept to.


    Chihuahua getting chin scratched
    Chihuahuas are actual co-dependent dogs, consistently defective to be abreast their humans.
    • weight iconWeight6-8 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentSassy & Charming

When it comes to adhering or beggared dogs, Chihuahuas absolutely accomplish the list. While they may not consistently be able to accumulate up with you, a Chihuahua will still chase you from allowance to room. Like a lot of accompaniment dogs, Chihuahuas are notorious for acrimonious a “favorite” person and afraid to them like glue.

If you become that admired person, you’ll accept a accompaniment for several years. Fortunately, Chihuahuas are a toy breed. So they’ll fit accurately in a tote bag or alike a purse if you’re planning to run errands and appetite to accompany your new accomplice in abomination along.

One downside to a adhering Chihuahua is the barking. Leave your pooch abandoned too long, and you (and anybody abroad in the house) will absolutely apprehend about it.


    Papillon Dog With Owner
    Papillions adore the companies of their owners during best activities.
    • weight iconWeight5-10 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-11 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Easygoing

Papillons get their name from their unusual, butterfly-shaped ears, but that’s not all this brand is accepted for. Papillons accept a continued history of actuality abundant companions, and you can alike atom this brand in celebrated portraits with queens and princesses.

Since they’re accustomed companions, Papillons don’t do able-bodied with actuality alone. Back you’re at home, you can calculation on your Papillon tagging forth during chores, dinnertime, and alike bath breaks. If you do leave the house, your Papillon will usually try to adhere out with whoever’s left. It doesn’t amount if that’s addition ancestors member, dog, or a cat.

Siberian Husky

    Husky with Owner Outdoors
    Most croaking owners can acquaint you that these pups rarely leave their owner’s side.

    • weight iconWeight45-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Mischievious

    With a acceptability for actuality one of the best affecting dog breeds, it’s not too abominable that Huskies additionally accomplish the account for velcro dogs too. Leave your Croaking abandoned too long, and your dog is abiding to overreact (or abort the abode in your absence).

    Huskies are accustomed backpack dogs, and they’ll adhere to anyone they appearance as allotment of the pack. This includes their owners. Back they were originally alive dogs, owning a croaking can be exhausting. This brand needs a lot of exercise throughout the day, so circadian walks or breach in the backyard is essential.

    Boston Terrier

      Boston Terrier with Owner
      Boston Terriers adulation their owners, and accomplish absolute pups for owners that don’t apperception adhering dogs.
      • weight iconWeight12-25 pounds
      • height iconHeight12-17 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan11-13 years
      • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Energetic

    Nicknamed the “American Gentleman,” the Boston Terrier was originally bred so they could excel at awkward contests and pit fighting. Today, however, the Boston Terrier is added of a accompaniment dog than anything. Not alone will they try their hardest to chase you about the house, but they accomplish accomplished watchdogs too.

    If addition comes to the door, your Boston Terrier will absolutely let you know. Aback they’re not watching your back, your Terrier will acceptable aloof be blessed to be in your presence. Aloofness will be a affair of the past, but with a sweet, affectionate pup like the Boston Terrier, you won’t appetite them to leave your ancillary anyway.

    American Pitbull Terrier

      Pitbull Terrier Outdoors Near Humans
      Pitbulls are accepted as “nanny dogs” and do best with a ancestors that they can be around.
      • weight iconWeight30-75 pounds
      • height iconHeight17-21 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Adventerous

    American Pitbull Terriers get a bad rap. But, if you’ve spent any time about one of these dogs, again you apparently already apperceive what a sweet, affectionate brand they are. Admitting belief about sixty pounds, you’ll never be able to argue your Pitbull that they’re too big to sit on your lap (and, as caressible as they are, why would you appetite to?).

    Keep in apperception that Pitbulls are addition brand prone to break anxiety. If you absorb a lot of time abroad from home or assignment continued hours out of the home, a Pitbull may not be the appropriate dog for you. Not abandoned will too abundant abandoned time accomplish your Pit anxious, but you’re added acceptable to appear home to an accommodation that’s been broken apart.

    But, as continued as you’ve got abundant time to absorb with them, a Pitbull can bound become a admired accompaniment for bodies of all ages.

    Great Pyrenees

      Great Pyrenees Dog Outside Leaning on Owner
      Despite their acceptability as an absolute acreage dog, Abundant Pyrenees adore actuality about their families.
      • weight iconWeight85-120 pounds
      • height iconHeight26-32 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
      • color iconTemperamentDependable & Patient

    While they can abound aloof as big (or alike bigger) than Abundant Danes, abounding bodies call the adorable Great Pyrenees as a “majestic” breed. This abundance dog was already a alive dog who looked afterwards sheep and beat predators from accepting too close.

    As pets, the Pyrenees are loyal to a fault, and absolutely adherent to their owners. Clashing some added velcro dogs, your Abundant Pyrenees may not try to bundle or bundle up with you, but they’ll never be far away. Alike at home, your Pyrenees may be territorial, and active for any predators or intruders that would abuse their human.


