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Yorkshire Terrier Brand Information: Facts, Traits, Pictures & More

Yorkshire Terriers, additionally frequently accepted as Yorkies, are one of the best accepted dog breeds in the Affiliated States. They are advantaged for their bound shedding, ambrosial looks, and atom size. Acquisition out what it's like to own a Yorkie from their admonishment requirements, diet needs, bloom concerns, and more!

Janet Wall

Aftermost Updated: September 14, 2021 | 14 min apprehend


Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies as enthusiasts affectionately apperceive them, are associates of the Toy group and are one of the aboriginal dog breeds you can find. However, admitting their tiny stature, the Yorkie is a terrier through and through! The Yorkshire terrier is currently the tenth best accepted dog in the U.S. and has to be one of the cutest pups on the planet!

Yorkies are curious, intelligent, and lively. And did you apperceive that these baby pups are alluringly ill-fitted to the speed and activity of activity and flyball? So, there’s never a addled moment back you accept a Yorkie in your household. There are abounding altered breeds these pups get alloyed with, mostly because of their accomplished address (see the Morkie or the Shorkie for examples).

In this article, we accommodate you with all the advice you’ll need if you’re attractive to booty on one of these super-cute, assuming little dogs. Basically, if it isn’t in here, you apparently don’t charge to apperceive it! So, let’s apprentice added about the ambrosial Yorkshire terrier.

Breed Overview
    • weight iconWeight4-7 Pounds
    • height iconHeight7-8 Inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan11-15 Years
    • color iconColorsBlack & Gold, Atramentous & Tan, Dejected & Gold, Dejected & Tan
  • Child Friendliness
  • Canine Friendliness
  • Training Difficulty
  • Grooming Upkeep
  • Breed Health
  • Exercise Needs
  • Puppy Costs


Four Small Black and Tan Dogs
Yorkies went from block vermin to actuality one of the best accepted toy breeds!

The Yorkshire terrier is descended from the terrier-type dogs kept by Scottish weavers who confused into England aback in the aboriginal 1800s. The Yorkie’s ancestors were acclimated to catch vermin in the English woolen mills. They were acquired from crossbreeding bounded dogs with those alien terrier types. The aboriginal dog to be accustomed as a Yorkshire terrier appeared in 1870.

It wasn’t continued afore these angry little ratters became the admired assembly of fashionable ladies. By 1872, the Yorkie had beyond the pond to the U.S., area the brand bound became the preferred best of aloof ladies of leisure as an aboriginal anatomy of purse-dog! The Yorkie is now accepted appropriate about the world, abnormally in the U.K. and the U.S.

In 1932, there were aloof 300 Yorkies registered with the British Abode Club. But by 1957, the cardinal had rocketed to 2,313. In 1990, there were a almanac 25,665 Yorkies registered! And today, the brand is one of the best accepted dogs around. Surprisingly, avant-garde Yorkies additionally adore success as a adversary in activity and flyball events. That aloof goes to appearance that admeasurement isn’t everything!

As able-bodied as being a admired as accompaniment dogs, Yorkies are apparent by enthusiasts and are associates of the Toy group. In some countries, including the U.K., the Yorkie is commonly apparent on an alone box, draped with a red cover. A appearance arena abounding of Yorkies displayed on their red boxes is absolutely absolutely a sight!


Small Blue and Tan Dog With a Red Bow
These pups are abounding of personality admitting their teensy frames!

Despite their tiny statures, the Yorkshire Terrier is a vibrant little dog full of fun active beans. They don’t crave a huge bulk of exercise, but they adulation to comedy amateur at home with their admired humans. A lot of that activity is bottomward to their terrier blood. They accept a aerial casualty drive and will hunt annihilation and aggregate in sight. Abnormally if it resembles a rodent!

Thankfully, they are additionally almost arctic in the home and are fractional to an afternoon nap (or three!). If you’re attractive for a associate to Netflix and arctic with every Sunday, attending no added than this guy. They are very affectionate and will appropriately sit on your lap all day continued if you’re up for it. Their activity accumulated with their adjustable attributes makes them composed pups ill-fitted to best ancestors lifestyles.

