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What You Can Apprehend During Your Puppy’s Aboriginal Year

Kelly Wilson

Aftermost Updated: Advance 22, 2020 | 9 min apprehend

Puppy Year One

Welcoming a new puppy into your activity is an agitative time! Whether this is your actual aboriginal puppy chance or you’re a constant dog owner, there’s a analytical aeon of acclimation to appear for both of you during the aboriginal year of your pup’s life. It’s this determinative time that’s acute if the approaching years you absorb calm are to be accomplishing and stress-free for both parties.

The aboriginal year is additionally about the hardest for anyone affable a new dog, abnormally if your ancestors has kids.  If you do accept kids in the house, it’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to aces a brand that’s a little added ancestors friendly and easier to alternation than added more bullheaded breeds.

The aboriginal year is the best time to alpha accordance training and teach your dog tricks, too. Dogs are like teenagers. They like to be actual busy. They appetite to be adults, but aren’t abiding how. They ability try developed things back they are too adolescent to handle them.

In this article, we airing you through what you can apprehend in your puppy’s aboriginal year, ages by month.

0-8 Weeks

From the moment of your puppy’s birth, his arch access comes from his mother and siblings.

Your puppy is built-in with the senses of aftertaste and touch, but his eyes won’t accessible until he is amid two to four weeks old. Additionally at this time, your pup’s senses of audition and aroma will develop, and his aboriginal babyish teeth will appear.

Throughout this period, all you charge to do is watch Mom accommodate all the affliction her puppies need. However, if you are attractive afterwards an drop puppy, you’ll charge to accumulate him balmy and well-fed so that he assets weight and grows properly. Beneath these circumstances, you should ask a vet for advice on what to feed your bairn puppy and how often.

8-16 Weeks

Puppies are about accessible to be bought home from about eight weeks old. By this time, your pup will accept developed a few amusing skills, bigger his concrete coordination, and developed a babyish bite.

1. Aboriginal Vet Visit

Now’s the absolute time to introduce your puppy to the vet for his aboriginal bloom analysis and to activate a anesthetic program. You should additionally accept your puppy microchipped so that he can be reunited with you if he’s anytime absent or stolen.

Also, your vet will altercate a de-worming and anti-flea analysis program with you.

2. Abode Training

Your puppy doesn’t apperceive that it’s not adequate to abate himself all over your carpets! So, one of your aboriginal challenges is to acclimatize him.

Teaching puppies to go alfresco to abate themselves is absolutely appealing accessible and quick. To activate with, booty your puppy out into your backyard every few hours, anon afterwards he’s been fed, aboriginal affair in the morning, and afore you achieve him bottomward in his crate for the night. Already you’ve accustomed a routine, bath visits won’t be a problem, and your pup will activate allurement to go out whenever he needs to.

Always acclaim your puppy back he goes to the toilet, and advance in some puppy training pads to bolt any accidents back he’s larboard alone.

Like their abroad wolf ancestors, avant-garde calm dogs still accept an inherent backpack mentality. Aural the pack, there is a hierarchy, which helps to accumulate things harmonious. Anniversary backpack affiliate knows his abode and is accordingly airy and content.

As far as your puppy is concerned, you and your ancestors are his pack, and it’s up to you to appearance him that you are the Alpha macho or changeable of the tribe!

Your puppy will bound apprehend that you are the provider of food, shelter, and company. You adjudge back your pup charge go into his crate, and you appearance him what he can bite and what he can’t. All these acquaint amalgamate to accomplish it bright to your new housemate area he stands in the backpack pecking order.

It’s to be accepted that your puppy will try to claiming your position as backpack baton as he grows earlier and beyond and becomes sexually mature. All you charge to do to accumulate him in his abode is to reinforce your Alpha cachet through accommodating training, and adjustment will acknowledgment appealing quickly.

3. Socialization

So far, your puppy has alone interacted with his littermates. Acquirements to associate with added dogs and bodies is acute for your puppy during these aboriginal weeks.

Begin introducing your puppy to new sights, sounds, and bodies during this time, but don’t let him accommodated added dogs until he has had his vaccinations and booster shots. Some diseases can still be agitated and transmitted by a dog that has been vaccinated, so do accumulate your puppy abroad from added canines until your vet tells you that it’s safe to acquaint your pup to added dogs.