      Rottie on Lap
      Rotties about end up actuality behemothic lap dogs that adulation to cuddle.
      • weight iconWeight80-110 pounds
      • height iconHeight22-28 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan9-10 years
      • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Protective

    Like Pitbulls, there’s a lot of misconceptions about the Rottweiler brand actuality advancing or violent. However, if you’ve absolutely endemic a Rottweiler, again you apperceive these dogs are aloof as candied as can be.

    While they were originally bred to bouncer livestock, Rottweilers accept a addiction to band carefully with their owners and families. You shouldn’t be afraid if your Rottweiler tries to chase you everywhere you go, or accumulate clue of your whereabouts.

    Since they’re accustomed bouncer dogs, it alone makes faculty that a Rottie would appetite to bouncer the bodies they love. This brand does accept a addiction to be alert about strangers, but as continued as you associate them, again they shouldn’t accept any trouble.


      Beagle Cuddling With Owner
      Beagles tend to attach to their animal ancestors quickly, and adore actuality abreast bodies at all times.
      • weight iconWeight15-30 pounds
      • height iconHeight13-16 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentCurious & Friendly

    With billowing aerial and channelled faces, Beagles were originally hunting dogs that helped clue bottomward abate game, like rabbits and hare. Actuality abundant hunters was alone one of the Beagle’s adorable qualities. They were additionally admiring and friendly, which fabricated them abundant companions.

    The Advocate is an autogenetic backpack animal, and as pets, they’ll consistently be happier back they’re with added people. Back they are so sociable, some owners may alike adopt two or three Advocate puppies at the aforementioned time so that they can accumulate anniversary added aggregation as they abound older.

    Either way, if you’re planning to accept a Beagle, be accessible for a accomplice in abomination that’ll never be too far abaft you.


      Dachshund Dog Being Held
      Dachshunds about adore actuality held, and consistently appetite to be abreast their animal companions.
      • weight iconWeight16-32 pounds
      • height iconHeight8-10 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentFiesty & Protetctive

    You’ve apparently heard them referred to as “weiner dogs,” but what the Basset doesn’t accept in size, this brand makes up for in backbone and personality. Their continued torsos and chubby legs beggarly that the Basset isn’t congenital for arduous exercise, but they do accomplish accomplished companions.

    Anyone who’s endemic a Basset can acquaint you aloof how loyal this brand is. Originally bred to hunt and annihilate rodents, the Basset may feel an autogenetic faculty of albatross for their families. If they’re a allotment of a beyond family, your Basset may approach or band added carefully with one person, but they’ll still be loyal to anybody else.

    Yorkshire Terrier

      Yorkie Being Pet By Owners
      Yorkshire Terriers are one of the best accepted toy breeds, and they admire actuality about people.
      • weight iconWeight5-7 pounds
      • height iconHeight8-10 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan11-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Sassy

    Beneath the silky, floor-length covering of the Yorkshire Terrier is a adhering pooch with an affectionate personality. While the Yorkie’s ancestors formed in bolt mills, the Yorkshire Terriers you see today were bred as accompaniment dogs for Victorian women.

    As such, Yorkies don’t do able-bodied with a lot of abandoned time. Alike just abrogation to run errands for a brace of hours can feel like years to a Yorkie. This is absolutely a adhering dog that wants to absorb every additional additional with their owners. Best Yorkshire Terriers accept a lot of backbone below those creamy coats, so if they’re upset, you’ll absolutely apprehend about it.

    Saint Bernard

      Saint Bernard Cuddling With Human
      Despite actuality absolute and stubborn, Saint Bernards adore animal companionship.
      • weight iconWeight120-180 pounds
      • height iconHeight26-35 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan8-10 years
      • color iconTemperamentPatient & Observant

    Once alive dogs that helped accomplishment travelers ashore in the snow, the Saint Bernard is addition loyal brand that would assure their families at all costs. Their arty ability can accomplish these dogs attending intimidating, but best of the time, they’re acquainted of how ample they absolutely are.

    Saint Bernards aren’t an ever adhering dog. They may not try to fit into your lap, but they’ll usually still appetite to adhere out in the aforementioned allowance as you or beddy-bye at your feet. For anyone attractive for a loyal and accommodating dog, the Saint Bernard is an accomplished choice. They’re still loving, but they’re airy abundant that they won’t asphyxiate you.


      Akita Dog Looking at Owner
      Akitas are angrily loyal to their owners, and adore animal companionship.
      • weight iconWeight70-130 pounds
      • height iconHeight24-28 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-13 years
      • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Dignified

    One of the clingiest breeds around, Akitas are accepted for actuality admiring and affectionate appear their owners and family, but alert and territorial about dogs or bodies they don’t know. Akitas accept a rich history in Japanese culture, and at one time, alone the Administrative ancestors could own Akitas.

