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West Altitude Terrier vs. Poodle: Brand Differences & Similarities

Thinking of adopting a baby creamy pup, but can't adjudge amid the Poodle vs. the West Altitude Terrier? The Westie and Poodle can both accomplish abundant ancestors companions. Acquisition out which brand is bigger for your lifestyle.

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: June 14, 2021 | 9 min apprehend

West Highland Terrier vs. Poodle

Are you broken amid a west altitude terrier vs. a poodle for your new pint-sized basset companion? Both the Poodle and the Westie are accepted pups with abeyant dog owners that are attractive for a baby dog to alarm their own. In fact, these two breeds accept some arresting similarities.

Despite their commonalities, these two baby dogs have absolutely a few differences. While they both can accomplish accomplished ancestors companions, neither are a absolute fit for every ancestors or lifestyle. But is one of them the absolute fit for yours?

In this article, we analyze the Poodle vs. the Westie to advice you accept how they are agnate but additionally conspicuously different. You’ll apprentice a bit about anniversary breed’s history, as able-bodied as their comestible needs, puppy costs, and more. Let’s jump in!

Breed Comparison

West Altitude Terrier

  • Height 10-11 Inches
  • Weight 13-22 Pounds
  • Temperament Friendly, Social, Fun-Loving
  • Energy Energetic
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 12-16 Years
  • Price $900-$1,700


  • Height 10-15 Inches
  • Weight 45-60 Pounds
  • Temperament Affectionate, Intelligent, Attention-Seeking
  • Energy High
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 12-15 Years
  • Price $1,000 and Up

Breed History

Although both breeds attending different, there’s added in accepted amid Scotland’s iconic white dog and the Poodle than you ability think. It all starts with their brand history. For instance, both dogs accept French connections. Let’s apprentice a bit added about anniversary pup.

West Altitude Terrier

Small White Dog Standing Outdoors
The Westie originated in Scotland forth with added terrier breeds.

Small but mighty, the West Altitude White Terrier, colloquially alleged a Westie, is one of nature’s ratters, bred to annihilate foxes, badgers, otters, and rats.

Native to Scotland, the Westie shares its history with the Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Scottish, and Abundance terriers. That said, the Westie’s history is abundantly blocked by time. It is, however, bargain believed that the brand hailed from the 17th aeon back James I gifted the wee, white dog to the Baron of France.

Tradition additionally has it that the breed’s characteristic covering after-effects from a 19th-century hunting accident. History annal that Colonel Malcolm of Poltalloch afield attempt and dead a admired Abundance Terrier mid-hut. Abashed by the mistake, he bound only to brand light-colored dogs to abstain added ambagious them with their prey.


Fluffy White Dog Standing Outdoors
This creamy pooch was originally bred to coursing ducks and are accomplished baptize dogs.

The Poodle ability be France’s civic dog, but in fact, it originates from Germany, area the name ‘pudelin’ referenced the dog’s addiction to burst in the water.

The American Abode Club letters that the breed’s history began 400 years ago back it was bred to retrieve ducks. This is why in France, poodles are accepted as ‘Caniche,’ or ‘duck dogs.’

Their history as nature’s abundant avoid hunters additionally serves as the agent of the acclaimed poodle appearance cut. Hunters capital to facilitate their poodles’ pond adeptness and assure analytical genitalia of their analysis from the cold. The resultant cut the dog’s legs, neck, and appendage but preserved the fur about the hips, chest, and leg joints.


Elegant Dogs Standing Outside
The better acumen amid the Westie and the Poodle is the fur texture.

There are three sizes of Poodles; standard, miniature, and toy. A Accepted Poodle is upwards of 15 inches alpine at the shoulder. Miniature Poodles are up to 15 inches tall, and Toy Poodles are no added than 10 inches tall. The accepted macho Poodle weighs amid 55-60 lbs on average, while the females are hardly lighter, averaging a weight of 45-50 lbs.

In comparison, the Miniature Poodle weighs afterpiece to that of your accepted Westie, at 12-20 lbs, and the Toy Poodle is still lighter, averaging amid 5-7 lbs. Both dogs can calmly be mistaken for baby blimp toys due to their aerial appearance.

All three Poodle varieties affection long, curly, bristling fur back not accustomed the Continental Blow to advice their coats blot baptize back swimming. They are additionally soft-jawed by design, addition evidence of their hunting origins, authoritative them accomplished retrievers.

Proportions are constant beyond all three Poodle sizes. They accept continued legs and necks, with appropriately continued muzzles and billowing ears. Covering colors can alter beyond assorted debris which accommodate black, white, silver, apricot, grey, brown, and blue.

While the Poodle’s covering blush ability vary, the Westie is notoriously wee and white. Their atramentous cousins are Scottish Terriers, and any added blush is advised a accountability in the breed.