Talking of terrier blood, they have a streak of stubbornness, cheekiness, tenacity, and bossiness. If untrained, they can be a scattering for sure, and we’ll allocution about this added in the training section. But it is usually this feistiness that Yorkie loves adore, and it is all a allotment of their basset charm. And if you booty this pooch on, we bet you’ll additionally abatement beneath his spell!

It is this ancillary of their personality that makes them awesome watchdogs. They’ll case at anybody who approaches their home or family. This is abundant if you are gluttonous a basset anxiety system. Not so abundant if you are decumbent to approved headaches. Although they aren’t a arresting bridle for intruders, their yappy vocals assignment wonders! They are above with strangers at aboriginal but will eventually balmy up to those who prove themselves trustworthy.

Yorkies are actual people-oriented, and they can become stressed if afar from their animal pack for continued periods. This break all-overs agency that they charge a ancestors who can absorb best of their day with them. Otherwise, they’ll become actual sad bunnies indeed. Thankfully, this purse-sized pup can biking with you to best places you go.

Size & Appearance

Small Blue and Tan Dog Walking in Grass
Being allotment of the toy group, Yorkies alone abound to be seven pounds.

An developed Yorkshire terrier grows to about seven to eight inches alpine at the shoulder. They typically weigh in at four to seven pounds. This makes them one of the aboriginal dogs in the world. This is why abounding bodies adulation them so much. Males tend to be beyond than their changeable counterparts.

The Yorkie has a neat, compact, and ample body. They authority their arch high, giving them an ambience of self-importance. Their button eyes are small, as are their aphotic noses. If you appetite to appearance your Yorkie in the anatomy ring, your pup will charge to accommodate to the Yorkie brand standard. And if you are aloof attractive for a ancestors pet, as continued as they are healthy, you don’t charge to anguish about it!

Have you anytime wondered if a beaker Yorkie is a absolute thing? They are! They are alone approved Yorkies that accept been bred to be decidedly abate than the norm. A beaker Yorkie about weighs amid two and four pounds. It’s not recommended that you buy a beaker Yorkie puppy, as these super-tiny pups appear with abounding size-related bloom problems. We accept a dedicated brand adviser for beaker Yorkies if you are absorbed in acquirements added about them.

Coat & Colors

Face of a Small Blue and Tan Dog
The best accepted blush aggregate for Yorkies is dejected and tan.

All Yorkshire terriers are built-in with smooth, black coats with baby tan points. As the dog matures, his covering turns the appropriate dark, animate dejected and tan of the breed. Some Yorkies abide atramentous alike in adulthood. Others can become actual ablaze and ablaze colored. These would be advised faults in show, but your dog’s blush will accept no address on his adequacy as a pet and companion.

If you appetite to appearance your pup, they’ll charge to stick with their long, accustomed coat. Their accustomed covering is so continued that it avalanche to the floor, and the beard on their arch needs to be angry up for them to see. It is cottony bendable and shiny, and they are regularly mistaken for the beyond Cottony Terrier. But for abounding ancestors Yorkies, owners opt for a shorter, teddy buck covering that is easier to manage.

Yorkies do not accept a creamy undercoat to accumulate them balmy as they are a single-coated breed. That agency you’ll charge to accommodate your pet with a jumper or covering during the winter months back you go out for walks. Causeless to say, a Yorkie will not do able-bodied if kept alfresco in the cold.

Exercise Requirements

Small Black and Tan Dog Running Outside
Yorkies should get about 45 account of circadian exercise.

Although Yorkies are tiny, they still charge circadian exercise. Not alone to accumulate them fit but to anticipate them from acceptable bored. An developed Yorkie will need two abbreviate walks anniversary day. Alternatively, a few abbreviate breach sessions in your backyard will suffice, finer with toys we acclaim for Yorkies. Their aerial casualty drive agency that they adulation to run about and hunt a ball, so be abiding to comedy attractive amateur to accumulate them stimulated.

Despite their size, they also love to comedy with added dogs at the dog park. However, bethink that your Yorkie is tiny and fragile. So you charge stick to absolution him comedy off-leash in the breadth that’s aloof for baby dogs and puppies. It’s abundant fun to watch your lil’ pup try (and usually succeed!) at bossing all the added dogs around.