    Today, Akitas are angrily careful of anyone they accede allotment of their pack, although they may not be abundant dogs to accept if you already accept affluence of added pets. Akitas can be possessive, and adopt to be allotment of “one-dog” households. So, accumulate that in apperception back you accede adopting this different breed.

    Cavalier Baron Charles Spaniel

      Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on Owner Lap
      The Condescending Baron Charles Adulator is one of the ultimate bundle breeds, and loves actuality with humans.
      • weight iconWeight13-18 pounds
      • height iconHeight12-14 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentSweet & Graceful

    With bendable personalities and adroit appearances, it’s no admiration why the Cavalier Baron Charles Spaniel is called afterwards royalty. These dogs are affectionate and affable with their owners, but clashing some velcro breeds, they usually don’t accept a botheration with strangers.

    Whether it’s a co-worker, the mailman, or alike a drifter on the street, everyone is a friend to the Baron Charles Spaniel! However, all this affability can accept a downside. Some Spaniels may be too agog with strangers, so you may charge to alternation your Adulator on the adapted way to accost a stranger.


      Bullmastiff Next To Humans
      Similar to the English Mastiff, the Bullmastiff loves animal companionship.
      • weight iconWeight100-130 pounds
      • height iconHeight24-27 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan7-10 years
      • color iconTemperamentProtective & Observant

    Although your Bullmastiff may be taller than best bodies back they angle on their afterwards legs, this brand is a big chump at heart. Originally, the Bullmastiff was a bouncer dog, accommodating to assure its owner’s acreage and accompany poachers that trespassed.

    Today, the Bullmastiff will assure their families with the aforementioned adventurousness that their ancestors had. Whenever you’re home, you can count on the Bullmastiff to be your ample shadow, and consistently on the anchor for trouble. Like a lot of bouncer dogs, it’s important to alternation and associate the Bullmastiff aboriginal on so that they act appropriately with strangers.

    Bernese Abundance Dog

      Bernese Mountain Dog Hugging Human
      The Bernese Abundance Dog is consistently up for a hug from their family.
      • weight iconWeight80-115 pounds
      • height iconHeight23-28 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan7-10 years
      • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Gentle

    While bodies consistently boasted about the Bernese Abundance Dog’s able assignment indigenous or their bequest as watchdogs, abounding balloon that this brand is additionally a abundant accompaniment dog. Alike back they primarily formed on farms, the Bernese Abundance Dog was consistently ready to relax with their families afterwards a adamantine day of work.

    Today, the Berner is still a abundant ancestors dog, and their careful instincts accomplish them artlessly adhering appear ancestors members. They’re additionally compassionate and affable dogs, which accomplish them a acceptable best for families that accept baby children.

    Irish Wolfhound

      Large Irish Wolfhound Near Owner
      Irish Wolfhounds can be aloof with strangers, but are affectionate with their families.
      • weight iconWeight100-120 pounds
      • height iconHeight32-35 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan6-8 years
      • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Gentle

    Standing at about three anxiety at the accept and belief over a hundred pounds, there’s annihilation baby about the Irish Wolfhound, and that includes their personalities. As far as attitude goes, Irish Wolfhounds admire their families, and they don’t abide actuality larboard on their own too long.

    Leave your Irish Wolfhound home forth too long, and your abode may attending like it’s been destroyed by a tornado (or an afraid dog). Some bodies may accept that, because of their size, Irish Wolfhounds accomplish acceptable bouncer dogs, but that’s not usually true. This brand is usually alert, but rarely alert or apprehensive of intruders. They may apprehension an burglar in your home, but they’re absurd to do annihilation to stop them.

    If you’re attractive for a affable behemothic that’s affectionate and affable to best people, however, the Irish Wolfhound is an accomplished choice.


      Newfoundland Dog Next To Owner
      Newfoundlands are actual affectionate with their owners, and charge to be abreast them frequently.
      • weight iconWeight100-150 pounds
      • height iconHeight25-29 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan9-10 years
      • color iconTemperamentSweet & Affectionate

    With a accurate personality and majestic looks, it’s no abruptness that the Newfoundland has become such a accepted breed, abnormally amid the families. Admitting their size, there’s annihilation to be abashed about with Newfies. They’re candied and admiring to anyone they appear in acquaintance with.

    Because the Newfie is such a big teddy bear, these dogs appetite to absorb every additional they can with their admired ones, and they adulation to cuddle. Befitting your Newfoundland off your lap or your bed is a accident battle.


      Poodle on Owners Lap
      Regardless of their size, all Poodles tend to stick to their owners like velcro.
      • weight iconWeight10-70 pounds
      • height iconHeight9-24 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Active

    Not anybody may admit the Poodle as a adhering dog at first, but that’s alone because Poodles are selective about who they trust. But, already they’re adequate abundant with you, your Poodle’s admired abode will be at your side.

    Most of the time, Poodles select one or two people, usually, their owners, to adhere to. This is abnormally accurate if your Poodle is activity afraid or nervous. Whether it’s a thunderstorm or a new drifter they don’t know, you can calculation on your Poodle to await on you for aegis and security.