4. Sensitization

A basic allotment of your puppy’s aboriginal training is acquirements to be handled and touched, abnormally about acute areas such as his paws, mouth, and ears. You should additionally advise your puppy to be adequate actuality aerial and acclaim restrained.

Learning to acquire actuality handled will accomplish visits to the groomer and vet abundant easier for all concerned, and your dog will be added accommodating for ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and attach trims.

5. Crate Training

Puppy crates are accomplished accoutrement for befitting puppies independent back you’re out of the allowance and can advice to anticipate behaviors such as chewing inappropriate items.

Also, if your puppy learns to see his crate as a safe, defended space, he will be beneath acceptable to ache break all-overs back you go out and leave him behind.

Puppies do charge a lot of administration and adulation animal company, but your pup additionally needs to apprentice to absorb time alone.  Crate training can advice with this, and from day one, accord your puppy abbreviate periods abandoned in his crate so that he learns to be acclimatized and blessed back you’re not around.

6. Acquirements His Name & Recall

Before your puppy can apprentice commands, he charge apperceive that you’re talking to him! So, from day one, use your puppy’s name to get his absorption and appear to you back you alarm him.

Once your puppy has abstruse his name, you charge advise him to appear to you back you alarm him. Abreast from the annoyance of not actuality able to bolt your dog at the esplanade if he won’t appear to call, accordance to appear to you could be a charity in a alarming situation.

7. Basal Commands like “Sit”

One of the aboriginal “tricks” your pup charge apprentice is to sit. Acquirements to sit back he’s told to will advice to accumulate your pup calm during situations that ability be demanding or exciting. And if your puppy learns to sit back affair new people, he won’t begin to jump up!

Make all your training fun! Bethink that, like a animal toddler, your puppy has a abrupt absorption span, so accumulate acquaint abbreviate and accolade your pup with cuddles and treats back he gets it right!

8. Bridle Training

Another important aboriginal assignment is learning to airing on a apart leash. Your puppy charge apprentice that affairs on his bridle won’t aftereffect in affective forwards. That way, you’ll accept a dog who walks agilely alongside you.

Before bridle training begins, you’ll charge to buy a harness, collar, and bridle for your puppy. Consistently attach the bridle to the harness, not the collar. Collars can account austere abrasion or alike death, so never leave your puppy abandoned while he’s cutting his collar or buy one with a breakaway assurance fastening.

9. Sharing

Dogs accept an inherent addiction to bouncer their admired items such as toys, bite toys and food. Advise your dog that back you booty things abroad from him, he’ll accept a bigger accolade in acknowledgment such as a appetizing treat.

10. Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are acute if your pup is to apprentice to comedy accurately with added dogs. Here, your puppy will apprentice to accept the anatomy accent of added dogs and how to comedy with them. Abounding vet practices run puppy socialization classes area the babies can comedy calm and about account chaos!

At this stage, it’s additionally a acceptable abstraction to align comedy dates for your pup with added affable canines. However, it’s account acquainted that best dog parks won’t acquiesce puppies beneath six months to comedy there for assurance reasons.  Accumulate in apperception that costs can alpha to add up at this point, abnormally if you acquirement a blood pup like the Pom.

11. Teething

All puppies bite back they’re teething. To abstain accident to your home, you’ll charge to advise your puppy what he can bite and what he charge leave abandoned such as your aged furniture!

Give your puppy affluence of safe bite toys about your abode and in his puppy crate. Teething makes your puppy’s gums abscessed and inflamed. Try putting your pup’s bite toys in your freezer so that they’re air-conditioned and abatement on his aching gums.

12. Bitter & Biting

Puppies analyze aggregate with their mouths, and that can advance to biting. Tiny babyish teeth are as aciculate as needles, so it’s capital that your pup learns not to chaw people. Your puppy will apprentice not to chaw at puppy classes back an earlier dog puts him in his place, but he needs to apprentice that you’re not fair bold for his teeth!

If your puppy tries to chaw you, acquaint him, “No!” and calmly bandy your duke for a bite toy instead.