Living Conditions

Small Blue and Tan Dog Resting in a Dog Bed
Yorkies advance in a home of adults or earlier children.

So, a Yorkie would accomplish a abundant pet for a domiciliary after adolescent accouchement area there’s addition about during the day. However, they aren’t that tolerable of young, agitable hands. So it’s important that you alternation both accouchement and dogs to account and co-exist affably with anniversary other. Adolescent accouchement generally see baby dogs as caressible toys, so kids shouldn’t aces them up in case of an accident.

Other than their basal active needs, all these guys ask for is a admiring ancestors who can absorb best of their day with them. They really hate to be larboard alone! As continued as you accord your Yorkie affluence of exercise and benedict him frequently to accumulate his covering in accomplished condition, your little associate will adulation annihilation added than to bundle up on your lap at the end of the day.

Their tiny anatomy agency that they are ill-fitted to the aboriginal active spaces, but they’ll additionally advance in ample homes. Burghal citizenry and country folk akin are big admirers of Yorkies. But wherever you live, you charge to Yorkie affidavit your pad and yard to anticipate them from escaping. They will get through the atomic of gaps and blooper through gates if they appetite to hunt something.


Small Black and Gold Dog Lying on the Ground
Your Yorkie may accept a abiding casualty drive from its aboriginal canicule as a vermin chaser.

Yorkies are bright as buttons and actual quick to learn. You’ll acquisition housetraining your puppy is a breeze, as they affection on to what’s appropriate actual rapidly. To affected their abeyant adamant streak, you charge to alpha training aboriginal and accomplish it fun. Otherwise, they’ll acquisition article far added absorbing to do.

Socializing your Yorkie pup is cool important. Not alone will it advise them the abilities of active life, but it will body their aplomb too. In turn, this will anticipate them from developing article that is accepted as ‘small dog syndrome.’ Don’t acquiesce your baby Yorkie to get abroad with annoying behaviors aloof because they are small.

Like added terrier breeds, the Yorkie can accept an absolute streak. Once on the aroma of a casualty animal such as a accumulate or rat, you may accept agitation accepting your tiny alarm to appear aback to you! Back it comes to appropriately bridle training your Yorkie, we acclaim allotment a Yorkie-appropriate dog harness. This will ensure your pup doesn’t accept any tracheal issues if they adjudge to pull. These pups are small, which agency you’ll appetite to accomplish walking as affable as possible.

crucial allotment of the training for your Yorkie will be crate training. Unfortunately, this pooch is one of the best affected to adversity from break anxiety. And no amount how abundant you appetite to, you can’t be with them 24/7. So for the times back you charge to leave them, you’ll appetite to accord them about that will accomplish them feel as adequate as possible.


Small Blue and Tan Dog on a Vet Table
Though Yorkies accept a continued lifespan, there are some bloom apropos to be a acquainted of.

The boilerplate lifespan of a advantageous Yorkshire terrier is amid 14 and 15 years. Although some accept been accepted to alive up to 18 years. Although best Yorkies alive long, advantageous lives, there are a few altitude that are accepted to the breed, including:

Also, Yorkies are decumbent to a alarmist birthmark alleged portosystemic shunt, which generally requires big-ticket surgical treatment. Agenda that a analysis is accessible for this action that’s account allurement your vet about to put your apperception at rest.

Luxating Patella

Luxating patella is the medical name for dislocating knee caps. The action is abnormally associated with Yorkies, so consistently ensure that your puppy’s agriculturalist has acceptance for both parents. These will accompaniment that they are bright of this complete bloom problem.

Dental Problems

Because of their tiny mouths, Yorkies can be affected to issues with overcrowding or incorrect dental development. Also, little, awash teeth can allurement plaque, acceptance tartar to anatomy and basset periodontal ache to develop. You can anticipate problems by abrasion your Yorkie’s teeth every day. Use dog-specific toothpaste and a appropriate mini besom that you can get from your vet.

Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease

Legg-Calvé-Perthes ache is a action that causes poor claret accumulation to the arch of the dog’s rear leg bones. Over time, that poor apportionment causes the cartilage to degrade. The action can be advised surgically. Again, ask your puppy’s agriculturalist if the puppy’s parents accept been buried for this complete disease.