    There’s addition additional that comes forth with adopting a Poodle as a pet: their coats are low-allergen. If you’re addition who suffers from dog allergies, the Poodle’s coiled covering shouldn’t abrade them too much.


      Pomeranian Dog on Lap
      Pomeranians adulation to be abreast their owners, and alike adulation to be agitated around.
      • weight iconWeight3-10 pounds
      • height iconHeight7-10 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentLively & Curious

    Pomeranians may attending bite-sized, but they backpack aloof as abundant personality as a Abundant Dane or an Irish Wolfhound. Although they were bred bottomward from abundant beyond sled dogs, the Pomeranians you see today were additionally meant to be companions. In fact, Queen Victoria fabricated the brand accepted aback she brought aback Pomeranians from Florence, Italy, and alike started ancestry them.

    Like a lot of baby breeds, Pomeranians are natural lap dogs. Any adventitious they get, your Pom will acceptable try to bundle up with you. Accumulate in apperception that, admitting their baby stature, Pomeranians still accept affluence of activity to bake off. They’ll charge affluence of breach and circadian walks to bankrupt their activity levels.


      Barbet Sitting Near Owner
      A rarer breed, Barbets can additionally stick to their animal owners like velcro.
      • weight iconWeight35-65 pounds
      • height iconHeight20-26 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
      • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Curious

    You may accept never apparent a Barbet in absolute life, but it’s accessible you’ve apparent one in artwork. This brand has been a brood for abounding artists throughout history, although they were bred as baptize dogs in France. Afterwards the Apple Wars, Barbets about went extinct, but through the efforts of a few adherent breeders, they were able to be saved.

    Barbets are attenuate dogs to own, but if you’re cerebration of adopting one, you should apperceive how beggared this brand is. A Barbet lives to amuse their owner, and back they aren’t adhering to your side, they’re accessible to advise new tricks or train. As a rule, Barbets don’t do able-bodied as aloof companions, so they’re abundant for owners who additionally appetite to alternation them to be hunting or account dogs.

    Bichon Frise

      Bichon Frise Dog With Human
      The Bichon Frise is a able-bodied accepted lapdog who enjoys actuality abreast his owners.
      • weight iconWeight12-18 pounds
      • height iconHeight9-12 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan13-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentLively & Charming

    Not alone does the Bichon Frise’s bendable covering resemble a band of velcro, but their personality does too. Already they’ve appear to assurance you, there’s no accepting rid of a Bichon Frise. These dogs will absorb all day afterward you about the house, and back it’s time to sleep, they’re agreeable to bundle in bed with you too.

    Bichons aren’t aloof acclaimed for their soft, hypoallergenic coats, either. Throughout history, the Bichon’s candied agreeableness and active personality has fabricated them accepted amidst European nobility. Like the Barbet, there was a shortage of Bichons afterwards Apple War II, but a baddest few were able to animate the Bichon Frise breed.


      Boxer Dog Standing With Human
      Boxer dogs are able-bodied accepted to not let their animal owners accept abundant bottomward time.
      • weight iconWeight50-75 pounds
      • height iconHeight21-25 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
      • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Versatile

    If you appetite a velcro brand that’s consistently bottomward for alfresco adventures, the Boxer may aloof be the dog you’re attractive for. Like Pit beasts and Rottweilers, there are some misconceptions about the Boxer actuality an advancing or adverse breed, but this isn’t true. Best Boxers are affable teddy bears, abnormally about families or baby children.

    Throughout history, Boxers accept been a jack of all trades. They started as big-game hunters, but they’ve additionally been watchdogs, badge dogs, aegis dogs, and alike adviser dogs for the blind. If you’re attractive for an affectionate ample brand that’s acquisitive to amuse and accessible to train, the Boxer fits the bill.

    Carolina Dog

      Carolina Dog Outdoors
      Carolina dogs may accept absolute attend instincts, but they additionally adulation their time with their families.
      • weight iconWeight30-55 pounds
      • height iconHeight17-24 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentReserved & Loyal

    When bodies anticipate of velcro dogs, Carolina Dogs usually aren’t their aboriginal pick. Not alone is this lesser-known brand built-in to rural areas, but they additionally tend to be added reserved or alike apprehensive of strangers. Back you aboriginal accompany a Carolina Dog home, you shouldn’t apprehend your pup to anon adhere to your side.

    It’ll booty some time, but already they assurance you, Carolina Dogs will be loyal for life. As a adaptation tool, Carolina Dogs accept adopted a backpack mentality. They are absolutely adherent to anyone they appearance as allotment of that pack.

    Once they appear to appearance you as their own, Carolina Dogs are playful, acquisitive to please, but they can be a little adamant to train.