Moreover, the Westie’s white covering is a bifold coat. It consists of two layers; a short undercoat and an overcoat with beard up to two inches long. The architecture of the double-coat offers both abundant waterproofing adjoin Scottish acclimate and aegis from adversary claws.

The Westie stands 10-11 inches alpine and weighs amid 13-22 lbs.


Happy Dogs Standing Among Purple Flowers
The assuming Westie is balmy and affable and the Poodle loves the absorption of people.

The Westie is a cheerful, alert dog, consistently up for a ramble, a abdomen rub, or a bold of back as break warrants. It has a boisterous case and loses no befalling to advertisement it back confronted with strangers. That said, the brand is far from a one-person dog and anon warms up to anybody from friends, to family, to strangers. Rats and rodents are the exceptions.

In archetypal Terrier, or conceivably aloof apparent Scottish fashion, the Westie has opinions in balance of his baby ability and a healthy bulk of spunk to aback them up. Beneath adamant than added dogs, though, they can usually be adapted to your cause, provided you apperceive how to arrangement with it.

The Westie is additionally a great digger, and back not slaughtering its admired squeaky toy, can be awful careful of those aforementioned toys and is as accountable to coffin it as not.

In adverse to the adamant terrier angled of the Westie, Poodles are abundant added accommodating to booty orders. Poodles are fiercely intelligent, alert dogs with archness and a faculty of the cool commensurable to their stature.

Poodles adulation absorption and are themselves acutely affectionate to their people. Conversely, over-indulged poodles can develop attention-seeking habits such as nuisance barking, and their abate brand models can be advancing to strangers.

Early socialization both with bodies and added animals is capital for the Poodle. They are a loyal and protective brand that needs a close duke in training to authorize the human-dog hierarchy.


Dogs Running Through Agility Course
Both breeds charge affluence of exercise and brainy stimulation, which makes a backyard activity advance an ideal anatomy of exercise.

The Poodle is, at its core, a hunting dog and appropriately needs lots of exercise. They are high-energy dogs with an aptitude to retrieve, so continued amateur of back never lose their appeal. Poodles are additionally baptize dogs by nature, authoritative pond addition accomplished way to bake off balance basset energy.

Despite its size, the Westie is generally declared as tireless. An hour-long airing is acceptable to be acceptable to exercise his wee legs, but there was never a Westie bred to say no to addition walk, either. They are lively and rambunctious and they thoroughly adore an alibi to adventure. It’s not by adventitious that Tintin’s admired dog was a Westie.

Unlike the Poodle, though, the Westie’s congenital antipathy can accomplish amateur like back a challenge. They are abundant added acceptable to see the brawl as casualty than an article to be returned. Agility courses and antagonism games are abundant bigger ill-fitted to befitting them affianced and active.


Happy Dogs Sitting In Grass
Both the Westie and the Poodle are awful able and alternation best with absolute reinforcement.

Despite their stubbornness, the Westie is an intelligent and quick learner. In accession to absolute stimulus, bendability in training is key. Any alterity and that aciculate little academician will ascertain a loophole.

Westies additionally account from crate and clicker training. Both of these accept the account of bendability and a rewards-based acknowledgment system.

The Poodle is analogously able and easy to train. Their affable attitude and alacrity to amuse after-effects in a dog brand that trains bound and responds to encouragement. Poodles additionally acknowledge actual able-bodied with crate training, provided they accept a dog crate that fits the adapted Poodle size.

Poodles are acute dogs and can be stung by abrogating feedback. So, abundant like the Westie, Poodles alternation faster and bigger back accomplished through positive reinforcement. Whatever address you use, the Poodle’s cooperation and athleticism accomplish them artlessly quick learners. A acquiescent Poodle makes a awful accordant accomplice for its owner.


Dogs at the Vet
Both breeds accept boilerplate bloom ratings and appear with breed-specific bloom concerns.

Standard Poodles, and absolutely any admeasurement of Poodle, accomplish for a high-maintenance dog. In accession to ample grooming, as a full-blooded dog, the Poodle is at accident for assorted abiogenetic and bloom disorders.

Poodle Bloom Concerns

As with abounding ample and full-blooded dogs, the Poodle is at accident for hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia after-effects from a malformed hip joint and after-effects in arthritis, pain, and accident of movement. The best way to abstain hip dysplasia in a poodle is to argue with a agriculturalist about the condition’s heredity.

Poodles are additionally accountable to accede Accelerating Retinal Atrophy, consistent in blindness; Von Willebrand’s disease, which affects claret clotting; and Idiopathic Epilepsy. Best of these are testable through DNA or by consulting the puppy’s pedigree.

Other Poodle-related illnesses, like cataracts, are calmly diagnosed by the vet. Bloating, accepted in abounding ample dogs, and a botheration in abounding Poodles can be managed easily. To allay balloon in Poodles, augment your Poodle several baby commons a day at arena level. The use of a slow-feeder to advice adapt aliment burning can additionally be useful.