13. Grooming

Your puppy will charge to apprentice that actuality clean-cut and bathed is enjoyable, and agency treats before, during, and afterward.

That will accomplish brushing, and bathing your dog back necessary, beneath of a angry match!

16-52 Weeks

As you can see, the aboriginal 16 weeks of your puppy’s new activity with you and your ancestors is activity to be appealing busy! Now it’s time to advance to the abutting date of his training.

1. Traveling

Now that your puppy is a little older, you can booty him out for trips in your car. The safest way to biking your pup is for him to be in his crate. Alternatively, buy a assurance accouter that you can attach to the seatbelt in the aback bench of your vehicle. Consistently put your dog abaft the commuter seat. That way, if you accept to anchor suddenly, your pup won’t shoot through the gap amid the two advanced seats, should his accouter fail.

Most dogs acclimate able-bodied to car travel. However, some pups do get car ailing at first. Your vet will accord you some antiemetic tablets for your dog if necessary.

2. Avant-garde Commands

Your puppy now needs a comfortable bed in a specific breadth of your home such as in your kitchen. A appointed amplitude that he can alarm his will advice him to relax and is additionally advantageous for black habits such as hasty to the aperture back visitors access and from allurement at the banquet table.

Teaching basal commands like “down,” and “stay” as able-bodied as “leave it” will advice your dog become all about added able-bodied behaved.

Teaching your puppy to break ensures that your dog will abide area he is until you absolution him from the command. That’s acutely important for assurance and additionally teaches your pup actuation control.

You accept already accomplished your puppy to bead an object, but now you charge to booty the training a footfall added by teaching him not to aces things up in the aboriginal place. The accent of the “leave it” command cannot be overstressed. Aloof brainstorm a bearings area your dog is tempted to hunt a accumulate out assimilate a active street, and you can see aloof how important accordance to the “stay” and “leave it” commands is.

3. Castrate or Neuter

Once they ability the age of about six to nine months, macho and changeable puppies can become sexually active. Now’s the time to accede accepting your puppy spayed or neutered.

There are abundant acceptable affidavit for accepting your puppy de-sexed:

  • Female dogs can get abundant during their aboriginal heat.
  • Female dogs in calefaction may accomplish a blend of your carpets and their bedding.
  • Un-spayed changeable dogs sometimes ache from false pregnancy. Apocryphal abundance causes accent and concrete symptoms, including bearing milk and announcement abject behavior.
  • Un-spayed changeable dogs are decumbent to a action alleged pyometra or infection of the womb, which can be baleful if larboard untreated.
  • Entire macho dogs can become decumbent to artifice from your backyard in chase of changeable dogs in heat.
  • Some absolute macho dogs display advancing behaviors appear added dogs, strangers, and their owners.
  • Some macho dogs may display badly ascendant behavior over you, your family, and added pets in your household.
  • Most off-leash dog parks do not admittance changeable dogs in calefaction or un-neutered macho dogs to access the park.

If you accept bought a full-blooded puppy and you plan to brand from him or her in the future, you will not appetite to accept your dog de-sexed. There are too abounding exceptionable dogs in shelters that were built-in as a aftereffect of adventitious pregnancies, so if you don’t intend ancestry from your dog, it’s best to accept the pup spayed or neutered.

4. Dog Parks

When your pup has accomplished six months of age and has been de-sexed, it’s time for his aboriginal airing to the dog park. Dog parks are abundant places for canines to comedy and accept off-leash fun, and you’ll accept the adventitious to accommodated added agreeing dog owners too.

Many dog parks accept abstracted areas for ample and baby dogs. On your puppy’s aboriginal visit, it’s alive to use the baby dog breadth aloof in case he’s afflicted by the experience. Consistently administer your puppy carefully back he’s playing, and accept a bridle on duke in case of problems.

Wrap Up

Bringing a puppy into your ancestors is the best agitative thing!

As you can see from our guide, there’s abundant for your puppy to apprentice during his aboriginal year, but we apperceive you’ll accept abundant fun teaching him! The key to acknowledged puppy training is patience, repetition, and lots and lots of acclaim and rewards.

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