      Dalmatian With Dog Owner
      Dalmatians may be able-bodied accepted about the bounded blaze station, but they additionally adulation actuality abreast their owners at all times.
      • weight iconWeight40-75 pounds
      • height iconHeight22-24 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-13 years
      • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Active

    Some bodies accredit to the Dalmatian brand as the “original velcro dog,” due to the way they actually adulation their owners. However, Dalmatians can additionally be prone to annoyance and territorial behaviors, so they don’t consistently mix able-bodied with added dogs or strangers. If they ascertain alike the aboriginal threat, you can calculation on your Dalmatian absolution you apperceive about it.

    Still, Dalmatians are a dependable breed, and amid their families, they can be actual approachable and sociable. Their activity levels are high, so you can calculation on this brand defective a lot of breach or walks throughout the day.

    Cocker Spaniel

      Cocker Spaniel in Owners Lap
      Cocker Spaniels can be afraid dogs, and that’s circuitous by their charge to be abutting to their owners.
      • weight iconWeight20-30 pounds
      • height iconHeight14-17 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-14 years
      • color iconTemperamentGentle & Happy

    Nobody can abide the Cocker Spaniel’s big, abstracted eyes or their soft, bent ears. One of the original dog breeds on the Mayflower ship to the Affiliated States, they were originally hunting dogs. Now, Cocker Spaniels additionally accomplish accomplished companions. However, accumulate in apperception that this brand requires a lot of attention, and doesn’t about do able-bodied alone.

    Cocker Spaniels are happiest back they’re with their humans, and if you leave them abandoned for added than a brace of hours, you could appear home to aching doors, chewed up clothes, and a lot of barking. But, if you can provide the Cocker Adulator with bulk of attention, this breed’s affable and affectionate personality will accomplish them a dream to alive with.


      Leonberger With Female Outdoors
      Leonbergers are big dogs that adulation to be abreast their owners at all times.
      • weight iconWeight90-170 pounds
      • height iconHeight26-31 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan8-10 years
      • color iconTemperamentGentle & Stoic

    A lesser-known affable giant, Leonbergers┬ácan counterbalance over 150 pounds, and makes a abundant accompaniment for the absolute family. Although a Leonberger ability not try to climb into your lap or bundle too close, they’ll acquiescently accompany you on adventures or chase you throughout the house. As continued as they apperceive you’re safe, your Leonberger will be happy.

    It’s not a abruptness that Leons accomplish such acceptable companions. They were bred that way! A baby-kisser from Leonberg, Germany capital to accomplish a dog that was fit for a king, and he managed to succeed. Acclaimed actual abstracts like Napoleon III, the Prince of Wales, and Tsar Alexander II all endemic Leonbergers during their rule.


      Whippet Near Woman Drinking Coffee
      Whippets accept a afraid activity that will generally construe to them afraid to their owners like glue.
      • weight iconWeight25-40 pounds
      • height iconHeight18-22 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Dependent

    If the Whippet looks familiar, it’s because they were bred from Greyhounds. While not as ample as the Greyhound, the Whippet has a agnate aerodynamic body, and they’re the fastest brand of their size.

    One affection that Whippets do allotment with Greyhounds is their adhering nature. A Whippet loves to be abreast their owner, but they’re usually calm and relaxed abundant to handle some abandoned time if they accept to.

    It’s important to agenda that, like Greyhounds, Whippets charge affluence of exercise and allowance to run. A ample backyard that’s belted in is absolute for a Whippet during playtime, although common walks and runs assignment too.


      Small Corgi Laying on Owner
      Corgis adulation to be abreast their owners, and their admired abode is generally cuddling on someone’s lap.
      • weight iconWeight15-30 pounds
      • height iconHeight10-12 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-13 years
      • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Loving

    There are two altered types of Corgis. There’s the Cardigan Abandon Corgi and the Pembroke Abandon Corgi. They may attending anytime so hardly different, but for the best part, they are actual abundant the aforementioned in attitude and personality.

    The Corgi’s aboriginal purpose may accept been to assemblage beasts and sheep, but today, they’re the absolute ancestors dogs. Clashing some breeds, it doesn’t booty a lot of time for Corgis to balmy up to you. From day one, your Corgi will acceptable be absorbed to your hip, and accessible to go on adventures.

    If you do leave your Corgi abandoned or lock them out of a room, you shouldn’t apprehend them to booty the account gracefully. Corgis are decumbent to barking, and you’ll be the aboriginal to apperceive if they’re upset. Corgis are additionally allegorical dogs. They accept a affluent brand history, and there are absolutely records of them in Abandon Legends.


      Samoyed Dog Running Outdoors With Human
      The Samoyed is addition brand that will stick abreast your ancillary like velcro.
      • weight iconWeight35-65 pounds
      • height iconHeight19-24 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
      • color iconTemperamentAdaptable & Friendly

    With thick, white coats that are impervious to the cold, the Samoyed’s personality is aloof as bendable as their fur. While they can bear freezing temperatures aloof fine, the Samoyed’s better weakness is too abundant abandoned time. Absolution your Samoyed roam about the backyard or accommodation while you’re gone all day can be a compound for a disaster. And, training Samoyeds can be a little bit of a challenge.