Small Blue and Gold Dog Eating Carrots from a Dog Bowl
It is recommended to action your Yorkie high-quality abrade formulated for abate breeds.

Yorkies don’t charge appropriate aliment to break healthy. However, back allotment kibble, attending for a cast that’s designed accurately for Yorkies or added baby breeds. The pieces of abrade charge be baby enough to be acquiescent for your Yorkie’s tiny aperture and teeth. Back you aggregate your puppy, ask the agriculturalist what they acclaim as an ideal aliment for your pup and stick to that, decidedly for the aboriginal few weeks.

The boilerplate developed Yorkie will consume around one cup of abrade every day. This should be breach into at atomic two altered meal sittings. Consistently accept a high-quality aliment advantage because they will ensure that your Yorkie will get aggregate they need. Poor-quality or store-bought brands are rarely nutritionally counterbalanced and are abounding of fillers and awful preservatives.


Small Tan Dog Being Groomed
Yorkies do not afford actual much, but they do crave alert beard and teeth care.

If you booty on a Yorkie, you charge be able to allot abundant time and activity to admonishment and bathing him. The Yorkie’s accustomed covering should be long, straight, and silken. Amazingly, the Yorkie covering is actual agnate to animal hair. And unlike added terriers, the covering will backpack on growing appropriate bottomward to attic breadth if you don’t accept it akin periodically. Natural coats charge abrasion every day and bathing every few weeks.

Yorkies who aces a beneath hair-do will accept a abundant easier time back it comes to grooming. Abounding opt for article accepted as a teddy buck cut which chops the beard bottomward to about one inch long, and it follows the curve of their bodies. As a result, they will alone charge to be brushed several times a anniversary and bathed already every eight weeks or so.

Yorkies accept a distinct coat that does not afford frequently. That can accomplish the brand acceptable for bodies who accept a dog allergy. Also, you won’t charge to worry about charwoman up handfuls of afford creamy undercoat! This is why they are additionally advised hypoallergenic.

You’ll charge to booty accurate affliction of the beard about your Yorkie’s rear end. Because of their continued hair, Yorkies generally ache from carpeting in this area, arch to the beard acceptable chock-full with feces. Abreast from authoritative the dog afflictive and sore, added added austere issues can arise, such as flystrike, which would beggarly a cruise to the vet. You’ll additionally charge to trim the beard central your Yorkie’s aerial to accumulate the aerial from actuality advised down.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Small Black and Tan Puppy Peaking Out From a Dog Bed
Expect to absorb anywhere from $500 to $10,000 on a blood Yorkie puppy.

A acceptable abode to activate your chase for a Yorkie puppy is on the website of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America. Actuality you’ll acquisition abounding accustomed breeders who accept by the YTCA’s cipher of ethics. The cipher of belief specifies that puppies may not be advertised afore 12 weeks of age. Also, the code prevents the auction of puppies through pet stores and insists that breeders accept the all-important bloom certifications for their ancestry animals.

So, how do you atom a acceptable breeder? There are a few red flags to be acquainted of back attractive for a acclaimed breeder, abnormally online, including:

  • Multiple litters on the premises
  • Always accepting lots of puppies available
  • Offering you the best of any puppy
  • Being offered the advantage to pay for the puppy with a acclaim agenda online
  • Offering puppies at a abatement amount ‘without papers’

Never buy a puppy from a website that offers to address the pup to you appropriate away. That’s a accepted betray that frequently leaves buyers with a dog that isn’t what they expected. Always appointment the breeder’s facility and ask to see the puppy’s parents and siblings. You could additionally ask your vet to acclaim a acclaimed breeder.

Puppy mills are to be abhorred at all costs back it comes to affairs a pup. These mills are bartering enterprises run accurately to agitate out as abounding puppies as possible, as bound and cheaply as possible. Added generally than not, the breeder has not had the puppies’ parents buried for abiogenetic bloom conditions that could be anesthetized on to their pups. Also, puppies from mills are frequently not wormed or vaccinated. And abounding are awash with diseases that may not be curable.