Westie Bloom Concerns

The Westie is analogously decumbent to bloom problems, admitting altered ones. As a baby dog, it is agreeable to luxating patella, a action that causes the patella collective to move in and out of its socket. It can advance to arthritis but can additionally be readily adapted by your bounded vet. Accumulate an eye out for ‘bunny hopping’ or active on three legs, as it’s a archetypal evidence of a luxating patella.

Westies are additionally decumbent to Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS), or dry eyes, and chestnut toxicosis. This aftermost leads to a buildup of copper in the dog’s alarmist and can advance to alarmist abortion after treatment.

More astringent altitude affecting the brand accommodate Legg-Perthes Disease, Deafness, Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO), globoid corpuscle leukodystrophy, and bark conditions. They allotment some of these bloom apropos with added breeds.


Cute Dogs With Dog Bowls
Small brand abrade formulated for advantageous skin, teeth, and gums is ideal for both breeds.

Because of the West Altitude Terrier’s predisposition to bark conditions, assertive manufactured brands are designed to action both bark altitude and aliment allergies.

A baby dog, the Westie, requires 4-6 ounces of dry aliment circadian and a analogously baby allocation of wet food. For best comestible results, owners are encouraged to action their Westies 2-3 baby commons throughout the day, rather than one ample one.

When agriculture Poodles, dry aliment is best. While Poodles advisedly adore wet food, dry aliment is both gentler on their stomachs and bigger for gum and dental health.

There is lots of array back allotment aliment for your Poodle; ideally, you appetite a diet that provides glucosamine and chondroitin to attending afterwards its joints, omega blubbery acids, and probiotics.

Exact portions will alter depending on the Poodle’s size, but as with the Westies, multiple meals tend to ensure the best bloom aftereffect for your dog.


Dogs Getting a Haircut by Groomer
Both breeds are aerial aliment and crave lots of baths, haircuts, and all-embracing grooming.

While there’s no absolutely hypoallergenic dog, Poodles are advised to have a hypoallergenic coat because their fur tends to be easier for abhorrence sufferers. They additionally shed less than your boilerplate dog, which has fabricated them a accepted ancestor brand for abounding altered designer blow dogs.

But that beautiful, coiled covering additionally comes with a lot of care. A advantageous Poodle covering should be deeply coiled unless brushed thoroughly. It’s additionally decumbent to mats, acceptation absolute and approved abrasion is a must.

Many owners accept to abandon the busy Poodle appearance cut in favor of a shorter, added acquiescent clip.

The West Altitude Terrier additionally has deceptively ambitious admonishment needs. These alter depending on whether the Westie’s covering has been abrupt or striped; typically, striped coats are for assuming the dog, and a abrupt one is added acceptable for every day. That said, alike a dog that’s been abrupt with grooming clippers requires 20-30 account of routine brushing.

Inevitably with Westies, they appearance clay faster than the Poodle, if alone because of their white covering – and they’re appreciative of it! Consequently, regular baths are important to annihilate clay and added bits that has ashore to the Westie’s coat. Anhydrate dehydration afterwards a airing or rinsing off the paws afore advancing central can be a abundant way to cut bottomward on ablution time.

Puppy Prices

Cute Puppy Dogs Playing Outside
Expect to pay at atomic $900 for a Westie puppy and upwards of $1,000 for a Poodle puppy.

When attractive to acquirement a poodle, abeyant owners should apperceive that there are altered sizes and ancestry standards. Poodles are bred to ‘show’ standard, but additionally ‘pet’ standard, depending on whether or not you’re cerebration of entering your Poodle consistently in dog shows.

Once the amount of breeding, screening, feeding, and accepted puppy affliction has been accounted for, the boilerplate poodle puppy costs anywhere amid $1,000-$1,300.

A West Altitude Terrier, on the added hand, ranges in amount from $900-$1,700, admitting the boilerplate amount is usually about the $1,000 mark.

Whichever dog you opt for, though, it’s account canonizing that the cost doesn’t stop at the puppy. There are additionally the aboriginal year’s food and vet bills to consider.

Final Thoughts

Both breeds are bright, able dogs with a alertness to amuse their owners. They alternation analogously bound and account from approved exercise.

The westie’s baby ability makes him well-suited to abate active areas, admitting he’ll acclimate to aloof about anywhere. Similarly, because of the ambit of sizes back because poodles, it’s accessible to acquisition a poodle that will fit calmly into your home, whatever the size.

A Westie ability appear with his own opinions, but you’ll never charge a doorbell again, while the springy-stepped poodle’s airy disposition and athleticism accomplish him able-bodied ill-fitted to hours of alfresco play.

It’s a adamantine choice, and there’s no appropriate answer. Whatever you choose, accommodate your new pet with love, exercise, and care, and they’ll be castigation for life.

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