    However, if you’re able to accord them all the adulation and absorption they ask for, Samoyeds are loyal to a fault. These dogs will chase you to the ends of the earth, and they’re consistently accessible to bundle or bundle up with you.


      Keeshond With Dog Owner Outdoors
      The Keeshond is a awful able breed, that rarely leaves their owner’s side.
      • weight iconWeight35-50 pounds
      • height iconHeight16-19 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Empathetic

    Descended from Pomeranians and Samoyeds, Keeshonds allotment the aforementioned creamy covering and active personality as their ancestors. Alike throughout history, Keeshonds accept consistently served as accompaniment dogs, whether it’s to Vikings or Dutch sailors.

    Surprisingly, Keeshonds accept a agog faculty of empathy, and if you’re not activity well, your Keeshond will apparently be the aboriginal to apprehend it. This aforementioned affection additionally makes them acceptable watchdogs, and they’ll be quick to active you if a drifter is ambuscade about your property. Besides their compassionate attributes and velcro-like dependence, Keeshonds are additionally playful, and about acclimate able-bodied to new environments.


      Shar Pei Near Owners
      Shar Peis are able-bodied accepted for actuality careful of their family, so it’s no abruptness they will stick to you like velcro.
      • weight iconWeight45-60 pounds
      • height iconHeight18-20 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan8-12 years
      • color iconTemperamentIndependent & Protective

    The Shar-Pei’s wrinkly-face and bendable fur is alluring to a lot of dog-lovers. But, it’s this breed’s acceptable personality that makes them such abundant companions. Not alone are they able and quick learners, but they’re usually calm and airy too. Accumulate in apperception that, while Shar-Peis tend to be loyal and affectionate, they additionally accept an absolute streak as well.

    There may be canicule back your Shar-Pei is alert to your side. There will additionally be added canicule back they’re added agreeable to lounge about in the abutting room. Behindhand of their mood, the Chinese Shar-Pei still makes a acceptable bouncer dog. And they’ll avert their admired ones from intruders if charge be.

    Finnish Lapphund

      Finnish Lapphund Next To Owner
      Finnish Lapphunds are able-bodied accepted to get actual absorbed to their owners.
      • weight iconWeight35-50 pounds
      • height iconHeight16-20 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-15years
      • color iconTemperamentAgile & Affectionate

    While they’re not a cool acclaimed breed, the Finnish Lapphund is the ultimate affecting abutment dog. Not alone does this brand band able-bodied with their owners, but their agog compassionate faculty agency that they bound aces up on affection changes. Back you’re accepting a bad day, there’s a adventitious your Finnish Lapphund already knows, and is accessible to bundle with you until you feel better.

    Speaking of cuddling, Finnish Lapphunds may abound up to fifty pounds, but they’ll consistently be a lap dog. Historically, Lapphunds bolter reindeer, but they’ve consistently been admired as one of the friendliest breeds you can own. They’re affable with children, and it doesn’t booty abundant to acquire the assurance and adherence of a Lapphund. They additionally resemble their wolfy ancestors back it comes to their looks.

    Finnish Spitz

      Finnish Spitz Outdoors With Family
      The Finnish Spitz is a hunting dog that’s able-bodied accepted to get actual absorbed to its owners.
      • weight iconWeight20-35 pounds
      • height iconHeight15-20 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Energetic

    Another brand that’s generally underrated amidst dog-lovers is the Finnish Spitz. Originally, the Finnish Spitz was a hunting dog, and while they about went abolished in the 1800s, breeders were able to save these dogs.

    When you own a Finnish Spitz, you’ll get a dog that’s according genitalia antic and loving. As abundant as they may appetite to bundle or beddy-bye at your feet, they’ll additionally appetite to spend affluence of time alfresco too. The Finnish Spitz is a abundant best for adventuresome dog owners as able-bodied as hunters attractive for a companion.

    It’s important to agenda that, alike admitting the Finnish Spitz bonds carefully with their owners, these dogs can be absolute from time to time. Clashing some velcro breeds, the Finnish Spitz may be accomplished with a little abandoned if it’s needed.

    Jack Russell Terrier

      Jack Russell Terrier Getting Pet
      Jack Russell Terriers are high-energy dogs that will stick abutting to their owners as abundant as allowed.
      • weight iconWeight9-20 pounds
      • height iconHeight20-24 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentCurious & Clingy

    If you acquisition it adamantine to abide the Jack Russell Terrier’s puppy dog eyes or adorable personality, you’re not alone. Although these dogs aren’t big, the Russell Terrier can appear with a big attitude. Jack Russell Terriers aren’t consistently as accommodating as some breeds are, which agency they may need affluence of socialization if you accept baby children.

    Russell Terriers can stick to your ancillary like glue, and with too abundant abandoned time, they can be decumbent to break anxiety. Fortunately, if you do charge to leave the house, the Russell Terrier usually has no botheration advancing forth for the ride.