The amount of your Yorkie puppy will depend on area you live, the puppy’s parents’ appearance record, and the sex of the puppy. In general, Yorkie puppies can amount from about $500 up to $10,000 for a puppy who has abounding champions in his bloodline. There are additionally advancing lifetime costs to agency into your account on top of the puppy costs. And bethink this could be for 11 to 15 years!

Rescue & Shelters

Small Black and Tan Puppy Panting
You may be able to acquisition a Yorkie in your bounded shelter, so it is account demography a look!

If you would adopt to accord a always home to an developed Yorkie, you ability appetite to accede rehoming a dog from a shelter. Check out this link to see if Yorkshire Terrier National, Inc. has a acceptable Yorkie for you. The costs of rescuing a Yorkie are generally abundant lower than affairs a cast new sparkly puppy from a breeder.

Of course, not every developed Yorkie from a accomplishment centermost comes with a abounding history. So, you could be demography a adventitious on your new dog’s behavior. Some accomplishment shelters will acquiesce you to booty a dog on a array of ‘try afore you buy’ footing. This way, you can take a Yorkie home with you for a balloon run afore you accept to accomplish to rehoming him.

As Ancestors Pets

So, now you apperceive added about the Yorkshire terrier, you’ll be apprehensive if one of these acute little dogs would accomplish the ideal ancestors pet for you?

  • Yorkshire terriers are tiny dogs, authoritative them ideal for apartments.
  • The brand requires approved admonishment to accumulate their coats attractive nice.
  • Yorkies don’t accept a creamy undercoat to shed, authoritative them low-shedding.
  • For that reason, these dogs are additionally acceptable for bodies who accept pet beard allergies.
  • Yorkies about get forth able-bodied with bodies and added dogs.
  • Other baby furries can be beheld as casualty items to be chased.
  • Yorkies are absolutely boxy and accomplish decidedly acceptable watchdogs.
  • This brand is accepted to be a yapping dog, which can be ambiguous in apartments.
  • A Yorkie is not the best best for you if you accept adolescent kids, due to their size.
  • Kids may be decumbent to corruption dogs, and your Yorkie may get injured.
  • Yorkies can be abbreviate on backbone with accouchement as well, and may nip back agitated.
  • The Yorkie is not a apathetic lapdog, and charge approved concrete activity.
  • Yorkies are actual affectionate, and adulation to bundle with their owners.
  • You can’t accumulate a Yorkshire terrier alfresco in a kennel.
  • These pups don’t abide the algid actual well, and adopt the aggregation of humans.

Final Thoughts

If you’re attractive for a small dog with a big personality and a feisty, bold character, a Yorkshire terrier could be what you’re attractive for. They accept lots of activity and are similar in action level to added toy breeds like the Pomeranian. Although Yorkies adulation to play, they can additionally adore aloof blame aback and cuddling with their owners afterwards a continued walk.

A Yorkie will get forth accomplished with added dogs and cats, as continued as they are socialized well! However, this brand doesn’t about booty to baby kids and can be chill if tormented. Alike admitting a Yorkie is a tiny dog, you’ll charge affluence of time to additional for admonishment him.

The brand has a long, cottony covering that takes absolutely a lot of maintenance. That said, you could opt to accept your Yorkie akin or abrupt by a able groomer if you aren’t planning on assuming him. As continued as you can accommodate this pooch with his basal active needs and the about connected accompaniment he craves, you should be a bout fabricated in toy dog heaven!

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Patti Acreage

May 18, 2021 at 11:17 pm

I adopted a blood Yorkshire terrier aback she was 6. She is 9 now and I adulation her so much. She has a hip affair And I put her on Woolie cape from the pet aliment store. She got her zip aback in a month. Acknowledgment for your information!


Kelly Wilson

May 21, 2021 at 1:54 pm

Sounds like you adopted a abundant pup, Patti! Acknowledgment for endlessly by to share!


Joseph Yelverton

January 20, 2021 at 5:42 pm

My Yorkie (Bruster)will be 4 in April. We accept become absorbed to one addition as no added pet l accept anytime owned. He is the best affectionate puppy ever. Adulation this little guy, he's a magnificient companion!


Kelly Wilson

January 20, 2021 at 9:28 pm

Sounds like an amazing dog Joseph! Acknowledgment for demography the time to stop by and comment!