    Rhodesian Ridgeback

      Rhodesian Ridgeback on Owner Lap
      Rhodesian Ridgebacks are acutely careful dogs, so it’s no abruptness they charge to be abreast their owners.
      • weight iconWeight70-85 pounds
      • height iconHeight24-27 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan9-11 years
      • color iconTemperamentDignified & Calm

    These dogs already tracked lions in Africa. But now, the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s affectionate and careful personality has fabricated them an adorable advantage as companions. Like all of the breeds on this list, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a adhering dog. But it’s account acquainted that it can booty some time for them to balmy up to you.

    However, already a Ridgeback considers you a admired one, they’ll be angrily careful and loyal. An important acumen about Ridgebacks is that, while they may be affectionate and admiring to those they trust, they’re not consistently clingy. As continued as they apperceive you’re safe, a Rhodesian Ridgeback may not charge to absorb every additional at your side. But they’ll consistently be on the anchor for abeyant dangers or threats to your well-being.


      Komondor Standing Near Owner
      Komondors are added aloof and protective. They additionally adulation to be abreast their owners at all times.
      • weight iconWeight80-130 pounds
      • height iconHeight25-30 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
      • color iconTemperamentFearless & Loyal

    If there’s one brand that’s apparent by their looks, it’s apparently the Komondor. Although the long, dread-like cords that awning them from arch to paw ability attending cool, these cords serve a anatomic purpose as well. Originally, Komondors attentive sheep adjoin predators. Their different coats additionally protect them from acute acclimate conditions, and advice them alloy in with sheep while they assure their flock.

    While you may not charge a Komondor to bouncer your sheep, these dogs additionally accomplish acceptable assembly as well. They can anatomy abysmal accessories and bonds with their owners, but back they’ve bred to assignment alfresco all day, they don’t apperception a little abandoned time either.


      Brittany Dog Next To Owner
      The Brittany may be able-bodied accepted as a hunting dog, but they are additionally absolutely adhering with their owners.
      • weight iconWeight30-40 pounds
      • height iconHeight18-20 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentAdventerous & Bright

    If you’re addition who spends added time alfresco than you do inside, the Brittany is a abundant brand to accept by your side. They’re accustomed hunting dogs, and their accomplished backbone agency they can absorb all day hiking through the dupe after complaint.

    Although best bodies admit the Brittany for their accomplishments as hunting dogs, not anybody realizes how acute this brand can be. A Brittany does best with positive, affable training, and they don’t consistently acknowledge able-bodied to actuality larboard abandoned too long. Already you booty your Brittany on one adventure, your pup will appetite to go on all of them.


      Kuvasz Outdoors With Human
      The Kuvasz is a rarer brand that loves to be abreast their owners at all times.
      • weight iconWeight75-110 pounds
      • height iconHeight26-30 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
      • color iconTemperamentCourageous & Loyal

    If the Kuvasz seems like a dog that’s fit for a king, it’s because they are. With a affluent history as livestock bouncer dogs, the Kuvasz bent the absorption of Baron Matthias I as able-bodied as added Hungarian nobles.

    If you’ve anytime endemic a Kuvasz, it’s not difficult to see why this brand was so accepted amidst royalty. As accustomed protectors, a Kuvasz is able to bouncer their admired ones. It doesn’t amount if that’s a flock of sheep or a ancestors of four. These ample dogs will be the aboriginal to active you of intruders, and they may be alert about strangers, abnormally if they haven’t been socialized properly.

    American Bulldog

      American Bulldog Running Outdoors
      If you like actuality alone, don’t apprehend to get too abundant amplitude if you accept an American Bulldog.
      • weight iconWeight40-50 pounds
      • height iconHeight20-28 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan8-10 years
      • color iconTemperamentCourageous & Friendly

    The American Bi-weekly already faced extinction. But, due to the efforts of specific breeders, dog-lovers were able to restore this breed. They accept been adapted from brawlers into companions. Alike if you’ve never met one in absolute life, you’ve apparently apparent the adorable, puppy-dog eyes of the American Bulldog.

    The US Abyssal Corps, Yale University, and the University of Georgia accept all fabricated the Bi-weekly their mascot. Accustomed the affectionate and affable attributes of the Bulldog, it’s not difficult to see why. Admitting belief up to fifty pounds, an American Bi-weekly will still accept no agitation crimper up in your lap or aggravating to bundle at bedtime.

    This brand is additionally abnormally acceptable with children. This makes them an accomplished best for families. At times, Bulldogs may be astute or stubborn, but with a close hand, they’re accessible to train.

    American Staffordshire Terrier

      Staffordshire Terrier Outdoors Near Human
      American Staffies are able-bodied accepted to get absorbed to their animal ancestors in a abbreviate aeon of time.
      • weight iconWeight40-70 pounds
      • height iconHeight17-20 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Energetic

    Although frequently mistaken for American Pit Terriers, the American Staffordshire Terrier isn’t a Pit bull. However, these two breeds do allotment a lot of similarities. Like the Pitbull, Staffies are happiest back they’re alert to your side. Staffies will actually chase you to the ends of the earth.

    While best Staffies are confident, these big softies are consistently accessible to cuddle. They tend to be affable with accouchement and families. Depending on the dog, Staffies can require a little added socialization than some dogs. With consistent, affable training, they can accomplish absolute ancestors dogs.

    German Wirehaired Pointer

      German Wirehaired Pointer Eating From Owner
      German Wirehaired Pointers are accomplished hunting companions, and additionally adulation to be abreast their family.
      • weight iconWeight50-70 pounds
      • height iconHeight22-27 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
      • color iconTemperamentEager & Enthusiastic

    The active German Wirehaired Arrow isn’t your accepted lap dog or couch potato. Although they may be accessible to bundle at bedtime, Wirehairs are happiest back their owners booty them on adventures. Activities like biking through the dupe or hunting will accomplish the German Wirehaired Arrow feel appropriate at home, but they adopt to exercise with their humans.

    Since their covering is weather-resistant, demography a Wirehair out in colder altitude shouldn’t be a problem. From time to time, the GWP can be stubborn, and they’ll alone obey those they assurance the most. This can be a claiming for newer or amateur owners, but if you’re addition who doesn’t apperception a little work, the German Wirehaired Arrow is a loyal companion.

    West Altitude White Terrier

      West Highland White Terrier Being Held
      The Westie is one of several terrier breeds able-bodied accepted for actuality their owner’s shadow.
      • weight iconWeight15-20 pounds
      • height iconHeight10-12 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Amusing

    The West Altitude White Terrier ability counterbalance beneath than twenty pounds, but these baby dogs still backpack affluence of spunk. Some bodies adopt the Westie over added Terriers. Westies tend to be friendlier. They don’t consistently accept the aforementioned attitude you’d get with a Jack Russell Terrier or Toy Fox Terrier.

    Although Westies can be high-energy, these dogs are absolutely adherent to their admired ones. Already they’ve formed a affiliation with you, your Westie will appetite to be everywhere you are. Whether that’s in the kitchen, the yard, or alike active errands. Fun actuality – Westies were accepted as Roseneath Terrier’s originally, and weren’t accustomed as the West Altitude Terrier until 1909.


      Shikoku Velcro Dog Outdoors
      The Shikoku is a Japanese dog that’s able-bodied accepted to get absorbed to their family.
      • weight iconWeight30-55 pounds
      • height iconHeight17-22 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
      • color iconTemperamentEnergetic & Active

    If you’re attractive for a dog that doesn’t apperception biking through the mountains with you or administration continued walks, the Shikoku may be the best choice. This brand originates from Japan and is a lesser-known abundance dog. They are aloof as active and agog as added ample breeds.

    The Shikoku was bred as a alive dog. But now, they are best frequently endemic as ancestors pets. Already a Shikoku angle as allotment of his pack, he won’t be abrogation your side. While they are abundant ancestors companions, they are a bit rarer. You’ll charge to apprehend to pay a little added for a blood puppy.

    Toy Fox Terrier

      Toy Fox Terrier Looking at Owner
      Toy Fox Terriers are baby and adorable, but don’t apprehend to get abundant abandoned time back you own one.
      • weight iconWeight3-7 pounds
      • height iconHeight8-11 inches
      • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
      • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Alert

    If you’re absorbed in a bite-sized adaptation of a terrier, attending no added than the Toy Fox Terrier. These dogs are a accurate aggregate of a toy brand and a terrier. They are lovable lap dogs that won’t appetite to leave your side. But they additionally accept all the backbone and application of a Jack Russell Terrier or a Westie.

    Even if they usually counterbalance beneath than ten pounds, the Toy Fox Terrier can be awful protective. Your pup may not be able to booty bottomward an intruder, but they’ll try their hardest to avert their owners. These active and committed pups accomplish abundant ancestors companions. But they should additionally be socialized aboriginal so they get forth able-bodied with guests and added pets.

    Final Thoughts

    While some owners may shy abroad from clingy velcro breeds, these adorable dogs accept a lot of adulation to give! From lapdogs like the Chihuahua to beyond adventuresome breeds like the Doberman Pinscher or Bound Collie, there’s a blazon of velcro dog on this account for all -to-be dog owners.

    If you are planning to accept a velcro breed, accumulate in apperception how abundant absorption they need. Velcro breeds don’t about do able-bodied with owners that accept to work continued hours alfresco of the home. Accede a added absolute dog brand if you biking frequently or assignment a lot of hours. However, if you’re able to handle a velcro breed’s deprivation and dependence, you’ll accept a basset accompaniment that will stick to you like glue.

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    June 1, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    You forgot the Weimaraner. They battling the Vizsla for buyer attachment!


    Kelly Wilson

    June 1, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    Good alarm Susan! Will absolutely add the Weimar back we do our abutting annular of updates!